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Found 71 results

  1. So it’s finally happening. On 27th July my husband and I move to Oz. One (probably stupid) question- he is a citizen and my visa is spousal (Irish passport) do I go through passport control with him as he is my sponsor to activate visa or do we both go through our separate channels? Also do I need to print the visa email or is it electronically tagged to my passport? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey fellow Queenslanders or should I say "Banana Benders"!!! We have got our 457 and are on our way on the 8th January and to be honest, we cannot wait. We have managed to secure a rental in Peregian Springs which seems to have a good reputation for a family. We are open to meeting people who live up that way - we are a family of 4 with children aged 19 (not really child) and 10, both boys. We hope you all have a great Christmas and see you all very soon Paul, Donna, Michael and Ollie...:cool:
  3. Hi Everyone. I'm hoping that some of you will be able to help me, hopefully I am not being cheeky. I am currently researching providing a bespoke shopping service for expats. I have lived abroad myself, and spent a year in Australia. I know that some items can be expensive for you to buy there (random items like books, greeting cards, perfume etc). My younger sister has been in Brisbane for over 3 years and has given me her list of 10 things she would like delivered tomorrow morning (it's a dream box :wink:) but she had to think back to her first six months when she missed everything so much more. My intention is to provide a personal service that will cut out high shipping costs. I feel for anyone who is homesick & sometimes a few things from home could help you get through the worst of it..or maybe you just can't do without your No 7 Protect & Perfect serum & your M&S undies or NEXT childrens clothes!! I understand also that you may not always want to have to ask family/friends to send items out. I really really appreciate anyone who has time to think about it & send me a reply. Because of my geographical postition I will be able to provide both UK & Irish goods. Thanks so much in advance if you can help me out, really looking forward to reading what's in your box...enjoy the sunshine & your new lives. xx
  4. Hi There Our move to Brisbane has been put forward to 17 December (we originally were going to be arriving mid January). Thankfully we are only coming from Christchurch, New Zealand so it isn't such a huge move but we definitely are arriving at the worst possible time of year. We've realised that we probably won't be able to get a decent rental until January, which is fine - our gear won't arrive till mid Jan anyway, but we are left with the problem of trying to find somewhere to live for at least 2 weeks (ie holiday accommodation) - no mean feat at this time of year with such short notice! To make matters worse, we will be collecting our dog from the airport on 21 December so also need to find somewhere for the dog to stay! What I'm trying to say is, does anyone know of any holiday accommodation that will accept dogs or, failing that, can anyone recommend a decent kennel (which is likely to have availability over Christmas)? Boarding him in Christchurch is not an option as there is no availability over the Christmas period! Sorry to waffle - this week has been a whirlwind. We're in a bit of a panic. We love our dog to bits but he certainly is making life hard at the moment!! Thanks Kate
  5. Hi, My partner and I are moving to Darwin on the 1st dec from Cambridge UK and will be bring our 2 year old little boy. I was wondering if anyone could advised me about toddler groups/ toddler activities. Many Thanks Kaylee
  6. Hi, my wife (Annette), daughter (Arianne) and me have made a few posts on here but this is the first when we have known exactly when we are going…..We fly out on the 27th of August from Stanstead to Kuala Lumpur and then onto the Gold Coast, landing on the 3rd of September. We will be staying in Ashmore Palms holiday village for a few weeks whilst we find a place to rent. Anybod else off to Gold Coast/Bris about that time?
  7. Hy guys ,me and my family are hopefully only 4/6 weeks from getting the verdict and start to a new great life for me and the family , Job is ready and waiting ,brother already living in williamstown ,which may come handy haha Read some great stuff on here and some worrying stuff as well ,so plenty to go over ,ie renting and schools,but as some one on here keeps saying just roll up and it be fine Anyway spk soon ,Andinchez
  8. Salma

    Shippers Arriving Tomorrow

    No turning back now, Pickfords will be turning up tomorrow morning! It is begining to sink to in a bit with boxes and bags everywhere and 2 weeks today I will be on a plane about to land in dubai! I have lived in this place all my married life (6 yrs) and a lot has happened and it is bittersweet leaving it all behind but looking forward to a new life with my husband and little boy!
  9. Well this whole moving thing is a bit stressful. We got our visa after only a 1.5 weeks wait and time just slips away after that with booking shipping and flights and then having to clean everything:elvis: Anyway - we are arriving on 8th NOvember and staying in temporary accomodation till we get something more permanent We have 2 kids Ethan aged 4(5 in Jan) and Mia aged 3. Would love to meet up/make freinds with others there! Angelax
  10. Well this whole moving thing is a bit stressful. We got our visa after only a 1.5 weeks wait and time just slips away after that with booking shipping and flights and then having to clean everything:elvis: Anyway - we are arriving on 8th NOvember and staying in temporary accomodation till we get something more permanent We have 2 kids Ethan aged 4(5 in Jan) and Mia aged 3. Would love to meet up/make freinds with others there! Angelax
  11. Hi all, Well we finaly fly out on the 20th, container has gone today, we have got tempoary accomadation in freemantle, (dont want to settle there) but need help on good parts both north and south of the river, i really want a good school for children (as does everyone) i am begining to think my 2 kids wont get to a school untill febuary next year :cry:. I cant wait to start our adventure i am prepared for the rough and the smooth and probably a few bumps along the way. the last 2 weeks have been hell it can only get better ! so wish me luck i need it :eek: Tracy :notworthy:
  12. Guest

    Arriving before 457 granted

    Hi all, New to this forum, seems very active and was hoping someone may have some previous experience of my situation. I've applied for a 457 which is being processed, i've just been asked for proof of medical insurance. We have booked flights for early September because my girlfriend has to leave the UK then and return home (shes Australian) I currently hold a tourist visa and am able to go without working for a month or so if required. My question is how these bridging visas work? can they be used to transfer from a tourist visa to 457 without flying to NZ like i did once before!!, I had the same guy at passport control in and out of the country and he wasn't happy. thanks in advance
  13. Having moved internationally on several occasions, we found the one thing people don't give much thought to is their credit history or building a new credit history/score. It may not be the most important thing on your list of things to do, but it soon becomes very important when you need to buy vehicles or a house. So, with this in mind, it would be great if someone could give some advice on key things to do on arrival in order to start up their credit rating. In the UK it is key to register on the electoral roll and live in one address for 3 years, but what is the advice in Australia? How long does a person need to wait in order to apply for credit to buy a car? Are there things we need to know when applying for credit of any kind? Thank you.
  14. Hi everyone! My names Faye and after having our visas for about 3 years now we are finally making the move to Oz in July. We are very lucky as Keith has a job waiting for him in Melbourne and they are moving us out there. We just got our travel details confirmed today - Cannot believe we are finally actually going! Now starting to freak out just a bit. We both grew up in South Africa though I was born in the UK so are looking forward to a more outdoor lifestyle for our kids similar to what we had I suppose. We are used to moving around a lot, though since we have had kids - 6 years ago - we have been pretty settled in Leafy Surrey. Like many of you, we have been spending hours and hours researching where the best place to live will be, our gut instinct is we would prefer East though I think our wallet might prefer the West! LOL. We have friends from SA who live in Point Cook and they seem to really like it and have been in the area for years. I worry about limited internet access and lots of the gardens seem really small. I think we will now have to just see when we get there. We are going to be put into a hotel for 3 weeks when we get to Melbourne, should be fun with 3 hyper kids, 6, 3 , 1 !! Would love to hear from anyone who can realte to my post, facing similar situations - agghhh have started the whole goodbye thing - nightmare just wish we were on the plane already!! bye for now Faye xx
  15. so.. i'm arriving in Perth at the back end of June..and still havent managed to get somewhere to live for the short term i'm looking for somewhere in the CBD as thats where i am working. Just trying to find somewhere for about 4 or 5 weeks.. fully furnished.. that isnt going to require that i rob a bank on arrival to pay for it! Waiting on one place to confirm availability ( studio flat).. but nothing so far.. Anyone know about a studio or 1 bedroom place.. near the CBD for less than say $550/wk cheers Six it
  16. Hello All, We will arrive in Redcliffle late Tuesday night and we are staying at the Redvue Appartments. It's the first time the boys and I have been to Oz. Wondered if anyone might like to meet up or give us a small tour of the area? We are a family of four with two boys who will be 2 and 4 in August. It would be great to meet other families in the area. Thanks Louise
  17. Guest

    Arriving August

    Hi, Full steam ahead for a move in August. Starting new job in West End, Brisbane. Any suggestions for good suburbs to rent, preferably with good public schools and transport links? Thanks in advance.
  18. Hello all I am arriving in oz on a WHV in August to be with my boyfriend, live with him and work (im a teacher) and try out the life! I will want to stay longer and want to apply for a partner visa after the first 12 months, however, the 12 months WHV will be up and that is when i can apply for the partner visa (due to the 12 month defacto requirement). My question is this: if i leave the country after the 12 month WHV is up and take a short trip and arrive back in the country a while later will i (a) be allowed back in the country on an automatic tourist visa and (b) will this satisfy the visa people for my partner visa, if my 3 month tourist visa runs out then i can apply for a bridging visa right? *i know i can extend the WHV for upto 2 yrs if i work fruit picking in the bush or the like for 90 days but this is not really what i want to do as my partner lives on the coast and i want us to stay there I know it's complicated but i'm sure somebody will get what i'm aiming for Thanks for ANY advice (i have been researching stuff independently too) Tina
  19. Hi all, Can anyone explain what are all the formalities to be done once arrived in the port with SS visa to WA.
  20. pope6

    arriving in perth

    i'll shortly be arriving in perth on a 457 sponsored visa. i've been offered a 3 bed house in Mount Hawthorn for $430pw. the house looks ok, seems to be well located (near the highway, park and office of my company...although i don't expect to be office based). its likely i'll be sending my 20' container (not groupage) about the same time i fly out. assuming the container takes about 8-10 weeks (is this about right??) i'll be rattling around the unfurnished Mount Hawthorn house without much stuff. therefore i'm thinking about passing up this house and going for a short term rental. my company will pay $1000 pw for up to 6 weeks temp accomodation. my question is it likely that i'll regret not taking the mount hawthorn house. does it sound like a particuarly good deal, is it a nice area? with a budget of say $430 pw will we find it hard to find reasonably nice house (not apartment) in perth. my wifewill be joining me after i'll have been in perth about 2 months and we don't have kids so no schools required. thanks in advance
  21. Hi all I am new to this site so not too sure how it works. My husband, 2 children under 4 and I are looking to rent in suburbs within 30mins of Cottesloe west of Perth. We will be out there within the next 5 months.Su We don't know that much about them only that cottesloe itself is very expensive. So if anyone has any advice on area for a young family that would be fantastic .Or good primary schools as we can base our house around them. Web addresses or company names would be very helpful. We happy to rent a part furnished, or not furnished home so any help would be very welcome. Thanks you for taking the time to read this, look forward to any advise. Gemma
  22. HI all, I have been SO busy I haven't had a minute to post an arrival report but cos I use to find these so useful when at home, thought I was duty bound to share my experiences! Where to start?? It seems like an age ago since I posted last on here and was still in UK but just a little over 3 weeks !!! So we left good old Blighty on 8th November - Goodbyes - heart wrenching - truly the most difficult 3 weeks for us all - kids really struggled (as did we) saying farewell to family, but also REALLY good mates - Eeek - don't envy anyone that experience. We arrived on the 10th Nov - I had a Telephone interview with QLD Health early November - and got a post with them as a Child health Nurse - which was great!! - the shocker was that I had to attend induction training for two weeks, full time on the 15th November - OMG 5 days to get set up - NIGHTMARE!! Anyway, not one to be put off - I took the plunge so first three days crazy - sorting medicare, banking, taking docs into new job, buying a car etc - absolute madness - my feet hardly touched the ground. But I was ready for work 5 days from arrival - leaving OH in new found role as House Hub (temporarily I add - don't want him getting daft ideas !!) Job good - really lovely people, so kind and helpful to the new pom in town. Hours really fab for me. Since Training ended have now reverted onto my 5 days a fortnight ( 3 shifts one week, 2 the next) and things are calming down. Flights - flew with Singapore Airlines - FAB in everyway - got Double baggage allowance and believe me, I filled every last kilo of it - :biggrin: We broke the flight up by having an 11 hour stopover in Singapore in the Transit Hotel - awesome - we had a decent sleep, shower and bite to eat and then off for final 8 hours of flight. We felt very much more refreshed on arrival than when we did each connection back to back before! Shipping - went without a hitch - John Mason was the shipping agent - guys who did the packing really quick, efficient and decent blokes - made the experience a whole lot easier. We had a share container and stuff left UK 26th Oct. There is a chance that we will get our stuff before Christmas, even though originally told mid Jan but will have to see - estimate of 22nd Dec - keep you posted. We initiallly moved in family but after all the upheaval for the kids, quickly realised that they need some roots of their own - so not content with working full time, within days of arrival - we started to look for a rental (nothing like pressure!!!). We viewed 3 but mad keen on the 3rd and luckily got it - 12 month lease which suited us! Heard within 24 hours of lodging application and moved in two days later - went without a hitch really so all the posts about difficulties with rental didn't affect us - so we were very lucky. Had got reference from short term lets in UK and gave in excess of 100 points of ID they requested. Had 240 points so my message would be more the better. They did not really seem to rate our UK referees but seemed content with a UK letter from Solicitor confiming sale of our house and that funds had gone in our account. SO YET another mad rush trying to buy essentials until ship arrives (new double beds for kids, fridge/freezer, 4 chairs, 4 items of cutlery,plates etc etc .....) - but we are in and kids now settling much better!! Girls from work so beaut - they all brought in various typical Oz food items i.e Vegemite, Tim Tams, nuts, Milo) and made me a food parcel - its these little things that have made me feel so welcome - Cheers girls!! Only had hassle with mobile phones - we bought handsets with us that weere on Vodaphone network at home a]nd as Vodaphone Au high profile thought we would be able to get them to unlocked phone here and use them - not possible - so if bringing phones, get unlock done in UK or else they are null and void!! Also although we thought it would be nice for kids to have time to settle in prior to starting school, but arriving at beginning of hols has restricted them socially - and when missing friends, could really have done with chance to meet new kids here! Still we have lived and learnt!! Was aiming to do the Brissy PIO meet up on 26th but with moving 2 days before not possible so going to aim for December date - see you there guys!!! There have only been a few days when I have felt glum and lost - although Oz has a lot of parallels to uk (language, driving etc) still has been a big culture shock at times to fit in - overall think we are settling well and hopefully we should see the dream through to reality. So many pluses - lovely friendly people, and country - and I am a realist to not think that it would be plain sailing - so don't worry - although I miss home, not planning an early dart home yet, but realise that we have a fair way to go! I am missing my pals and would kill for a bevvy with them but I think surviving the home sickness waves is a case of embracing the changes and not comparing to home - I have read this before here and think it is really good advice !! So relish the change and not dwell of differences is my current ethos! One difference I could do without now is not to have bucketfuls of Rain - kinda too similar to the UK - :biggrin: so heres to the dry weather arriving (soon - hopefully). Good luck to all of you still to come - hope this has helped!!
  23. Guest

    shippers arriving in 45mins!!

    Hiya, just wanted to say that Im sitting here waiting for the shippers to turn up, got up a bit too early this morning, wont be too long till we are out there. Actually arrive in Perth 19th Jan 2011, moving in temp accomodation today till xmas so we can spend the festive season with the family, handing notice in on Friday....its all finally happening :jiggy:
  24. Hi guys, it's a first post for me and Andrea, wondering if anyone can help us. We from Calgary Canada. We applied for a Permanent Resident VISA back end of last year and were approved very quickly, we're due to arrive Dec 08 2010 and we're super excited! But we cannot seem to find an answer to this question anywhere. When you arrive in Australia, are you taxed on any cash you either bring with you when you land. And, second question if not, are you taxed on money you bring with you later, bearing in mind that this money was earned previously and tax has already been paid on it in (our case) Canada. Most of the money is the proceeds from sale of our house - and some is from cards, cash in our account etc. With the Canadian Dollar being so very strong right now, I'd rather leave the money in Canadian currency for while and since we are renting for the first 6-12 months we don't need all the cash right away but I don't want to pay penalities or taxes on the money, since it's already been taxed out here. Can anyone please help us by sharing what you did with your money when you sold your house, if you had one? We're very confused on this issue and there is no help to be found anywhere. (PS Sorry for the duplicate post - we posted this in the money/finance section a few days ago but no-one replied, I don't there is much activity over there.) Thanks in advance for any help! Darren & Andrea.
  25. Please can you share some info with me on this one? My other half has emailed his work history to lots of companies in Melbourne in the hope that they might get back to him with something that would allow him to get a foot in the door or even a telephone interview before we actually leave for Oz. He has either heard nothing at all or been told flat out that they are not interested in him until he arrives in Victoria and applies directly for jobs so is available for face to face interview. Same has been advised by the employment agencies etc. So, how have you been able to get work so you can start when you arrive in Oz? Thanks so much for any answers on this one as I know you probs don't want to give too much away. PS Other Half works in Construction