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Found 32 results

  1. Hey does anybody know of any meets or groups in Bunbury or the surrounding areas here on the west coast? Originally from South Yorkshire recently moved here from the US and have been in Bunbury only 7 months. Also if anybody knows of people moving out from the UK that need assistance here on the ground for Place to stay, getting a car, getting registered with a GP and generally getting setup I would be happy to help as its still fresh in my mind… the wife’s back in the US right now and I have time on my hands and the cats getting bored with the conversations Thanks K. I also just had a caravan shipped from the UK so shipping and clearance is even fresher in my mind
  2. Hi, I am a qualified tradesman looking for a 457 visa sponsorship job. If anyone can assist with advice or contacts to potential employers or links, I'd be glad to hear from you. What is the best way of finding such employment? Thanks
  3. Hi, It's been a while since the last time I sought advise here in pomsinoz so here I go again. I'm planning to have my skills assessed as an Accountant, anybody knows which among the 3 Accounting Assessing authorities (Nat'l Institute of Accountants, CPA Australia, or Institute of chartered Accountants) provides the fastest and positive result? I've also read that they are asking for course syllabus or outline of all the pertinent subjects taken up at Uni. Is it really a requirement? And which among the states provide faster approval of 176 state sponsorship for accountants? Cheers!
  4. Specifically in NSW Struggling a bit with this one - getting quotes seems painful and the price varies wildly - NRMA seems very expensive for a decent level of cover, but most of the competitors' websites look like they are 2-bit outfits TIA :-)
  5. Guest


    I'm migrating to Adelaide from Sri Lanka and hope to arrive on end of Nov.But I'm little bit afraid to find a job because of off season.Most people left for vacation.Pls give some idea my plan is correct or not?
  6. Guest


    I'm migrating to Adelaide from Sri Lanka and hope to arrive on end of Nov.But I'm little bit afraid to find a job because of off season.Most people left for vacation.Pls give some idea my plan is correct or not? anil.athapattu@gmail.com
  7. Guest


    I'm migrating to Adelaide from Sri Lanka and hope to arrive on end of Nov.But I'm little bit afraid to find a job because of off season.Most people left for vacation.Pls give some idea my plan is correct or not? anil.athapattu@gmail.com
  8. HI! Does anyone know of or does anyone offer a service in Brisbane that provides furnished rentals short term but also offers a kind of service of showing you about, helping you find somewhere to live, supermarkets, trains/buses etc?? It would really help me if anyone could help me on this:biggrin:
  9. Guest

    Assistance with ARTC

    Hi, Does anyone know of any companies that assist with doing the ARTC for electricians? We are submitting our state sponsorship and visa application ourselves but would like help with this part (obviously once our visas are granted). If there are no companies that do this specifically, can anyone recommend a migration agent that would do this with specialist skills in this area/occupation? Thanks!
  10. Guest

    Urgent Assistance - Please

    Hi, No idea where to start on this one so I am hoping someone can help. We are due to travel to Australia tomorrow on a 457 visa, my partner has slipped on the stairs and broken her foot! We are not sure if its a dislocation or not yet which will require an operation. If this is the case she cannot travel. We have private healthcare which will kick in on the 29th May with my job. What I am trying to work out is; 1. If she can travel will medicare cover her for the check ups needed and plaster removal? I am not sure any insurance we have will cover the cancelled flight, as the accident has happened in the UK. I would really appreciate some help as with all the usual stress with moving I am now totally sick with worry about what to do. Many Thanks Tracy
  11. Hi, Bit of a way off for us but as we are now in 2011, hopefully not that far away:biggrin: Was just wondering if there is any assistance for new migrants to WA?? Sure I read on SA website a while ago that their state government offer assistance to new migrants, such as 12 weeks reasonably priced rental accomodation fully furnished (That you need to apply for but only have to pay a couple of weeks up front ) also a meet and greet service on arrival in OZ and assistance with finding work etc.......Obviously this all sounds great as moving the other side of the world can be quite daunting!!!! Does any body know if there is any thing similar to this in WA? I have looked on the internet but can't seem to find anything? If not, what would anybody recommend for accomodation when first arriving? Not really keen on the thought of agreeing to a 6/12 month tenancy this end without even seeing the place/area/not knowing where we will find work etc..... Any advice much appreciated as always :wubclub:
  12. Hi there, I am currently in oz on 1st year working visa and am looking to get my trade recognised by tra. I'm a qualified spark with 8 years experience after my four year apprenticeship. As alot of my work was in London, I've worked with numerours employers, does anyone know if: a) I have to contact all employers to get forms signed b) How many years experience do I have to prove c) How much detail is needed Any help with this issue will be greatly appreciated Cheers
  13. Hi Everyone Im new to the site - it was recommended by a friend and it looks like it may be a great help with the visa process. My partner and myself are considering a move to Australia. I am 35 and my partner is 39 with no dependants. I am a solicitor with a 2.1 Degree in Law, LPC and Masters Degree in Social Policy and Criminology and 5 years recent work experience specialising in Personal Injury. I believe that there have been recent changes to the migration system but just wondered if anyone could help with the likelihood of achieving Permanent Residency or if the Employer Sponsored visa would be an option. I understand that a conversion course may be required to practice in Australia. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sopcat x
  14. Hi there We have Permanent Residency in Australia, and have been here almost a year. Because I haven't yet found work, I really would like to do a further education course to try and improve my chances of finding work. However - and here's the Catch 22 - because I'm not working we don't have a huge amount of disposable income to spend on course fees. I've had a quick look at the Centrelink website and I won't qualify for Austudy assistance for another year yet. Does anyone know of any other ways of getting access to help fund my studies? I would be really grateful for any information. Thanks Sue x
  15. wildbriz

    Autism assistance

    Hi I'm new to the forum, and what a great forum it is. Please can anyone let me know if the level of classroom assistance for autistic children has improved in the last few years? We lived in Brisbane with three children all born in Brisbane. One is autistic (high functioning) and could only recieve 20 minutes a day (the maximum we were told) of one on one help when he was included in the mainstream classroom. In the end we had to drag him to school because he was so unhappy. We looked at other schools and other states but could not find a more prommissing option than returning to the UK. He now gets 3 hours one on one a day and is doing tremendously. But we do miss Australia and the more possitive things it has to offer. We would like to return someday. If anyone has information on this please let us know as this is particularly difficult information to gather and there's nothing better than personal experiences. Cheers wildbriz
  16. Guest

    TRA - Please help!

    Hi there... Myself and my partner are looking at getting PR on a 176 Sponsored Migrant Visa. However before we can go ahead with that, my partner must have his skilled assessed via TRA. He is a Wall & Floor tiler with over 12 years experience, but no formal qualifications. I was hoping to get some advise on what exactly we need to put in the TRA. What are they looking for? Any help would be greatly appreciated... Many thanks :biggrin:
  17. Guest

    Assistance needed

    Hi Everyone, I hope you are all well. I am currently on a student visa studying for a diploma of community welfare in Melbourne. I finish studying in 7 weeks and need to work out what I am going to do in regards to my visa application, since all the new deadlines came into force on the 23rd September (Thanks, Mr. Evans!!) My 2 options seem to be: 1) Apply for Skilled Independent visa (onshore) and with no family in Australia wait until (potentially) 2012 or 2) Accept a job offer from a charitable organisation to run their student placement/work for the dole program. This position would not be full time and I am not sure of the salary but it would be directly linked to my qualification (see above) and would be quite easy to prove that there is no one in Australia that could do this role (assuming you need to be an international student and a welfare student to do the role correctly). Let's say, hypothetically, my new employer would be willing to give me a contract of employment that said 40 hours per week and met the minimum salary requirements for the visa, what should I do? Do I apply now and wait under skilled independent or go through my (potential) employer? I know I am not good at waiting for things, and the idea of having to wait until December 2012 just for a decision does not sit well with me. I want to buy a house, get a car etc which all require finance I would not get on a TR visa. Lastly, my sympathies to everyone that has been affected by this decision regarding skilled migration, Thanks, Nuthq
  18. LKC

    Assistance at Heathrow?

    Hi! My 82 year old gran is coming to see us in a few weeks :jiggy:! She will be travelling on her own, and has a touch of arthritis so we have asked Qantas whether she can have some assistance at the airport. At Sydney, I understand that someone will come and collect her at the plane with a wheelchair and bring her through and collect her suitcase etc. However, I am not sure what this assistance will entail at Heathrow. Will she be collected at the check-in desk and then taken through security to the business class lounge (she is coming business - alright for some!)? Will she then be collected and taken to the gate, or will she have to make her own way there? I have never asked for assistance before, so I am not sure what will happen. She keeps on asking me, I think she is a bit worried that she will miss the flight by not getting to the gate in time or something! Any advice or help would be most appreciated!
  19. Guest

    EVisitor assistance

    Hi, I’m British and returning to Australia on an EVisitor visa, then applying for a defacto visa with my Australian girlfriend. I hope to start working as soon as the Defacto visa is granted but I’ve heard that I may have to wait until the EVistior visa has expired. Does anyone have any experience with this problem? When my defacto is granted will I have to wait 3, 6, 12 months before I can start a job? Any help will be greatly appreciated
  20. hi, I'm a newbie here in pomsinoz and I find this site very informative and helpful. I am here in Western Australia for more than a month under a 457 visa working as an accountant, I want to seek advice on what to do and how soon can I start applying for PR. I'm hoping for advices and help. Thanks
  21. Guest

    IELTS assistance please

    My partner is booked in to do his IELTS test and I was wondering if any one had any example test papers for the general test? I looked online to perhaps purchase them but by the time they arrive in the post it won't give him enough time to brush up. Also, English isn't my OH's first language - he learned English himself whilst working here and I think he will do pretty well, however, he is worried at the prospect of the test - hopefully someone will be able to help and give him some advice on this. Can anyone who done the test who isn't a native speaker put his mind at rest? Many thanks.
  22. neilo

    family assistance 176

    hi can you claim family assistance on a 176 pr state sponsored visa? do you have to wait 2 years , the centrelink web site is unclear!
  23. Hi Ali has asked me to post a thread with the RMA's offers of assistance to keep everything together and to save having lots of posts going. It will also assist us RMA's who are willing to help to have questions etc all in one area. I have posted that i am willing to assist anyone who requires help and you can either e-mail me or pm me. I am happy to advise as much as possible and also to take on any clients who require this assistance. I am happy (as i discussed with Gollywobbler) to offer reduced fees depending on which stage of your application you are at. I have also posted below the posts form George Lombard and Veronika who have also offered their help, I beleive that Alan Collett has also been advised of the situation and i am sure he will be more than happy to assist too (Hi Alan). George and Veronika have advised on the 956 form which would be the first steps to getting control of your applications but not all of you may be at that stage. Those of you who are still at skills assessment may need to get in touch with the particular assessors involved and again, i am sure that any one of us will be willing to assist. I have put below instructions on the 956 form (this has been taken from the previous posting) but i thought it may be easier all under one thread. 956 Instructions To download Form 956 http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/pdf/956.pdf Fill it in by hand (or on the screen if you have Adobe Writer) print it, sign it manually, then scan it into your machine. If possible, save it as a .pdf file. If you have a CO and you know his or her name then please e-mail Form 956 direct to him or her. The format that all DIAC staff use is joseph.bloggs@immi.gov.au If you send it to the Branch 1 address, then look out for an auto-receipt from the DIAC machine. If it accepts something, it sends an automatic receipt for it. If it does not accept something it does not reject the e-mail with a "Delivery failed" message. It merely doesn't send an auto-receipt. If you have not heard from a Case Officer yet, please e-mail your Form 956 to the following address: branch1.docattach@immi.gov.au or adelaide.gsm.documents@immi.gov.au This is on the basis that you have applied for a Skilled Migration visa but no Case Officer has been appointed as yet. There is also a fax number for the ASPC + 61 8 8237 6629 If anyone has any other visa types, please me know and I will advise where the application should have been lodged. Posts from George & Veronika " George Lombard I have had a number of emails about the Visa Connection situation and can confirm that they are no longer trading. There may be sanctions you can seek but for anyone with a current visa application in processing you must immediately send a form 956 to DIAC terminating their appointment/appointing another agent. You must also confirm in writing to VC that you want your file secured, either by havng it returned or transferred to another agent. With respect to the form 956 we recommend you download it, complete it, sign it and then scan or fax it to the Department of Immigration relevant contact details (depending on the kind of application involved). Generally we find it difficult to give a precise fee for handling applications prepared by other agents, particularly where there are so many difficulties in file management, but in view of the discussion here and elsewhere it may be sensible to engage a new agent if you're not already at final processing, and to that extent I will try to come up with a workable uniform fee for anyone who can give me their TRN and password for a general skilled migration application. Please just use the email details below or the PM system. People who are at an earlier stage of the process may need special assistance, I understand that as late as last Friday VC was receiving refusals from Vetassess on the basis of undertakings made after these issues first arose. I understand from the form letter sent out to former clients that VC no longer has the funds to return to applicants. This could never happen with a functioning registered migration agent as by law we are required to maintain a trust account, however to the extent that VC did previously have an agent associated with them, the professional indemnity insurance of that agent should be able to cover losses relating to contracts established with that agent. Details of what insurance the agent held would be available from the MARA, www.themara.com.au . Cheers, George Lombard __________________ Migration Agent Registration Number 9681945 george@austimmigration.com.au www.austimmigration.com.au " Veronika 'Hello, Gill has just alerted me to this thread. We are also happy to help out as much as possible to get any applications that are now in a limbo state back on track, or to chase up things on your behalf. Please fee free to contact me via email with your details and I will try to get back to you asap (weekend may not be possible) to see if and how we can help. I will be more than happy to get in touch with the High Commission here on behalf of clients, and to help submit documents, check applications etc if it turns out that docs were not submitted. Or at the very least to offer as much advice as possible. I will also be happy to get in touch with someone at DIAC to alert them to this issue and to find out how they can help applicants who are now in limbo. But again, you will have to email me with your details and a form 956 may have to be completed. Justme I will pm you in a second. __________________ Migration Consultant Registered Migration Agent Number: 0301155 info@sortoutmyvisa.com ' I am sure between us all, and them kind members on this forum, we can help to get this mess sorted out. I can be reached on info@ozmigrationagency.com.au or +61 3715 8852 (i will be here today).
  24. I was wondering what kind of financial assistance people get from Aus employers to help them relocate? I know ever job offer / employer will be different but i was just wondering if anyone would share their experience? Did they pay for your flights? Your partners / familes flights? Shipping costs? Visa fees? Rental fees? etc etc. Many thanks Emma x
  25. hi all, just wondering if anyone knows what you may be entitled too from the government in the way of financial assistance , as in child benefits etc..... when we where at the PIO meet on the gold coast in may we met so many people who all had information on this kinda stuff, we where told that if you earn less than $80k then you get rent assistance? and payment towards the kids.. we have a 10yr old and a 13 yr old. the wife probably wouldnt work for about 6 months as shes nervous about the driving.. so that leaves my wage of circa $70k. has anyone any idea of what we may be able to claim...and how much it would be?.. i also understand that any items i buy for work are tax detuctable at the end of the year.. and even get a tax deduction for cleaning work clothes.... is this right??? i dont want to sound like a sponger... but if you are entitled to it then why not!!! this information would be of great help...especially as we will not have much to go over with and we are a bit worried about our financial stability.. or the possible lack of it..... thanx.. john marie and kids.....:wacko: