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Found 43 results

  1. TTLucian

    Assigned CO

    Hello all. Just an update to let you guys know we were assigned a CO today 17.11.2011. I lodged the application on 08.11.2011. I shall update my timeline in my signature. Wish us luck!
  2. Hey all, We got our CO today so am very excited about it now! :biggrin: They asked for the usual but then further work evidence for the past 5 years working exactly. It is going to be hard to get more than I have sent already but my main question is do you think they have asked for this as they think we are claiming the points for working 5 out of the last 7 years? As we aren't and we have enough points without this. Or is is just a standard check for work experience? Any help would be great x
  3. Hi, I applied for PR 176 this June and uploading documents by last month including passport details. I applied for new Passport as my previous passport(on applciation) was getting expired in six months time. I have recieved my new passport today and privious one has been cancelled. As I dont have CO alotted yet so I need to ask, Should I need to fill Form 929 and email it to adelaide.gsm.documents@immi.gov.au? or Should I need to fill Form 929 and attach it on online document uploader window? or Should I directly Upload new passport details page scanned copy on on online document uploader window withoout filling the form? As CO has not assigned and previous documents have not been reviewed. Thanks Regards, Malik
  4. Hi, In January 2010 we applied for a 485 Graduate Visa after completing 2 years study as a Commercial Cook, when I called Immigration to check something, they advised I was able to apply for GSM as had completed the TRA + had all the docs ready to go. Therefore on 7 feb 2010, we applied for GSM 886 Sponsor, I know that we are in for a wait + this wait is unlimited ( I/We can only pray that our visa's are not canecelled as there was a threat of it happening! ) Anyway, I receieved an email today stating we had been assigned a case officer for the 485. I was somewhat confused as thought the 886 superseeded the 485 visa, they were requesting extra docs, such as new medical/AFP as obviusly they had expired since we ap;plied over 12 months ago. We are on a bridging visa now, I asked what the benefit was to still applying for the 485, or should we infact just void this one + wait for the 886. She said that we could do that + stay on a bridging visa but we cant leave the country - unless we apply for bridging visa B ( I did this last year for a trip back to the UK for a family emergency ) My question is, are there any other reasons we would benefit by going onto this 485 Visa, as far as I can see its just more expense for the medicals/AFP when we will prob have to do this again in however long its going to take for us to be looked at for the PR visa. I really hope this makes sense - so long winded! I just do not want to jeopardise the Perm visa in anyway + need to know that if we cancelt eh 485 we are not making a problem for ourselves somehow! Any advice is very very much appreciated. Regards Gemma
  5. Hi Guys, I am facing very hard time with my visa application (skill : .NET technologies Specialist (ASCO 2231-79)), i have applied for visa on 23 July 2009, got mail from case officer on 8 APr 2011: For you application to be assessed the skills assessment provided needs to be for an occupation listed on the current Skilled Occupation Lists (SOL). The occupation on the skills assessment you provided with your application (NET’ technologies Specialist) is not on the current SOL. If you use the same documents provided at the time the original skills assessment was sought, the ACS will give you the opportunity to obtain another skills assessment. If you wish to obtain a skills assessment for the occupation nominated on your application or an occupation listed on the current SOL you will need to contact the ACS. To continue with the assessment of your application you need to provide a written explanation as to the current skills assessment on file not being for your nominated occupation and a skills assessment for an occupation list on the SOL. I have replied to this email and asked him is it ok to get the new skill assessment for "Developer Programmer (ANZSCO Code: 261312)". On this he replied that: The occupation you are seeking a new skills assessment for(Developer Programmer – ANZSCO Code: 261312) is on the current SOL and the assessment can continue once that skills assessment is received (providng the new assessment is based on the same evidence provided for the original skills assessment). However, please note that the occupation is not on the MODL (Occupation in Demand) so MODL points cannot be claimed. On your application you have claimed the 15 MODL points. As my prelimnary assessment is that you will not reach the 120 points required, I would suggest you seek sponsorship (state or family) to have the application assessed as a VE 176 which requires 100 points. Please forward the skills assessment to me when you receive it and if you obtain sponsorship send me the details and I will advise you of the requirements for the sponsorship you have obtained. This is really insane, after two years of waiting they are now saying that i am not eligible. They should process my application according to the old rules. Please advice me what should i do, should i ask my case officer that why my application is not processed under old rules?? thanks
  6. I have got case officer now after 1 year waiting for 886 visa. In my application I am the only (main) applicant. But in the forms I added my fiances name(as a partner), just in case thinking that it will easiler later on for him when he will apply. My fiance is NOT Secondary Applicant neither he lives in australia. But in the email, CO now told me to submit my fiance's medical and police certificate. Now wondering, why CO has asked for these documents? Will he be granted defecto visa or any other visa when my visa will be granted???
  7. RobandCatherine

    Case officer Assigned for 176 visa

    ACT SS gained on the 17.7.09 (1100 sent fortnight later) and today (19.7.09)we have a case officer. She is asking for medicals etc (which are done and on their way). Also asking for employment references and employment evidence - is this general, or just specific to me? Catherine and Rob:wink:
  8. Folks - I had found this forum and what a treasure trove of info! This is my first post and I would like to mention that I have a CO assigned to me. Team 4. My details are as follows.....176 Family sponsored, Cat 3, Applied Nov 2009, CO assigned in last week of March (I assume) since this is the first comm from my agent. I had also recieved the famous email from DIAC and have been working on my docs for over a month now. I am HR country. CO requests for evidence of Functional English from my OH (secondary applicant). Now I have completed IELTS with overall 8. But I am required to produce evidence for my spouse and the CO has sent a checklist of docs which will demonstrate that. The last one in the list says that if I can provide evidence that the secondary applicant had been employed for more than 2 yrs in US/UK/ROI/CAN/NZ then it is acceptable. Now my OH actually meets this criteria. She had been employed in US for 4 yrs (last worked in 2004). Now my queries are.... 1. What would serve as evidence? I am thinking Payslips, Emp contract, Exp letters, Bank credits, US W2 (Employer's tax docs). 2. Is my line of thinking right? Can I take this route or do I have my OH sit for IELTS (score at least 4.5 in each) 3. Pay more to DIAC to enroll OH in english classes (not that OH needs it) 4. I have a deadline on 15-Apr. Can I seek an extension? No seats available for the next month in my locality. Please, please help. rosejoe
  9. Hi can some one please let me know what happens when a co is assigned to you. Do they request further info or is it they just check all docs and meds are done then and then issue a visa? Anyone know rougly timescale from getting a CO to visa grant? Many Thanks:biggrin:
  10. Guest

    CO assigned?

    Just wanted to know peoples opinion on this.... I received an email from an immigration officer Team 15 today requesting for health check ups. Does this mean I have been allocated a CO (it does not say anywhere in the email I did)?? or is this simply a rountine immigration request sends out
  11. Guest

    CO assigned - What next?

    Hi, I got CO assigned today. Checked the document checklist and status of all documents was changed to "MET" except for "work" and "specific work experience" whose status is changed to "Received". What does that mean? Is it something to worry about or is normal? When will that change to met? Thanks,
  12. We have finally lodged our visa and was wondering how long it takes to assign a case officer these days? We are in Cat 2.
  13. Hi everyone, I got the CO assigned more than 6 weeks ago, and the status showed as "application being processed further". But there is no news from the CO(team 7) so far. I called the Immigration a few times about my case. The operators said the initial assessment had been completed and it is being further processed please wait, blahblahblah. So I am just wondering if it is appropriate to contact the CO to remind him/her of my case. However,I heard that the more we hustle COs, the more possible our files will be the bottom of pile. this puts me in a dilemma. please help me get out of this boring "waiting" PS: Elodged 176 in April 2010, WA state sponsored, on the WA-SMP list, in Cat2 as well. Cheers, Alex
  14. Guest

    WA SS Assigned CO now what?

    Hi I thought it would be nice to have a thread for those of us with a CO. We were assigned our CO 11 Jan 2011 and have our meds on Monday. Our Police Certificates arrived in the post today so I need to send them to our agent tomorrow. I am originally from South Africa and my hubby moved there from UK when he was 5. We have lived in Surrey for 6 years only so also have to wait for our South African police certificates too. My mom lives in Mindarie which is a lovely suburb North of Perth. We hope to be there by May. Anyone in a similar boat and need to share info about schools researched etc. I would love to hear your advice/ experience too. Lauren
  15. I can read a lot of comments about CO being assigned. How will I know that it happened? I've applied for SS in WA and yesterdary I got an email that my application is currently being assessed. Does it mean that I have got an CO? Who should actually assigned a CO when I applied for 176? Is it the state or DIAC?
  16. hi all, first i'd like to say this website has helped me prevent a mental breakdown over my visa application- so thank you all esp. peaches okay, so ive sent off my defacto application mid sept- they said it would take 6-8 weeks to be assigned a CO, the past few times ive called they said there's nothing on my file- thus its sitting in their "to-do" list. i called again yesterday and the lady said that my case was being "assessed", i asked her does that mean it's been passed onto a CO but she said she couldn't disclose that with me- which is pretty silly considering its MY application! i was just wondering what do you guys think? would you say that ive finally been assigned a CO or that it's still in their "to-do" list but just rephrased it so it sounds like they're actually doing something? also another quick question if anyone could help me out- my partner has saved up enough for a deposit on a house, we want to have the house in joint names- i was wondering if the house could also be in my name although i'm not a PR? thanks alot, Smeeta
  17. Hello, We spoke to our friends last night who are still back in the UK - they were allocated a CASE OFFICER yesterday!!! They applied 12th March 09 - 175 (didn't apply for SS) Occupation - Bricklayer They have been requested Meds & PC's. We applied 3 weeks before them & have had heard nothing - at least it shows things are really moving!!!! Woo hooo!!!! :biggrin:
  18. Yeehaw!!!!!!!! Just found out we have a Case Officer today. Just as I was writing on another thread to say still no CO, an email from my agent popped up on my screen. I checked on the online system and all documents are MET. Just need to do medicals and police checks now. Time to party! :biggrin:
  19. kevin jc

    Wow, moving fast now, CO assigned

    Hello All Just wanted to share the good news and help in the general picture of how things are moving since the VIC Smp's were announced. Today I was informed i have a CO :jiggy: All moving much faster than i ever expected, guess the Smp's have worked in my favour and I hope the same happen's for those of you still waiting. All the best Kev Ps @ VickyMel,,,let the race begin :wink:
  20. Guest

    CO assigned 12.11.10

    :biggrin:Only my 2nd post! Can you believe it! We have a CO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy day's, now got to do police check's and med's........................:wink:
  21. MazPaul

    Vic ss 176 co assigned

    Got the long awaited email today i have a case officer.Think i will be asking for lots of advice for the questions they want answering.Time to crap myself i think its a scarey thing after waiting 18months with nothing happening,where to live,something to live in.getting a job.:jiggy::jiggy:
  22. Just to share with rest of you who are waiting that we got CO assigned today. He sent us an email and our online application status have changed in @being proceeded further@!!!!! :notworthy::notworthy::notworthy: Our timeline you can find on thread Cat2. Krossed fingers for all of you )
  23. Guest

    Cat 2 CO assigned. team 4

    Hi all, One half of me is very excited that I got a case officer assigned today but the other isn't. I am an Octo 2009 Vic SMP applicant. These are the info and documents have being requested from me. Payslips and bank statements for exactly 4 years from the day I appliied for this Visa which is 10/10/2009. The problem is tha I left work and United Kingdom for coming to Oz 8 months before the date i applied. Although I had more than 4 years experience at the time my application was made but I don't know why they asked for 4 years experience from the lodging date. Also how can i get bank statements from the Uk banks while l'm here? Is there anyway I can cantact my CO and talk to him perhapes explain this to him that I am on holiday in OZ since Feb 2009. Please help is needed Urgently cause i only got 28 days! Your helps would be appreciated. Leed
  24. Hello, Our case (175 visa) have just been assigned a CO, who asked for health checks and police certificates. Of course we are over the moon and dreaming about Australia already but I got a couple questions... First, health checks. We've done ours and the doctor said will send them along with the X rays to Sydney (the office handling our application is Adelaide). Is this sorted then or do we need to do anything else? Second, this is a long shot but... I live in UK but as I haven't lived here for the last 10 years I need police checks from Brazil. Brazil is definitely a country of contrasts, and one good thing about it is that it is technologically very advanced in some areas. In the case of the police checks, I can obtain them instantly via the internet, no hassle or paper work! The way it works is, you enter all your personal details in the police website and it checks their records and generates a online report that includes a unique ID number. You can then print that report. If someone else needs to check if the report is authentic, they just enter the report ID in the same website, and the website displays the same report as long as it is a valid ID. This is really cool, but I was wondering if this would be acceptable by the immigration office? Or do I need to get old-fashioned, paper copies which will take forever to obtain? One last question; because the CO only asked for the health and police checks, can I assume that everything else is OK and nothing more will be needed? Or they ask for more documents as they need them? Thanks Luis
  25. Guest

    CO Assigned 2008 applicant

    We applied mid October 2008. Not been on here for a while as we had just about given up. Only came on to post a message that we were giving up on the whole thing. Half way through typing we got an email from our Agent. Spooky! :shocked: Asking for meds & Police checks.