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Found 20 results

  1. I don't know about the rest of you, but I am finding the aqis xmas break closures very difficult to work around. At least in Melbourne. Most people hate that you can only visit your pets twice per week (and only over four days, and limited hours during those days). This last week we could only visit on Monday (in pens) and today was supposed to be yard visits (only one for the week) and the closed the yards! That said they opened them this afternoon .. and seems they were only closed because they thought there would be too many people wanting the yards (a pre-emptive strike), I must say that at least when they do get to the yards that the grass is very well kept and at least half of the ones in Melbourne have good shade. Not sure why not ALL of the yards dont have shade .. but what the hey. If you are sending your treasured pet to Aus in the new year .. relax, its a great place for dogs (and cats) and humans alike! Cheers, Bruce
  2. Does anyone know how stringent AQIS will be about bikes being shipped into Melbourne via sole use container. I've had all 4 of our bikes jet washed and there is no mud or dirt on them other than greasy old chains & cogs. Obviously the grease is a mixture of dirt & grease, so will the AQIS peeps be sending me a cleaning bill? Thanks in advance for any prior knowledge being shared here. Darius
  3. Cam


    How strict are AQIS? We have been cleaning bikes and shoes to death, I think they're cleaner than when we bought them, but some things like the toaster I can't get some crumbs out of. Are there any key things we need to watch out for? Apart from the obvious mud. Thanks
  4. Hi, our shippers send us this customs form where they ask all these question of things you need to declare? Do you have to mention the feather duvets? How much detail do they want at the question of wooden items? Do you write ALL things wood from beds and tables to wooden kids train set and little wooden fruit bowl or little wooden paper organiser? I am so scared I miss something off that should have been on there. I have asked our shippers a few things, but I don't agree with not mentioning certain things. We have bedside cabinets with basket drawers and was told just to put bedside cabinets. I'm not sure that is the right thing to do. :no: What did you folks declared? Cheers.
  5. We'll be packing up to leave soon and I notice that for shipping personal effects you have to declare to AQIS all items less than 12 months old. How detailed or thourough do you have to be regarding this declaration? Is it best to declare a few token items or can we just say nothing is new? Do we really have to check every single thing that might be less than 12 months old? Will we be charged duty/GST on everything we declare? We have kids, so there are definitely toys and the odd bits and pieces that are less than 12 months old. It's not as if we've bought a load of new stuff intentionally to ship out to either avoid Australian tax or pay a cheaper price! I'm thinking of things like toys the kids received for birthdays in the past year - so I might not even know the price of the items. Any advice/tips appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Hi Everyone, We had an email from the Australian shipment company handling our goods this end. They want us to pay $168 for an AQIS Inspection to them, but our goods haven't arrived at the docks yet. I have queried why we should pay an inspection fee when we haven't been inspected, and from what I've read, nobody knows the cost of the inspection except AQIS, who haven't inspected anything yet. We only have a partial container with about 18 boxes, and I presumed the money we paid for the service included everything, as we were quoted on a door to door service. Has anybody else had any experience with this? Thanks Jord
  7. :mad: Hi all We have just been sent an invoice through our broker for AQIS fees and oh my god they are expensive! Has anyone else exerienced this? We had two small woven baskets (from Matalan) that we declared and its those and a random tiny silver tinsel xmas tree that they say have to be destroyed. The costs are as follows: AQIS Permit $139 plus tax AQIS Inspection fee $112 plus tax AQIS attendance $75 plus tax AQIS Destruction $189 plus tax I am appaled and trying to figure out how to minimise these costs! The stupid items arent worth anything but I cant find any information (that I can make sense of) on how AQIS arrived at these various fees! Has anyone dealt with AQIS before?? Any advice?? Im going to call them in the morning but would appreciate any advice! Thanks! Teva
  8. I am soooooo confused! AQIS have said the following are charged on a per consignment basis but anyone have any idea what a consignment is??? documentation fee - $40 (covered by my shipping company) lodgement fee - $15 (covered by my shipping company) inspection fee - $90 per half hour We are flying out 1 box of tools weighing about 30kg.
  9. My dogs are flying to Australia on Wednesday 16th February 2011, arriving at Sydney Airport on Friday 18th February 2011. I am using a pet relocation firm called Passport For Pets (a division of Airsupply Shipping Agents) but to save money I am arranging the vet treatments and completion of most of the paperwork myself directly with my personal vet. The AQIS guidance clearly states that Part A and Part B of AQIS Vet Certificates (sent with the Import Permits) MUST be completed, signed and stamped (endorsed) by a Official Government Veterinarian (the vet at the airport on the day of departure) and travel with the dogs to Australia however the above pet relocation firm are saying that it is not, that they only AQIS doc required is the Import Permit. Just seems a bit odd, why bother creating these forms if they weren't required but the girl at the firm I am dealing with is adamant they are not needed? I almost get the feeling they are trying to confuse me so I give up and pay for them to do everything! I have emailed AQIS today but can anyone that has done the paperwork part themselves please advise on this? I do not want them to be turned away at either airport because these forms have not been completed. .
  10. I want to send some things to Australia and I am not sure about the procedure. I send AQIS an email and they gave me this link: AQIS I want to take yarn, mostly wool, a lot of it handspun, some from raw fleece (washed of course, but still, hard to get the oils out and dirt is never coming out of alpaca). Can I take this? I think I'll have about 5 kilo's of it (and that is after parting with my least precious wool, I am not parting with this yarn, yes I am an addict :wub:) And how about the spinningwheels? Are they ok when cleaned? no bugs in it, just wool and dust on them. They should not be treated any different than furniture, should they??
  11. mj&db

    AQIS Paperwork for 2-dogs

    Hi, We are sending out our two english staffies and I am doing all the paperwork myself - has anyone else sent / sending out two dogs and done the paperwork themselves? I have one question regarding the "Application for Permit to Import Quarantine Material - Application to Import Cats and Dogs". Might be pretty obvious but I just don't want to do the wrong thing and get charged again!!! Page 3 states that "A separate page 2 / animal details page must be completed for each animal" Is it as simple as printing another page for the other dog?
  12. :wacko: Hi everyone! We are soooo confused, stressed etc... My kids and I are planning to join my brother in Sydeny in 8-10 weeks. Have been planning and selling for nearly 2 years and have decided to bite the bullet and rent my house and just go! sooo excited! Heres the possible problems: 1: Can I take my dogs on a tourist visa? (till I find a teaching job) either a three month or six month visa. 2: I have found a n airline which, so long as my dogs and crate are not over 32kg, will allow them to travel as backage in cargo (?)/luggage area for free!!! plus 70 GBP as they are 2kg over 30kg total weight. (Any more than 32kg they would need to go via emirates sky-cargo) This is where the problem lies, as AQIS state that they have to travel in Cargo, not in passenger (?), does that mean they can travel in cargo on the same plane as us?? or they cannot travel in same plane, and need to go on a specific cargo based flight? so bl@@dy confused!! :confused: Secondly, AQIs say they can travel via Dubia, so long as they don't trans-ship, however, the flight is direct, but changing planes in Dubai from UK, less than three hour turnaround. they dont touch dubai ground, but do transfer??? Cannot seem to find much info from AQIs on these two matters, head is FRIEDDDD ! :arghh: PLEASEEEE HELPPPP!! I am traveling with twin sister (yes twins by definition!!) labradors, one weigh 26kg the other 27kg , choc n black! 1 yr old munchkins thanks Crazyfox xxx


    has anybody rang to ask any questions for taking some stuff they are not to sure on ? if so how approachable are AQIS ?
  14. Has anyone heard of a charge when exporting goods 'home' if they have been in the country less than 12 months. We know of people who are considering going home having only been here a few months and were told by a shipping company that they'd have to pay taxes and charges because the goods had been in Oz less than 12 months? This sounded nonsense to me but I'm not an expert? Any thoughts?
  15. Hi Has anybody had AQIS included in their quote and had their goods shipped to Oz and not have to pay anything more than was originally quoted & paid in UK. Some companies say its included but then the other companies are telling me its all a con as it can't be included and you will get stung the other end. I know they are all salesmen but starting to wonder now don't and can't afford to get forced to pay more again in Oz on collection day?:wideeyed: Thanks
  16. Guest

    AQIS Shocker

    I just received an email to say that AQIS steam cleaned my personal import car at a cost of $990 AUD! The car was actually steam cleaned before leaving Ireland. I expected that it might happen but was under the impression that it would cost half this amount at worst. How on earth can cleaning a car cost this much money?? This is clearly a rip off and a shocking one at that!:mad:
  17. Guest

    B534 aqis form

    Hi all furniture has gone. I need to fill in the aqis form, can anyone tell me how much tax you pay on goods under 12 months old? Also do you have to state everything? Mum has bought the kids xmas presents also bought a plasma tv brand new any help cheers joe
  18. We have just heard our container has arrived in Brisbane, only 4 days later than first advised so not bad. Our container is going to be checked by AQIS on the 22/09/09 Tuesday, now the big question I was wondering was out of everyone who has sent a container over from the UK how many people got away with not getting charged for fumigation of some sort. And if you did get charged what was it for and how much? I am just starting to rake my brain and think of everything that went on in those 2 mad days back in July!! Sorry if this has been done before Dawn and Nigel :wink:
  19. Guest

    AQIS Fumigation Fees

    Has anyone here been charged by AQIS for having anything fumigated? We have some wooden flutes that may not clear customs and wondered how much they would charge us to clean/fumigate them. We will be taking them on the plane rather than putting them in the container. We have asked all the shipping companies and googled it but can't find an answer. Even AQIS were very vauge. Thanks for your help Chewy
  20. Well, the details for those of you interested... 40ft sole use container, from Warwickshire to Melbourne Packed Fri 9 Jan outside the house Sat 10 Jan - put on train to Southampton Sun 11 Jan - packed on container ship to Singapore and departs UK Arrives in Singapore 2 hours before connecting ship - thus misses it and must wait one week. Tue 24 Feb - arrives in docks at Melbourne Thu 26 Feb - moved to customs Mon 2 Mar & Tue 3 Mar - insoected by quarantine And that is when we get the call. bear in mind we have the majority of our life in here, and with three kids under 5, loads of toys including outdoor toys, loads of garden stuff (but no mowers) but there is one strimmer, rakes, shovels, spades etc plus everything else from a 5 bed house. And then we get the call. AQIS have found some things that you need to make a decision on. What could it be, we thought. Damn, all my tools which I need because I like lots of tools, not because it's my trade or anything. FYI, I did not clean a single tool, not that they were dirty. And the item in question... two small tubs of fish food. That's it. Is fish food really going to pose a major threat to Australia? FYI, these are 100g tubs of shop bought dry fish food that you feed goldfish. Nothing exotic, nothing else. So our choices: 1 - Pay for them to be destroyed, at a cost of $110 2 - Apply for an import licence (eh!) at a cost of about $200, a very long wait and no guarantee the import will be granted. So it is the MOST EXPENSIVE fish food ever. Guess what we chose... I'm very glad it's here, but not too glad that it cannot be delivered until next Tuesday because of the long weekend and too many people moving prior to it (Kent Moving, incidentally, who came via our contract with PSS, who have been very very good so far). We did jet wash most items before we left (but did not jet wash the jet wash, ironically) and we got PSS to do their £20 disinfectant spray since we felt it was worth it on paper - and maybe that was a good call... Anyhow, more to report when everything is unpacked. My, how I cannot wait to see that container...