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Found 5 results

  1. aduffield76

    Australia Day - where to celebrate?

    Hi all, We are moving to a Melbourne on the 5th Jan from the UK and are obviously looking for ways of meeting people and making friends both for us and our 2 ankle biters. My wife's birthday is on the 24th Jan, 2 days before Australia Day and are looking to combine the two (that's not me being tight....just efficient...honest!) How is Australia Day celebrated in the bayside area? Are there events all over or do people just have parties at home and invite friends/neighbours etc? We will be living in the Seaford/Chelsea area so does anyone know of anything happening around there? Cheers guys Andy
  2. Wasn't too sure where to post this but as it is causing a bit of a family dilemma decided here would be as good as any! Soooo...with our first Australia Day rapidly approaching and having stocked up on all things covered in the Australian flag and planned the picnic way in advance I am now left wondering just how rigid is the "alcohol free" message that liberally peppers our local (Perth) event planners? I have noted the BYO picnic areas but I fear this is the City of Perth's way of bundling up all the wino's such as myself and my other half into an easily controlled space should the freaky Dad dancing get out of hand :wink: I hasten to add that as a responsible middle-aged parents we're not looking to get totally trashed but rather fancy a nice chilled glass of rose and a beer whilst embracing the patriotism of my new home...... :wub: Can anyone tell me whether I risk a spell at Her Majesty's leisure should I decide to quaff a glass or dare I say it....even two????? :policeman:
  3. Hardline attitude aids migration: Abbott. Tony Abbott has moved to portray his tough border protection stance as pro-immigration, arguing that it helps to maintain public support if people think immigration is controlled by the government rather than by people smugglers. More mealy mouthedness, like Rudd, both are terrified of offending racists and legacy of the 90s demonising refugees as political football or wedge issue. Like Cosgrove's speech last week, if they used their authority and led on such issues they may find the perceived audience would listen and obey, rather than follow bigots misinformed by media and related think tanks. Right time for zero tolerance. Authorities need to cut through the waffle talked about incidents of race-related violence.... The kind of leadership we need on this issue came this week from Peter Cosgrove, who is the very antithesis of a black-armband handwringer on this or any other issue. But with straight talk and plain language Cosgrove said it is undeniable that there is a small and ugly section of the Australian population that is demonstrably racist, and that in some instances, it's been Indians who have been victims of this racism. ..... In NSW, the Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione has been forced to increase officer numbers for Australia Day after the sickening spectacle last year, where alcohol-fuelled yahoos draped in our national ensign were monstering passers-by for refusing to kiss the flag or join the Aussie Aussie Aussie chorus, a song so lyrically bereft that it's amazing anyone is prepared to sing it publicly. Aussie I love it, but leave me out of the flag waving. Mark Seymour asks why some Australians are so keen to show off how much they love the place. ...... "Australia. Love it or leave it" ........ I think Australia is pretty good, but not that good. Warwick Thornton says he's deeply concerned that the Southern Cross is becoming a symbol of racism for some Australians. The filmmaker, who has been chosen as the Northern Territory's nomination for Australian of the Year, wants people to spend Australia Day reflecting on the symbolic significance of the national icon. "Aboriginal people have used the Southern Cross for the last 40,000 years as a beacon guiding them to travel through country for survival, and I'm starting to see that star system symbol being used as a very racist nationalistic emblem - and that is seriously worrying me," Thornton said. "We don't want to turn the Southern Cross into a swastika - that's bloody important. Nationalists everywhere, including media, advertising industry and governments, have hijacked Australian icons. Past 15 - 20 years this has included flag, Gallipoli, ANZACS, bush myths, or inverting them e.g. scare stories about Republic, refugees, immigrants, stress upon English versus NESBs and multiculturalism etc.
  4. Guest

    Fit in or **** off

    I just wanted to say, as an Australian, how deeply ashamed I am at the behaviour of some youths in Manly, NSW on Australia Day yesterday. If you have not yet heard about this, though if you are in Oz it would be hard not to, then this link may help. Sydney riots shatter oz day | PerthNow I'm still (fairly) young but I feel worlds apart from the kids who are mentioned in this article running about the place telling people to "f*** off we're full"... it's humiliating to think current generations of Australians have this point of view. IMHO, Australia Day should be about celebrating what Australia has become (despite its less than honourable start) and everyone who currently lives here, EVERYONE, should have a right to feel at home and proud to be here. Particularly on a day like yesterday. So, although I know they weren't targetting Poms in their attacks, on behalf of all other Australians, I'm sorry for their actions and their words. It is a VERY small monority of people who hold this opinion that we shouldn't be welcoming migrants in with open arms (god knows we have the room) and if you are in the UK and are in the process of coming over here or are even just thinking about coming over here, please do. You are more than welcome.