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Found 17 results

  1. Guest

    State sponsorship and assets

    My first thread so bear with me, I struggle with all the abbreviations on the site but am trying to learn them slowly so if you are kind enough to reply would you treat me like a dimwit and spell the answer out! We're about to apply for ACT (I know that one lol) state sponosrship and have now been told that they need to see evidence of the money for applicant and dependents in a bank account. This is the first I've heard of it. We have about £65k equity in our property and nothing else. Obviously this will fund our move but I am not prepared to sell the property before a visa has been approved as that would just be silly. Anyone else come up against this hurdle and how did you jump it??!! Thanks
  2. Hi, Can anyone recommend a good tax accountant in Sydney who has knowledge of the tax laws between Australia and the UK? There are loads of tax offers about but I would like to know I am paying someone who knows a fair whack about owning property in the UK etc, not just a standard tax return I could do myself. I am boggled - not sure if I have to declare my rent and mortgage (and a few dividends) in the UK as I am still a temporary resident here (waiting for decision on perm res application at the mo). Would like to know I am doing my tax right from the start (this is my first aus tax return, emigrated in Aug 2010) and not end up having to pay heaps back for not declaring things I have to. Any advice/recommendations? :eek:
  3. JulieFreo

    Assets on 300 visa

    Hi all... We all know our future 300 Marriage Visa partner have lots of admirable assets of the personal kind, but seriously, what if they have limited liquidity and are coming with a small amount of resources instead of loads of savings? Anyone experienced any difficulty in the acceptance process because of this? Or in the context of the bigger picture, didn't it matter at all? Love to hear. Cheers!
  4. 163ALLOUT

    Business assets

    Hi I was wondering if anyone out there could advise me on any duties or tax etc that I would be levied to bring to Australia second hand plant and equipment. I have a business in the UK and I have some surplas equipment such as saw machines, routers and drilling machines. As part of my 163 business plan I did include the provision that I may, as part of my investment introduce equipment into any new business I setup/buy in Australia. Any one know if this is feasable regarding duties? Thanks Jon
  5. natasha2106

    State Sponorship - Assets

    Hi all, have been reading on here and have now become very confused. We have spoke to a couple of agents regarding starting the ss 176 for adelaide. They seem confident that we shouldn't have any issues with the visa process. However, we have read that some states require you to have a large amount £20,000 or so of money in a bank account to complete the process, is this the case or has it changed. We have the money tied up in our house and we don't intend on selling it until we are granted our visas. Does anyone know if this is the case for SA, as neither of the agents I have spoken to have said anything about having funds available??
  6. the randalls

    sponsors assets for 176 visa

    Hi there... My Aunt is sponsoring myself, my wife and my son. She has been requested to provide information on her assets/savings by our CO. As she is quite elderly and retired, her savings aren't huge. Does anyone know, to put it in simple terms, how much money she needs to have in the bank that would be deemed sufficient in the eyes of the Australian Government? Would appreciate any info. Many thanks Ted
  7. Hi All, I'm applying for the immigration visa now under subclass 175 (independent). In the application form I see this question- What is the value of money, goods and assets which you (and your partner) intend to bring to Australia? My question is, how much should I quote minimum? I mean minimum how much would be sufficient? BR, Wasim
  8. If we've had an ex rate loss in transferring funds from UK to Oz can we claim it as a FOREX loss? (ie ex rate was less when we transferred it than when we arrived in Oz) I read on ATO website that we can't claim for personal/domestic issues - is that correct? AND one of questions is 'any assets outside Oz in excess of $50k?', we had funds in a UK bank a/c which was brought over before end of tax year, does this count as assets? Do we need to answer 'yes'? And why do they need to know coz there is no tax payable on this is there? Thank you to anyone who can shed light on this. (I did ring ATO & after being passed from person to person, with promise of a ring back to clarify issues..which has never happened...I thought I'd ask on here, coz am sure one of you will know!) Kath:confused:
  9. Hi, I've been searching the forums but can't find any information on this. I have sent my application for partner visa off and have recieved an email from the embassy which asks for: 'evidence from financial institutions, etc, to demonstrate what money, goods and assets you currently have (either on your own or jointly with your partner).' My questions are: 1) How much do they require you to have in your bank, as a rule? We have the option of asking family members to loan us money which we could use as evidence, but are not sure if we need to do this (we would prefer not to) 2) As we don't own any property / vehicles, we were thinking of showing evidence of the financial worth of our engagement rings, laptop and DSLR camera - do you think this is worth doing? We're really struggling to find any information regarding this issue so any insight would be very gratefully recieved!! Thanks guys.
  10. :wacko:I wondered if anyone could advise or point me in the right direction. I, like I imagine many others, am trying to get a state sponsorship application in before the changes to the SOL. I'm trying to hedge my bets incase the other halfs job is removed from the SOL (Architectural Associate). It would appear we are limited to ACT state sponsorship on a 176 visa application. I have started to complete the online application (having finally had both positive skills assessment and IELTS results back) but am stumped at the section where it asks for proof of assests. We have recently had the house valued so I am assuming a copy of that with the outstanding mortgage balance should provide evidence towards assets in our home. However, we have recently spent out on renovating the house and as such do not currently have any money in our bank account. We will however have saved £10,000 by the time we come to migrate - so how do I show evidence of that???? What have other people done in this situation? I could potentially borrow the money for the short term from my parents and put it in our account to show the balance and get a copy of a statement for evidence, but is this all going a bit too far? Would they accept a statement from me and signed by a notary? Heeeeeelllllllpp!!!
  11. What if I provide a notary signed statement of required assets in place of bank statement?
  12. I am applying for the 309 spouse visa and have been asked to supply a completed form 80 with our application. Thankfully I have all the details I need to complete this form (and what a form!), however, I am unsure just quite what to write in answer to Question 23 and would appreciate any advice I can get. :smile: Question 23 asks "Give details of your employment history for the entire period since leaving school until now, including periods of unemployment" Two of the firms I have worked for have since moved and two are no longer trading. For the two who have moved, should I put the address where I worked at the time or the new address (if I can find the right one)? I have written in the address of the two firms I worked for that who are no longer trading and was wondering whether I should scribble a quick note by the side to say that they are no longer trading? I've also put the full postal address for each firm I have worked for but am beginning to wonder whether this is needed and whether just a simple "A. Company Name; City Name; Country" is all that's needed? One of the firm's I worked for turned out to be a rogue employer in that they hired me on a permanent contract, paid me for one month but didn't pay me for the second month so I left. I later learned that they decided to change to using temps instead of permanent staff so in effect, they pulled a fast one. I thought about pursuing it but the job was nothing more than a stop-gap for me and I had a really good [real] job to go to anyway so there was no love lost there. I don't mention it on my CV but should I mention it on the form 80? Question 32 on Form 47sp asks "If you are applying from outside Australia: What is the value of money, goods and assets which you intend to bring to Australia?" I have cash in the bank but otherwise I will just be bringing what will fit into my suitcase and shipping my stuff later. Apart from bookcases (my DH only has one!) I won't be bringing over any of my furniture and will just be bringing [oodles of] books :GEEK:, my clothes, DVDs, CDs, some computer software, my laptop (possibly) and some kitchenware. I don't expect to ship these until after Christmas and probably not until March or April. Should I just note down the amount of cash I have in the bank or should I try and guess how much all my stuff is worth? I don't know how much anything I intend to ship later might be worth so would have to make a wild guess. Does anyone know whether it would be acceptable to scribble in a note to say X pounds plus books, clothes, dvds etc. ? Thanks
  13. Guest

    No assets?

    Does one need financial assets to have a visa appilcation considered? Tracy:wacko:
  14. Say you have a portfolio of - foreign shares, canadian, singapore..etc, all over the world. - assets in the UK, rentals - gold/silver bullion - also hold different currencies as cash - plus do online trading frequently, margin. I am interested in learning about oz tax, so my thinking so far is... - rental income and capital gains charged to oz...based on valuation at date or PR activation. otherwise pay CGT to uk...when you sell? - owning foreign shares is a nightmare under the current rules, but those rules are being repealed (last 2009 budget but i have no details), so I assume I can still hold these shares and only pay tax on sales and dividends. The idea now is I pay CGT on these quarterly even if i dont sell them. crazy! no wonder they repealed this. - the CGT tax is great if you hold assets more than 1 year, 50% redemption, so assuming a tax of 40%, then its 20% you pay, same as UK BUT, in the UK you dont need to hold for 1 year! so oz is frankly worse if you are holding investments short term. - gold, silver, i assume there is no GST to pay, and it is simply a normal asset..let me know. is there an issue if gold is held outside country. - being a trader, does this help you tax situation, should I try to get this thru? i would be interested to know. I assume being a trader means all profits treated as income not CGT. so probably makes no difference! - holding different currencies, now here is the tricky one, i think i pay CGT on these currencies...which is absurd! not fair, it is cash! my risk. can someone agree with this? uk of course does not charge CGT.
  15. Hello, I'm just starting to put together the paper work for my 2nd stage of the Spouse visa (801) and at statement number 5 it says "That we do/do not [delete whichever is inapplicable] jointly own real estate or other assets." What assets is it referring too? We do not own any property together as we rent our home. Your help is appreciated. Thanks Brad
  16. Hello, I am currently getting my paperwork together for sponsorship from South Australian Government. I need to get my assets witnessed by a bank official or public notary. I visited 2 banks today and it seemed to be a new thing to them and they weren't happy to sign away to anything. I am currently looking into getting a public notary instead. has anyone else bene through this and do you have any advice? It may be because my mortgage and savings are with separate banks therefore one single bank cannot witness my total assets? Thanks for your help! Vicki
  17. Hi can anyone answer the following for my 165 investor visa? I have to get a current valuation on my home to evidence it's value. I am told 'an acredited valuer' is required. I'm an Estate Agent and work in the same town as my house, the value of which I study on a daily basis. However I am not 'Credited' with any formal valuing qualifications. Although informally I'm an expert on this subject. Will it mean I have to get a surveyor to value my property? Can anyone help as to get it wrong could mean we get turned down. thanks