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Found 55 results

  1. Can anyone help please, we are looking to get a rental in Mindarie for as soon as possible :wideeyed: 3/4 X 2 budget approx up to $550 p/w
  2. Hi, i am new to this but could really really urgently need advise.....were do i start....ok....i was offered my ideal job in Syd in sept, we flew into Oz to finalise the offer etc but we were stopped at the border and questioned for hours on end and finally had our holiday visas cancelled as they considered us to be non tourists, we flew home. In the meantime the application started for the 457 visa....everything went well, sponsor approved, nomination approved, then our visa process started...its been a nightmare from start to finish, we done it all ourselves and provided everything under the sun we could provide.....evidance from 5 years of us being a couple living together etc....then we were told to provide a statement to waive an exclusion period, we were unaware we even had an exclusion period but apparently as our visas were cancelled at the border we automatically got a ban....so we provided compassionate and compelling reasons why it should be waived and a letter from my employer saying how much he needs me there....got an email back this morning saying my visa is approved but unfortunatly my partner did not meet the critera to have the exclusion period waived!!! What the hell!!!! Then they asked if i wanted to continue with my side and come and work etc i should let them know and they will withdraw my partner from the application.....how could this happen? How could i leave my fiance behind...and is there anything we can do?:sad: Any help would be greatly appreciated folks please im very confused.
  3. Hello Can Anyone Help We Are Arriving In Perth 6th Jan Looking For A rental For 6 Mth's Around Inglewood, Morley , Anywhere In This Area Considered ,2 Adults & 2 kids Aged 13 & 8 ,Girls .We Have References & Are Professional People From Ireland ,Thank You For Your Time :confused:
  4. Hey i was wondering if anyone could give me advice! Im 33 and my husband is 34 and we really want to move to oz to make a better life for our 3 kids who are 13, 9 and 5. The problem is we live in northern ireland an we have both been out of wrk for over a year, as there is such a shortage of work here at the moment (another reason why we want to move) the job prospects for us in ustrailia would be great. The visa we can apply for is the sponsered working visa, but what i want to no is what are my chances of getting one even though we are out of work? And how do i go about getting sponsered? Can anyone help!!!!!!!!!
  5. you have to have a drivers license. you will be assisting me in the instalation of garage doors. i can pay cash but if you want to be on the books it means giving me an invoice every week.
  6. tonyman

    Mackerel Recipe wanted asap

    got a big chunk of mackerel and need a good new recipe (was hoping bobj was online ) anyone help asap ..........if not i will google , im sure someone put a good one on here through you tube a few days ago , will be cooking outside too.......
  7. Hi Guys Just going through my checklist here and about to put my form 80 and police checks up on the evisa system but I have now read that I have to post tem is this the case did you have to post them when apliying online? Any feedback much appreciated Thanks In advance
  8. Hi all I have been living in Australia for over 5 years. After a long batte with migration I finally got my permanent visa in 2009. I would like to apply for Australian citizenship now, I see myself living here long term, however, I will move back to Switzerland for one year or longer, from 2012 onwards. Family issues affected this decision. I just moved up to Darwin, I used to live in Sydney. I have ordered my book now for the test. How long will it take from lodging the application to becoming a citizen and getting a passport? The faster the better as I would like to move back in January.... Is that possible? I heard the process can take longer than 6 months? My permanent visa will run out in 2014. What if I just move back and come back before it runs out, without becoming a citizen? Are there any risks? Thank you for your help, much appreicated :-) And yes, I am not from England, but I love this forum :biggrin: Cheers, Karin
  9. Hi everyone, I emigrated out here (37) in Oct 2010 with my wife and three young kids. Living on Bribie in Bellara. I have been working for Combined insurance commision only and its cleaned out the bank account! I have applied for lots of various jobs to no evail. I am a fully qualified sparky (UK) no AUS licence and run my own building company and cabinet making business in the UK. Loads of experiance in all the trades except brickie and roofing. Excellent sparky, chippy, Tiler take my hand to most. I have had an office role prior running my business in the UK lots of paper work and out on the road meeting, estimating and closing sales. Now Im despearate!! ill do anything for minimum of 1000 a week (almost anything no grabbing the ankles!) Does anyone know of a job? Have Aus driving licence. Will do anything labouring, driving whatever it takes. Also anyone else here on Bribie thats emigrated out? Be good to hear from you on how its going etc. Thanks.
  10. Guest

    need visa help asap... plz

    I was told by a "austrslian visa expert" that i can not apply for a whv unless i had a job sponsorship... From what i readvwhv allowd me to stay in oz for a yr working at one job for up to 6 mon. Wih no job in advance. She was telling me i can only go pn youtidt vida for 3 mon find a.job to sponsor me but i will have to leave the country ans wait fir the job to send me an inventation. I think that is unfair and too much money. If tjis is true what are other visas i can apply for thst allows me to avoid this costly vist im ready to start my process...
  11. LouiseS

    Need help ASAP

    Can anyone out there please tell me if my fiance MUST hold an australian passport for a PM Visa? Just finalising the application and getting all remaining docs together and as of yet he doesn't actually have a passport (he's never had any need to). They ask in Q52 for his passport info but on the check list say he has to provide either a certified copy of passport OR birth cert. We were planning on getting his passport once we have the wedding paid for. He has his birth cert which obviously proves he is australian by birth so will that do or will we have to get that as well???:frown: Also a quick query re meds. Can i have my medical done before i submit my application, or am i best waiting til I have submitted it then have my med booked for a couple of days after??? Any info anyone can give if much appreciated :hug:
  12. Hi I have a job offer in Sydney and my new employer is going to be sponsoring me for 4 years. The VISA was lodged 3 weeks, but I aint heard anything yet... my employers told me it would take about 2-3 weeks to be processed. Im really worried cos I have handed in my notice and my last day at work is Friday. I had to hand in my notice as my new employer wants me to start working ASAP. Can anyone else tell me how long they have had to wait for sponsorship? Also who is the best airline to fly with (i aint even booked my flights as I dont have my VISA!)
  13. Guest

    Need advice asap.

    Hi im an irish qualified plumber heading to Perth friday the 20th may.I have been offered a job on great money in a mine as a plumber but need some sort of WA plumbing license.Can anyone tell me please how i can get any sort of license to get me going. Thank you, Mick...
  14. Hello, I am completing the AASW form with regards to emmigrating to Australia, and have a few questions that I would like clarifying. 1) Question 15 asks for qualifications. I completed a GNVQ BTEC Advanced Health and Social care in 1995-97. I have put for this not be assessed, if it was to be assessed what documents would I have to provide? I only have the units I took (18 units) and if I paased each one (whichI did). It also asks for details of field work placements during the above course. I know that I did undertake a placement at a children's nursery but I was not assessed on this placement. I cannot remember where it was or any details about this placement/supervisor/s. What would you advise I put in this section (Q.15A)? 2) My second qualification is BA (Hons) Social Work. - Do I have to give the exact topic/title of my thesis? I have moved and all my Uni stuff is in boxes, am I able to write that it was about Female perpetrators of Domestic Violence and support services available to men. - I do not know what qualifications my practice supervisors within my 3 University placements had, how should i answer this question. - When describing the field work I undertook in the placements, is it enough to write what the services aims were, and what the service offered to clients. Please advise me if this section requires further information. 3) With regard to work history, how much am I expected to write? A paragraph summarising my role or a list of my duties? I work within Child Protection at present, so this could be quite extensive. Thanks In Advance, Aymie
  15. Guest

    Help needed asap!!!

    hi, me and my partner have applied for a visa 175, we are due to have our medicals on Monday, was just about to print out our health forms but when i do they automatically print out with my OH name on them, should i just delete this. or should there be a separate form with my name? when we log in to our electronic application status enquiry there is only a 'person 1' but there are two of us migrating. have i filled the forms in correctly? or is this how it should be? help please!!!! Rosie
  16. Guest

    I want to go to oz asap

    Hi all My name is Lisa I am new to this forum and I am trying to get myself and my family to oz. I am currently working as a full time senior care officer at a residential home for young adults with epilepsy, autism, learning disabilities and other neurological disorders and have done so for 3 years. Looking on the internet I have found some employers in Perth in this industry who I am hoping to approach for a sponsor. I am thinking about going over in May for 2 weeks on a holiday visa and put some feelers out there. The reason being that I am totally impatient, I want to go yesterday. Can anyone advise me on the quickest route/visa, a temp visa would do as I could always apply for perm at a later date. My friends went to Rockingham over a year ago on a temp visa and they have just got perm residency. Do you guys think it is worth me spending the money going in May? would companies be willing to speak to me whilst I am there? Thanks guys Look forward to hearing your replies Lisa Impatient Brit
  17. Hey all, I’m new to POMSinOZ so please bear with me. I am a midwife who has been qualified for almost 18months and my boyfriend is a math’s teacher at a secondary school. We are looking to make a quick escape from Scotland to OZ in the summer. Despite neither of us having ever been to Australia we have been drawn to Queensland and in particular the Brisbane/Gold Coast areas. I am looking for some advice from other midwives working in these areas (or indeed any areas of Australia) on the hospitals and the general midwifery practice. I am keen to work in the public sector where I hope to maintain my autonomy as a practitioner. ANY INFO/CONTACTS would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Nat
  18. Hi all need to phone our case officer tonite and the number begins with 1300 how do we dial in please? Thanks
  19. Hi, Please can anyone offer some advice. Hubby just offered a 457 visa but we have submitted a 175 for SS. If we take to 457 can we still apply for SS visa even though SA is the sponsor and WA is where the job offer is? How long to process onshore? Will we need to change the application. Sorry about bombarding you with questions it is just they need an answer ASAP. So excited about the job offer but warey as it is not a permanent residencey option. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  20. tonyman

    lamb/ox liver asap......

    please can u tell me if lambs liver could be different colours , ive defrosted two and one is dark (not sure if its ox) and the other is light and defo lambs ......asap please , can find out on google it giving me all sorts of garbage
  21. HI guys 33 year young male looking to play football ideally the mentone area , perfect game would be 5 or 7 aside outdoor but up for any game , nothing too competitive but have played high level previously get in touch thanks Doug
  22. tonyman

    Satellite Dish ,please help asap

    this evening my wife went ballistic as at the back of our place one of the biggest satellite dishes was being erected into a concreate post .....what a fin eyesore it is ....eventually she went to have a word with the Indian family who we have never seen or heard before , a verbal argument broke out ect it is now 5 foot higher than the 6 foot fence already there ...the chinese have one next door but its low and you cant see it ....but we look out at 8 palm trees ,lovely garden and now this eyesore ...when questioned about the council she said she was going to tell us about it but didnt get round to it , we are very reasonable neighbours but when it comes to crap like this we have to speak our minds (or should i say my wife does :embarrassed:).......my question is do these satallite dishes that are huge need council permission ......are we or they out of order ...even pepper the puppy is going ballistic with it , barking at it :arghh:is there anything we can do to have it moved .......or hidden
  23. Hi I posted on PIO a few weeks ago and we were all set to come to Melbourne. OH had a job, found dome nice areas, nice schools etc etc. He has just been told that he has also got the job in Sydney only its 30k more than in Melbourne with a better relocation package etc. I dont know the first thing about sydney as we have spent the last few months researching Melbourne. Can anyone help! We have a estimated arrival date of mid August!!!!! I am looking for a nice area to bring up my 2 children ages 8 and 6. Good schools, close to the beach (but not tooooo close) and easy enough for my OH to commute to North Sydney??? Low crime rate and anything else i seem to have missed lol We will be in rented accomodation for 4 weeks until we find somewhere perm to live but haven't got a clue as to where to start looking! Thanks Sarah :eek::sad:
  24. liniloo

    Medical issue -need advice asap!

    hi can anyone help us??? my husband has white coat syndrome when it comes to blood pressure readings! its sky high but is down alot at home! this is becoming an issue! what would happen with high readings at the medical for a 457 visa ?? will he be refused entry to Oz based on high blood pressure? he cant get used to the bp machines we have tried everything! the doc at one point put him on tablets thinking he had high blood pressure but it got quite ill! again the readings were high on tablets !!!! another point IF he was to have high blood pressure and was on tablets would that prevent him getting to Oz sorry for all the questions its just that this it our last chance of living the dream and he is healthy apart from this !!! any advice / help would be EXTREMELY appreciated!! thankyou Linda x
  25. Dear all electrical people I recently moved here (South Brisbane) 8 weeks ago from England. Since being here i have gained: CPR certificate, white card, electrical training permit, college enrolment. I have been working for the past 4 week for a domestic electrical contractor but the work has dried up. I have 4 week of my college logbook signed off but i now only need 8 more weeks full time work to gain my full electrical mechanic licence. i am writing this post because i would like someone to consider taking me on as a trade assistant and then maybe progress onto a full electrician status, But if not then please could you help me to obtain my 8 more weeks on the job training as this would be very much appreciated. :notworthy: Please contact my email: andymoores1@hotmail.com Thank you Andy Moores