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Found 8 results

  1. dawsonak

    Skills ass for a 857 RSMS visa

    Ive just come off the phone from immigration and want to pull my hair out....Im on a 457 visa at current. Im in the process of applying for a 857 RSMS visa. What im wanting to find out if I would need to do TRA, Im trade qualified Boilermaker/welder. I didnt have to do one for my 457. I know for ENS or 856 visa you need to submit a TR, but going through the paperwork for RSMS it looks like you dont need to do one...Can anyone clarify on this, please Secondly, for my 457 visa My wife and I had to do TB X-Rays and my kids full medicals. Ive been told we have to redo all medicals and X-Rays does anybody know if there is expiry an on validation as we have been on our visa for less than a year and its not cheap to do all of these and everything else that goes with it. Any help would be great:hug:
  2. Hi Guys, in 2002 my girlfriend and i backpacked around australia, somehere up the coast i got a speeding ticket and didnt pay it. fast forward to 2011, my now wife and i with kids are in the process of a sponsorship application, surely this speeding ticket wouldnt show up or cause us problems? Im pretty sure all the cop got was my uk driving licence, and i now have a nz one. Surley???:SLEEP:
  3. Waitingawhile

    statutory dec for skills ass

    Hi just been to solicitors and they said the could not sing the Australian governments version of a statutory declaration as they are governed by UK law and that to do it by drawing up there own could involve £150 or more. how have other people proved they were not in Australia when they made their application?
  4. My skills assessment paperwork is all ready now. i have gone through the application form and have become stuck on the question about australian sub class visa. We are attempting to migrate under the state sponsor route, i was always under the impression that this is visa class 176. in the drop down of the application form i cannot find 176, can someone please advise which to use?
  5. Can anyone help my daughter wants to apply for 175 visa & needs her hairdressing skills ass here in Ausse by TRA ass (job ready), on the TRA website it says there are 4 stages does she have to complete all 4 stages & it cost a bomb, any help or advice would be great,:shocked:
  6. We are in shock, we have been waiting and waiting for the skills assessment to arrive to us thinking there is no way they would fail them but guess what! They have, my husband has worked in IT for over 12 years and has been in IT Manager positions for the past 10 years and they have failed him?? I do not get it. They have not accepted his qualification of a BTEC National Diploma in IT which is in the UK A Levels in IT, they also have only accepted his title as IT Consultant where he was Project Managing they have accepted only those 5 years and not accepted Head of IT which to everyone I know is and IT Manager or above IT Manager Position, Its totally crazy. We can understand if they do not accept the Btec as not recognised in Oz but it is a great kick in the teeth and has left us wondering where to turn next. We wont give up on our dream but if any body has any ideas to help us we would love to here from you, we applied under IT Manager we are considering reapplying under a more general IT, but I have no confidence that we are just plowing money into a dead end path.
  7. Hi just found out that I have got on to the Aug 1st practical test only bad news is that I have to travel to Glasgow to do it, is any body else on this test if so do you know where it is how far it is from the airport etc and whats involved would be nice to chat to some people who will be on the same test:spinny:
  8. Hello there, Hmm, having a bit of a dillema! In the next month or two I am planning on applying for a spouse visa. I already have the form (47SP) and i have noticed question 84 (Have you ever been given written permission by the department to work in Australia?). I do intend on working as a secondary school teacher upon arrival and so I thought it might be wise to get my skills recognised first and therefore, I can answer 'YES' to question 84 (in the hope that I may seem more desirable). However, the 'Teaching Skills Assessment' form specifically says, "Teaching Australia only conducts skills assessment for migration under the General Skilled Migration program." This seems to say, "don't bother", so the question is, how do I get my skills recognised before lodging a spouse visa? Has anyone else had the same problem? Sorry this is a tad long winded! Please help! Lucia :unsure: