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Found 189 results

  1. Can anyone tell me when you applied Vetassess and when it was approved, please? It might give others an idea about the processing time..... You experience could help us a lot
  2. Anyone out there approved for citizenship and waiting on the ceremony? What area and how long have you been waiting? My approval was granted on the 18th July (initial application went into the Sydney CBD office on the 4th June) and the ceremony location was put down for Leichhardt Municipality...
  3. JR88

    457 approved! :D

    Woke up to my 457 being approved, finally after wage issues in Aus, Fly out 23rd March! SO EXCITED :biglaugh::jiggy:
  4. Keira huggins

    Sooooo chuffed, visa approved

    :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: Hi guys, had the mail today, all approved! Hubbie is going out first we are travelling next summer when the dog can go, so hubbie needs somewhere to stay. Will be looking for a hotel for the first couple of days in the CBD,,,,,,,not too pricey. Any suggestions Cheers guys, we are on cloud nine here:jiggy:
  5. Hi can anyone help me....I have just received my letter from AHPRA to say I am eligible to register as a midwife it took just 7 weeks from when I posted the application and all the documents to them so very happy with that. I am now starting the 121 ENS PR visa application and keep seeing references to a 'skills assessment'. This is the first I have heard about that and I can't seem to really get any firm information about whether I need to do that or if the fact I have my letter from AHPRA will be enough to say my skills have been assessed?? The cost of a skills assessment on the ANMAC website is pretty high for something I feel I have gone through already. I would love to hear of other peoples experiences with this.
  6. The Pom Queen

    Williams Landing Shopping Centre Approved

    Wyndham Council has approved stage one of the new $100 million Williams Landing Shopping Centre. It will include more than 28,000 sq m of retail and commercial office space including national brands and independent retailers offering a mix of fashion, fresh food, services and convenience outlets. These will include 4200 sq m Woolworths, a 7700 sq m Big W and a 13,500 sq m Masters hardware store. The 50 hectare centre will include 80 speciality stores, five smaller major outlets and a restaurant precinct. The centre is scheduled to open to the public in late 2013 or early 2014.
  7. Mr Fabricator

    Planning application approved :-)

    While were all going through the visa application process and worrying about everything thats involved , i had a little extra on my mind with regards to an extention on my house. Essentially i had some old delapidated out buildings to the rear of my property and they were on theire last legs , so they all came down at the begining of the year , new foundations laid and i rebuilt them in lovely timber frames , sort of a log cabin effect . Jeleous neighbour to the rear bubbled me ( tho i didnt think i was doing anything wrong as the buildings were already there) to the council and its been an obvious slog since then , Building control , planning , inspectors , architect, structural engineer , cost !! etc . I was possibly looking at demolishing the lot but looked on line this morn and APPROVED :biggrin::biggrin: Just regs to satisfy now and finish the buildings but atleast i can keep them . On another note they were supposed to be a garage and a summer house , not part of the house , nor would they be classed on the deeds as anything other than that , Because i was shopped to the councill , the inspectors said they were far to over engineered to be just " sheds " and they would havto be classed as Dwelings . this concerned me for obtaining full planning permission/.consent . My lovely , nosey, jeleous neighbours have essentially helped me in obtaining permission for a self contained 1 - 2 bed bungalow insted of a big car shed . Thanks v much :biggrin::biggrin: the £50k it will add to my propperty will be very usefull on my way to OZ . lee
  8. Guest

    Visa Approved today!

    Business Skills Visa Lodged 7th June - Granted today!!!! Get in! One way flights booked to Perth for December 20th Cant believe how ecstatic we are this morning, our agent (who we could not have done without) rang us at 5am this morning UK time to tell us and she was as excited as us, think she forgot about the 8 hours time difference though! We have booked Mindarie Marina hotel for the first month then will be looking for a longer term rental in Duncraig. Our new adventure begins...... Glenn 46, Ann-Marie 39, Jacob 17 and Alfie 10 preparing to leave sunny Sheffield :biggrin:
  9. Just thought i'd share this with you all........our 457 visa application was lodged on Thursday and was approved and granted on Tuesday ( 5 days ) can't believe it......we were told 4-6 weeks.......has anyone else experienced this wuick turnaround ? my head is spinning even more now ! roll on Feb 2012
  10. musmanasghar

    VE 176 Approved after 2 years

    Dear All I am really glad to inform you that by the Grace of GOD Alhamdulillah received my VE 176 Today. After a long wait of 2 years at last my time has come. I am really thankful to all of my friends specially BILALN30, EZY_GOING, leptokurtic, User_name, SJSabir, Jimm and others (sorry if I forgot some 1, I m half asleep). My detailed Timelines are mentioned below. ACS applied = 31 March 2008 ACS rejected = 13 May 2008 Appeal Filed = June 2008 ACS Positive = 19 Nov 2008. ACS Result letter lost in post. Sent request for ACS Result copy 17 Nov 2008 ACS sent +ve eligibility Letter = 23 Dec. 2008 / 2231-79(Network Security) Another +ve Eligibility Letter with result review Sent 24 Nov. 2008 / 2231-11 (sys Man) ACT SS = May 2009 ACT SS granted = Sep 2009 Visa Applied = 3 Oct. 2009. Then ZZZZzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzzZZZZzzzzzzzZZZzzzzz Slept for 13 Months ACT SMP announced = 8 Nov 2010 (profession listed in ACT SMP) wow CO Assigned = 17 Nov. 2010 Form 80 Sent = 30 Nov 2010 Again Slept for 12 Months ZZZZzzzzZZZzzzZZZZzzzzzzzz due to Security Checks Medical/PCc request 01 Nov 2011 Medicals done = 15 Nov. 2011 Medicals Referred = 17 Nov. 2011 (thanks to E-Health) Visa Approved = 22.Nov.2011 Initial Entry Date = 19-Oct-2012 Wish you all Best Of luck.
  11. pommiecheeks

    Visa's approved!!!

    Received the email this morning. 457 visa's took just 5 days! :eek:
  12. Hi All, I'm new on here but have been reading many forums from you guys and I must say thank you all so much for the info you give. I've learnt so much about moving to Oz. Myself my husband and my 3 children (18,15,and 13) would love to get the chance to move out to Perth. My husband is in the Building industry and has been offered a job with a sponsorship on a 457 visa. However our employer has never sponsored before so we are still waiting for his approval, which is taking so long ! It's 11 weeks now is this normal? It's driving us all mad because we're in complete limbo. We can't plan anything. We're not sure if it's our employer that's holding Immigration up or Immigration holding him up, I know that he said to us they're asking for an awful lot of info from him a lot more than he anticipated! What would be the reasons they wouldn't approve his business please? He is a small building company that hasn't employed many people before, he has mainly used sub contractors. But he wants to expand to a larger business with my husband who is a bricklayer by trade but has experience in project managing large projects. We have 2 dogs to consider and we were hoping to fly out before the changes to the quarrantine from 1st Jan. I have them booked in for December because I thought this process would be completed by now ! Just don't know what to do whether to cancel this booking in case he gets refused. My oldest daughter is 18 and needs to plan Uni if we don't go she needs to apply in the UK by Jan, and if she goes to Uni in Perth I think they start in Jan ! I managed to get my other 2 kids into school over in Perth too again they were suppose to start in Feb. Now I'm not sure whether any of this is going to happen! Arrrgghh Any way sorry to ramble on but any advice would be great. Thank you in advance
  13. Hi all, New to site and i love it! The info i get from it is brill! I received my approved visa start of this week and we (wife and two young kids) are over the moon! We wont be moving over until about Aug next year but i realy want to be on the ball with everything and start getting orginised now. What should i be thinking about or doing now, i dont want to be leaving it anywhere near the last minute. If anybody can advise and list somethings i can be getting on with i would really appreciate it. We are heading to WA and thinking around Joondalup area. I am a painter and decorator and my o/h is a personal trainer/sports massage. Kids are 2 1/2 and 2 months. I am sure there are many other families in the same position with experience or looking for help. Anyway thats enough for now, thanks.
  14. Hi All I got my state sponsorship on Sep 2009. at the time there was no need to have any kind of work experience so they approved it and i applied under 886 subclass. Like many others my case moved from Cat 5 to Cat 3 recently . Is my state sponsorship still valid ? my agent was advised by DIAC that a case officer has be allocated for my case but when i check online still the same status is on. Any comment is appreciated.
  15. Ali&Paul

    WA SS approved in hours...!!!

    We submitted application on Sunday night after midnight and had the approval at 7am Monday morning... That's got to be some kind of record...??? :-))) I was expecting to wait about 4/5 weeks! So chuffed though! So does anyone know what happens next? Do we just sit tight and wait patiently? We signed and returned the SS agreement and they said they would forward form 1100 to DIAC, is this done electronically or by post? So excited now, just don't want anything to go wrong, I will be glad to get bumped up to cat 3 from 5! Thank you, Alison xxx
  16. Hi Guy's, We would appreciate a bit of clarification on the following as we're concerned and confused? My husband will hopefully get his Partner migration visa a week or so before we leave for Oz (end of Nov). Will the Australia transport and infrastructure give clearance for the car if he doesn't have the visa yet or can they issue it knowing its pending and should be with us shortly? We've sent them all the required information to get the clearance, but after contacting their head office in Canberra it seems we might not be entitled to clearance unless the visa has been granted or stamped? Does anyone have any ideas if you DO or DO NOT need the visa. Many Thanks Megan:wacko:
  17. Guest

    anmac application approved!!!!

    hi all to all those who have been through skills assessment with anmac, my status changed to "application approved" on wednesday!We were on holiday in cornwall when i checked!!! Initially i was chuffed, then recieved 2 emails to confirm that assessment is now complete and letter of determination will be sent shortly! BUT now its settled down i am very paranoid that the letter may yet state NOT SUITABLE!!!! as there is no mention of the word " positive" Sorry but i have been so stressed about the whole thing although we been lucky because it only been just 11 weeks since i sent all stuff off!!!! Please offer me some reassurance all you fellow nurses!!!!! collette (35) Paul (38) Courtney (13) and Abbie (10):wacko:
  18. AaronS

    457 approved

    I wasn't really worried about it so we've been moving right along with the process...but, 457 APPROVED! NOW I'm opening a bottle to celebrate! October 17 is the date we fly out!
  19. hi all to all those who have been through skills assessment with anmac, my status changed to "application approved" on wednesday!We were on holiday in cornwall when i checked!!! Initially i was chuffed, then recieved 2 emails to confirm that assessment is now complete and letter of determination will be sent shortly! BUT now its settled down i am very paranoid that the letter may yet state NOT SUITABLE!!!! as there is no mention of the word " positive" Sorry but i have been so stressed about the whole thing although we been lucky because it only been just 11 weeks since i sent all stuff off!!!! Please offer me some reassurance all you fellow nurses!!!!!
  20. Hello Everyone! I hope you are all well!! I really need some help or advise here pleeeeease..... I have now had my visa approved :jiggy:and will be emigrating to Sydney in September. I land in Sydney on Friday 9th of September and am struggling to decide what to do with regard to rental properties. I am looking for a 1 bed furnished apartment paying between 500 - 650 a week. Ideally what I would like to try and do is secure myself a rental place prior to my arrival for 3 or 6 months. Has anyone done this before that can offer any advise? I will be working near Wynyard and hope to find something in and around this area however anywhere will probably do as long as it is commutable! Thank you for taking the time to read my post and would relish any imput from you!!! THANK YOU! Wesley
  21. Hi there, Does anyone know roughly how long it takes for an employer to get approval from DIAC to sponsor someone at the moment? Thanks Nats
  22. Hi, As someone desperately waiting to hear about my vetassess (professional not trade so no practical to do) has anyone recently been approved for a professional occupation? If so when did you submit electronically and when did you your docs arrive? Trying to get an idea how much longer mine will be. Submitted online on the 7th Jan and docs received at VETASSESS on the 14th Jan. So it was 8 weeks Friday gone since they had everything. Anyone??!! Emma :arghh:
  23. Guest

    Visa Approved

    Hi Guys I am so happy cannot believe it. Visa approved this morning stomach has butterflies. 16/08/2010 Application 176 Family Sponsor Bricklayer Recieved 18th March email Medicals and Police checks done April 2011 Case Officer 06/06/2011 Asked for further work evidence and dependency documents Visa approved 18/07/2011 Thank you so much for all your help and support
  24. Guest

    176 Visa, SA SS approved

    Visa 176 applied for 7May2008, South Africa. NSW submitted to DIAC early 2010. South Australia SS submitted to DIAC 27May2011, CO assigned 7Jun2011. Medicals submitted immediatly, Police clearance submitted Fri 8Jul2011,17h00. Visa granted Mon 11Jul2011 before i got out of bed. Thanks to everyone on this site for spreading the knowledge, hope this helps. Hang in there, its almost time for you. Jake
  25. Guest

    886 approved, no survey

    Dear All, i got my 886 approved under the vic ss, but so far i haven't got the survey they mentioned about at the time we made our applications for ss, anyone has similar experience? i have contacted them and no reply either thanks so much!