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Found 12 results

  1. Hi We have been in Sydney for 8 weeks now and our ship docked yesterday, I wondered how long it took for the containers to arrive at the door??? I am desperate to have all our things around us, and my son needs to have all his toys etc....... We are really hoping to be in our house for Christmas as we are staying in a serviced apartments and its driving us mad!!!:goofy: would be great to hear of others experiances with this :biggrin:
  2. Hi PIO, Cound anyone give me some good insurance companies for a car, also a motorbike. also, can anyone tell me what you have to do before your motorbike arrives. registration etc, i'm a bit unsure of what to do. I've got the import sorted, but where to go from here i'm not sure. I need 3rd party insurance to get back to our house, but I went to the RACQ the other day and they were not very helpful. any information would be appriciated. cheers, Troy
  3. I've just been notified by my shipper that our container will be around 12 days late, it seems to be taking the scenic route... Problem is, the due date into Sydney is when I am out of the country, and I don't get back until 3 days later. I'm assuming that the process of offload, customs, AQIS and packing up for delivery will take a few days. Just wondering what other have experienced?
  4. Hi I have applied for GSM 175 in august 2011 and have not been allocated a CO yet (no surprises, i know :biggrin:, but that is not my concern) . In the meanwhile, I hold a work visa and am in australia. I got adviced that, if at the time of generating the pre-grant letter for PR I am in Australia, my application gets rejected. Is that true? The same person also told that once a CO is allocated, you need to negotiate and reach an agreement as to 1) when the letter will be generated so that you can leave the country 2) in which country you will be contacting the australian embassy to get the visa stamped Can the experts kindly throw some light on this? regards ind175
  5. The Pom Queen

    Endeavour Arrives in Cairns

    Looking forward to visiting the Endeavour whilst it's docked in Cairns over the next fortnight.
  6. Hi there, I am currently moving back to OZ after six great years in the UK. I have a car which i would like to take with me, i have arranged import documents and shipping (roro) so all is sorted this end. But the mind-field starts now! What is the procedure once it arrives, how much is the duty, gst and quarantine costs? I have read all different prices and quotes from different places so I am getting a very sore head just thinking about it. Any help will be a fantastic :confused:
  7. nurse sue

    OMG he arrives

    OMG peace is shattered he that is Mr Luvpants is arriving today & his lovely wife Lisa I just want to welcome them and wish them all the best in thier new adventures in Australia also good luck in their new jobs the Police and Nursing love and hugs to you both:cool: xx
  8. Lancashire Lass

    Documents before container arrives?

    I'm trying to work out what paperwork I will need handy in the first couple of months of landing in Oz. So far I have got - Birth Certs and Marriage Cert Paper Driving Licenses Kids Immunisation Records (school has asked for them) Mortgage Statements (perhaps as proof we are good payers when we are looking to rent a home??) Husband's trade certificates But then my brain stops working and the list ends there!!!! :confused: What else should I be putting in my "hand luggage documents folder"?? Thank you Mandy
  9. Tracking the conatiner ship online tells me its now in Singapore, where our container swaps ship and heads for Sydney ariving circa 18th January ( mmmm same date First Fleet landed at Botanists Bay. in 1788!) Just wondering, anybody had a container transported fron Sydney to an area near The Entrance, Central Coast? Shippers will move the container 30 miles...which is about 48klm, no mention of the costs per Km or or cost over and above the "pre-paid" distance to final destination. Seems like a honey trap...the stuff has to be moved and not really any choice of removalists or negotiation on the end cost. Almost sure the surveyor who came to quote told us the span was 100 km Radius from Sydney... final paperwork recieved AFTER we paid..brought by packers! TIA L.L. + boss
  10. stacybird123

    going to aus before visa arrives

    hi does anyone know if its possible to go to aus before visa comes? it should be i but obviously without any schooling rights or work rights, and on working holiday visa or something but is it advicable? my wife has a business via the internet and generate income this way so is this legal? i just want to go now, fed up with waiting and ive been told as ive only just starting the second main stage it will be 9 months till i get the visa i suppose too i would have to get medical insurance but is it ok for us to go now or do we have to be in england? regards
  11. Hi all, I have a question which someone may be able to help me with.... We are shipping our furniture tomorrow, yet because of the "go slow" on visas being granted, we are worried that they will get there before our visas do!!! We are going over on a long holiday and becoming an onshore applicant so will physically be there but can we collect with no visa???? AAARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!! So many things to worry about!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks:skeptical::skeptical:
  12. Hello again all:jiggy: Well you find me a very happy Easter bunny....... Having heard 4 weeks ago that my daughter Jenna has been offered a place on her course in Melbourne, we finally heard today that Stu has been offered a place at the same TAFE.........This is what we have been waiting for and we're absolutely over the moon that they've both got the places on the courses they wanted. All systems go now......sell the house, start clearing out....15 months to go and counting..... Just had to share this with you all, feel that I've got to know such a lot of great people on here. Thanks for listening to this waffle......:jiggy: Cheers, Rachel:wubclub: