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Found 17 results

  1. Hi Guys, I hope you're all having a great time on PIO. There's quite a lot of new features now with the friendship stuff and chicken clickin' so I thought it was perhaps a good time to ask you to think about internet safety. Remember you don't know who you're talking to on the internet Don't give out your home address, phone number etc., unless you've o.k'd it with your mum and dad If you get any messages - either by pm or on your visitors page tell/show your mum or dad and press the report post symbol under the post. This sends a message to the moderators and we can check it out for you. Stay Safe and Have Fun Ali
  2. Guest

    attention all plasterers

    hi again everyone just a quick call to all solid plasterers in aus, could you give some info on workin hours,working enviroment,pay also where to live in aus as a plasterer thanks jonny JONNY 23 SOLID PLASTERER 6 YEARS ALISON SALON BASED HAIRDRESSER 7 YEARS LILY ELLA 9 MONTHS OLD
  3. Guest

    Bricklayers Attention.

    Hi all was just wondering what the state of the housing industry on the gold coast was like, as my wife, kids and i are looking at moving up in Jan2012. We currently live in SA and work for the major housing company,s as a self employed bricklayer.Any info would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks
  4. Jeffster

    Attention Onshore Nurses (in VIC)

    Received this today: "Please find this information forwarded to you on behalf of the Western Suburbs Legal Service Inc. There is expected a large group of approximately 200 (hopefully) international students who have completed a Bachelor of Nursing degree protesting on the steps of Parliament House on Wednesday, 11 August 2010 at approximately 1pm. The reason they are protesting is because the new Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia has introduced new requirements as of 1 July 2010 which require all students who have not completed their secondary schooling in English to sit an IELTS test and achieve minimum 7.0 in all components, in one sitting, prior to registration. Students were not given notification of this requirement in advance or prior to completion of their degrees. Students completed around the time this new requirement was introduced. Visas expire approx 30 August 2010. Disastrous situation for the students as their only option at this stage, if they want to register, is to go on a tourist visa (no work rights) and prepare for the test and sit it. Or, potentially go on another student visa. This change is Australia wide and will affect international students studying nursing in each state.
  5. Hi we are looking for panel beaters and painters in Berwick South East Melbourne! We are looking for quick and skilled people for a busy smash repair shop. Excellent wages for the right person. You must have your pr and be living in Melbourne or comming very soon lol. pls pm me
  6. megmor

    attention all tradespeople

    Container booked for 2 weeks time, decided today (as diesel mechanic ) to start and clean / sort out tools to take. Absolute nightmare (packers recomend to eat your dinner off clean ) being on plant / heavy truck all thick sticky grease I have been outside all day and managed to do i off 5 large toolboxes I got to wondering how many more fitters were doing the same and i would love to hear of how your coping. Problem is you cannot take everything, but how can you throw tools away that you had as an apprentice ( old but very sentimental ) So for all fellow mechanics its empty toolbox degrease all tools degrease toolbox store clean tools in containers ( do not put back in toolbox ) sell large items compressor / press / spaceheater etc please help:arghh: ian
  7. Hey guys... Ive just lodgd my application for my defacto PR visa... how long has it taken for you to receive your visa... the only peope I know here in Australia it has taken them 3-4 weeks.... please advice Kind Regards Tony xoxo
  8. As you may or may not know the old TRA (trade test thingy) has been abolished and in its place a company called vetassess now tests you on theory as well as practical skills,cost around £1000 and which you have to pass in order to obtain your Trades skilled migrant visa. Unless your straight out of college or know just about everything from unblocking a toilet to solving a fault within a boiler which is hidden within a thermo electric solonoid valve it all seems to me a bit daunting.. Now don't get me wrong I know my job but ,best will in the world I don't know the theoretical side of everything in a trade which covers such a vast area from draining (inside and out) to domestic heating to sheet metal roofing commercial and industrial practices,gas domestic hot and cold water...etc etc If we could all help each other in at least gathering info on what kind of questions we'd expect or the best place to find Australian bylaws for revision purpose etc ..its a lot of money to loose and a big disapointment should you faulter on this so i'd to have half a chance by knowing what their likely to be asking any thoughts??
  9. For Thorn.. I know you are en route to the UK, wishing you a very safe flight and a wonderful reunion with your lovely wife. Happy holidays with your dear husband and may your visa application go without a hitch. love Susie x
  10. Hi, Bridget has just got home from work and hurriedly shot off a response to your email but was called away on an emergency so it was rather brief. We don't know your PIO username and as Bridget is off work for a couple of days, if you would like to speak by phone or pm, please feel free to contact her via PIO re post grad experience kev
  11. Guest

    Attention any locksmiths!

    Hello all lockies, As you must know locksmiths are having a nightmare trying to gain there TRA, due to qualifiactions etc We are trying to get a group of uk locksmiths together (actually thet don't have to be from uk) who would be interested in trying to convince thet TAFE in Melbourne who train locksmiths under AQF in oz to set up a similar way of assessing us, as other companies do carpet fitters and other tradies. I have sent the Tafe an email explaining our situation and are awaiting a reply. If and it's a big if they are interested i'm sure it would be quite expensive, as a trainer would have to come over or us there, and lots of organising. I would be more than willing to sort out as much as I can to help us all. please let me know if you are interested or of you know locksmiths on others forums who maybe interested. regards Sam
  12. Hi, Just so everyone is clear I work for Downunder Tradies Group and this is my first post. I have posted this information as I feel it will benefit all Electricians looking to migrate to Australia. Downunder Tradies Group have developed a fast track course for the Minimum Australian Context Gap Training for Electricians in the UK who are Migrating to Australia through Vetassess. We currently have an Australian TAFE teacher here in the UK about to deliver training for the Minimum Australian Context Gap. DUTG has 4-5 Electrical Contractors in Australia very keen to sponsor Electricians who have completed the Gap Training Course in the UK. DUTG have already secured a position for one of the Electricians in the ACT, his job will be starting in August 2010. The key factor in securing a position for this Electrician was the fact that he will have completed the Gap Training, will have a full understanding of the Australian Industry and its standards, and also will not need time off work for TAFE etc. This course has been developed in collaboration with EE OZ and CIT (Canberra Institute Of Technology) The course is based on the Minimum Australian Context Training Gap, identified by EE OZ. The course is held at our office in London and is run over seven consecutive weekends from Friday through to Sunday. This minimises time off work for candidates. The first course will be starting on the 18th of June 2010 and the total cost for the course including the Construction Induction Course (OH&S White Card, 8hr course) is £3000. This Gap Training needs to be completed either way, UK or Australia. If candidates wait until they have arrived in Australia the course could take 12 months to complete, including time off work and travel costs etc. If the candidate competes the Gap Training in the UK this will greatly improve their chances of sponsorship or finding work once in Australia. If you would like to find out further information regarding the Gap Training please phone Downunder Tradies on 020 8434 3627
  13. Hi All, I like many others have been affected by the new Priority Changes made on 23rd September:arghh: Have you been Requested to get your Medicals and police checks? Are you in the final stages of your application (all docs Met and Meds Finalized)? Are you going to lie down, or do you want to be heard? The more people that say something about how unfair it is to process our applications just prior to finalization and then put them on hold! The more likely he is to listen. After all he is a Senator, surely his actions should only be fair If you feel you should have a voice please join my campaign!!! I have decided and as advised by my agent to mount an Email/Letter campaign to: Senator Evans as the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship He is the individual responsible for this!!! His Contact details are: Senator Chris Evans Minister for Immigration and Citizenship Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600 Telephone: 02 6277 7860 Fax: 02 6273 4144 Email: minister@immi.gov.au and senator.evans@aph.gov.au Please, Please, Please write we need to stick together. If you decided to contact Mr Evans please leave a comment to keep this thread alive. Kevin Rudd is next on my list!!!!!!! Good Luck to all caught up in this mess and thanks for your support
  14. Now... i agree with some of the things i have read... living the dream... it aint no picnic. But, hey... are any of us listening to whats happening back home?? Friends, family.. all saying ' you made the right move.... went at the right time'... ( maybe they were glad to see the back of us!!).. but seriously... life down under aint all bad.... sure, there is a lot of red tape.... a **** load of red tape..... re-training...licence to paint.. licence to plaster.. licence to fart.... rental bonds.. housing contracts.. unusual taxation process..... things seem foreign..!!! THATS BECAUSE THEY ARE!!!. Jesus... what do you want??... We moved here in feb 2008... i left children behind..( they since been on holiday and loved it )... my step son left his father behind ( he's since been back for a holiday loved his flight home )... we have recently put a contract on a house and are awaiting the outcome....... but we arrived with nothing!! Not a pot to p**s in... quite literally. It aint no bed of roses.. not for a minute.. but life aint anyway.... its worth a bit of a fight.. dont you think?????? If its not for you.. it hasn't worked out... then you leave.. what an experience..... but dont slag it off too much.... it can work.....
  15. Hi gill Was wondering if you could give me some info please we are going to get in touch with richard froom workforce solutions re sponser 457 visa and were wondering if you would be so kind as to give me some info. My oh is a welder/fabricator and is 44yrs will be 45 in oct we have 2 small boys aged 1 and 3 and were wondering do kids need a medical etc and what is it we need i know me and oh need medical but what about xrays and police checks etc. Thanks very much for your attention Tracey
  16. Hi Guys, I'm new to this and hoping for some expert advice, my partener and I are hoping to migrate to oz, actually we are in the process of things, im a nurse and my skills are currently being assessed then we can apply for permenant residency. however some major as come up and im frightened we are not going to get in! we are going through theimmigration bureau to complete our paper work. Any way that is not the issue in decmber last yaer my partner bought some liquidation stock to sell on ebay, the goods were stored at our house anyway to cut a long storey short the goods turned out to be stolen un b known to us and we were arrested for handling stolen goods, and awiating a date for a trial we decided to go to crown because we dont want a conviction , hopefully the jury will believe the truth, its first time in trouble for any of us we have not even ahd a parking fine or speeding ticket!! our barrister says that if found guilty we will serve about 20hrs community service and obviously a criminal conviction. im scared this will jepordise our chances to get into the country. i have often looked on this sight and only have just built the courage up to register and ask this question, coz im scared of the answer. our migration consultant says it will looked at on an individual basis by the diac and they will have the final decision, im aware of the character requirments and so on and that the general consensus is that only if u have murdered some one and served more then 12 months in prison u wont get in, but as anybody been in a similar situation, please help!!
  17. Have just seen this on Britvics, might be of use to someone............... Britvics -> Mechanical Draughtspersons - Cairns Lesley