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Found 36 results

  1. katelikesgiraffes

    Attaching Evidence - 2nd WHV

    Hi guys, I've had a look through posts and I can't find anything similar so here goes. I've been asked to submit evidence to support my application for a Second Working Holiday Visa 417 which is all fine - I have everything they're asking for, but when I go to attach the documents through my ImmiAccount, there aren't any Document Types/Evidence Types from the drop down menus that match what I'm being asked for. Not sure if it's a case of selecting the closest matching thing or whether there should be something there on the application. I was wondering what others selected as Document/Evidence types if they've had to supply evidence? I've emailed them as well, but while I wait for a response, I figure I might get a faster reply here. Thanks for any help! -Kate
  2. I know its stupid but I have attached a file to my online 885 application. The name of the file has a space ( like 'xyz abc.pdf' ) . The DIAC website suggests that we must avoid using space in the name of a file. Is this an issue of concern ? Can I remove the attached file somehow or should I just let it be ?
  3. Hi today Jun 21, 2012 I have lodged my 475 visa at DIAC. I heard before that documents need not be certified for online applications. Original documents just can be scanned and uploaded/attached at DIAC. However today when I am uploading the documents, THE MESSAGE next to EVIDENCE OF AGE (for example) reads that, it should be certified. I am confused now, whether all my documents/certificates need to be certified or not? Someone please advise.
  4. Cathy & Paul

    Attaching documents. Help!!!!!!

    Hi All, I have scanned in all my documents ready for my application for 887 visa, they are all in .JPG format (as that is how my printer formats them). I have just read on the DIAC website that the maximum number for upload is 60 files. I have 173 files :arghh::arghh: What am I supposed to do??? I have placed them in separate folders according to document i.e. bank statements, utility bills, etc., etc........ I'm beginning to stress out:arghh: Please help!! Cathy
  5. Hi all Yay, finally had the email today that our acs is on its way to us - now here's hoping it was actually successful. I have a question about completing the 175 visa application online and providing the documentation. Do you have to upload all the education/work experience documents from the skills assessment, or do you simply upload the skills assessment results? If anyone know where I can find a checklist for the online application, that would be great! Thanks for your help :jiggy:
  6. Guest

    Attaching docs for 176

    Hi all!! just want to know if I have to upload the educational quals certs and the employer reference letters at the time I lodge the 176 visa?.... thanx :notworthy:
  7. I've just lodged my application and went to click on the attach documents button; it let me upload two documents, crashed and then won't let me upload any more. How do I get back in to my lodged application to attach these documents?:arghh:
  8. Hi guys:wink:, my dad and I came to australia few years ago under a 457 visa. I graduated from the University of Sydney last year and applied GSM (subclass 175) online, now in the phase of attaching documents. the pass mark of 120 was accuqired purely from my age, australian qualification and IELTS, however I do have a full time job relating to the major I studied in Uni. The thing concerns me is, should I attach the proof of my current australian employment in the eVisa application as well? Will it benefit my case or will it do nothing but trouble? Thans in advance:laugh:
  9. sunnysun

    attaching doc's after visa sent.

    Help. sent off via the post 176 visa form but forgot to enclosed support documents for work. does anyone know if and when we get a CO they will ask for them, or can I send then once the money has been taken and we have a reference number? Can they be sent via PDF or will i have to post again. Thanks
  10. Hi We are in the process of filling in the 1022 form to add our baby to the visa. I have just looked io the website to add the documents electronicly and it has asked for visa details which I have and then a password. I don,t ever remember using or having a password. Has anybody else come accross this. The whole thing just confusses me. We did not apply online we used paper application. Thanks for any replies and help . Just wanting to get it all sorted now. Karen x
  11. Guest

    Attaching Documets To An E-Visa

    Hi All, I'm applying for an on line e-visa. I sent application off in February and I got an e-mail last month telling me that I would have a Case Officer within 3 months, and to carry out medicals, police checks, form 80 etc. I've been asked to send all sorts of documents, more than the website allows. Has anyone else experienced this, where you are told you have reached the limit? I have seen in an e-mail from them that you can send documents as an e-mail attachment along with all reference numbers. Does this work and has anyone done it? I'm trying to get everything complete for when Case Officer is allocated to speed things up. Gotta get on that plane!!!
  12. We have our marrige certificate verified to send along with our 176 visa and we have noticed that it also asks on the checklist for evidence that we are in a genuine and continuing relationship! Does anyone know what evidence is required
  13. Hi everyone, I'm sure this questions has been asked before but when attaching documents to an online Visa application do they have to be scanned copies of certified documents or will a colour scanned copy of the document be OK? Also do you need to send certified copies of all documents of as well as completing the online applications? Cheers Lee
  14. Guest

    Attaching Docs for visas

    Morning All, Hope someone can help. When it comes to attaching the necessary documents (ielts test results / passport photocopy / vetasses) etc etc .....via the electronic visa application can you just simply provide colour scanned copies? Do these have to be certified copies? as I seem to remember reading a thread that they didn't need to be? Also, we have to send passport photo's - stupid as it may seem I take these have to be sent by post? Hope you can help. Carl
  15. Guest

    attaching documents

    hi everyone just wondering if anyone knows whether you are supposed to upload a cope of a passport picture, or if you are supposed to post one - I seem to be uploading documents during their downtime and so can't access the info on what your supposed to do fro the checklist. I'm too excited to go to sleep, just want to upload all possible docs (ones in colour) - they have my money now - woohoo! x
  16. Hi Everyone Just completing my SiLs GSM application with her. I know that you can attach colour scans of colour documents, without needing to have the copy certified. But my problem is this: the marriage and birth certs are in colour, they have a green tinge to them (Irish). But when I scan them, you can't really see the green in the scan. It must be some sort of security thing?? You can tell that its not a black and white photocopy though, and you can sort of see the watermark of the harp. I am paranoid about getting this right - so do you think that these documents will be acceptable, or will I need to get certified copies done as well???? Many thanks.
  17. Pozz

    Attaching documents.

    Hi guys When you are attaching documents for an online application do you upload one item per file, ie a single birth certificate, or the whole families birth certificates (3) into a single pdf? Also how did you name them? Thanks for any advice received.
  18. Yesterday in the huge rush to apply, I got my TRN number but while attaching documents the systems went down. I couldn't get my password, and don't know if some/all/any of the documents ended up getting attached. Do I now have to send these documents in physically? And where to?
  19. Hello all, I have just submitted (and paid for) my 475 visa online, I have now been faced with the checklist of documents I need to supply as supporting evidence which has thrown up a few questions for me that I am hoping someone will be able to answer. 1. Do I also need to submit paper copies of these documents? 2. Why do they ask for certified copies when I could just scan and upload the original? 3. The documents list contains the medical form and the x-ray form, I was of the impression that these should be sent at a later date rather than at the time of lodging the application, is this not the case, do they need to be sent straight away? I am concerned that my visa may be 'processed' and rejected due to being incomplete before I even have chance to book my medicals and upload the required documents. On the checklist on immi.gov.au it says that medical documents should be sent when requested whereas the request seems to be made as soon as I completed the online application. Will my application simply sit in limbo until all evidence has been uploaded or am I running against the clock here? Many thanks in advance.
  20. Dear fellows, I have the following queries regarding my online GSM 175 Visa application: Attaching Documents: Should I attach the scanned copies of original documents or attested photo copies? Forms 1221 and 80 should be filled electronically or by hand before attaching? Which educational documents ( degree/mark sheets/certificates) should I attach as it is not mentioned in the checklist? Queries Regarding Filling FORM-1221: I am citizen of my home country since birth. Should I enter my "date of birth" in Q8 Citizenship " Date granted" question? In Q19, What should I fill in "Date of Intended arrival" and "flight details"as I am currently not sure about the exact visa processing time? In Q20, what should I fill "how long do u intend to stay in Aus". Exact (from/to) dates are required. ( I am applying for permanent residence) In Q21, how can I fill exact details ( purpose/dates) of the places of stay in Australia ? In Part E, Is it necessary to provide details of personal contact in Australia while applying for immigration? What if I currently don't have any relation/friend in Australia? I shall be looking forward for your kind support on the above mentioned queries. Thanks. Regards, Adeel
  21. Just wondered if there's anyone out there who has had a similar problem to ours and been able to resolve it. We've just been informed (after waiting 5 months) that our WA SS application is invalid because three documents were missing. I know I attached all the required documents (wish I had taken screen shots) but it seems there is a problem when using vista! We've e mailed WA with missing docs, in the hope that they'll reconsider our application, so are waiting (again) with baited breath!! Helen
  22. Hi, can anyone give me some advice on uploading & attaching our documents to our 457 visa please.:confused:
  23. Dear all, Can anyone help? We have sent off our Visa Application (finally) this evening and thought we would send our documents via e-mail only to find that we do not have an e-mail address to send it to. After telephoning immigration to get a recorded message with 3 options and then the line going dead and, the Victoria only to be told they do not have the e-mail! 1. where do we send documents and, 2. any other advice greatly appreciated. Thanks Ley x:arghh:
  24. Guest

    attaching Documents

    Hello i am having trouble attaching documents to my online application. After selecting document i want to attach, i am then selecting add other and it is coming up that i can not add documents as my application has been decided? I Still have 19 days to submitt my documents. why is this happening?
  25. Does anybody know, what is the term for attaching documents to an online visa application? (subclass 175) I have almost all evidence now, and plan to lodge my visa application online on next Monday. (just 2 days before my 40th birthday) Unfortunately I still don't get my IELTS Test Report Form, although I sat the test on 23rd July, and can check my results since 5th August on the IELTS website. What do you think, should I lodge my application, attach all the documents I have, and after getting the IELTS Test Report Form lodge it too? Should it be a problem if I can do it only on or after my 40th birthday next Wednesday? When does DIAC confirm an application, right after it was lodged, or just after ALL the required evidences are attached? Or simply the TRN number which I will hopefully get right after I lodged my application means, that DIAC accepted my application? Of course I don't want lose 5 points.