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Found 9 results

  1. Suddenly, we may be going to Queensland!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I've a few queries you maybe able to help me with please? Do you pay school fees in Queensland as you do in NSW? Are rental / house prices any cheaper? Are rentals easier to get? Which is the closest area to live as my OH would be going to Sydney regularly, presumably flying? Where looking to live on the Northern beaches, where's similar in Queesnland? What's the main differences? Need a decent sized town / community, but not a busy city, liked Sydney, but wouldn't live too near the city (even if I could afford it) Where to start looking at information about Queensland? Is there plenty of work in Queensland for me, part time almost turn my hand to anything clerical thanks Cal
  2. I'm a bit stuck here , i don't usually ask for help with this matter but would love some comments . my daughters school has just called to say her purse has been stolen while she was playing hockey. ( i did think that maybe she had just misplaced it somewhere ) She has just called me crying( bless hr )saying mum i put it in the tray with all our phones too, that the teacher holds . :dull:Best thing is the school isn't looking into it till Monday ! I did say to the head hangon one min .....why hasn't all the children all been asked to empty their bags to make sure they havn't picked the purse up by mistake :wink::dull: she said oh we aren't allowed to do that ! My Daughter has had no end of trouble with the kids in this school , she gets teased because she is top in each subject, they have even given her another language to do because she soaks foreign language up and enjoys school( now i know kids will be kids ) and she takes this on the chin , also the comments of geek nerd and the old favorite Name calling because she is ginger . She had a 15 yearold boy slam her against a wall ,in the laneway they walk.. to get their buses ! She took control of that herself ( he won't be doin that again, thnkgod for muay thai training ) Millie is a gentle soul who sees no wrong in anyone and she lets things go over her head , but today i think it came to a head . How do i explain why people are like this to her :sad: she is only 11 Brides x :wideeyed:p.s sorry about the way i typed this im just so angry lol
  3. I have been advised that as our 856ens application was lodged before October there is a good chance that our friends application who be lodging shortly (in other words over a month later than ours) could be granted before our visa as his will be lodged with the new "decision ready" option. Now i'm not huffed that his might be granted before ours but i am somewhat worried about how many applications will be put in front of ours and if that means that our application could end up taking longer than the original estimated 5-7 months. Does anyone have any further information regarding this?:arghh:
  4. Guest

    ARGH this is all crazy

    HI guys and girls, Im looking for some advice. Ok, I was looking to apply for a 176 visa, Im on the SOL and CSL and Im pretty certain Ill be on the new SOL, not so sure about the SMP's though. Is it worth applying for a 176 in July (after the SMP's are out whenever that will be) or is it worth applying under a 121 (I sent my cv to an employment guy in Oz and he says he has a few employers who are willing to sponsor me). Can I initially apply under a 176 and switch if needed to a 121? The first thing I need to do (and Im about to) is register with my professions legal body in Australia. Any advice is gratefully appreciated as my head hurts :wacko: Thanks Gary
  5. Guest

    Police checks. ARGH

    So, trying to be a clever sod, I front loaded as much of my application as I could. Helps that I've been through the 457 process a number of times, so had most of the information already available. Once my SS was sorted, the only things remaining to lodge were police checks, which we had fortunately collected prior to leaving the UK. WORD OF WARNING - UK PC's are only valid for 3 years. Won't affect most people, but it nearly bit us as the 3 years is up next month :jiggy: That being ok, my wife and I arranged for STATE police checks here in WA. And our survey said.... UGH ERRR. Despite the fact that the state police checks clearly state that we have no records in Australia, this is not sufficient for DIAC. You HAVE to get the Australian Federal Police checks done. This isn't so bad as they are actually cheaper than the state ones :shocked:, but annoyed the hell out of me of course. Wanted to point this out so that nobody else gets caught out
  6. Hi everyone, (WAGE MOTOR MECHANIC WA?) Okay so been trying to put together SS research (enough said eh!......) well, here goes - can anyone please, please, please, please, please let me know what the wage is for a motor mechanic in WA? I have been searching for the last 2 hours, states wages, then you click 'whatever' link it is and, guess what NOTHING *(^&*$%#)&*)*. Okay calm now. I await the all so helpful and informative knowledge of my fellow PIOers. Many thanks Ley x :hug::arghh:
  7. got email from case officer for my partners visa saying that he didnt disclose his police caution in his application form. He did however write a statement explaining the caution on the additional info page but still that wasnt good enough. He phoned up the case officer and he said she was really cheeky on the phone. He was to now write a statement saying why he didnt disclose it and what the details of the conviction were. The thing is a caution isnt a conviction so thats why he didnt tick one of those boxes or is it? anyway wrote a statement and sent it off by special delivery so they will get it tomorrow. Any thoughts people?
  8. Totally stressing! My O/H's medicals have been sent to Sydney instead of London! Cant believe it! Hope theres a way to get these then sent on to London!
  9. E-mail this morning from a case officer requesting meds etc. Haven't stop jumping up and down yet. They've given us 35 days to send a full response, is this enough time for everything? Slightly concerned as I heard police checks can take up to 40 days. What do we do then? HELP! So excited, bathroom is nearly tiled so nearly finished, just spare room to do before we can sell. Emma x