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Found 18 results

  1. Hello good person and thank you for your interest in my humble topic. My other half is an art historian, specializing in East Asian art and...even more arcane...she has a penchant for Chinese ceramics of the Middle Ages. The arrival of our daughter has forced us to think long and hard about our collective future and we're seriously considering emigrating to Australia. Our visa application is 50/50 as her skills are not on any shortage list, but besides that our concern is that of her job prospects. She has a PhD (Doctorate) and five years post-qualification experience lecturing. We accept that sacrifices will need to be made in the short-term to secure the long-term we want; thus we are not hung up on location. If you're in the know about art history, museums, things Chinese and Japanese or the general art scene then we'd love to know your opinion on what her job prospects might be. Your feedback is much appreciated. Don
  2. Sunset


    I have several irons in the fire especially art and photography, the past few days we have been getting the kids into crafting getting them to use their brains and imagination and not just festering stuck in front of screens. I found a nice little computer program that lets you make posters, yes i know i said get them away from computers but it then allows them to create away from the machines and gives them an end result. Not the greatest of site names but hey ho - https://rasterbator.net/ Our other daughter is making mosaics from rice and smashed pasta pieces.
  3. Guest

    The art of conversation

    I am a HORRIBLE conversationalist. It's not hard to understand given that my routine 'leisure' is reading news on the internet, reading technical books on computer science, playing video games now and then... and nowadays PIO. I only get extremely philosophical/theoretical things in my mind. Which obviously makes for HORRIBLE conversation. I know some people in real life who have a knack of maintaining conversation. It's not just that they have a whole treasure trove of new things to say... they could be talking about the most mundane things, but it's just the way they converse... the way they speak... that you just pay attention. Or maybe I am a very good listener because I'm not a very good speaker so I find somethings interesting which others would find horribly boring? Well, obviously I would like to become a better conversationalist. So I am starting this thread in the hopes that people will share advice on how to hold a good conversation. You can pitch in by suggesting possible topics. You could pitch in by suggesting some sites I should start reading (other than news sites that is). Or in any other way you like. Let's hear it from fellow conversationalists.
  4. Hi Folks. I've been here in Perth for 6 months now (emigrated from Scotland) and am getting nowhere, fast. Im a fully qualified secondary art teacher with 5 years mainstream experience and 2 years experience working in special education. I have what I regard as an exceptional CV which demonstrates a huge range of experience, abilities and enthusiasm. I have applied for over 30 jobs, I'm registered with WACOT, I have completed the staffing request section on the DET website, I apply for every opportunity that they email to me and I continually get the same standard rejection letters. I also apply for an jobs listed in private or religious based school and still nothing. I dont understand the value of appointment pools yet I apply to be in all of them. It seems like there is little or no chance of getting a full or part time position working in a school in Perth. I've heard that working as a supply teacher is a good way to get your foot in the door, but as an art teacher, I don't see how I would be capable of teaching other subjects, especially on a supply basis. Has anyone had similar experiences? Has anyone got any advice on how to progress or can anyone shed any light on why I'm finding this an impossible task? Is the system stacked against foreigners? Are there actually any real jobs out there, or are they already accounted for before they are advertised? Is it because I teach art and not english or maths? Or am I just unlucky? Any advice, comments, help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for reading.
  5. BrownEyedGal

    IVF/ART and Medicare - Help?

    Hi all I'm seeking ANY information on having IVF/ART in the Sydney area. Myself and partner are now taking the plunge and would really value any help. I know it it a little cheaper with Medicare but I want to know if I can claim as I am on the Temp Partner visa? I am enrolled in Medicare. I also understand that you can claim some things on private health insurance but that does not kick in until you've been with the insurer for about 12 months. I can't wait that long - clock is ticking! We are definitely going down the IVF route and hopefully I will not need donated eggs but wait and see. Any thoughts, ideas and constructive criticism would be valued. Regards
  6. Guest

    The Art of Romance

    I'm really interested if any of you make much effort when it comes to Romance. I'm sitting here killing time on my old slow steam powered computer, whilst Thorn is sat across the room his back towards me, with headphones on using my better computer, in order to make me a movie of photos, animations & music I'll enjoy, as our 2nd wedding Anniversary is a couple of days away, Halloween actually :cool: I'm not allowed to look at what he is doing . Then later he says he will be going into the other room to make some other present, & I'm not allowed in there, & he assembled all manner of making equiptment including needles, thread, different kinds of glue, wire, & many things I didn't see. I know lots of other presents have been bought & hidden & I've been banned from looking in his suitcase since he arrived. He is also planning cooking lovely meals for our Anniversary weekend. This is very him to make such outstanding effort, he enjoys being Romantic in a Darkly Gothic way of course :laugh: I too have bought gifts, made a card for him & am in the process of composing a special email, containing pictures, music, poetry & sat up late making half of it & will continue my project later, when he is occupied & can't see what I'm making. Our ways are deeply steeped in the Gothic realms so it's natural for us but, Do any of you go to extraordinary lengths when it comes to Romance ? Do you bother to demonstrate your feelings in Romantic ways ? I can't imagine us ever settling for a takeaway & bunch of garage flowers, just not the way we are. However our gifts to each other are not really soppy they fit who we are . Although we make extra effort for special occaisions we are very expressive & show our darkly romantic natures every day in all manner of ways. I'm curious about the rest of you & I need to be occupied whilst I can't carry on with my secret projects. So talk to me PIOers :wubclub:
  7. Just posting some info about one of my favourite regions just outside Melbourne, in the Yarra Valley in the wine growing country. Last Sunday I went to have a look at the Archibald (Art) Prize collection at one of the wineries with a lovely gallery (views to die for across the hills). Anyone who is interested I can highly recommend a day out there, and maybe some of their wine (hic:yes:). It is good in summer or winter - just a thought anyway ! Click on the image gallery up the top to check out the views Check it out at: http://www.tarrawarra.com.au/
  8. Hi i am moving to Melbourne at the end of Feb 2009 and are currently seeking a job in art administration and sales in Melbourne. I have a full four year working visa. Does any one know of any nice galleries/art companies to send my C.V. or useful places to look. Many thanks Belle
  9. gasmainlayer

    art psychotherapist

    i have qualified as an art therapist in the uk and was wondering if anyone knows if there is any demand for this career path in Oz. i currently only have clinical experience through my training but have worked in Mental Health services in the NHS for 7 years in support worker/nursing assistant roles so would like to work in mental health as an art therapist. Mrs Gasmainlayer:biggrin:
  10. Hello, this may be an unusual post, but I'll never know if you dont ask! My hubby and I are thinking about moving to Mt Martha from Melbourne. I am a graphic designer and artist and work for myself. I wanted to know if there is an art and design interest and appreciation or focus in Mt Martha as I am wanting to run an exhibiton of my work and run an art class for children. Any opionions would be greatley appreciated. Thanks so much! Ps I really hope we can move!... Depends of finding the right land/house and land opportunity at a comfortable price!
  11. Guest

    Art shipping?

    Hi All, I would love some advice on this. We have a few nice paintings that are worth a bit of money and are getting worried about them being damaged during shipping (mainly due to the heat!). Has anyone had any problem with valuables being damaged or any advice on other ways of shipping (separately by air maybe?). I would really appreciate any advice. Thanks! Claire
  12. Guest

    art teacher (private)

    Does anyone have any ideas about finding a job to fill the above visa? (457) Thanks Edward
  13. Hello there, and thanks for reading. I am currently studying a two year foundation degree in Digital Design and then a top up year to study a Ba (hons) degree in Graphic Communication (graphic design) after this i wanting to do a PGCE in secondary Art & Design for a further year, followed by 3 years teaching in the UK before applying for immigration. Would this be enough to then go into full time teaching in Australia, i have been searching for weeks for an answer but nothing concrete, i want to teach in NSW preferably to. Thank you for any advice or information on anything else i would need to do to help me move over. Also any advise on student loans from uk, how do i arrange paying that back, when in OZ?
  14. Art Classes for kids of all ages at "The Little Red Smock" 1/53 Cliff Avenue Port Noarlunga South. This is a brand new venture for my friend and I and we would love to see you down at the art studio in the holidays and then term time as well. Take a look at our website www.littleredsmock.com.au . Here you will find class information and timetables. Alternatively contact Tania on 0433 978 181 or Heidi 0423 967537. for more information. Thanks and hope to see you there. Heidi x
  15. Guest

    Art and design courses in Oz

    Hi everyone My daughter has just had her interview to go to college in the UK, she was originally goinf to do 4 A levels including Photography and graphics (she wants to be a photographer) At her interview the art tutor has recommended that she does a Btech in art and design, as it will open up other avenues for her when she comes to going to Uni, including architecture fashion design and loads of other things, she will do little bits of each subject in her first year and then specialise in hr second year in her chosen field, it will also mean she wont have to do a foundation art degree prior to going to Uni. Shes been offered as place, which is great as they only have 18 places, pending her getting 4 GCSE's. She sat 3 last year a year early and is doing another 8 this year so Im pretty certain she is going to get in. The tutor was blown away by her portfolio, and couldnt believe a girl of her age could produce the work she has, she actually kept some to display, and thought one of her photographs was a postcard! So now she is saying she thinks she definately doesn want to come toOz as the course sounds so good, so I need to find something similar over there we have applied on a 176 family sponsorship visa, so we are looking at a fair old wait anyway so would imagine she may have already finsihed her first year here, at the rate things are going, I dont want to leave her here, but do want whats best for her, there is an option for her to stay with my parents and finish her course, but beacuse the way her birthday falls she will be almost 19 by then (born beg of Sept) and it will be so hard to get her to Oz........................ Any suggestions?
  16. Guest

    2491-11 Art Teacher (Private)

    does anyone know about jobs relating to 2491-11 Art Teacher (Private) visa? thanks
  17. A bit of encouragement wouldn't go amiss! Here it is, our parents have both passed away on both sides but the rest of our ‘family’are just the words ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ although we have put in our all (what with visiting them weekly for a year or so travelling a good 15 miles there and 15 back, listening to their constant probs in life) all with 3 small babies in tow we literally have got nothing back, no advice on life, no offers to babysit, no financial help not that we’d ask even if desperate but good to know it’s there (with the exception of only a few on his side, we are both from big families) they have both in our eyes really lost the value of ‘family’ and think only of number one with capital letters, have never really ‘been there’ for us and our 3 babies but now that we’re moving to the other side of the world hopefully soon they have suddenly decided that they are entitled to ‘worry’ about us….coming out with silly questions such as have you done enough research on Oz, what if this and what if that and what about the area you have chosen to live, well HELLO we told everyone family & friends that we were considering this move 5 years ago which is when we started the research…we know what we’re blimin doing, but NOW u r worried!!!!:arghh: Now that it’s come to real life, we are getting all their questions and far tooooo much negativity when we really for just once desperately need their support, maybe even a wee pat on the back to say good on ya and good luck but no they’ve bit off our hand and might as well wrap up a nice big grey cloud ready to splat everywhere over us once we get there!!!!!!!!!! So many surprisingly nasty confrontations from them lately, really just can’t wait to leave now as we have no more energy for THEM, our family comes first now, me, hubby and my children…..onwards and upwards together and happy to make the most of what we’ve got! Sorry for our newbie rant but desperately needed to get it off our shoulders. Would appreciate to hear of any similar experiences or advice. Thanks
  18. Guest

    The Art of Kissing

    for fair dinkum aussies....