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      Found 78 results

      1. Hello everybody, first of all let me apologise If I have started a new topic where I shouldn't have, I have never used forums before. . I submitted the nomination and application for 186 direct entry on Jan 21 2017 as a graphic post press trades-person. I have been waiting for 13 months and my lawyers have not been contacted once ! The only thing my lawyers always say is to wait. This uncertainty is nerve wrecking , also this occupation apparently is no longer on the list. Does anyone knows if this affects the application and / or processing times? Do we know if the processing times for 186 direct entry vary according to occupation.Thanks in advance for any info.. Any advice would be appreciated. I have posted this message in other topics but I don't have not received one reply, so my best guess is that It is in the wrong section of the forum. This wait is really affecting me and my dependant.
      2. Second year visa wait

        Hey Everyone, I applied for my second year visa on the 19th of Dec and haven't heard anything. My boyfriend and I worked on the same farms for the same time and he got his visa approval back straight away. The only question we answered differently was that I had been outside of the UK for more than 6months. Is it because I out this that it is taking longer? We wanted to fly back out on the 23rd of Jan bit worried it will take ages as some people have said they are still waiting 2/3months later? My mum is flying out in the 4th of Feb so I hope I get it! Please help with any other similar stories or why you think it is taking so long? I am really stressing!
      3. WHV Approval

        Hi! My partner and I recently applied separately for WHVs (in the last week of February roughly), I'm from the UK, he is from the Rep. of Ireland. I got my approval through within 48 hours. However, after a week they asked him to supply a copy of his old passport (from when he was previously in Australia when he was 2yo). He did so, and they thanked him and said they can continue to process his application. Its now been 4 weeks, and the only time frame the bureau gave us was "weeks to months', before he gets a response. Additionally, I have also been to Oz before when I was younger, but was never asked for my old passport. Has anyone (from Ireland or otherwise) ever been in this position, and know when I can expect to hear back from them, or why his application has taken such a different route? They said they have no reason to reject his application, but theres some nervousness that makes me wonder why they are taking so long! We are very keen to book tickets, look for accommodation and start sending off CVs etc, but the wait means that everything is getting delayed (and more expensive) as we are planning on going in September. Thanks
      4. Employer nomination approved, 457 visa + defacto partner (both British) application lodged 11th June with MA, still waiting for any kind of status change on the website, medicals not requested (yet!), maybe they can see I keep checking the status online thrice a day (at least) so are going to take their time!! Got flights on hold departing 5th August which need to be booked by 16th July as supposed to be starting job in Sydney on 13th August! So much to organise and so little time to do it in the closer the departure date gets ... just want approval now! Hate being in limbo! Lol! 11/06/2013 Application received - processing commenced 11/06/2013 Application fee received Anybody had any experience or able to provide a 457 approval time frame for the Sydney office? MA says recently has been under 4 weeks, which for us should be by the end of next week (hopefully!) ... :SLEEP:
      5. Hello I know there may have been heaps of questions similar to this asked previously - but i couldn't find a response specific to this question.. I'm just wondering if anyone has recent experience of the processing time for Employers to be approved for sponsorship? I am transferring my current 457 visa to a new employer. I've been informed by immigration that it can take up to 4 weeks, but has anyone experienced it to be a quicker/longer process? This waiting game is a killer! Any information on people's experiences would be much appreciated. Thanks, S
      6. hi everyone. i received an advice from ahpra to change my current application as an enrolled nurse to REgistered nurse because i am now eligible to apply as an RN because of the in principle approval. what do they mean by that? thank you ;))
      7. Help! How long does import approval take. We are leaving 24 Nov and now officially panicking as I hadn't realised this needed doing in advanceand haven't done it yet! Will we make it??
      8. I have completed my 2 years of diploma of hospitality from Perth WA and my study finished this year on July 2011 and i got sponsor in NT for my occupation cook. On August my nomination was logged by lawyer on 15th august with RCB and and it was approved on 29th August as my student visa was getting expired on 2nd september. My lawyer applied for 857 visa on 1st September i got bridging visa A. My all documents are complete Medical, PCC i just wanna know if anybody tell me how much time it will take for my 857 visa to be approved. Thanks in advance Goldie
      9. Hi all, We will be arriving in OZ in early 2012 on an employer sponsored 457 temporary residency visa that is valid for 4yrs and the employer has agreed to sponsor us PR after the 2yr qualifying period as per DIAC rules. Will we still need FIRB approval before we can buy a house? We are dead keen on buying as soon as we arrive is possible.
      10. nomination approval. How long?

        Does anyone have any idea how long 457 nomination approvals are taking at the moment? My sponsor has been accepted as a business sponsor and now just waiting for DIAC to accept nomination. We have already submitted our e457 application and immi shows processing has commenced. We have uploaded most documents but are waiting on a couple of stat decs and a court search from our solicitor who currently has taken 4 weeks and has only just (in the last week) applied to the courts for a search to be done. Any help much appreciated :smile:
      11. Hi everyone, I need ur help. I got my PR as my occupation was in SMP n I already moved to that state. but I didnt get job in same occupation as I tried hard. I have registerd my self when i arrived but my state immi doing survey every 3 months n asking where I am working or not. so my Q. is ..... can I do another job which is not related to my skill occupation or not. So confused. is that going to effect my permanent residency.:unsure:
      12. Anyone have any idea how long this takes ? Didnt send mine in till August. I go in 3 weeks and still not heard anything.
      13. Hi everyone, I'm currently in oz on a 457 sponsorship visa but am looking to change jobs. I know that I don't need to re-apply, just need nomination approved... BUT, my new employer has sponsored in the past but they have let their approval expire. Just wondered if anyone knows roughly how long the process for THE EMPLOYER to be approved as a sponsor takes?? (I can only find info on how long the whole initial 457 application process takes) Thank you, Jen :-)
      14. Hi guys can I just ask am I able to work already if ever my state sponsorship gets approved? Or still do I need to apply for permanent residency after I get my state sponsorship approval? how does it work? Sorry im just clueless about this migration thing since its my first time to apply for migration overseas. any reply would be greatly appreciated thanks! :spinny:
      15. We are two weeks to the day into our 457 visa process. We took out private medical insurance on the 23rd of June which starts on the 8th of August. We decided on this date as it would be the absolute earliest we could have feasibly left 2 weeks for visa processing (we wish) and 4 weeks notice with current employer. My question is, if my medical insurance doesn't start til the 8th of august, will this delay the visa approval process until it does?
      16. Health Waiver approval

        Does anyone knows how long is the approval of Health Waiver in Canberra? Thank you
      17. Hi All, Just wanted to know more about the Skilled Health Waiver Approval timeframe. It has been 9 months now since i lodged my subclass 856 visa application. The last message i got from my CO is that, the submission report has been sent to Canberra. Now, im not sure how long this will take. Hope there's someone who could enlighten me more about the approval process for SHW.
      18. Hi, I'm new to this site and looking for some advice please? My wife, our 3 kids and I have recently been awarded our 175 Skilled Independent visa and have received our visa grant notice. My wife is 7 months pregnant and we informed the DIAC of this and were informed that we would either have to come to Oz to validate our visa and have the baby in Oz, which means leaving in 3 weeks - a stretch for us all but not impossible - or we would have to have the baby in the UK and then apply for child migration sponsorship, which could take up to 8 months in the UK. However, we need to be in Oz by September as I start a new job and in any case we would have to be in Oz by the end of October at the latest to validate our visa before medicals expire. Does anyone know whether we could have the baby in the UK, then travel to Oz to validate our visas in September, have the baby come in on a normal 12 month e-visa and then apply on-shore to add the baby to our visa or do the child sponsorship submission whilst we all remain in Oz? Or would we have to take the baby out of Oz under the terms of the e-Visa? It all seems confusing and I'm not sure if there are any special cases or fast track routes that we can use - we're not trying to frig the system or do anything intentionally to bypass the rules, but it seems odd that you can't add a new addition onto an existing visa award? Has anyone got any experience of this or know if we can bring the baby in and then apply whilst staying in Oz? We're not averse to having the baby in Oz, but are fairly clueless at the moment as to the set up with hospitals, midwives, costs, what's covered and what's not under Medicare and whether we could get private insurance at this late stage that would cover pregnancy, as I know a lot of insurers won't cover it unles you have cover 12 months before the birth date - Initially we would go to Sydney as we have friends there to help out, but will need to be in Brisbane for work by the end of August after the baby is born. Thanks in advance Martin
      19. Hi, Does it make any difference to my partner's visa approval chance, if we have or have not got savings? She is applying for the Spouse/Partner visa onshore here in the UK sometime in the near future and the above question crossed my mind? We won't be going until I can guarantee work before hand, as we're not fortunate to have a decent savings fund at the moment. Thanks in advance Huw
      20. Hi, I'm new to this so just a little question. We have just sent our forms to WA for state sponsorship approval, does anyone know how long this is taking just now?? I'm in a bit of a panic now as with the rules changing on 1st July I'm a bit worried we will have missed the cut off date if we don't get approval back before then so we can put in final application. We are going through my husband's trade and it will be more difficult to get in from his trade after 1st July. If anyone knows or has experience lately, any advice would be helpful :rolleyes:
      21. One of my friend is about to apply for 175 VISA within a few days. I have heard somewhere that there is a new recent requirement in lodging 175 visa in which you need to obtain some kind of APPROVAL before applying for the visa application. My Questions are. 1) Is there any such change and if so, it is in effect? 2) Can someone refer a link to details of this recent change? Thanks for help.
      22. SA SS Approval!!

        Hi Everyone, Just wanted to congratulate all the members on the sister site, PIA on the South Australia Sponsored State Approvals received today Including OURS!! Good luck to those of you who are waiting! Fingers crossed for you guys, hopefully it wont be too long now! Nat & Gaz :jiggy:
      23. Approval time for WA SS?

        Hi, Just wondering if anyone can tell me the approximate time you have to wait once you apply for WA SS to being approved? My agent tells me 6 weeks. Anyone had to wait much longer or got it any sooner? Thanks David
      24. Hi can anyone please help me with a couple of queries that I have. I'm new to this PiO website process so please be gentle !! I'm considering applying for the 175 visa prior to the July 1st change. I think I get the 120 points depending on the partner skills section. So prior to shelling out on the visa I would really appreciate if anyone can advise me if I'd be able to claim the 5 points for my partner's skill. Assuming I have looked at the right SOL her occupation could be assessed as; a. Marketing Specialist (ASCO Code 2221-13 on schedule 1) b. Sales & Marketing Manager (ASCO Code 1231-13 on schedule 1 or ANZSCO Code 131112 on schedule 2) c. Advertising & PR Manager (ANZSCO Code 131111 on schedule 4) Can someone please reassure me that I am looking on the correct and latest SOL as I've seen a couple of different versions now and I'm also unsure as to what the schedule no. refers to against the occupation codes as I'm wondering if her skills are actually not on the SOL but on a the regional / state occupation list which might mean her occupation would not give us the 5 points we need. The 5 points makes the difference between getting 120 points (that's assuming I'm capable of scraping a 7 on the IELTS test instead of needing to hit an 8 after July - LOL!!) Can anyone also advise how long would you need to allow for your skills to be assessed and approved by the relevant assessment body (in particular by the AIQS and for my partner the AIM or VETASSESS). From the application form it would appear extremely straightforward but as with most things nothing ever runs smoothly and I would hate to apply to find out that it can take a few months for the assessment to be returned approved to include within the visa application. Would it be reasonable to assume a swift turnaround on the approval from the assessment body ? Anyway, hope someone can help me Many thanks James
      25. Hi everyone, i am onshore appli..i got my visa. I m in sydney I need to move SA now. how much time I get to move over there......like how many months or days????????Pls suggest me.... Thanks sona