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Found 31 results

  1. Hi there! I've researched into the 189 visa for an occupational therapist, but I'm still confused on how I would be supervised and assessed for the visa without having a visa (desktop 2). I read that being assessed and applying for the visa are 2 separate things so I'm not sure on how this process works. Would I need a different visa completely while I'm being assessed? Also I presume the assessment needs to take place in Australia? Anyone who has been through this process please could you enlighten me as I'm struggling to find clarity on this. Many thanks, Eloise
  2. Marc the Painter

    where to get skills assessed?

    I'm a painter needing to get aqf3. Is there anywhere cheaper than australian skills assessment? They want 3000dollars. I've got most of my evidence ready. Please help
  3. I am keen to migrate to Oz. I have met with a migration officer who has told me it is possible but I will need to get my skills assessed(to obtain more points). I was a cook then a chef for 10 years but during the past 5/6 years I have worked as a training officer which invloved organising students NVQ training and assessing competence. If anyone could tell me who could assess my qualifications or provide me with an overview to migration i would be very grateful. Am v new to all this. Thanks in advance. Ps I am in Perth (WA) for the next fortnight so if there's anything i can do while im here please let me know
  4. JamieVixMole

    Do I need to get my degree assessed?

    I'm in the process of finalising my 176 application, have been re-reading the bumpf and am now curious about something. I have a positive skills assessment for my occupation, have 8 years experience in the last 10 in that field but also hold an unrelated BSc Hons in Computer Science. I'm already over the threshold points-wise but I see that I should be able to claim 15 points for my degree. In order to do this do I need to have it assessed or will they accept it at face value? I had assumed that they would and I can't see anyway on the VETASSESS website of getting them to assess me as I'm not applying in a field they are responsible for.
  5. I thought I would post a thread to see if anyone could help me and my husband with our current situation. I am from the UK and have been over here for 2 years now with my husband. He has done a Dipolma in Web Design and is currently doing one of these crappy courses to get us by and staying here at the moment. I did the GTP which isn't regonised over here therefore I am doing 2 modules from the Masters to get the PGCE from the uni I did the GTP at. I haven't taught for 4 years now and I'm worried that once I complete the course and get my skills assessed that I need to have had some kind of teaching practice. I taught in the Uk from 2004-2006 and have done some casual teaching over here but feel that the skills test may come back negaitive! I have my own dance and drama school here (that is what i taught in the UK) but I am only teaching kids up to the age of 12. The plan was for me to finish the PGCE get my skills assessed and fingers crossed I would pass and then apply for residency as secondary teacher as this is on the SOL. I know this may take time and people are telling us all different things therefore I thought I would post a thread on here to see if anyone could help me and my partner out! :no:
  6. Hi can anybody help? ,my husband is a time served carpenter but has no papers? is this a prob? who do you get ur skills assessed with? costs? and how do you find this info?
  7. Hi everyone, Me and my gf have lodged our application for 175 visa. I am the main applicant and she is my dependent (de facto). Does she need to be assessed by ANMC? Or can she go with her registration directly? Can she do it now? We are still on the process of applying for the visa. Thanks guys!
  8. Dear all, I sent my documents to them, after which I have gotten no any response from them, no confirm for receive, no confirm for IP, no confirm of charge, no everything:arghh: same as email and ringing. I called TRA today, but they said they can do nothing with them!!!! What can I do? 1st Jul is round the corner. Any advice is appreciated. My occupation 323112
  9. :daydreaming:can anyone tell me who they had their teaching skills assessed with?
  10. Marc the Painter

    where to get skills assessed?

    I'm a painter and decorator needing to get aqf 3 I've been talking to australian skills assessment but they want 3000dollars does anyone know a cheaper way? Please help
  11. Hi, I just read a thread in agents information named "Computing Professionals - ASCO-ANZSCO mapping" and first point mentioned is as following Applicants cannot change their nominated occupation; Computing Professional (NEC) in ASCO does not currently map to an ANZSCO occupation on Schedule 3. Does it mean that people who have got earlier assessed as 2231-79(Java in my case) will not be able to reapply to ACS for some other code say for example 261311,261312,261313 for analyst programmer,developer programmer and software engineer. If they do then does it mean rejection as nominated occupation is changed. Cheers Mands
  12. Hi I am on the ASRI list Safety Inspector 312611 previously known by ASCO 3992-11. We need to know who assess my skills? I have NEBOSH (National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety) and I am an assessor (NVQ level 3) with 10 years experience setting up safe systems on the railway in particular involving cranes. VETASSESS seems to be more construction than safety but on the Immi site it mentions VETASSESS as the skills authority. Any help would be grateful. :confused: Thanks Tim
  13. Hi All Does anyone know how long it takes for the state sponsorship to be assessed? This morning the OH had an email saying his application is being assessed.:biggrin: As you can imagine I was unable to contain myself but then thought we are still a very, very long way off yet. :jiggy:
  14. Hi, all. I am new to this valuable forum and need urgent assistance in to apply RSMS-857 Visa, luckily i got employer in regional Victoria and he is willing to sponsor me as a "Restaurant Manager" but also suspicious about my qualification assessment which has "Hotel/Motel Manager (ASCO-3323-11, degree level, 50 point) been assessed on the basis of previously done Bachelor Degree and work experience in home country before 1st Jan 2010. I have been in oz 2.5 year under 572 Student Visa in a hope of getting GSM visa after study but now we all knows, it's very far away. I did consult this matter with 2 RMA's but both gave me contradictory views, one said yes and other no. So, I decide to seek advise from migration forum on web and also did independent research through immigration website but still not having any good result in hand, I have couple of questions, which concerns my prospective employer and me: 1. Can employer seek exemption for mentioned issue of relevant or irrelevant qualification assessment? 2. Is my qualification OK for RSMS-857 ? (As i got "Diploma of Management + certificate III in Food Processing (Retail Baking-Combined) 3. Should find another employer of Hotel or Motel? (But not easy now day's....) 4. If all wouldn't go well then what other options for me to stay here? Because i love OZ and wanna be long here.......... Please help me out of this. "Gill's advice would be appreciated in advance..........."
  15. Help.... trying to complete my own 175 visa application, does anyone know how i can get my skills assessed in england? Thanks
  16. Guest

    Getting assessed under ANZSCO

    Morning! We have an application in under old SOL project administrator and family sponsored..and we are obviously way down the list. Under new SOL we potentially could apply under 261111 ICT Business Analyst. Any idea on how we start the process? Hope everyone is ok after yet more changes..nothing good is ever easy is it?! Amelia x
  17. Hi there, I am in the process of finalising my Vetassess skills assessment application for the occupation of Marketing Specialist. I was going to submit it this week. If I received a positive assessment, I was going to lodge a 475 Regional Relative sponsored visa application ASAP. Is it worthwhile applying for the skills assesment as I am not sure whether my selected occupation will appear on the new SOL list? If so, and if I get a positive assessment, is it worthwhile submitting a visa application, or have GSM visa applications basically been put on hold?!??!!?! Any advice/ info/ opinions would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards, Robyn
  18. Guest

    skills assessed help please

    Hello everyone, Ive just joined the site as i'm thinking of making the big move down under. I have just come back from my 2nd trip over there to see family and the moment i stepped off the plane ( in the fog and snow) i thought this isn't for me. I am 36 years old and have a wife and 3 boys (11 3 & 4). My job is building trains. I have done it for 12 years. but have no paperwork qualifications . I am thinking of going for the 176 visa as my uncle can sponsor me. So here are my question please i'm sorry if they have been asked before but i cant seem to find them . I have spoken to a agent (not paid her anything yet just picking her brains for free)she said i should go for a 4121-11 General Fabrication Engineering Tradesperson. i match most of the description but not all of it so i am a little worried she said The entry requirement for this occupation is an AQF Certificate > III or higher qualification. you will have your skills assessed and this will give you the equivalent of this. If you match most of this then it will be your best bet to gain entry. It is on an assessment scheme called the Master Builders which is necessary for you to complete as you do not have a 3 year apprenticeship. So my questions are . what this AQF and how do they asses my skills i have heard of chats over the internet, of references from your employer and i know one bloke that's got to pay £2500 for an assessor to come over and see him . So which is most likely . Also my wife has been accepted at uni to become a nurse, can you apply whist training or do you have to be fully qualified before it becomes usable on the SOL. Any advise or tips would be most welcome . I will be checking in all the time so if i have missed anything please let me know and i will answer within a couple of hrs. Many thanks once again John ( ozzy hopefull) :err:
  19. I was looking at DIAC website in the ASRI section as wanted to know how to get my CIMA assessed and it looks like this has to be done in Aus...am I missing something? Are there no domestic assessors for this? Which one do I choose? CPA Australia Ltd, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia (ICAA) or National Institute of Accountants (NIA)?? How long does it take? So many questions!! Help appreciated
  20. RobandCatherine

    Anyone been assessed by AIM?

    Hi there, I've been watching for a while, but this is the first time I have written on here. Spent a month in Australia over christmas and blown away by it. Have family over there, but no-one close enough to get sponsorship by. At present having my skills assessed by AIM (Human Resources Manager), has anyone else any experience of AIM? We are then thinking of the 175 visa, or state sponsored if, as I read, thats of more priority at the moment. We dont have alot of time to mess about as we have a 14 year old daughter, and although she is keen at the moment, she could easily go off the idea. We have chatted with her and told her maybe next spring (2010). Any opinions about whether to use an agent, or whether to go it alone? First things first though, i guess ....waiting for AIM assessment. Catherine, Rob and three children :cool:
  21. Hi, Does anyone know if you have an employer willing to sponsor you, do you have to go through the skills assessment process? My husband is a hairdresser, and has lots of experience, although it was so long ago he trained, he doesnt have copies of the qualifications required. (From overseas too, so more difficult to get and not even sure if equivalent to NVQ's). He reckons he could get sponsorship if he went out and met some prospective employers. I though I read somewhere that you dont need your skills assessed by TRA but in looking on the govt website, it wasnt that clear. Any advice welcomed. Thanks Shaz
  22. Has anyone had Banking Qualifications (ACIB) assessed by Vatessess and what occupation did they put down. Please let me knwo. Thanks Lynne
  23. Hi All, Hope someone an shed some light.... I sent off my prospetive spouse visa just over 2 weeks ago to London and today I got an email from them informing me that my daughter and my meds were B Assessed by the panel dr so "have been referred to Health Assessment Services in Australia for assessment by a Medical Officer of the Commonwealth. HAS will advise me of the outcome of the assessment directly and in turn, I will advise you. This should take approximately one month." I am not too concerned as know it is mainly to do with my daughters vision and we have already provided a specialist assessment along with the med, but wonder if it really will take about a month or if any of you know of an outcome any sooner than that? we are really hoping to fly 6th November???? Thanks in advance Kate
  24. Hi, I'm off on my recci in a few weeks, I was just reading through some of the posts, I was wondering on how hard it is to go it alone?, how do I get my skills assessed?, how much does an agent cost?. Also, any hairdressers in Sydney?, is there much work?, good wages?. Thankshttp://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/images/smilies/err.gif
  25. Well it finally arrived by email this morning ,we got a possitive assessment by the ACS. and also on the MODL.............. Next step The VISA !!!!!!! Bring it on ..lol........One step further......... Good luck to the rest of you IT wags that are waiting........We've been waiting for just over 7 weeks......... Claire. XX