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Found 17 results

  1. http://www.cnngo.com/sydney/visit/australias-11-biggest-tourist-traps-471178?page=0,0&hpt=hp_bn10 What do you think?
  2. We are hoping to move to Canberra in August this year - we have already used our extra allowance as we have validated and now we will be stuck with 20kg as hoping to fly with Singapore (will try and get the extra 5kg some have got ...) Our things will be shipped 2-3 weeks before we fly, we are then stopping off at Singapore and expect to be in Canberra for 6 weeks before our shipping arrives. We think we are going to need more clothes and shoes (including interview outfits) and possibly a printer for job/house applications etc so are considering sending a box over early with these items in. Sevenseas will charge £120 for one tea-chest box. Has anyone else done this or do you make do with what you can put in your case?? Maybe I'm overly worrying!! Any tips appreciated!!
  3. melaniecharlton

    Where in Sydney should we AVOID living

    Hello, My husband will be working in North Ryde and we want to rent accommodation (max $550 pw) not too far away from his work. Probably half an hour away by train or maybe a bit longer. We were looking in the Hornsby region. However, what would make life easier is if we know which areas are dodgy so that we can avoid them. We have 3 children ages 8 and 3 so good public schools are also important. Thank you in advance, Mel
  4. Just havin a little panic, now we're due to fly out on Sunday, ( one way ) We're approx 2kg per suitcase ( x5 ) overweight, and was wondering if anyone had got away with paying the charges. Not sure how much Quantas would charge us if we were pulled on it. Would be gratefull for anyones experiences regarding this. Chris x
  5. Air passenger duty: avoid it by hopping to Europe - Telegraph
  6. Hi all, I'll be moving to Sydney on a 457 visa in a few weeks. I have a place to stay sorted for 1 month, and am starting to look for longer term rented accommodation. I'll be working in the CBD (Sussex Street) and would like to live somewhere within a 30 minute commute maximum (either by public transport of by car if the accommodation allows for one). My budget is around $200 - $400 pw; ideally I'd like a 1 bed flat but I'd happily consider a flat share. I've started to look around on sites like www.domain.com.au and www.realestate.com.au. There's plenty of choice, but I don't know much about the different areas, commute times etc... so I'm having trouble narrowing down my options. What are the best areas to live for easy access to the CDB? Which areas are more rough and worth avoiding? Cheers, -R
  7. Just in case anyone is going to Sydney - looks like the suburbs mentioned here would be good places to avoid.
  8. Hi everyone, Please take part in this helpful thread and i will update your posts to with your information. i have been thinking about starting this thread to help people like us who are thinking about emigrating to the great country that is Australia and wouldn't it be great to have information on each state about where the good affordable low crime areas are and the areas to avoid. I will set the first of these threads on WA Perth where i have been and then i will re-post it for the rest of the states. Others who live and know the surrounding areas can add to the lists so that the information on each state good and bad can build up to help everyone, please join in and give us your knowledge. wa- perth. Not in the best place to live order, just good and not so good areas. Good areas. 1. Secret Harbour. nice area with alot of new housing near the sea. 2. Rockingham. A city, but not like the uk, very quiet, nice beach, a few sops and nice restaraunts, park and barbecue areas. 3. Baldivis. nice new development 10km from the sea near main road to perth 35km away and 10km away from Rockingham 4. Mandurah. Beautiful seaside area with shops and resteraunts, with marina and esturey with dolphins, 70km from Perth. 5. Leeming. 6. Willerton. 7. Murdoch. 8. Kardinya. 9. Rolystone- Good Shopping Centre. 10. Byford- GSC. 11. Mount Nassura- GSC. carry on Not so good areas. 1. Balga. 2. Girawheen. 3. Certain parts of Armadale- you need to research this if you intend on going there. 4. 5. 6. carry on please note any added comments about good schools, universities and facilities, such as shopping areas and things to do would be great to know about. cheers everyone, hopefully it will make interesting and helpful reading. jim.:biggrin:
  9. I'm looking at booking flights to Ireland from Brisbane and as im travelling with a small child would like to avoid heathrow this time if i can. Can anyone help me, as to which airline i should try and book with? thanks!
  10. Hi all, We're moving to Canberra late December this year. We're very excited to live in such beautiful city and celebrating Christmas in OZ with you great people. My kids asked Santa Claus last year to send us to OZ as our next year's Christmas gift, and here we come. Thanks God. We have three sons 9, 4 and 4. We're looking to rent a home or townhouse in Belconnen or Gungahlin suburbs. Our main search factors are safety and good schools for our kids. We're searching for properties on allhomes, we find it excellent source for information. But we need more information from you kind Canberrans which we couldn't gather from the site, please. Belconnen and Gungahlin have many suburbs and I'm sure some suburbs are better than others. Please recommend which area to search in and which places to avoid. Our rent budget is 350-400 a week, do you think we could get a good property for a family with this budget? Cheers, Mariana
  11. Hi, We are looking at areas to live around Sydney for our family with two small children. Looking at the 'Inner West' there are some areas, such as Earlwood, with significantly lower house prices (3 bedroom homes between $600 000 - 700 000) than some of the neighbouring suburbs. Anyone knows if there is 'anything wrong' with Earlwood and these other places and if there are any suburbs not so suitable for a young family? Many thanks!
  12. i want to ship some boxes to oz from the uk and want to know what are the best companies and what sort of prices i should be looking at. i have about 10 boxes approx, 3ft by 2 ft. does anyone know the best and cheapest way to ship over and if they usually collect from the house and timescales etc. many thanks
  13. I've looked through the various threads and can't find much about mobiles so thought I would ask this. I'm currently on the THREE network (in the UK) and very disappointed with the general service/reliability of the network. I wouldn't buy again in the UK. I'm moving to SA in September and I'd like mobile internet and would love to know what people in Oz currently prefer and what we need to know about mobiles. I guess this is likely to be one of my first purchases when we land and don't want to end up with a duffer. I also fancy the idea of mobile GPS/mapping as it would be really handy in the early days. I know the iPhone has full Google maps and mates over here that have them, think they are superb. I'd rather not pay out $69pm if I can help it so are there many alternatives worth considering? A quick look at the various networks/providers I note that they offer "Capped-plans", are these simply contract phones or something else? Many thanks
  14. We are moving to Canberra Feb 09 and looking to rent, would be grateful for any info on any suburbs to avoid, or likewise, really nice ones, looking for nice suburb middle class people, with nice area not too far from shopping etc, thanks for any help Chris and Nick
  15. Guest

    Area`s to avoid in melbourne

    Hi guys im moving to Melbourne later this year and ive been reading a few threads on nice places to live in Melbourne but i havent really read much about the bad ones. Can anyone tell me about which areas to avoid and how bad are they compared to areas in British cities.
  16. Saw this in emigrate Australia, haven't read it yet but thought it may be helpful....it's a report which is free to avoid costly mistakes and to start a new life guilt free, using an agent or not, and other advice. I think there is a book you can buy for further advice. Australian Emigration Secrets Don't moan if it's rubbish as I haven't read yet!!
  17. motherof2

    Places to avoid in Melbourne

    Hubby and I are hoping to do a rekkie early next year to Melbourne. Ideally we'd like to be near enough to the city to enjoy it, but not on door it's doorstep. Are there any areas that we should not bother looking at ie not good for family life ( have son 9 and daughter 6). Chances are that hubby will be working in the CBD and doesn't want a long commute. Will probably rent for 6 months then look to buy. Budget would be around £200,000 if we were to go now (oh I wish!)