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Found 7 results

  1. I'm a bit stuck here , i don't usually ask for help with this matter but would love some comments . my daughters school has just called to say her purse has been stolen while she was playing hockey. ( i did think that maybe she had just misplaced it somewhere ) She has just called me crying( bless hr )saying mum i put it in the tray with all our phones too, that the teacher holds . :dull:Best thing is the school isn't looking into it till Monday ! I did say to the head hangon one min .....why hasn't all the children all been asked to empty their bags to make sure they havn't picked the purse up by mistake :wink::dull: she said oh we aren't allowed to do that ! My Daughter has had no end of trouble with the kids in this school , she gets teased because she is top in each subject, they have even given her another language to do because she soaks foreign language up and enjoys school( now i know kids will be kids ) and she takes this on the chin , also the comments of geek nerd and the old favorite Name calling because she is ginger . She had a 15 yearold boy slam her against a wall ,in the laneway they walk.. to get their buses ! She took control of that herself ( he won't be doin that again, thnkgod for muay thai training ) Millie is a gentle soul who sees no wrong in anyone and she lets things go over her head , but today i think it came to a head . How do i explain why people are like this to her :sad: she is only 11 Brides x :wideeyed:p.s sorry about the way i typed this im just so angry lol
  2. I am feeling absolutely dire and in an absolutely horrible situation. My Aussie husband of 8 years, aged 63 doesn't want to stay married if I go back to England when my daughter, husband and grandkids go back this year. Neither my daughter nor I have ever settled here (Perth) and miss England, Europe and our family in England so much ( I have 3 sons and wives, mum and dad and brother and family). I know I would just wither away and be so depressed if I stayed here and couldn't be with my daughter and grandkids. It has been bad enough missing the rest of the family, the fact that they came here allowed me to survive so far. I never ever thought I would be so homesick as when I first came. I have survived and even built up a successful business with my daughter. I don't feel I have any choice but to go back. I had hoped we could work out some sort of compromise. He would not settle in England I know but hoped to find ways to find a few months a year in each others county, being grey nomads and exploring while here, working on the smallholding we aim to get (with daughter) when we get back. At first he agreed and started to make plans, now he says he is just gutted that I am going back and thought we would be together for ever, but can't have a marriage a few months a year. I thought as we got to retirement we could spend more and more time in each place and he might even get to like England a bit (in the summer!!!) He has even got a son and grandkids in Paris. He now says he would feel like a puppet and wouldn't be able to socialise here if he was still married. He seems to think he should be able to be free to met someone else if I go, which may or may not happen. I have no thought of another partner. I can hardly function with the anxiety of it all, just a most impossible, horrible, gut wrenching situation, with no real solution. I would be really grateful to hear if anyone else has ever experienced anything at all like this or has any advice.
  3. Guest

    Back in the UK and feeling awful

    I have just got back to the UK and really feel terrible like i may of made the wrong decision and i stupidly left debts when I left so finding it hard to find a way to find somewhere to live has anyone else felt this way i am at my wits end and cant stop crying thinking what a huge mistake i have made i really think i have screwed up I even rung the shipping company but it is too late the stuff has gone left sydney. please can someone tell me what to do my family are not as supportive as I hoped and feel so alone in the cold. spent three years in australia and hated it in the end and now i hate england what is wrong with me. thanks anyone for your support or advice.
  4. Guest

    I feel awful...

    I've been in Melbourne around 15 months, and split up with my boyfriend of nearly 9yrs a year after we arrived. Since then I have been on an emotional rollercoaster, but never felt that I desperately wanted to pack up my bags and go back to England. I have met a few friends through work, but I don't have anyone I am really close to here so bottle a lot of my emotions up. When I Skype my parents or sister they can see I am upset, and that obviously upsets them. I've spent the last few years of my life revolving them round my ex - never really doing things for me, finding out what I enjoy doing and so now I feel there is a massive hole I need to fill in my life. Its tough not having a shoulder to cry on here, tough not having my mum around. I feel like I have to start from scratch, discovering new interests, making friends etc etc My Mum has just sent me an email, basically saying that they are upset with whats happened and if I want to go back there is no shame, and they could help me out etc etc. But as sad, lonely, heartbroken, unhappy as I feel at times, I feel like I want to be here, at least for the time being. So, I have emailed back words to that effect and now I feel awful. I feel as though I am upsetting them and throwing their kindness back in their face. I need to learn to do things for me, but now all I can think about is that I have upset my Mum with what I have said, and she will just be worrying about me. :cry:
  5. Guest

    AWFUL rental in Warnbro

    Hi everybody! We have rented a holiday villa in Warnbro recently and had MANY issues with it from it being dirty (took us half an hour to clean the filth off the b-b-q AFTER we'd had to go the shops to buy the equiptment to do it!!) and mainly the big selling point of the villa "The fabulous jacussi"...was BROKEN!! Now there's more than just these issues and we called the owners when we were there...they came to the house and told us that WE should get the jacussi fix ourselves! They didn't even phone to see if we'd been able to sort it out! We put an email together asking for $400 compensation (remember there were many other issues) back from the $1400 we paid. Now we have had an email back suggesting that we are unreasonable!! The people who rent out the villas take a $500 bond in case WE brake anything.....when the villa is ful of broken items we are supposed to put up and shut up are we??? We couldn't even use the garden because it was full of cigarette end and broken glass....on which Paul cut his foot!! We spent hours making sure it was spotless when we left....it was certainly in a much cleaner condition than when we arrived (and I took before and after photos to prove it!) Now...can I name this villa...because I would really like to warn other people? I will be writing a review on the website that I rented from 'STAYZ' (who are of course in no way responsible) Does anyone have any advise? Cheers Guys!! Lisa,x
  6. Guest

    How awful...!!!

    A 24 year old man, just five minutes drive from my house and about 30 seconds walk away from my school! :shocked::no: BBC NEWS | England | West Midlands | High Street death prompts inquiry Dan xx
  7. Guest

    Awful, awful curry!!!

    Beware, beware!!! Many of the Indian Restaurants here don't match the quality and taste of curry dishes made by Indian restaurants in the UK. Some are okay, (and I only mean okay) but it tends to be more misses than hits with Indian Restaurants here on the Gold Coast. We bought a chicken curry tonight, and I won't name the restaurant, but it was absolutely awful!!! Worst part was, it was run by a traditional Indian family, claiming to be an authentic Indian restaurant...but this dish we ate, was everything BUT authentic!!! Most of it ended up in the bin. The curry didn't even taste like curry! More like an over bearing tomato taste mixed with a tiny tiny amount of cheap curry powder!!! YUKKK!!! And the chicken seemed to be the scrap gristly part of the chicken. You know... the stuff that makes you spit it out right after you feel like you've just munched on a portion of a rubber bath mat. Mrs YG was very upset, and just wanted a lovely curry from the UK. What's going on here?:sad: Mr YG.