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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I am currently studying A Levels in the UK, England. My boyfriend and I are thinking of moving to Australia in the near future, he is fully Australian and his family live there also. After I have finished my A-levels, this is where my problem starts, I have no idea of any of the methods in which I can train. I am fully English myself so I can imagine this could be quite awkward. I have tried looking into this but I cannot find a lot of information, my plan in the UK was to finish my A-levels, move on to a higher apprenticeship and continue from there until trained and qualified. Is an apprenticeship in Law an option in Australia, NSW? Or do you have to go university? If a junior contract is available, are they easy to find? If not is there any advice on how university would work for me? And how long either of these processes will take? Will becoming a solicitor eventually be an option to me in Australia or is it the end of what I wish to do? Please leave ANY advice you have as I am completely stuck!! Thank you in advance, Whitney.
  2. Hi everyone, My name is Rafael, 17 years of age and currently live in the UK. I'm looking to move to Sydney ASAP to be closer with my family over there. Now, there are many things that puzzle me. (Apologies if I go on for a bit, but I appreciate it if you could help) Firstly, I have completed my GCSE's and currently in Sixth Form doing my AS. I've looked at my options but they're very confusing. I have been told that my GCSE's aren't equivalent to Oz High School Certificate, and that they are not good enough for TAFE. I've been told that I will have to study Year 11 and Year 12 at High School in Oz. Is this true? I have contacted TAFE on the other hand, and they said that my GCSE's are equivalent to Oz High school certificate. This is the link they sent me. http://www.detinternational.nsw.edu.au/tafe/downloads/tafe_acadrequire.pdf I would prefer it if I would be accepted into TAFE. Secondly, I want to do an apprenticeship in OZ. I have looked on the TAFE website but it doesn't have any for international student. There are only apprenticeships for onshore students. Is it possible for me to do an apprenticeship straight away? If so, is there any link or website? Everywhere I look, I can't find the right answer, so I would deeply appreciate it if you could help. Many thanks
  3. Hi, does anyone have any info about doing an apprenticeship in NSW?? How would I go about getting information on this? I think the visa I'd need is a subclass 442 is that correct? Thanks
  4. stevie ellis


    Hi, are apprenticeships easy to get in Perth , like engineering ? my son can leave school in xmas and wants to go down this line of employment, or he might stay on at school hes not sure yet. Any info would be great. Cheers Stevie
  5. I have no idea where to start when I get to Oz. I've worked in a couple of places already but was practically abused by the guy who owned it. I love doing art its my passion and I know what machines I wana use. I just need someone to take me under their wing :daydreaming:. Does anyone know how easy it is to get apprenticeships in this sorta stuff? Jinx:cute:
  6. Push to teach apprenticeships in school - The West Australian The above link is to an article regarding a drop in apprenticeship in trades and due to a high number of apprentices being laid off, they are looking at alternatives to meet their training requirements. They are going to provide training in a classroom environment but charge for this! Here in Ireland you have a combination of college and on the job training, they get paid while on the job an apprentice wage, and they dont have to pay to go to FAS which is the training college. Hmmmm think they will have a shortage of trades if that goes ahead. No substitute for on the job training if you ask me. cheers caz
  7. Hi, I don't know if anyone can help us out here regarding my 17-year old daughter getting onto a training scheme or possibly a 2-3 year apprenticeship. We are in Oz on my 4 year business 457 visa and my daughter is now looking for a job with structured training. Pretty much everything she looks into states 'must be citizen or permanent resident'. Is this the norm? has anyone else had a similar problem? One of the answers may be to get perm residency, but I had intended waiting for the 2 years working on the visa before applying. Any suggestions?
  8. Hello My OH wants to do an apprentice (well it looks like its the only way to get a painting and decorating certificate unless anyone can point us to any other direction!) Basically i have trauled the internet and cant get any idea of what a mature age apprentice would earn (he is 41 yrs). I know you can get a government subsidy of $150 per week which makes me think that the pay will be only about $6 or something along those lines. Is anybody doing one as a mature age student and do there seem to be many other mature students in your class? If not do you get along with the young students or do they separate themselves? OH a bit dubious to go as the "old buggar with gray hair and wrinkles"!! Are you being paid more than a junior wage? If not how do you cope? Are you treated well by your employer and are you casual or taken on as a permanent staff member? Sorry for the questions but hopefully someone will be able to advise us. Ta very much
  9. Hi, can anyone help? My partner and I were hoping to emmigrate with my parents in September. We were thinking along the lines of paying to put ourselves through an apprenticeship in Brisbane or get sponsored. We are both very willing and open-minded, we don't mind too much what we train as. At the moment neither of us have the skills needed to emmigrate. If anyone has any experience of this or is perhaps looking for apprentices, any info would be gratefully received.
  10. Hi All I posted a thread yesterday on the migration page regarding the fact that i had discovered for a 136 visa my work experience as a baker-2 years with 2 years studying gaining n.v.q 1 and 2. N.c.f.e foundation,intermediate and advanced in bakery and patisserie N.c.f.e in pastry and confectionary and A.b.c in pastry and patisserie.was not long enough Do any of you well informed people know if i could apply for a visa for an apprenticeship to further my qualifications or a student visa and would you have to be a school leaver for this.Im a bit more mature than that [about 23 years to be precise ] :cry: I have a oh and two children 10 and 2 so would need to bring all with me. Im trying all avenues ay the moment because i only have 2 years work experience Any info would be most welcome Thanks in advance Sandra:chatterbox:
  11. Hi, This is my first posting on this site. I am 34, married(wife 35), with twin sons aged 11. We are looking to emigrate to Australia but do not have the required skills at this stage. We went to an emigrate fair at Sandown (London) in March and was advised that the best option was for one of us to study in Australia in an area where there are skills shortages and then apply for residency at the end of the 2 year course. This sounds too good to be true!. Has anybody out there been through this process? The other option is the Trade Skills Training Visa. This is an apprenticeship scheme in regional areas of Australia where there are skills shortages. This is a new visa and I cannot seem to find and information on companies that are looking for migrants on this visa. Is there anybody that has information on this scheme? Thanks Steve