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Found 25 results

  1. My husband and I are looking to move to Perth and would like to know if anyone on here has ever received sponsorship from a windscreen firm? We have been told that if we can find a sponsor then we will be able to move. Just trying to work out how likely this is or if anyone has already done this??? Thanks :confused:
  2. Hello everyone, I have spent some time reading through many posts in all the forums. I am Doris currently living in Essex and hoping to get sponsorship to move to QLD with my Husband and 2 children. My Husband Dave is an Auto Electrician with 20 years experience. I really need some advice on what our next step should be. We have decided that we are going to try for a 457 visa so that we can get a relocation package. Can anyone tell me how to go about finding a sponsor? We are hoping to attend the expo in February, but apart from that I don't really know what else to do.
  3. Found this whilst looking for work for myself on Seek. Thought there might be someone out there who would find this useful. Here's the link to the advert. http://www.seek.com.au/Job/auto-electrician-sponsorship-available/in/melbourne-melbourne/21055108
  4. Okay, I've tried looking up on Google about this, but it seems to throw up so much jargon I couldn't make head nor tail. I have been in the army as an Electronics Technician for 16 years. I have a BTec in Electronic Engineering with much experience on vehicle electrics on tanks, Land Rovers, tracked rocket launchers, Bedfords, DAFs etc as well as with guidance systems, thermal sights and transmitting equipment. I am keen to move in to the field of Auto Electrics but all of the jobs would require a AQF Certificate III with 2+ years experience or a AQF Certificate IV. What is the equivalent UK qualification and would it be accepted in Oz? If not, how would I go about converting(?) my qualification in to an Australian equivalent?
  5. Hi, My friends hubby is a 'Technical Manager specialising in auto electrical work'- wiring looms, vehicle electrics etc..... And he is looking to move him and his family to Perth. He is looking at sponsorship as it is the quickest way to get there. He and his wife will rent out their house in the UK and go for the right job. They have a young daughter but she is under school age. On a personal note, the chap in question is lovely. A 36yr old man that is honest, hard working, reliable, and a big family man. As a family they have already visited perth and loved it. All advice, questions, job offers please PM me and I will pass on his email address. Thanks
  6. Guest

    Auto Bore Retic...?

    I keep seeing this Auto Bore Retic on real estate agents property descriptions. Can anyone please tell me what this is? Please and thank you.
  7. My step-mum and I have both been diagnosed with ACS (Auto Correction Syndrome) It is reported that more women suffer from this illness than men. To Diagnose if you have this illness you have to listen to your partner tell a story to friends/family etc and when he/she pronounces a word incorrectly you correct him/her aloud in front of everyone! If you are able to refrain from correcting the partner you are not suffering from this illness. I only thought I suffered from this affliction but this afternoon I noticed that my step-mum corrected my father whilst he was in full flow of telling me about his two month trip 'down-under' [ All this is said tongue in cheek and it's not a real illness, unless like me you use it as a feeble excuse after you have embarrassed your OH] :biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh: Does anyone else suffer from this?
  8. "Gudday mates" you can get updates by email about the processing times for GSM visas, by sending a blank email to this address: gsm.processing@immi.gov.au however, me and many others are facing a problem: http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/migration-issues/111222-auto-response-email-problem.html when I send to gsm.processing@immi.gov.au from hotmail or gmail I receive no replies, and for sure it is not going to my junk folder. I tried it from my work email address and I received a reply every time all the mails I sent were blank, no subject, no body. my guess is the spam software for that automated email address is filtering most of the hotmail-originated, gmail-originated, yahoo.... as spam, hence no reply. if you have a corporate email address try using that. anyway, here I will post the latest updates I am receiving: (they also sent an attached file, see it at the end) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sent: Wednesday, April 13, 2011 4:12 PM Important Information for Priority 3 clients.pdf Important Information for Priority 3 clients.pdf
  9. Guest

    Auto email from DIAC

    Hi. I got a auto email from DIAC saying that you need to submit following documents including - form 80 - Personal Particulars for Character Assessment; - form 1221 - Additional Personal Particulars Information; does it mandatory to fill those forms and upload ? Or its depend on CO? Appreciate your valuable feedback. Sorry i am 475 applicant
  10. Hi There Just asking for my sister. They arrived in rural NSW in December and her hubby has been emplyed as an Auto Electrician since they arrived. He specialises in Buses and Large Vehicles and got a position with no problem at a bus manufacturers. Whilst they love the place it really is too rural for them and there is nothing for her to do so they are now planning to head up to Brisbane in August (when we go over). They have started sending his CV out to the big companies but were wondering if there are any good agencies that deal with Auto Electrians as there seem to be very few jobs advertised. Also when he started work for this company they didn't as for Australian registration, will this be required in Queensland? Many Many Thanks Jen xx
  11. Dear All, we are very down. Hubby has passed TRA for auto electrician, I have spent 2 years requalifying as Australian lawyer we cannot seem to get past the tick box system and recruitment agents to find jobs. We need a job sponsor. Hubby is one of the best ever auto electricians with experience on heavy trucks and emergency vehicles and coaches . Every job if it does not stipulate must have visa to apply stipulates , mining equipment experience required. We cannot despite trying find anywhere in UK to get that experience. Having spent over £6,000 and 2 years studying by distance learning and the cost of a trip to get admitted as a lawyer and 2 years of looking for a job for hubby we are now very depressed and time is against us due to our ages. We do not have family in Australia but I have loved the country for 25 years and been a regular visitor. Took hubby out there for holiday and he fell in love too. Hubby has been told that if he gets a visa there will be no propblem with his skills getting work. Chicken and egg syndrome!!! We just want one person to see us as individuals and recognise our committment to Australia and talk to us, or provide us an avenue to obtain the mining, experience on earth moving equipment. I guarantee you hubby will amaze you with his talent. It would be encouraging if even one person replied to our job enquiries. Any ideas, gratefully received, Shelglen
  12. Hi all ! Getting to the end of selling our stuff before our BIG move to Brisbane!! One of the things still remaining is my Trusty Kia People Carrier, 7 seater,Diesel, 32,000 miles on the clock, only £3900. Got it listed on Ebay.....take a look.. 2004 KIA SEDONA LS AUTO 2.9 CRDi - ONLY 32,000 MILES on eBay (end time 09-Aug-10 10:43:01 BST) Melanie x
  13. Hello PIOs. I submitted the completion of the docs required by my CO on 15 April. On 24 Apr, i did a PLE to check on the status of my application. I got an auto reply after a few hours. I did not get though an actual reply so I decided to call DIAC on 06 May. I was told the papers were in process. The lady confirmed I still have the same CO and she told me I can email my CO directly but she will also do that to follow up. Right away, I emailed my CO around 930am 06 May. Based on experience, auto replies are received a few hours after sending an email to DIAC. However, until this time 08 May 538am, i have not received one. Does it mean they did not get my email? should I resend? Please tell me what to do. thanks in advance. :unsure:
  14. Guest

    Auto Mechanic from USA

    Hi Everyone. My husband and I are currently researching the process to immigrate to Oz from the USA. There is not much info out there on Americans immigrating to Oz. He is a motor mechanic and on the SOL list. We are having some trouble finding out what is required to pass the assessment test for a AQF certificate III. It seems to apply to be assessed that you need to have some type of trades degree or certificate or apprenticship. In the USA mechanics are not required to go to school. Most of it is on the job training and they consider 1/2 year of working equivalent to 1 year of school. There is something here called ASE - where mechanics get tested in a specific area (brakes, AC, etc..) and are awarded a certificate. My husband has 3 out of 7 of those. He has been a mechanic for 6 years and can do about anything with a motor. We were wondering if anyone has advice on the assessment process. We did briefly talk with a solicitor in Australia and he recommended that my husband get privately assessed before we apply to TRA. The only problem is he is estimating that to cost between $2000 - $5000. That is a lot of money to be assessed. Has anyone ever paid to be privately assessed and does it make a difference? Thanks in advance for any comments.
  15. Au Mine is a WA owned mining and industrial equipment repair company with people located throughout WA. We are currently looking for Auto Electricians and Heavy Duty Fitters for our Karratha workshop and labour hire operations in the Pilbara. This is a 2 week on 1 week off FIFO roster with accommodation provided. Residential positions are also available. Candidates must have A/C Truck and Earthmoving experience. Immediate start. Please submit a resume to Chris@allmine.com.au or call 0438038011 for any queries
  16. just wondering are there any auto salvage yards in or around the bunbury area....is it like the uk where you can buy crashed cars,,straighten then out and put them back on the road....hope so,car prices are a little steep.. all coments welcome....Dave still in the UK.:cry:
  18. hi everyone, me and my wife are plannig to move to gold coast next year and just wanted an idea of what kind of money i could earn so i can get an idea of my finances. im currently a senior technician earning around $50000 for a top brand car dealership. im guessing its pretty much the same over there? also what is the current income tax on salary? whats the work situation like, many jobs goin? thanks for any help daz
  19. Hi all Auto electrician looking for a sponsor. 17 years experience, visa not looking too easy cos i've been out of motor trade for about 18 months. Currently working as a electrical fitter/winder, but no chance on via for that one. Wife is qualified travel agent with over 10 years experience. Looking for sponsor for a year to see if we want to commit, any help or contacts would be great. cheers :err: Dean & Meesh Grimsby UK
  20. EDIT: Oops there's a whole sticky on this. Been a while since I requested an update. You may have done this since the CSL was produced, but the following is what has been returned: Now when it says until all applications have been allocated, does that mean applicants on the CSL won't get looked at until all 176's are done. That can't be right, as there will always be a constant stream of 176s. Also, that contradicts with the statement: Subclass 134, 136, 137, 175, 176, 475, 487, 495, 885 and 886 applications (processed by the ASPC and where a successful State or Territory Nomination is held) will all be allocated to case officers for assessment by 13 February 2009. ??
  21. Hi, i've been in the trade for almost six years, i've done my NVQ level 2 in Auto Electrical a few years back and decided to do my NVQ level 3 last year - now completed. This was mainly work based with a few exams. Just wandering if this would be classed as enough experience to apply for a skilled visa or not? What would be the best place to get such advice? Cheers Paul
  22. Guest

    auto electrician

    Hi all, New to site me and my wife are just in early days of looking for a way into oz. I have 17 years experience as auto electrician, my o/h is travel agent with over 10 years in trade. Was thinking of perth but dont want to appear too fussy about location,anywere warm wud be nice. Ideally looking for a sponsor, some agents dont seem confident of skilled visa cos ive been out of trade for 1 1/2 years. Confused about visas and skills assesments, any advice wud be great. Deanandmeesh:wacko:
  23. Hi, We sent our 175 skilled migration application off on 23 April (paper based by our agent) and received an acknowledgement & receipt on 29 April. ince then not lot has happened. ( Not that I expect to hear anything for a while) Every Tuesday I send off my blank e-mail for the updated processing dates, they don't seem to have made any progess at all. I read in a thread a copy & paste of the info e-mail dated 1 April that applications sent after 1 Sep 07 ones received on 16 Sep are about to be processed & given case workers. The info mail I got this week said that apps received on 19 Sep are being done now. Have they really only moved on 3 days in 2 months????????? I am raelly interested in timelines that other people are experiencing & a bit of advice on meds & police checks. Our agent says don't get meds or police checks done until a case worker is allocated but in the info that came in the acknowlegement from DIAC said if meds & police checks are with the file when a case worker is allocated the process will go a bit quicker. I know the checks & meds are valid for 1 year & we want to go within a month of getting the go ahead. Has anyone else come up against this one? Any advice???????? cheers & good luck to all you Aussie Wannabeeeeees.
  24. Guest

    Auto Electricians??

    Hi all, me and the o/h are looking to move to Australia in around 2009 if not sooner. We're after information which can help us in the right direction before using any migration services. I've taken the TEST, scored 140 points and then comes the paying out part to get to the next process.... trouble is i don't know if my experience is enough, and if its not then theres no point us paying for services we are'nt yet in a position to gain from. I'm 28, an Auto Electrician and have been in the trade for 5 years, i have my NVQ level 2 and i'm currently working towards the end of my NVQ level 3 with the Institute of the Motoring Industry (IMI) to gain recognised qualifications. I've browsed the net and found the following info:- Skill Level This occupation requires you to have completed formal qualifications achieved through study, training or work experience and is referred to as the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). You need to have attained AQF Certificate III or higher qualification. Registration or licensing may be required. For further information on the Australian Qualifications Framework see the AQF website. (AQF level 3 appears to be a simiular programme/course as the NVQ level 3) Skilled occupations info Points awarded for General Skilled Migration purposes are shown in the table below. The table also shows if this occupation is on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL), part of the Employer Nomination Scheme and on the Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL). PointsSOLENSOLMODL60YesYesYes Looking above, what would you suggest be our next step - who would be best to contact/talk to? I don't think that the 5 years is enough but can't be sure. Auto Electricians may need the same work experience has mains electricians (7), i've not got a clue and i've heard this is all set to change. Ideally we'd like to get things going sooner than later, so any info, contacts, recommendations would be greatly appreciated . Thanks all
  25. Guest

    ASPC Auto Email Updated

    Hi, I can't see this has been posted before but the automated email for aspc.processing@immi.gov.au has changed at long last. As of 3 August July 2007 the ASPC admin section is processing as follows: Offshore Applications: receipting applications received on 5 July 2007 and acknowledging applications received on 11 May 2007.