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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone, I wasn't quite sure what section to put this thread on but decided this would probably be the most apt! I recently put up a post regarding our family dilemma and the choice we were faced with regarding staying put in the UK without work, or returning to Oz with the possibility of a very different senario. I received some excellent advice, as always and am truly grateful for all the support I received. Well the result is that hubby HAS been accepted back in the Western Australian Police and after a lot of soul searching and hard thinking we have decided that we will, after all, be heading back to Perth! We have certainly raised a few eyebrows this end, but we have also encountered a few who have been in our position and are really supportive and understand our reasons for doing so. We either sink here or swim there. It might not be the answer long term, but much as I love the UK, it is no place to be when you haven't the security of a decent job and you stand to lose everything you have worked so hard for. I am under no illusion that I will have my off days and am fully prepared for them. I also have mixed feelings about where our future ultimately lies, but one thing I do know is that I am coming back with more positive feelings than negative ones! sometimes you just have to grab the bull by the horns and make that all encumbering move! The difference this time, is that I don't intend to make my choice of residence there my final resting place (at least not at the moment). I feel that it is the stepping stone towards what I am really aiming for. We already have residency, so once we can get citizenship, we are free to come and go and would like to look at the prospect of moving on to either Melbourne or Sydney. We have come this far and will bloody well make it work this time. If I am qualified to give any constructive advice here to anyone thinking about returning to the UK, it is that they really must secure a job before doing so, as life can take a turn for the worst in these difficult times and it is a position I never envisaged being in and don't ever want to find myself in again! Having said all that, I will never stop loving the UK and don't intend to abandon or forget it altogether. I have very close family here (as we all have) and in a few years time, who knows we may even be able to live between the two, but for now we are simply heading to where the work is and live a decent comfortable life while the children are growing up. What the future holds, WHO KNOWS! but I intend to keep going until I find out! Thanks to everyone who has helped me through the journey! Jackie XXXX
  2. PommyPaul

    the great aussie attitude

    just thought i'd share abit of the freindly attitude i got at my local shop today. Hows this for being helpful, bought my groceries at the local shop this evening and the owner carried half my bags to my car with me, told me if i couldn't make it to the shop before closing time to give him a ring and he'll stay open late and too top it off he picked a beer of the shelf and said "here i'll shout you a beer mate" You've really got to love the country folk attitude
  3. The Lucky Country? Why is Australia the most successful and most peaceful multiculture in the developed world? How did an Anglo nation responsible for Aboriginal land theft, anti-Chinese riots and the White Australia Policy mutate into the country with arguably the least interracial violence in the developed world? It is an informative article, but I find it a bit patronising still that we have Australian media (and lobbyists) dictating to the public whether immigration is good or not...... fear of the Aussie stereotypes being challenged? Even PM Rudd quoted recently saying Australia could not go without Indians in Oz because of their food...if you follow the media that is logical as ALL Indians are rorting the immigration system by studying cookery for PR..... (of course no other nationalities use this pathway ) Rudd could have mentioned that many middle class doctors from India and other countries such as Iraq, Iran, etc. save the Australian regional health systems from collapse, and the Indian security issues in Melbourne do not exist in country towns where they are mostly appreciated as community members (though the "white" welfare ferals or trailer park trash from big cities moved to country towns can be a real problem). Australia suffers from relatively little ethnic violence, and when it has emerged it was encouraged by shock jock radio djs e.g. Cronulla. As someone said some years ago, Australians can give others a lot of verbal stick, but are really to lazy to hate that much....
  4. Just wondered what your views are about 475-type visas that guarantee you nothing in the long term. My plans are going haywire somewhat (don't they always?) and without waiting for a change in DIAC and other agencies' attitudes, the only way we might have of getting in in the next couple of years is using a 475. My concerns are mainly about moving the family and being beholden to a company and having no PR to show for it. Quite a big risk when you are not the master of your own destiny. Welcome your general thoughts.