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Found 30 results

  1. http://www.gmtax.com.au/wp-content/plugins/download-monitor/download.php?id=2 Hopefully of interest to some. Best regards.
  2. Is it just me being paranoid, or am I wrong to find it very alarming that two common questions asked of the pet travel agent we're using by owners about to ship their beloved pooch/moggie are: 'Which way should the arrows point on the stickers?' 'Why isn't there an arrow sticker for the top of the kennel/box?' Just in case anyone is wondering about this: The Stickers that say 'THIS WAY UP' should have the arrows pointing in the UP direction...... GAH!
  3. hi all ours is a 885. my other half (secondary applicant) has been asked by CO to provide work experience details as we are claiming extra 5 points !! we hd originally submitted his contract papers. now the CO has asked for experience letter and payslips/tax returns etc. we have now submitted all the reqd documents including payslips(except there are few missing payslips), bank statements showing salary credit, tax returns, super. do you think the missing payslips would create an issue?? also would they call up the office and verify ?.. i hv no worries as im still working in the same company!! my worry is this should not delay the process!! any faced a similar situation?? how long does it take the CO to respond back or acknowledge what we hv sent anyone pl clarify.. this is eating away my head!!!!
  4. Hi all I don’t know if anybody can offer us any advice/personal experience for our de facto 457 3-year business visa as I was asked to provide further evidence about our relationship and I’m worried that our visa may be rejected. I was specifically asked to provide “... insurance policies showing each other as benefactors, can your family provide declarations of the relationship... joint bank accounts, investments ?” I was able to send our case officer family declarations from family and friends but we don’t have anything else. I had originally thought it would be straight forward because we’ve been together for about 6 years (and I sent lots of evidence) and I’m worried because I was asked to go for a medical/xrays and my partner was not. Has this happened to anyone else? Is it a bad sign or am I worrying unnecessarily? Thanks for any thoughts or advice, I'm feeling stressed!
  5. mclean

    medicals asked for

    :biggrin:hi every one new to this site thats us been in the process to immagrate for about 18 months now and finally got our case officer last week :biggrin: medicals booked for next month (june) just cant come quick enough now. ali and dougie
  6. Hello everyone Got co today whoooooooop!!!!... and he asked for meds but i have already submitted them through courier, they arrived yesterday in Sydney- not Adelaide is that right? Should i contact co to tell them or should i just wait expecting them to go from sydney to my co in adelaide? Thanks :-)
  7. I have got case officer now after 1 year waiting for 886 visa. In my application I am the only (main) applicant. But in the forms I added my fiances name(as a partner), just in case thinking that it will easiler later on for him when he will apply. My fiance is NOT Secondary Applicant neither he lives in australia. But in the email, CO now told me to submit my fiance's medical and police certificate. Now wondering, why CO has asked for these documents? Will he be granted defecto visa or any other visa when my visa will be granted???
  8. After a lovely weekend here in Yorkshire I actually started to ask questions of myself about migrating !! Good job our lass give me a right slapping don't know what came over me!!
  9. Previously I had my application for a student visa refused while onshore in Australia. I did not appeal the decision and left Australia. This was quite a while back. I have already applied for a permanent residency visa now and am not sure whether I filled in my application correctly. Where it asks me if I have been refused a visa to Australia, I have said YES. Where it asks me if I have been ASKED to leave Australia, I said NO. Is this the right way to fill this part out? I am very confused by this question. Should I have said YES to the question 'Have you ever been ASKED to leave Australia?'? I am thinking being ASKED to leave Australia is a completely different thing to being refused a visa. Could anybody help me out with this? Also, in form 80 where it says, 'Have you been refused a visa to ANOTHER country?', does this mean I only mention about other countries apart from Australia? The reason why I am asking is because I have only been refused a visa to only Australia and I have had no such issues with any other countries. But in form 80 they have not asked about visa refusals to Australia. So I was thinking when I am filling this part I should mention about the rejection of my student in Australia or are they just asking me about OTHER countries? I have not lodged form 80 yet. However, with regard to the question, 'Have you ever been ASKED to leave the country' in the online application... I have a feeling I should have said YES to that. What do you guys think? How can I rectify this error? Do I need to fill a special form for this and if so, what form would it be? Or am I worrying too much? Is it just sufficient just to say that my visa was refused to Australia previously and leave it at that?... or do I still need to say that I was ASKED to leave? I was not really asked to leave but whenever a visa is rejected the applicant has 28 days to leave the country and at that time I also had the right to appeal to the tribunal. However, i was too depressed at that time and did not want to go through the hassle of appealing to the tribunal and spending $1000 just for the purpose of applying for the tribunal. I just wanted to leave the country and relax, and not think about it for a while.
  10. We have drawn a lucky ticket and got our case officer this week - yippppeee!! She has asked for an employment reference (no problems there). My daughter and husbands passport expire during 2011 so she wants them renewed now? a bit of a pain but can be done. She has also stated that our marriage certficiate is unclear (even though certified)? and would like further proof of relationship like a family book? any ideas on what this is or what sort of evidence I can send? We have been together since the age of 13 and married since 1992 and she has our marriage certificate? most odd? any advice on this would be helpful Thank you N111kkx
  11. I need to know where I can buy a quality used car that isnt too expensive? have thought about shipping ours across Oz but its only worth about $3000 and would cost approx that to move it!!!! I saw something worrying about cars costiing a lot in WA? I want to get something decent but not in the 30'000's. I am busy packing now and im worried and scared and excited at the same time!!! WA here we come!! ....:yes: Cheers! :jiggy: (PS we are moving to near Freo)
  12. Hi every one I am new here and have a question, hope someone will kindly answer this. I have applied my 457 visa but noticed that my 14yr old child has not been asked to have a medical exam or xray even though she is of school going age whilst hubby and I have been asked to do so? Is this the norm coz read some where that kids of school going age need medicals too? Please help, I do not want to make errors of omission which can cause problems.
  13. Here is the link to an applicant who got the fastest visa WOW Got Visa Today!!! : British Expat Discussion Forum I asked him about his priority processing... But most of the guys on BE are amazed by the processing time of this visa application. Yes that guy is on the SOL(Schedule 3).
  14. Hi Everyone, Hopefully I will be assigned a CO shortly and then there will be medicals to think about. Can anyone tell me what questions are asked on the forms, that is, how much detail? Where do you get the forms from? Could anyone show us a copy of a form?
  15. HI, we submitted our medical and all docs last month for GSM 175 visa , and today our CO wrote us a email that our application is near completion .And we should confirm our Initial entry date(IED), which in our case is 14th august 2010 (i.e expiry of our PCC)....and if we have to extend our IED then we should provide new PCC...Is that means visa almost granted?? ...on visa status link everything is finalised and met rgds manish
  16. Hi, This is something I've never heard anyone discuss before, but has anyone been asked for a family tree diagram, from their case officer? My sister has a case officer now, and on checking her online status, which I showed her how to do on Friday, it shows that a family tree diagram has been requested. Her agent must not have received a letter about it yet, as she only saw it herself online yesterday....so, has anyone had to do one, and what does it entail? I'm sure her agent will let her know in due course, but wondering what others have done for it? Hand drawn diagram? How much detail? Is it because she has applied for a family sponsored visa? Shaz
  17. :laugh:Hi everyone, I'm in shock, I've been asked for the last payment and my passport for the visa, it's only been six weeks!
  18. HI, My CO haven't asked for PCC and Meds. All he asked for is the Form 80 for me and my wife. But I have arranged PCC and Meds and also uploaded them along with form 80. Is it gonna be a problem? Thanks, Rubab
  19. Hi all, this has probably been asked before but - is Form 80 needed for an offshore PR 175 or 176 visa? Or is it only done on request? I've been pretty good on everything else, I just couldn't quite tell from immi.gov.au if form 80 was needed so I haven't attached it yet. Busy doing my police stuff now but am frontloading, I want everything perfect for when the CO is finally assigned. Help appreciated!
  20. Our agent has no ideal why have we been asked to provide and enhanced police check???? this is on top of the usual one that we have already completed. We have 28 days to provide it. We neither of us are worried as we have done nothing wrong but it has delayed our application, why has anyone had this????:arghh:
  21. Guest

    Anyone been asked for AOS?

    hey has anyone been asked to get an AOS (assurance of support )for their applications, any visa, and why? any advice info would be greattt :biggrin:
  22. I've just heard back from my c/o today (very quick! :smile:) but they've asked for an Australian police check. I've spent 11 months and about 27 days there on a working holiday visa so I can understand that that is classed as living there but the only other time is about 2 months I spent there in 2000 on a holiday visa. Obviously they have combined the two times and as that is more than 12 months have classed me as living there but I'm not sure why they would include a holiday to be living there. I now have to apply for an Aus police check but as I was travelling I don't have any addresses to include on the application apart from hostels, etc. and a short term rental which was only for 2 months. I'm going to have to use my UK address as my main address even for the time when I was in Australia apart from the two months I rented a flat when I was on my working holiday. Do you think this will matter that even though they know I was in Australia I still had a UK address? Has anyone applied for an Aus police check? How long roughly did they take? I know it says 30 days but has anyone had it quicker? This is such a pain having to do this when I never even thought about getting one before!!! I've left a message on my c/o's answerphone but think I'll email him too just so I know he has got the message. Thanks!
  23. Hi all, Yesterday I went for a second interview for a job. First interview went well and I thought this would be less informal as it was arranged in a coffee shop. However when I got there didn't even get offered a drink and was confronted by three interviewers all firing questions at me. I had been shortlisted along with a couple of others and felt that some of the questions were inappropriate 'is it feasible for you having a school aged child to work full time' and ' how would you feel about having a younger line manager' - I wouldn't mind but he looked older and it was irrelevant anyway. I walked away feeling really frustated, I answered the questions well I think but then I wished I'd said if I was a man would you have asked me those questions. Can't believe they could be so upfront about it - especially as it was a job in the social care system and you think they would know better !! Anyone else had any similar experiences ? x
  24. Hi all I have just been asked for medicals and to sign Australian Values Statement, but I have not been 'allocated' case officer but at the bottom of page it is named by a case officer from GSM(general skilled migration ) team2. Is this my case officer? or just a general enquiry from the office?.Also have been told to submit these by 10 sep. does that mean medical centre have to have medicals in OZ by then ? All seems a bit quick considering the apparent delay in processing applications . We only put our application in by post in July. confused.
  25. Ok this is serious, sensible answeres only please! My little boy is very worried, That christmas ends in the uk, That when he is in oz there will be no such thing, as its hot and not cold wet and dull! So after a long talk i thought all was going well untill my 4 year old pipes up wanting to know how father christmas will find us, and will there be twinkly lights and christmas trees:no:. So im begging all you wonderfull peeps to help me out on this one, ( even thou we won't be there this xmas and hopefully will by next! long way off i know) to help reasure the little one, As i feel its all going down hill from here. i will even click your chicks for you, i promiss,:notworthy: Luv Ellie Kyle and Aimee XXX tHANKYOU FOR YOUR TIME IN READING THIS IMPORTANT NOTE DAWN X