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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I would like to apply for Skilled Migrant. Unfortunately I am not sure claim points for my academic background. I have completed BA History from India during the study time I used to work as part time web designer. Then I moved on to UK for doing Masters at London Metropolitan University. I have completed Graduation in Computing(6 month course) then MSc Internet Applications Development now I am working as Web Developer (2 years) BA History (3 year) Graduation in Computing (6 months) MSc Internet Applications Development(1 Year) Web Developer (2 years) Could you please tell me is theere any option to migrate to Australia with my qualification. Thanks in advance. Regards, Muhammed
  2. Occupation on new SOL Skills Australia Summary sheets for occupations on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) for migration purposes Review of Skilled Occupation List – November/December 2010 On 17 May 2010, the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Senator Chris Evans released the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) for migration purposes identifying occupations which are of high value and will assist in meeting the medium and long term needs of the Australian economy. The skilled occupations were based on the Specialised Occupations developed by Skills Australia as part of its National Workforce Development Strategy. The Specialised Occupations List together with information on its development can be found in Australian Workforce Futures, Appendix 3 (page 83). Further information regarding the Specialised Occupations List and the SOL is available in this Fact Sheet. The Skilled Occupation List is based on the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) Revision 1, at the six digit occupation level. As part of the release of the new SOL, Skills Australia has developed summary sheets for each of the 183 occupations on the SOL. The Skilled Occupation List is based on the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) Revision 1, at the six digit occupation level. As part of the release of the new SOL, Skills Australia has developed summary sheets for each of the 183 occupations on the SOL. The summary sheets have been prepared at the four digit ANZSCO level due to the lack of information for some occupations at the six digit level. The summary sheets outline the occupation’s indicative skill level and how it meets the criteria set by Skills Australia for inclusion on the SOL. A guide to the summary sheets is provided in the first sheet in the list below. Attached to each summary sheet is a detailed description of the labour market for that particular occupation provided by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. Skills Australia has also developed summary sheets for each of the 71 occupations which were on the Specialised Occupation List and have not been included on the SOL. The Australian Government has also asked Skills Australia to conduct an annual review of the SOL to ensure that the list of occupations remains contemporary to the skilled migration system over time. (Select a document below to access the summary sheet for that occupation). ANZSCO Code Occupation Document for occupation XXXXXX Guide to Summary Sheets (PDF 30KB | RTF 83KB) 133111 133112 Construction project manager Project builder (PDF 138KB | RTF 355KB) 133211 Engineering manager (PDF 135KB | RTF 357KB) 134111 Child Care centre manager (PDF 132KB | RTF 355KB) 134211 134212 134213 134214 Medical administrator Nursing clinical director Primary health organisation manager Welfare centre manager (PDF 131KB | RTF 334KB) 221111 221112 221113 Accountant (general) Management accountant Taxation accountant (PDF 126KB | RTF 333KB) 221213 221214 External auditor Internal auditor (PDF 102KB | RTF 368KB) 224111 Actuary (PDF 133KB | RTF 361KB) 224511 224512 Land economist Valuer (PDF 81KB | RTF 359KB) 231212 231213 231214 Ship's engineer Ship's master Ship's officer (PDF 150KB | RTF 344KB) 232111 232112 Architect Landscape architect (PDF 137KB | RTF 355KB) 232212 232213 232214 Surveyor Cartographer Other Spatial Scientist (PDF 131KB | RTF 334KB) 232611 Urban and regional planner (PDF 136KB | RTF 328KB) 233111 233112 Chemical engineer Materials engineer (PDF 137KB | RTF 355KB) 233211 233212 233213 233214 233215 Civil engineer Geotechnical engineer Quantity surveyor Structural engineer Transport engineer (PDF 138KB | RTF 357KB) 233311 Electrical engineer (PDF 136KB | RTF 328KB) 233411 Electronics engineer (PDF 136KB | RTF 359KB) 233511 233512 233513 Industrial engineer Mechanical engineer Production or plant engineer (PDF 42KB | RTF 335KB) 233611 233612 Mining engineer (excluding petroleum) Petroleum engineer (PDF 136KB | RTF 287KB) 233911 233912 233913 233914 233915 233916 Aeronautical engineer Agricultural engineer Biomedical engineer Engineering technologist Environmental engineer Naval architect (PDF 131KB | RTF 308KB) 234111 234112 234113 Agricultural consultant Agricultural scientist Forester (PDF 138KB | RTF 356KB) 234211 Chemist (PDF 133KB | RTF 336KB) 234611 Medical laboratory scientist (PDF 135KB | RTF 327KB) 234711 Veterinarian (PDF 133KB | RTF 333KB) 241111 Early childhood (pre-primary school) teacher (PDF 86KB | RTF 332KB) 241411 Secondary school teacher (PDF 140KB | RTF 334KB) 241511 241512 241513 241599 Special needs teacher Teacher of the hearing impaired Teacher of the sight impaired Special education teachers nec (PDF 86KB | RTF 336KB) 251211 251212 251213 251214 Medical diagnostic radiographer Medical radiation therapist Nuclear medicine technologist Sonographer (PDF 39KB | RTF 333KB) 251411 251412 Optometrist Orthoptist (PDF 131KB | RTF 334KB) 252111 252112 Chiropractor Osteopath (PDF 130KB | RTF 332KB) 252311 252312 Dental specialist Dentist (PDF 132KB | RTF 338KB) 252411 Occupational therapist (PDF 130KB | RTF 327KB) 252511 Physiotherapist (PDF 129KB | RTF 334KB) 252611 Podiatrist (PDF 126KB | RTF 329KB) 252711 252712 Audiologist Speech pathologist (PDF 131KB | RTF 333KB) 253111 General medical practitioner (PDF 135KB | RTF 345KB) 253211 Anaesthetist (PDF 127KB | RTF 331KB) 253311 253312 253313 253314 253315 253316 253317 253318 253321 253322 253323 253324 253399 253411 Specialist physician (General medicine) Cardiologist Clinical haematologist Medical oncologist Endocrinologist Gastroenterologist Intensive care specialist Neurologist Paediatrician Renal medicine specialist Rheumatologist Thoracic medicine specialist Specialist physicians nec Psychiatrist (PDF 129KB | RTF 335KB) 253511 Surgeon (general) (PDF 126KB | RTF 329KB) 253511 253512 253513 253514 253515 253516 253517 253518 253521 Surgeon (general) Cardiothoracic surgeon Neurosurgeon Orthopaedic surgeon Otorhinolaryngologist Paediatric surgeon Plastic and reconstructive surgeon Urologist Vascular surgeon (PDF 126KB | RTF 330KB) 253911 253912 253913 253914 253915 253917 253918 253999 Dermatologist Emergency medicine specialist Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Ophthalmologist Pathologist Diagnostic and interventional radiologist Radiation oncologist Medical practitioners nec (PDF 130KB | RTF 355KB) 254111 Midwife (PDF 81KB | RTF 283KB) 254411 254412 254413 254414 254415 254416 254417 254418 254421 254422 254423 254424 254499 Nurse Practitioner Registered nurse (aged care) Registered nurse (Child and Family Health) Registered nurse (community health) Registered nurse (critical care and emergency) Registered nurse (development disability) Registered nurse (disability and rehabilitation) Registered nurse (medical) Registered nurse (medical practice) Registered nurse (mental health) Registered nurse (perioperative) Registered nurse (surgical) Registered nurse (PDF 126KB | RTF 327KB) 261111 261112 ICT business analyst Systems analyst (PDF 133KB | RTF 335KB) 261311 261312 261313 Analyst programmer Developer programmer Software engineer (PDF 150KB | RTF 345KB) 263311 263312 Telecommunications engineer Telecommunications network engineer (PDF 131KB | RTF 330KB) 272311 272312 272313 272314 272399 Clinical psychologist Educational psychologist Organisational psychologist Psychotherapist Psychologists nec (PDF 130KB | RTF 328KB) 272511 Social worker (PDF 138KB | RTF 338KB) 312211 312212 Civil engineer draftsperson Civil engineer technician (PDF 128KB | RTF 327KB) 312311 312312 Electrical engineer draftperson Electrical engineer technician (PDF 96KB | RTF 336KB) 313211 313212 313213 313214 Radiocommunications technician Telecommunications field engineer Telecommunications network planner Telecommunications technical officer or technologist (PDF 84KB | RTF 331KB) 321111 Automotive electrician (PDF 83KB | RTF 332KB) 321211 321212 321213 321214 Motor mechanic (general) Diesel motor mechanic Motorcycle mechanic Small engine mechanic (PDF 83KB | RTF 330KB) 322211 Sheetmetal Trades Worker (PDF 130KB | RTF 331KB) 322311 322312 322313 Metal Fabricator Pressure Welder Welder (first class) (PDF 147KB | RTF 362KB) 323111 323112 323113 Aircraft maintenance engineer (avionics) Aircraft maintenance engineer (mechanical) Aircraft maintenance engineer (structures) (PDF 132KB | RTF 338KB) 323313 Locksmith (PDF 86KB | RTF 333KB) 324111 Panelbeater (PDF 83KB | RTF 330KB) 324311 Vehicle painter (PDF 83KB | RTF 332KB) 331111 331112 Bricklayer Stonemason (PDF 134KB | RTF 331KB) 331211 331212 331213 Carpenter and Joiner Carpenter Joiner (PDF 134KB | RTF 336KB) 332211 Painting trades workers (PDF 133KB | RTF 332KB) 333111 Glazier (PDF 131KB | RTF 331KB) 333211 333212 Fibrous plasterer Solid plasterer (PDF 132KB | RTF 331KB) 333411 Wall and floor tiler (PDF 132KB | RTF 333KB) 334111 334112 334113 334114 334115 Plumber (general) Airconditioning and mechanical services plumber Drainer Gasfitter Roof plumber (PDF 134KB | RTF 338KB) 341111 341112 341113 Electrician (general) Electrician (special class) Lift mechanic (PDF 133KB | RTF 332KB) 342111 Airconditioning and refrigeration mechanic (PDF 84KB | RTF 332KB) 342211 342212 Electrical linesworker Technical cable jointer (PDF 85KB | RTF 335KB) 342313 342314 342315 Electronic equipment trades worker Electronic instrument trades worker (general) Electronic instrument trades worker (special class) (PDF 130KB | RTF 344KB) 411211 411212 411213 411214 Dental Hygienist Dental Prosthetist Dental technician Dental therapist (PDF 84KB | RTF 335KB) The occupations not included on new SOL list Skills Australia Summary Sheets for Specialised Occupations not on the Skilled Occupation List As part of its workforce development strategy Skills Australia developed a new methodology for identifying specialised occupations. The resulting Specialised Occupations List identifies those occupations which satisfy two of the first three of the following criteria: long lead-time; high use; high risk; and high information. In order to ensure that the Specialised Occupations were appropriate for inclusion on the Skilled Occupation List, Skills Australia conducted further analysis of labour market, education and migration data to assess longer term skills and workforce development needs for the occupation. This was based on a range of indicators, including vacancy levels, employment and unemployment levels, job turnover, average hours worked/part-time work and training rates and trends (including completion rates). Consideration was given to efforts being made to fill shortages by other means, such as recruiting and up-skilling the domestic workforce. Based on this analysis, together with industry intelligence and the views of stakeholders, Specialised Occupations were excluded from the Skilled Occupation List for the following reasons: The occupation is likely to be in surplus in the medium to long term – based on the size and age of the current workforce, expected employment growth rates and turnover and trends in student enrolments and completions, There are other more appropriate and/or specific visa options, for example niche occupations (i.e. it has very few employers or employment opportunities) may be more appropriately dealt with through Employer Nominated or Regional sponsorship arrangements, The job requires the occupant to be an Australian Citizen, and The course of study can and usually is completed without a long lead time and is not sufficiently skilled. As a result of this analysis, a number of occupations which are on the Specialised Occupations List have not been included on the Skilled Occupation List. Skills Australia has now released the summary sheets for all occupations that are on the Specialised Occupation List but are not on the Skilled Occupation List. The occupations are classified by the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO), First Edition, Revision 1 at the 6 six digit level, whereas the summary sheets are at the four digit, or unit group ANZSCO level. In some cases, the unit groups accessed through the following links also have occupations that are included on the Skilled Occupation List. The summary sheets include data on occupational trends provided by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. These were prepared based on the previous version of ANZSCO, so there may be minor differences for some occupations. The following summary sheets are for occupations that appear on the Specialised Occupation List (SpOL) based on the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) Revision 1. ANZSCO Code Occupation Document for occupation 134299Health and Welfare Services Manager nec (PDF 131KB | RTF 334KB) 134311School Principal (PDF 144KB | RTF 333KB) 134411 134412 134499 Faculty Head Regional Education Manager Other Education Manager (PDF 137KB | RTF 328KB) 222111 222112 222113 222199 Commodities Broker Financial Broker Insurance Broker Financial Broker nec (PDF 125KB | RTF 331KB) 231111 231112 231113 231114 231199 Aeroplane Pilot Air Traffic Controller Flying Instructor Helicopter Pilot Air Traffic Professional nec (PDF 133KB | RTF 338KB) 231211 231215 231299 Master Fisher Ship's Surveyor Marine Transport Professional nec (PDF 150KB | RTF 344KB) 233999Engineering Professional nec (PDF 131KB | RTF 308KB) 241213Primary School Teacher (PDF 135KB | RTF 338KB) 241311Middle(Aus) and Intermediate(NZ) School Teacher (PDF 40KB | RTF 337KB) 242111 242112University Lecturer University Tuor (PDF 134KB | RTF 334KB) 249311Teachers TESOL (PDF 333KB | RTF 84KB) 251111Dietition (PDF 128KB | RTF 330KB) 251511 251512 251513Hospital Pharmacist Industrial Pharmacist Retail Pharmacist (PDF 129KB | RTF 337KB) 253112Resident Medical Officer (PDF 135KB | RTF 345KB) 254211 254211Nurse Educator Nurse Researcher (PDF 129KB | RTF 335KB) 254311Nurse Manager (PDF 127KB | RTF 331KB) 261314Software Tester(PDF 150KB | RTF 345KB) 271111Barrister (PDF 126KB | RTF 221KB) 271211 271212 271299Judge Magistrate Tribunal Member Judicial and Other Legal Professional nec (PDF 28KB | RTF 83KB) 271311 Solicitor (PDF 134KB | RTF 335KB) 322111 322112 322113 322114 322115 Blacksmith Electroplater Farrier Metal Casting Trades Worker Metal Polisher (PDF 82KB | RTF 353KB) 323311 323312 323314 323315 323316 Engraver Gunsmith Precision Instrument Maker and Repairer Saw Maker and Repairer Watch and Clock Maker and Repairer (PDF 86KB | RTF 333KB) 332111 Floor Finisher (PDF 85KB | RTF 335KB) 342311 342312 Business Machine Mechanic Communications Operator (PDF 130KB | RTF 344KB) 394211 394212 394213 394214 394299 Furniture Finisher Picture Framer Wood Machinist Wood Turner Wood Machinists and other Woods Trades (PDF 128KB | RTF 336KB) 399111 399112 Boat Builders and Repairer Shipwright (PDF 88KB | RTF 344KB) 399611 Signwriter (PDF 83KB | RTF 327KB) 411411 411412 Enrolled Nurse Mothercraft Nurse (PDF 85KB | RTF 337KB) 411511 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker (PDF 83KB | RTF 329KB) 423111 Aged and Disabled Carer (PDF 82KB | RTF 331KB) 423311 423312 423313 423314 Hospital Orderly Nursing Support Worker Personal Care Assistant Therapy Aide (PDF 84KB | RTF 336KB) 441211 441212 Emergency Service Worker Fire Fighter (PDF 128KB | RTF 290KB) 441311 441312 Detective Police (PDF 128KB | RTF 331KB)