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Found 86 results

  1. Joanna82

    CPA Accountant Assesment

    Hi everybody, I was wondering if anyone has gone through this: I want my qualification to be recognized as an accountant through CPA Australia. According to the website, the standards are the same as for an associate CPA membership. Let me quote: Since I dont have a degree with a major in Accounting I will not meet all 9 curriculum areas. However, when applying for CPA Australia membership, you can take exams to make up for the missing areas. My question is, can I become a CPA Australia member and then use this towards getting my skills recognized or will I still strike out since it wasnt part of my degree? Thanks for your help, Joanna
  2. lebowski.junior

    Project builder

    Hi greetings to all! I hereby pursuing Masters in project management in Australia and graduated as an Bachelor of Architect from India. And also got one year of experience from an architectural firm. As per SOL 2017, Architecture is the course listed for skilled occupancy but not project management. So I consulted few migration agents, they said that I can access my current course through VETASSESS. But I'm not sure which occupation should I choose? Architecture Project builder Construction project manager. Please guide me. Thanks.
  3. i have some problem for that i joined this forum......can anyone please guide me about it?........... my Degree is named as "Industrial Electronics Engineer" ........its Electronic engineering with major in Controls , Automation and Electrical machines......... i want get assesment from Engineers Australia ....... as electrical engineer , my experience is electrical engineer in idustry and airline maintenance....... so pls advise me , it is accepted "Electrical Engineer" by Engineers Australia on the behalf of experience as degree title is "industrial Electronics" thanks in advance
  4. Hello to the Poms Community, We are a new family registered to the Poms, we've been to an Opportunities eXpo seminar in Manchester, UK today and would like to know if any fellow Pom members can recommend a good value for money Skills Assesment organisation? We are wanting to apply for a skills assesment but would like to do so with a trusted & valuable organisation. Thank you for reading our post. The Buckells
  5. Guest

    CDR preparation help

    Hi i am also looking for an electronics engineer CDR.... can anyone can help me on this... thanks in advance Gigi
  6. hI, CAN SOMEBODY ADVISE ME WHICH POSTGRADUATE STUDIES IN THE END NEED ONLY SKILLED ASSESMENT 6 OR 6.5 EACH,,, Done my bach. degree bt was lucky before they change rules to get skilled assesment for 6 band, now accounting is everywhere 7 band, is hard for me to get this.. Can somebody advise me? how about MBA? or sth simmiliar? thank yoooooooooooou.:chatterbox:
  7. Hi, just send off all documents for VETASSES to assess my OH skills as Carpenter, any idea how long they are taking at the moment thanks
  8. cki2011

    Character assesment unit

    Hello We have been told our 176 skilled visa application is being sent to the Character assesment unit as i have a criminal record from 17 years ago we was told this 6 weeks ago now and have not heard anything and are getting very worried has anybody had any experiance with this unit and do you know how long we can expect to wait before we hear anything any info would be greatly apreciated. Thanks Dave
  9. cki2011

    Character assesment unit

    Moved to Migration Issues
  10. Hi All, I just got a positive skill assessment letter from ACS under ANZSCO CODE: 262113 - Systems Administrator :jiggy: Moving on to next step, now I am looking for State Sponsorship from South Australia. Which GSM Sponsorship VISA online application form do I need to go for in this link ? I feel it would be Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 176) Please suggest. Best Regards, Jyoti Khatri
  11. Guest

    skills assesment

    My partner is solid plasterer, looking into the skills assesment, tra asses him, do we just need the skills assesment and not the assesment advice? apparently you have to fill out both aplications in one but not sure if we needed both?. Also, he's got level 2 and not 3, would it need to be a level 3 to get us to austraila? thanks in advance
  12. doing a geographical

    TRA skills assesment how longs it valid?

    Hi all, Im looking at applying for an 856 employer sponsored permanent visa (chef). First step is to get the skills assesment. But is there a specific time its valid for before I make my visa application? Or is the skills assesment valid forever? Thanks
  13. Hi Everyone. I am hoping to move to oz with my wife and two kids on a skilled visa as i am 41 and been runnning my own painting and decorating business for 20 years. Hope someone can help me , I have been dealing with easy migrate in Perth, Trying to get my trade assest for the past year. First the trade assesment said i diidnt have the proper certificate, so went and got my nvq painting and decorating now the goverment in oz says it is not the correct thing, I dont know what else to do . Can anyone one suggest where to go next. :arghh:
  14. i'm a bit confused about what they mean by, prepare,mark and cut raking brickwork.can anyone help me out please?
  15. jyotikhtr

    IELTS with Skill Assesment

    Hi All, I am planning to file my application for Skill Assessment (ACS). Just wanted to know whether filing IELTS with the application makes my case stronger ?:unsure: Regards, Vikas
  16. Today while uploading the documents for my 175 application when i was going to attach the copy of skill assessment, found two options in the field DOCUMENT TYPE : 1. Evidence of Skills Assessment 2. Evidence of Suitable skills assessment. Can anyone please clarify what is the difference between the two and under which type i should upload my copy of positive skills assessment ?
  17. Guest

    skills assesment

    looking to know if anyone has done the skills asesment test for carpenters recently in the uk , any info would be appreciated as regards what exactly is involved in the test. cheers , jerry.
  18. Hi guys, Im here for some help and advice.... My brother in law is a tape and jointer and is looking to apply for migration to Western Australia. I believe he needs to have his skills assessed by the TRA but I cannot see anywhere on the TRA site that shows which path he needs to take, also which code should be be applying under? If anyone has done this and can help it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance...
  19. http://www.deewr.gov.au/Skills/Programs/SkillsAssess/TRA/Pages/ChangetoSkilledWorkerProgram.aspx can Does that mean trade course students who can gather 65 points and are confident that they can pass the tra rto assessment need not go through the job ready program and can go for a test and if they pass they can apply for permanent residency based on point system. any info from experts will be highly appreciated. thanks.
  20. Bibbs

    Skills assesment missing.

    Have some friends who are going through a 175 visa, they haven't got their "skills assesment" and their CO has just asked where this is. They didn't do it as it wasn't on their list of things to be done (they have done the rest inc police and medicals). They have been told that they need to basically do this and re-apply. Is there anything they can do? They have come over to Aus, on a 12 month working visas, and both found jobs.
  21. MrTux

    Engineering skills assesment

    Hi I am about to submit my skills assement to Engineers Australia as a Mechanical Engineer. I have a UK acredited degree in Mechanical Engineering and therefore can follow the washington accord process to recognise my qualification. I currently work for an Aerospace company and therfore you could consider my profession as being an Aeronautical Engineer as well as a Mechanical Engineer. Obviously when I come to claim my points for work experience on the 175 visa application I will need to state that my experience is as a Mechanical Engineer, which should not be a problem. However I am slightly concerned that a buerocrat in the visa office might see that I work for an Aerospace company and determine that my experience is as a Aeronatical not Mechanical and not grant me the points I require. Does anybody think I will have any issues with my application? Thanks:GEEK:
  22. Anyone recently gone through there skills assesment with the ANMC? Just wondering about the time scale at the moment. Thanks
  23. Guest

    ACS Skills Assesment

    Hi All, I am looking for some advice regarding the documentation needed for ACS skills assessment. I understand you need to provide written evidence from your current (which you can stat dec), and former employers, of the dates of employment and a detailed breakdown of your duties. The problem I have is I am struggling to get this information, I have the confirmation of employment and dates from HR but as my managers have moved on in both organisations it does not give specifics of my duties despite me asking. How have others got round this, or managed to get this information? Many Thanks Tracy
  24. Guest

    skills assesment

    Hi my husband has to get a skills assesment done im told it will 2500 - 3000 for an asseser to come to ireland to do this! is this right?? would he be better to go to australia to get it done? his occupation is a " Drainer" how long does it usally take?
  25. I am from the uk, and would like to know if I need a skills assesment as a cook for a 457 visa?? I have a qualification equivalent to a AQF III Thanks any info welcome