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Found 111 results

  1. First of all, sorry if this is in wrong place. Ok lets begin, basically I'm coming to OZ on 21st August on a WHV, I'm landing in Sydney and really have no idea beyond my first week where/what I will be doing. The only thing i know is that i will need to get some work because I'm not taking enough $$$ to get by for a year without doing. If there is anybody that can point me in the right direction on this Forum/Site to any helpful information with regards to employment, hospitality, tips, guides, etc. It would be much appreciated or if you want to share your own personal stories. Also if there is anybody else out there at around the same time as me, wether you are just landing or have been there for a long time already it would be good to meet up and go for a beer, to discuss travel plans/where you have already been etc. I look forward to hearing from you guys! Cheers, Robbie!!
  2. apickerell

    White card for ACT

    Can anyone give me some information on places to do White card training for ACT? My husband is a carpenter and needs to do this training. I found A list of RTO's but I am not having much luck finding a course for my husband in Aug when we arrive. I did find CIT but that one is almost 200 AUD. Is that the normal price? Thanks for your advice on this. Just trying to get things worked out for when we get over there.
  3. First of all, sorry if this is in wrong place. Ok lets begin, basically I'm coming to OZ on 21st August on a WHV, I'm landing in Sydney and really have no idea beyond my first week where/what I will be doing. The only thing i know is that i will need to get some work because I'm not taking enough $$$ to get by for a year without doing. If there is anybody that can point me in the right direction on this Forum/Site to any helpful information with regards to employment, hospitality, tips, guides, etc. It would be much appreciated or if you want to share your own personal stories. Also if there is anybody else out there at around the same time as me, wether you are just landing or have been there for a long time already it would be good to meet up and go for a beer, to discuss travel plans/where you have already been etc. I look forward to hearing from you guys! Cheers, Robbie!!
  4. Hi, I am breaking lease on my 4 x 2 house in Secret Harbour, WA on 2nd August 2013. Its in a nice location right by Comet Bay Primary School, which has a lovely reputation. If you are interested in the details, please let me know. Thanks!!
  5. littleLinnie

    Sydney August 2013

    Hi I'm going to Sydney on a WHV in August. Does anyone have any recommendations for accommodation? ​Thank you
  6. Hello to all, We are a French family of 4 (including son of 3 1/5 years and daughter of 16 months). After almost 7 years of procedures..... we finally got our permanent resident visa (subclass 176). Departure is planned in August 2012. We plan to go to Sydney, unless an opportunity for a job occurs somewhere else in Australia.... I found the website through search engines and although it seems more dedicates to UK people doing the move..... I hope you'll accept us. Now that the big moves finally becomes real..... many questions on going! So thanks for the useful informations on the website!
  7. hi , my name is robyn and im moving to perth next august , ill be 16 then and just of finished my GCSE's. Any one in the same situation ?:smile:
  8. On 19 July the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship announced the inclusion of Perth in the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS). The minister also agreed to include Perth as a regional area for family sponsored applications through the regional General Skilled Migration (GSM) programs. http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/_pdf/regional-perth-aug-2011.pdf
  9. RVN

    where is good in August?

    Hi guys.. my family would like to get away for a few days in August. But we cannot decide where to go..so much to see and we dont know where would be the best place weather wise for this time of year. We will be on a very tight budget too. We live south of Sydney and would like some ideas of where we could go that could entertain 2 adults and 1 11 year old? any suggestions ????? thanks folks..
  10. Hi All arrived in Bris on 2/9/11. Staying in Ashmore Palms temporarily. Will be working in Mater as midwife. Looking for houses this week. Not 100% on areas have a long short list somewhere between CBD and here. Prob not as far south as Southport due to commute. We have met some lovely people so far although most have younger children. Ours are 15,13,11 ( three girls) so if anyone is in similar position drop us a line we could meet up. Keen to find area and schools now so girls can start making friends. So far so good. Enjoying the sun, scenery and exploring the area Thanks in Advance Jo x
  11. Do you want to join me here? Just copy and paste and fill in your info it will give us an idea of how long the process takes! Good luck everyone...... Name: Canberra 2011 Date of SMP application: 20/05/2011 Trade/profession: Real Estate Agent Principal Visa type: ACT SS 176 SS received: 25/07/2011 Form 1100 Uploaded: 01/08/2011 Visa Filed: 01/08/2011 Medicals: Police Checks: Visa Grant/Declined? Name: Kate10 Date of SMP application: 25/07/11 Trade/profession: Civil Engineer (husband) Visa type: WA SS 176 SS received: 29/07/11 Form 1100 Uploaded: Sent to DIAC by WA 04/08/11 Visa Filed: 03/08/2011 Medicals: Police Checks:09/08/11 Visa Grant/Declined? Name - Rachel 80 Date of SMP Application - 11th May 2011 Trade/profession - Project administrator Visa type - ACT SS 176 SS Received - 19th July 2011 Form 1100 uploaded - 01/08/2011 Visa filed - 01/08/2011 Name: mansukhpatel Date of SMP application: 12/07/2011 Trade/profession: Systems Administrator Visa type: SA SS 176 SS received: 01/08/2011 Form 1100 Uploaded: 03/08/2011 Visa Filed: 02/08/2011 Medicals: Police Checks: Visa Grant
  12. We landed 12th August via a good flight with 9 hours to potter at Chiangi, Singapore having booked into the transit hotel, use the rooftop pool, free foot massagers and look into the stifling butterfly garden. Our 3 girls (20month old twins and a 4 year old) were absolute angels bar a few breakdowns. We arrived Brisbane airport at 09:30 and tried in the process to leave our now unlawful car seat by a rubbish bin, only to be met by two police officers who politely reminded us that we had ‘left it behind’ and forgotten it. This was later thrown into a skip at the car hire, but we were able with the use of the internet and Gumtree to source 3 second hand car seats for $70! Touch! A friend I had met on PIO met us at the airport and took our luggage to our short term accommodation for 3 nights. This was Scarborough Holiday Village. Very clean, compact but useful for 3 nights. We then moved on to a short term furnished property. The whole process of the first few days was tiring and our brains went into meltdown with information overload! I struggle to remember what we did, saw etc. I do know that first impressions were great and as soon as we landed we felt at home, and everyone we spoke to was friendly, approachable etc. After 5 or so days we got stuck in to finding a rental longer term and after viewing one place in Bray Park, we settled on a place in Joyner in northern suburbs. After reading so much on PIO we found it easy to get a rental. I believe that is because we got out there, spoke with people, made ourselves available and took action! Not once have we compared or griped about the UK, although I have had some productive conversations (all instigated by Aussies!) about the UK. After a few days I met up with ‘itcouldbeworse’ from the forums and my oh my what a source of info Kev proved to be. We were welcomed with open arms into his home and out of all the support on the forums; his has been the most genuine and objective. Before leaving siamsusie, itcouldbeworse and a select few others have been able to give of themselves and without their experience we would have just been another group of Poms trying to wing it alone. From what we have experienced those who do not take part in Australia 100% are going to fail. We have been taken places, shown around, lent stuff, helped with moving furniture in the pouring rain. THIS is what the forum has given us, so I thank all those members who have provided help. And also, without being too much of a bitch pour scorn on those who gripe, are ego-centric, force themselves on others and generally are not here to help but merely to cause trouble. They exist on ALL internet forums, this is not a reflection of PIO in general. Aside from all the usual stuff, TRN number, Medicare, work, getting rental, mobiles, learning about food specials and where to shop our experiences so far have been very positive. Without blowing our own trumpets this has been because we have taken action, not done it alone, sifted out the BS from the forum and begged and borrowed for stuff. We have found sites such as Gumtree, Freecycle and E Bay etc to be invaluable sources of help in getting cheap furniture. E.G. I e-mailed a lady on Freecycle who was getting rid of some books, turned up at her house and left with 5 bookcases and a TV stand FOR FREE! Pleasant lady, and also friends we met on a Facebook site pointed us in the direction of an elderly couple who had twin grandchildren and a host of toys they were selling and we got 4 kids bikes for $50!! If you have loads of money to do the move to Oz and want to buy brand new, good luck to you. We have bought some stuff new and also bought stuff cheap via aforementioned sites and spent I estimate £7-10,000 while we have been here. That includes car hire, new TV, new BBQ, stuff from garage sale, two sofas, fridge freezer, outside table and chairs, some furniture etc. The rest has been lent to us from people such as Kev. My 4 year old has a ballet class she is attending, the schools we have viewed so far seem amazing and the facilities fantastic. Food prices are the same. END OF STORY! No more futile UK vs. Oz debates, we are starting to buy meat in bulk from markets and looking at junk mail that comes through the door, as it contains who is selling things cheaply that week. In the UK we just slung it out! Aldi is also very good. It doesn’t mean that the UK shops are bad, or Oz is bad. It is just a new experience shopping at a few places. Of course we may well miss the convenience of shopping in one place. I tell you; once you taste the un-pumped with water chicken breast here then you won’t want Tesco chicken. Full of flavour. So, our experience has been that food is roughly the same, petrol prices fluctuate during the week but we have filled up when it has been cheaper. We have eaten out once and the price was similar to a Harvester, but because of the kids we have been eating at home. Everywhere is set up for kids, and they aren’t a hassle here, and there is a playground within each square mile I swear! I feel myself waffling, so to summarise it has been busy and we feel full of adrenaline but so pleased that we hit the ground running. Got mobiles, internet dongle, and roof over our head and people to help and the common sense to take action, ask for help and just keep an open mind. I start work next Monday so things should settle into a routine, and the kids are settling more now. When the temp is 23 degrees and you are looking out over the sea at the Sunshine Coast as we were today then life doesn’t seem so bad. My only tip is keeping an open mind, take part and accept help from others. Satisfied customers thus far and thanks you to all those who keep it real on the pages of PIO, we hope to offer objective advice based on experiences in the near future to anyone who needs it...........
  13. Hey i'm 19yrs, currently living in Dunstable, Bedfordshire and i'm making the move this August with my family. I've heard the Uni's are pretty good out there. could anyone advise if on the nightlife and social side of life out there, for teenagers my age? thaaanks kayleigh
  14. Hey, anyone interested, we are organising a bbq at Scarborough beach for the 28th August.. around 12.30ish.. bring something to put on the bbq.. drinks.. making it at Railway place/Pirate place at Scarborough beach park. the bbq's next to the playground.. i'll put some balloons up otherwise just listen for the pommie accents.. shouldnt be too hard lol.. look forward to seeing you there Nikki xx
  15. Hi, Thought I'd start a thread for those who have applied/are applying in August under the Partner Visa (309/100) umbrella so we could see how each others apps were progressing. My stats are as follows: 5/8/11 Daughters Citizenship by decent granted 8/8/11 309 for OH received by AH 10/8/11 Email from CO (AH) requesting medical and further info 10/8/11 (Lots of) Pennies taken from account 12/8/11 Further info received by AH 16/8/11 Medical done 7/9/11 Appointment date at AH to submit kids passport apps Would love to see others time lines :wink: Tracey
  16. Guest

    Ticket booked, 21st August!

    Woohoo, finally going to be reunited with my wife, I'm flying out on the 21st on a tourist visa while the partner visa goes through. 5 months now since I saw her. Can't wait to get there and start my life in Oz. Hopefully the partner visa will come through before the tourist visa runs out! Brisbane here I come!
  17. motherof2

    Flying out 25th August

    Thought I'd just see if anyone around Heathrow that day and fancied a coffee to try and distract us from the main event:twitcy: We are flying out a 11.30 am with SA
  18. Hi, Due to the changes in July, large volumes of the applications were submitted in Apr/June hence not much activity in July. Hopefully things will start looking up for everyone. We lodge our application today Allocation date for GSM Applications http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/estimated-allocation-times.htm 02/08/2011 mansukhpatel - SA
  19. mia7

    What will August bring????

    Ive read on most state websites that SMP's are reviewed & any changes are updated on/around the 1st of the month. With the 1st of August looming, i know what changes/occupations im hoping will appear!!!! :biggrin: Whats your money on?? What changes you hoping to see??:idea:
  20. Hi all, moving August/September to around Bracken Ridge area. Not had much contact on Brits in Brisbane so come here instead. We are aiming at making a few contacts and friends before we come over. Had a recce to Adelaide in February and met some poms there who made us feel very welcome. Guess you've all done the move at some point!?! The plan for a move to Adelaide fell through due to finding work in Brisbane, so awaiting 457 processing! 2 adults plus 3 kids, so looking at some social time maybe a play date or something? very exciting and so much to do, but our heads are screwed on and we trying to be patient! I ma a mentla health nurse and my wife works in elderly care. Just realised that I may have more joy touching base with people on this site as there appears to be more activity. So, if anyone is around the northern suburbs of Brissy would love to hear from you!!!
  21. Dear This week (from 6th June 2011 to 10th June 2011) is for August and September 2010 Applicant . What you think , please share.
  22. My Husband needs to be in Yatala on the 13th to start work. Does anybody know if you can rent furnished 3 bedroom properties around Ormeau, Pacific Pines, etc Have found lots of unfurnished!
  23. We are returning to UK and have to break our lease. We are currently renting a two bedroom townhouse in Black Forest, it is close to the train and tram so easy to get into Adelaide for work, only 10 minutes and the public transport here is very reliable. 15 minutes drive to the beach at Glenelg. Black Forest is very quiet and we have very good neighbours. This house would suit a couple or family with one child, sorry but they don't allow pets. The house has recycle airconditioning, and a secure carport. Both bedrooms have large built in wardrobes. The rent is $290 per week, which is very good for this area, similar properties are going for $320 or more.We have spoken with the agent and she has confirmed that 290 price. If you are interested let me know and I will give you the agents details. We move out on 4th August so I am sure it good be ready pretty quickly after that.
  24. Hi Can anyone recommend any short term rental places in Sydney. We are in Sydney for 4 weeks in August until September as our 2 dogs will be in quarantine there and then we will drive up to Brisbane from there. Cheers.
  25. Hi myself and my husband and 2 children aged 5 and 21 months are coming over to Brisbane and Melbourne for a reccie in August and would love to meet up with people who have already made the move Our dates are :- 13th August arrive Sunshine Coast - Caloundra 20th August arrive Gold Coast- near to Surfers Paradise 27th August arrive Melbourne - Mornington peninsula let me know thansk Kathryn