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Found 42 results

  1. Lisa De Leon

    Changes to AoS Overturned

    In breaking news tonight, the changes to the Assurance of Support scheme will be scrapped in the face of an impending loss in the Senate. Here is a link to the story: http://www.sbs.com.au/news/exclusive-coalition-backflips-on-parent-visa-crackdown?cid=newsapp:socialshare:whatsapp
  2. Deloitte Australia is currently recruiting nationally in all areas of Audit and Advisory amongst other areas. If you hold a CA (Chartered Accountant) or other relevant qualification, send a pm
  3. Is anybody here going to apply for 139914 Quality Assurance Manager or has already applied for it? Let's share information.
  4. Hello all. I am new to this site, so g'day to ya. We are currently in the system for a Contributory Parent Visa 143. I thought I'd let you know that I did the assurance of support for mum today, and it was so easy! A visit to Centrelink then to the Commonwealth Bank then back to Centrelink and hey presto all approved and set up. All in all it took about two hours. I was expecting a load of red tape, but no!! Isn't it lovely when things go the way you want?? I have been living in Perth for 11 years now (came over on visa 126), so if I can answer any questions just yell! :biggrin:
  5. I have an 8 year old son in Australia & his mother is willing to be my Sponsor so I can be a Father to him. I am applying for a Contributory (Migrant) Parent Visa (Subclass 143). My problem is that the mother is a part time student & therefore does not have the income to support an Assurance of Support. Addtionally her parents are both retired so are not eligible & I do not know anyone else who is an Australian Resident well enough to ask them to make this commitment. I can put the money up for the AUD10k Bond, however, I understand there are companies that will be the Assurance of Support. I am not looking for them to put up the money just issue the bond with my money & be acceptable to Centrelink. Has anyone come across this before & know any of the companies please?
  6. Hi my name is Mike and my wife is called Heather and i`ve a daughter Holly-Jane and yes yet another Pom wanting to move to Auz. I`ve been thinking about it for sometime now and am thinking of starting the process of emigrating. Not really sure as to where we`ll be moving to, but thats the plus side of my job, they relocate me to where i`m needed. But i want to be able to buy my own property, send my daughter to school, have children out there, live a nice lifestyle with my wife. But what i`m unsure of is, is the Medical and dental treatment good? How about the education i hear the state schools out there are simialar to our private schools? Is living out there cheap, ie buying food, paying electri/gas/water bills, clothes, utilities etc..And finally how often do you come across deadly bugs in your home??My wife has a terrible fear of spiders, and worried our little girl would play with them. Thanks for reading my essay, but some assurance would be great.
  7. I am about to apply for a CPV 143. I understand about the assurance of Support and intend transferring the necessary monies for myself and partner to my child when the time comes. But I have just read that the sponsor is also means tested. This is of concern to me as my child is not working herself but is in a marriage where the husband works. My question is: is this means test focussed on my sponsor alone of will it be her relationship as it were. If anyone can tell me what kind of income they would need to pass this it would be a bonus. I really need to be sure before we go ahead and apply. Thank you FB
  8. Hi everyone, We are applying onshore for the defacto visa in August and will be fully frontloading in order to get the visa granted asap. Having read the guidance by DIAC and the Partner Migration Booklet, my OH's salary over the last two years is not high enough and therefor we will need to get an Assurance of Support from someone. I've googled like mad, but haven't been able to track down a form like this one.Has anyone ever done this before? It would be great if we could get this sorted beforehand so that there are no more requests for information slowing us up! Thanks all. Leah :wacko:
  9. Hello all, My wife is an Australian permanent but has not lived in Australia for about a year now. I work and have been supporting her. We would like to move to Australia and have come across two issues: first, that she be "usually resident" in Australia, and second that they may ask her for an assurance of support, which she would not be able to provide and has no friends or family that would be able to provide it. I was hoping for any advice on these two points that board members can give. We've done a lot of research but it's just a nerve-wracking situation. On the "usually resident" requirement, we have heard quite a few stories of people being successful despite the permanent resident not physically residing in Australia, so long as the couple is able to establish their intent to move to Australia permanently. We have come to the conclusion that it's worth it to roll the dice on this one. We will provide statutory declarations and as much proof as possible that we intend to move to Australia in the near future and live there permanently, and hope for the best. Our second issue is the assurance of support. I am self-employed, and while I made a decent income in 2009, my 2010 income was a little on the low side for various reasons. 2011 should be decent again. Probably about $40k AUD pa for 2011, though I could make that a little bit higher on my taxes if necessary. We have about $11k AUD saved for the move (we will not be transporting anything more than we can carry in our suitcases), plus whatever we can get for selling our cars (maybe $5k AUD, one has a loan on it). I have about $30-40k AUD equity in a house but we were hoping to rent it out at first. Both our parents are retired and fairly well off but not Australian. I would move first and live as cheaply as possible until I found a job, then she would move over. We are by no means wealthy but for a couple in their 20's coming up with $16k or so in cash for transitional expenses isn't that bad I don't think. We should be fine, but we have to prove that to the government which is the problem. Any advice would be greatly appreciated....we are hoping to send off the application in the next month or two if it seems at all feasible. Only other option is for me to go over there on a working holiday but then seems like we run into the same problems with the assurance of support.
  10. Can anyone help me? My mum and dad have a contributory parent visa and are slowly gaining interest from the $14000 AOS that they put in place. Are they allowed to `spend` that interest????
  11. We are just about to apply for my brothers last remaining relative visa and just wondered at what stage during the application process they normally ask for an assurance of support. As I am AOS for my parents my partner will be AOS for my brother however he has just started his own business and so wont currently qualify. I have however read that immigration dont tend to ask for an AOS until the final stage and so with the waiting list being several years for the visa we think he will have time to either get his business going or be back at work. Can anyone advise me on this? Thanks Louise
  12. Merxi

    Quality assurance manager

    Hi, I'm not sure if Quality assurance manager is on ENS list. Do you know if this position will be on ENS list in next 2 years? Reason why I'm asking is, because I can get sponsorship with this position but also my boyfriend can get sponsorship with other position. I don't want to choose position which will be cancel in couple months. Somebody is saying that is better to choose position with 60 points. Thanks
  13. It has been suggested to us that we should "establish a joint life second death term assurance policy" for the amount that we might be liable for IHT should one of us die before we could be considered to have broken domicile with UK. Does anyone know where we could get one of these from? Does anyone have any experience? All advice gratefully accepted. Julie
  14. Guest

    Assurance of support

    Hi Everyone Sponsored my parents in 2008, it was $14000 deposited in a bank for 10 years, my parents didn't settle and moved back to the UK a year ago, I have been told by Centrlink that I still have to wait 10 years before I can get my AOS back, this seems unfair as the whole point of the AOS is in case my parents claim benefits from Centrelink, I don't know how they will manage this living in England, does anyone know of anyone managing to get this money refunded? Loopyloo
  15. Guest

    Hi - some assurance needed

    Hi to all I arrived in fastastic Australia on a 457 visa in April 2010. Job was great, house excellent, and family settled - couldn't ask for more. Job became more and more frustrating - and just resigned today. Thankfully, have another employer who has submitted a transfer of nomination form about a week ago - but am now nervous in thinking - what happens if the transfer doesn't go through ? Can anyone put my mind at rest - what are the chances of a vis with over 3 years left on, not having a new sponsor applied to it ? If I can't get assurance, then there will be LOTS of nerves and drinks for the next few weeks !!!:unsure:
  16. Sponsorship and Discretionary Assurance of Support are the same thing or different. i.e My friend already sponsor 1 person & his wife. Can he still give AOS to my wife?
  17. Hi all, So we've finally (almost) gathered up everything for our onshore spouse visa application. I just have a question regarding income requirements. I am currently working in a 4-month contract in a gov't department. It's a really good job and pays well too. I'm at my 4th week in this week. Prior to that, I had a one-month temp assignment. So I've been working virtually full-time hours for two months now. Prior to that temp role, I was doing sporadic freelance work and getting Youth Allowance (as I'm studying my Masters atm). Will our chances of needing an AoS still be high as the role is not a permanent full-time one? I was told that there is a very good chance of the contract being extended but I don't really want to ask about that yet as it is still quite early. My partner is on a student visa and is studying full-time atm. He is finding it pretty hard to find a job that will accomodate his limited availability. We do have somewhat decent savings though. All opinions are appreciated. Thanks
  18. My partner has recently recieved an email letter from his case officer,stating that he needs a discretionary assurance of support.My partner has not actually recieved a letter in the mail as such,has only got an email requesting the aos.It also says that no bond is required,does that mean that my parents,who are going to be the aos,dont have to supply a bond.Also my parents went to centrelink last week,and were told that they need an official letter,stating that my partner needs an aos,we have only an email asking for one,but centrelink wouldnt accept it.As our co is away at the moment,all we can do is sit and wait
  19. Hi, I am Irish and I am being sponsored by my Australian girlfriend to move to Australia with her in June- we are currently living in Ireland. She has been travelling for the past 5 years and working temp jobs. We met in London and moved to Ireland in June 2009. I earn a decent enough salary and have been in full time employment for the time we have been together and could cover the 2 of us at a stretch. As a result of her financial situation not being very good would we be likely to be asked for an Assurance of Support when we apply? I can get one from either my girlfriends parents or from a friend I have in Australia - but would we have to pay a refundable bond of $5000 for me for 2 years? I have been trying to gather the information from the web but just need to clarify. Thanks for your advice, JK
  20. I am seriously considering an application for a Contributory Parent Visa for myself and my partner to join my daughter in Australia. My question concerns the Assurance of Support payment. As I understand it for the two of us it would be $14,000 dollars ($10,000+$4,000) and be returned after 10 years minus any costs incurred. Am I correct in thinking that this payment would have to be lodged by my daughter? To whom it would be returned etc? Or could we lodge it on ot own behalf? And then look forward to a bit of a nest egg? Any advice/help very gratefully received. Samantha.
  21. Hello,my bf has applied for his defacto/spouse visa,we have been asked by our CO,for an assurance of support.My parents both work full time,own their own home and are willing to be his Assurance of support. My question is relating to the $5000,does every nominee need to have the $5000 deposited into the bank as assurance or does it depend on the indiviual case.I just need some general info on how the Assurance of support works.thanks for your time.....
  22. Hello my boyfriend is looking at applying for the spouse visa this week in london.I have a query on the assurance of support.I am an australian citizen and am on a pension,and still live at home with my parents.My question is can both my parents be his Assurance of support,as they own their own home and both work.They earn roughly $28-35 thousand each a year.thanks for your time ..........
  23. Can anyone tell me if the $10,000 assurance of support for CPV is per parent or per application ie. $20,000 in total or $10,00 in total? Many thanks in advance!:wubclub:
  24. Hi I am Kashif working as a software quality engineer in software house since 2004, i want to apply for Australian Immigration can any one tells me, my occupation is lie in MODL or not ? i saw the following URL my occupation not lies in the list Is your occupation in demand? - Workers - Visas & Immigration Please help me in this regard Thanks
  25. andromeda9

    assurance of support

    my sons bond of $5000 ask for from centrelink for his 115 application was placed with the commonwealth bank on 12th November,his case officer has not yet been informed that his assurance of support has been accepted only been advised that it has been lodged,whats going on?????????? I understood that once the bond was in place it was passed to immi straight away,is that correct???????? regards Lynda