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Found 9 results

  1. Hi Guys, I am on 457 visa as a Butcher ( 1 year). I got through RPL a Certificate III in Meat processing last month. I am intend to apply to get my skills assessed on Trades Recognition Australia. They say: "The TRA Migration Skills Assessment Applicant Guidelines state that where an AQF qualification has recently been obtained through RPL, an applicant must also provide evidence of employment that: covers no less than six years of full-time (or equivalent) paid employment, three years of which may be as a trainee under the direct supervision of a tradesperson/employer (this is considered an informal training period) with an additional three years full-time (or equivalent) paid employment completed at the required skill level for the occupation." I already have one year of experience in Australia and back to my country I got 2 years of experience as a trainee but I was under 16 and after that 4 years as full time. And it was more than 10 years ago (I am 32 years old). Does anyone in this forum had any similar experience? Thanks
  2. koyo

    Advice Needed on Assessment

    Good day, I want to apply for the assessment for 261111 - ICT Business Analysts for the purpose of Independent Subclass 189. I have 7.5 years of work experience and 16 years of qualification as: - Bachelors of Arts 2 years completed in 2007 - MBA 2 years completed in 2012 Moreover, I am a PMP certified Project Manager by PMI, USA. My degrees don't have ICT units and I started my professional career in 2007. There is a confusion in ACS Skill Level Requirements. 1- In the Skills Assessment Guidelines for Applicants document (on page 5) it states experience prior to the degree and experiences right after the degree is not countable/ eligible for migration points test. 2- But in ACS Summary of Criteria Requirements for a Suitable ICT Skills Assessment Result document it states if you have a bachelors degree or higher with Minor ICT content & not closely related to the nominated occupation, candidate should have 6 years relevant work experience completed anytime in past work history. Please guide me as a major part of my experience is in between by BA (2007) and MBA (2012). Do I qualify to apply for assessment according to second point or not according to 1st point. Thank you very much!
  3. Hi all, we have started the 176 state sponsorship visa. We have appointed an agent but are struggling with the AQF, as I don't get the impression that they fully understand my husbands job. My husband is a CNC Setter/Operator which is Austrailia is classed as a Metal Machinist (First Class). We have sent the initial AQF application off but now have to complete the stage 2 application form, but the agents keep sending us Metal Fabricators/Mechanical Engineer form which we have to complete and then get a score of points based on equipment he has used. The problem we have is that the machinery listed is all to do with Fabricators and welding and not relevant to my husbands job which is working with spindles, lathes, milling etc. I have spoken to our agent and they have said that there is only one form but I find this really hard to believe as we cannot gain points based on a job he doesn't do. Can anyone offer any advice please, or if you are a metal machinist (First Class) and have had to complete the AQF could you please let us know if this is correct that you have to complete this Fabricators application form? Please any help or advice would be mostly appreciated as we are on such a tight deadline as we have been told come the 1 July the chances are we won't be able to lodge our visa as we won't be eligble so we are desparetly trying to get it done asap. Thanks Natasha
  4. Happy New year and holidays to everbody. Wish you all the best! I have an urgent question needing some expertise help. I have worked in Australia for 3 years. My comany has agreed to sponsoring my Australian PR application (subclass 856). One agent has been assigned to me. Of course the agent has asked me to provide many documents.I has been doing accordingly.But I think one point is not very clear or even not correct. My spouse and kid are not in Australia and they don't have plan to migrate with me now. According to checklist of Employer Nomination Scheme, non-migrating family members are also required to undertake health assessments.I have done my own medical check here,but one question is that, do my spouse and kid have to have health assessement before or after lodging my PR appciation ? Because in the form (1071i FORM)of Health requirement, it says that "If you are overseas – do not complete your health examination before you lodge your visa application. The department will provide applicants with detals of the medical examination required for your circumstances." The agent told me that my family members must provide the health assessements now (before lodgement). I doubt that. Does any expert know that they should have the heath examination now or after lodgement ? thanks a lot in advance.
  5. Hi all I have passed my paper trade assessement and am now waiting for the new dates to come out. I am after some insight to what occurs at the assessement as i am off the shop floor and have been for the last 3 years and am nervous about being assessed. Any help advice will be great!!!
  6. I am looking at the opportunity to come in on an Employer Nomination, however the ASCO code for my area (Sales Rep - ICT 2222-13) says that experience can replace formal qualifications but then to be assessed the VETASSESS site says you have to have formal qualifications. I have written to VETASSESS but wondered if anyone here knew something about this? Thanks for any help.
  7. hi hope you can help with this one we are going on the 175 visa on the fact that my partner is a general plumber, he has been plumbing for 4 and half years with no quals having been trained by his boss. He mainly installs full bathrooms, kitchens and central heating. he is now doing a city and guilds course in plumbing, and part p electrics. It seems from the forms that their plumbing roles differ alot to ours, do you agree? we have printed off the forms of vetassess website, and note that he has not covered all of the areas on his work in the past years, below are the points of concern - water systems- never installed water treatment systems - storm water and sub soil drainage systems - what is it? -domestic treatment plants - unsure what this is - pre treatment facilties -fabricate fire hydrant and hose reel - residental spinkle systems - roofing - some parts unsure :wacko: can you give us any advice on whether you need to be able to complete all parts, as we are going alone on the assessment part without agent. hope you can help regards Adele & Mark
  8. Has anyone out there completed a skills assessment under the Project and Program Administrator gazette? ....If so how did you go? Looking into this myself at the moment. Cheers, Mel.
  9. Hi I am currently working for the NHS as a Higher Specialist BMS in Microbiology and I have been looking into the Oz equivalent and how I go about getting my job assessed. I have found out that I have got to sit the ILETS and get a score above 7 before I can even apply to get my job assessed by the AIMS. I will then have to sit a Professional exam, which is going to be pretty difficult as it is a multi disciplinary exam and I am single discipline, so I am going to have a lot of revison to do. So the things I am wondering are: 1) How long are the ILETS results valid, for both my job assessment and VISA application? 2) How long would my job assessment be valid? I ask the above questions because I can't start my VISA application before 2009 as my OH and I haven't been living in sin long enough for him to go on my application. Thanks in advance Bex