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Found 39 results

  1. Hi every one This is SAM from India. I am into the preparatory stage of filing the Skill Assessment for Software Engineer but have got stuck into a situation. I have got more than 3 years of Software Engineering experience (see details below) with two employers. - 20 months with prev employer as Software Engineer - 24 months with current employer as Assistant Manager (IT Department) but working as Software Engineer I am working at a large firm employing more than 14000 people and we do not have any skill specific job titles like Software Engineer etc. instead we have general titles for all designations starting from Junior Office to Director (JO, Off, Sn. Off, AM, DM, Manager, DGM, GM etc) My current employer provided the employment certificate with the following Roles and Responsibilities. However, my consultant objects that these do not correspond to the Software Engineer (ACS and DIAC) and the experience of two years can not claimed. He wants to have another letter from the same employer but the employer is refusing to issue. Roles & Responsibilities: Conduct business analysis and develop requirement documents to implement software solutions Develop project schedule and assists project manager to resource and manage projects Implement software system as per the requirement documents and provide post implementation support Create and execute application test scripts, scenarios, and test plans during Unit, Integration and System Testing Creating user manuals, training documents and training users Considering the above situation, what are the alternatives for me? An early response will be highly appreciated. Regards SAM
  2. Guest51810

    worst admin assistant ever

    Started a new job this week with the royal mail, was meant to just be mail sorting but i was asked to go into the office to work. Everybody that knows me finds it hilarious cos they all know how crap i am with computers! It's just temp so not sure how long it's for but its good to be working again :cute:
  3. Hi everyone, Is there any national/standardized qualification in Australia to be a teaching assistant? I am from Indonesia and I was recently granted a one year Work and Holiday visa in Australia. I possess a Diploma in Child Psychology and Learning Disorder Management issued by Singaporean college. If my aim is to work as teaching support in special school, do I still have to be registered first to work in school setting? Thanks a lot.
  4. Would welcome any information on the ' AIN ' ( assistant in nursing ) training course in Perth, also ' Phlebotomy training ' would be welcome too. Wondered if there was anyone who has done these courses and gone on to get a job, and if the salary is ok. I work in aged care here in the UK but fancy a career change when i get to Perth. I have worked in the uk as a Healthcare Assistant in a Hospital so have a little experience. Thanks Ann:vampire:
  5. Hi i am hoping someone can give me a bit if advice! I am due to start a level 2 teaching assistant course on 14th sept now we have just got our visa!!we have to be in oz by 18th july next year or go earlier and validate! Depends what happens with the house and if we sell it? Now would you do the course and work harder to complete in say june or should i not do it and may be do something when i get to Oz? Any thoughts would be helpful x Stacey
  6. Hey i am a fulltime mum but do casual hours at my local maternity unit as a midwifery assistant also called a maternity health care assistant. this can be helping to deliver babies alongside a registered midwife, helping mothers b4 and after labour. post natal. feeding babies, helping mums shower etc etc i love the job but i hate working at the hospital. its soo stressful and many times have to close the doors to labouring woman due to having no space for them. is there such a job in oz?
  7. hi all Does any one know if there is many jobs in perth for special needs assistants Thanks Sharon
  8. I have recently moved to Sydney on a permanent spousal Visa and am looking for a mental health Nursing assistant post here. I have a year's experience working with dementia patients and more recently working 15 months with adolescents in an inpatient psychiatric unit in London. I have Graduate Diploma in Psychology and am a member of the British Psychological Society. My intention is to train as a mental health nurse within the next year or so. Ideally I want to work with adolescents as I was previously, but am not sure where to look. I am not sure how widely employed nursing assistants are here. Basically any information would be helpful. Should I approach some of the private clinics directly or are most posts filled through agencies? Thanks James
  9. wishfulthinking

    Teacjing Assistant?

    I'm a qualified TA(level 2) and have been looking at jobs in Perth, a lot of them seem to be for a childcare cordinator and have a diploma, where can i find the information to see the certificates match, well the equivalent. Could i go for a job like a childcare cordinator? How do i find out what list of duties they're after? Anyone with a bit of guidence pls. Thanks.
  10. Hey everyone. About an hour ago I dropped my resume off at a pharmacy here which had a position going for a 'casual pharmacy assistant' I am turning 22 next week, and have never had any training or experience as a pharmacy assistant, however I have been interested in taking a course to be trained as one, and seeing as this position appears to have on-site training, and I have experience in retail which seems to be a big part of what the assistants do there (They sell make up and stuff too) I brought in my resume for them to take a look at just in case. Anyhow, I think I might actually be in for a chance at getting to an interview in the next few days! I just was told that I would recieve a call arranging an interview, so I am not sure if that is because they are interviewing everyone, or they actually like me from first impressions. I REALLY NEED TO KNOW HOW THEY MIGHT INTERVIEW ME! What kinds of questions do they ask pharmacy assistants? How could I answer them? What kinds of qualities are good for a pharmacy assistant to have?? What kind of questions can I ask THEM when they ask if I have any questions? Is there a certain dress code for this kind of interview (Blouse & black skirt?) Basically, ANYTHING that could possibly help me in any way to get this job! It is the first job I have applied for since getting my T.F.N and I am terrified! I really hate interviews and freeze up in them - I could do with any piece of information, advice or help that I can possibly get! If anybody can give me even the tiniest snippet of advice it would be SO appreciated! Thanks everyone! :hug:
  11. Hi, new to PIO. I am single 44 Health Care Assistant. Currently working in a Doctors surgery. Have I any chance of being job sponsered for WA. Any advice gratefully received.
  12. ozgooner

    Teaching Assistant

    Hi I would like to do a teaching Assistant course before we get to Oz, can anyone tell me which course would in England would be recognised in Australia ?:jiggy:
  13. Hi can anyone please help... I need some information on what qualifications are required in Oz to become a Teaching Assistant for the early years. I am looking to study here for the next year until we leave but want to make sure I am covering what is needed in Oz ?? I would rather go in at school level if possible but am willing to go in at Nursery level if it's a must to get experience etc. Thanks
  14. Guest

    Dental assistant

    Does anybody work here as a dental assistant? Hows the compensation? Im planning to migrate in NT but i havent lodged my application yet:) just want to hear feedbacks re dental assisting in Oz. Thanks
  15. Hi all. Whats the best way to go about finding work for my job role? Thanks Dean
  16. Guest

    Teaching/education assistant

    Hi all, I am currently applying for my defacto visa (have telephone interview tomorrow!!) I am researching jobs for Teaching Assistants (or education assistants as they are known down under!) in Perth. They all seem to have levels attached to them. What is the equivelant in English terms. For example - I have an NNEB Diploma in Nursery Nursing which, in England, is an equivelant to a level 3! Thanks in advance for your help, Bumble:notworthy:
  17. Hi everyone Have just recently moved to Perth from Lonon where I worked as a teaching assistant and learrning support with children with special needs in a primary school and loved the work. can anyone tell me if there are similiar roles in Perth or which agencies,websites specialise in jobs in education or government jobsworking with children with special needs. many thanks Aisling
  18. Can anyone please help me regarding jobs in WA. Is it hard to get Health Care Assistant job in an old people's home or Teacher Aide job? What is the pay like in either of these jobs? I would be grateful for any information please.:biggrin:
  19. Hi dont know if anyone can help, i am currently a senior healthcare assistant in the U.K i have a NVQ level 3 in care. I work in a community based centre which run blood clinics etc, and a small miu, I was just wondering if there is much need for nurses assistants as apposed to registered nurses out in oz. Also (and more immportantly) are postions available for phelbotomist's (taking blood) I am trained in this postion and do enjoy this part of my job. Any help would be appriciated!!!
  20. I have many years experience as an Office Manager and PA in the construction/OG&C/Mining & Metals industry. Would it be viable for me to consider moving to Perth and/or its surrounding areas?
  21. hi there all has anyone any information regarding sponsership as a home care assistant in perth, thanks in advance debbie ross
  22. My husband and I are would like to ask advice as to whether or not our existing careers are in demand within Australia. I work for a private health company providing complex care to patients in their own home. I would like to work more within a commnuity based environment. My husband specialises in logistics. We hope to investigate both routes such as seeking a skilled visa and also by applying for online jobs. We are currently doing some investigative work and any words of wisdom or advice would be appreciated. We also have 2 children aged 10 and 13. I am a little worried as to whether the eldest will settle so any any advice would be great. Thanks
  23. Hi All got this reply from Ministers assistant, doesn`t give us much hope, Just the same drivel as on DIAC website. See what you thlnk.
  24. Hi, Does anyone know what recognised qualifications you need to work as a Teaching Assistant in Melbourne. I am currently looking into doing a home study course in Teaching Assistant and just wanted to check whether they have same qualifications over there. Or would they not recognise a diploma? Any help greatly appreciated before I spend money on this course.:mask:
  25. · Ideal opportunity for experienced NUM or ADON · Large teaching hospital in Canberra · 12 month contract from September/October 2009 This is an excellent opportunity for an experienced NUM who is ready for the next step in her/his career or an experienced ADON/DON who like to have change of scenery and work place. The hospital has 10 operating theatres, an additional 2 operating theatres are being built at present and are near completion. Next year another specially designed Neurosurgery operating room will be built with we hope a completion date of July 2010. The FTE for the 10 Operating Theatres, Post Anaesthetic Care Unit, Anaesthetics DSU and the Extended DSU is approximately 150. The ADON is supported by a number of Level 3 Registered Nurses for each of the above areas and 2 Patient Flow Managers. We also have a Registered Nurse Level 3 Educator however whilst this person ‘lives’ within the Peri Operative they report to the Staff Development Unit. The hospital performs approximately 10,000 cases per year – with a large proportion of emergency and trauma surgery. The Assistant Director of Nursing – Perioperative Services, will be responsible for the operational management and coordination of nursing care within the Perioperative Services. The Assistant Director of Nursing – Perioperative Services will: a. Provide the day to day operational management of the nursing services within Perioperative Services; b. Develop workforce and practice standards that align with the strategic goals of the Perioperative Services, TCH, and ACT Health. c. Develop collaborative partnerships with key stakeholders, other Hospitals, and regional areas. The successful candidate has experience in Perioperative Services and both very good people skills and leadership skills. Experience with the implementation of change is welcome.