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Found 17 results

  1. I have tried searching for these answers but no luck. during my apprenticeship i worked over 20 hours which was paid. can i claim this as work experience? Or does only experience after apprenticeship count? also i now work as an estimator and health & safety officer still within construction, would this count as related work experience? thanks for your help. Rob
  2. Hi all, will hopefully be making the move early 2014, got a migration agent helping us. Coming over as an electrician The thing that concerns me the most is trying to get a job as a restricted sparkie. I know it will be hard but what would be the chances of maybe getting a 3rd pr 4th year apprenticeship roll? Would this possibly be a route to go down? I will be coming over with the misses n more than likely a little one. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. My daughter is 3/4 thru her hairdressing apprenticeship , with our visa likely to be granted any day, how does she stand on continuing where she left off once arriving in oz. I can't surely think she will be back to square one ? We are hoping to be in. Perth by September , your advise please.
  4. Hi all, Quick question, I did a 3 year apprenticeship as a joiner, Ive been fully qualified now for only 1 year, can I use the time when I was an a apprentice as 3 years work experience, or can you only claim 3 years work experience from when your qualifed? Thanks Dan
  5. Hi I am possibly looking at training to become a chef. I would really like to learn this trade in Oz and hopefully stay there afterwards as I understand you can stay on if you are qualified!!! Now the hard part, is there any places that offer "free" apprentciships or fairly cheaply preferably in WA. Your help would be much appreciated Wes
  6. We are looking for an electrical apprentice in the next few months. Brisbane based. Our small electrical company is getting quite busy and we are looking to take on someone who can grow with our company. We will consider any age,, own transport is essential until we get a fleet up and running. A can do attitude is a must, and self initiative is always a help. contact info@globeelectrical.com.au WELCOME TO GLOBE ELECTRICAL SOLUTIONS
  7. hi, Moving out to perth in August 2010, our son 17 is at the moment doing an apprenticeship in Bricklaying 1st year, and would like to continue this in perth, looking to find out which colleges to contact

    The apprentice is comming to oz

    Introduction »Applicant »Personal »Filming »Profile »Mission »Jobs »Education »History »Terms » About the Show Hit television series The Apprentice has come to Australia. The chance to be Australia’s first Apprentice is here. Do you have what it takes to tough it out in the business world and turn your career dreams into a reality? One of Australia’s most successful , high-profiled businessmen and founder of Wizard Finance, Mark Bouris, is searching for his apprentice. Mark is exceptionally well-regarded in the business community and to work as his protégé will give one Australian an unprecedented start to their new career. This is the opportunity of a lifetime for anyone with dreams of carving out a successful and rewarding career for themselves. Age is irrelevant, experience is irrelevant. What does matter is drive, ambition and a natural business flair. The winner of The Apprentice will be guaranteed a new career with Mark Bouris with an incredible six figure salary! Applications are now open for Australia’s first series of The Apprentice to be aired on the Nine Network. Simply fill out the application form below and pay special attention to the guidelines. Rules of Entry & Instructions: All applications must be submitted online. We will not accept applications that are delivered by mail. Prepare all your answers before submitting the finished form (just in case you experience any problems with your internet connection). Answer all questions honestly and to the best of your ability. We are unable to reply to applicants individually. You will only hear from us if you have been invited to an audition at a specified time and venue. Please ensure you read, fully understand and meet the eligibility requirements before applying to be a contestant on ‘THE APPRENTICE’. The rules of entry are at the end of this form. PLEASE ATTACH DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHS: A recent, clear full length photo of yourself; and A recent, clear, close up headshot of yourself; [*]You must be aged 18 or over on 1 August 2009. [*]You must be an Australian citizen or resident. [*]You cannot have been convicted of any serious crime. [*]Submission of an application form and compliance with the above does not in any way constitute an offer to appear on the program. [*]The Producer’s decisions regarding selection to the programs are final. [*]If selected as a potential contestant you will be provided with a further more detailed legal agreement for your involvement in the Program. [*]Applications close at 6.00 pm on Friday, 3 July 2009. Thank you for your time and effort, GOOD LUCK! Start Application » ©2009 | About the Show | About FremantleMedia Australia | Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions | Contact Us | I saw it advertised on tv tonight and thought it was worth a mention, its been done with nine tv
  9. Hi Everyone, Could do with a bit of advice for my 18 year old for when we hopefully get over there, he is doing his 3rd year electrical apprentice on day release at college about to sit his exams ( and hopefully pass!!) then he just has 1 year doing is NVQ, He has been doing his apprentice with my other O/H. Questions are : Obviously he is not going to have work experience on his own so how will he stand out there, what will he have to do? he will be 19 when we get there Hopefully !!!! Will he have to start from cratch with the training again? Just need to know the facts so that we can sit down and explain to him, Thanks Kerry
  10. Guest

    Electrical apprentice

    Hi Everyone, Could do with a bit of advice for my 18 year old for when we hopefully get over there, he is doing his 3rd year electrical apprentice on day release at college about to sit his exams ( and hopefully pass!!) then he just has 1 year doing is NVQ, He has been doing his apprentice with my other O/H. Questions are : Obviously he is not going to have work experience on his own so how will he stand out there, what will he have to do? he will be 19 when we get there Hopefully !!!! Will he have to start from scratch with the training again? How will he stand in Oz? Just need to know the facts so that we can sit down and explain to him, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Kerry
  11. Hi all, I'm new to this site and wondered if anyone could help. My wife and I decided a couple of years ago that we'd like to make the move to Oz but as I work in payroll I decided to retrain and gain a skill which would help us in our move. I am currently finishing my NVQ Level 2 in Performing Engineering Operations and aim to start my City & Guilds 2330 (electrical insatallation) course in September. I have since discovered that when I do qualify as an electrician that I will require at least SEVEN years experience before I would be taken into consideration for a Grade A License in Australia. This means that we'll have to wait another 9/10 years before we can make the move and it be actually worth our while. The only other alternative is to do a 4 year apprenticeship. What I'd like to know is what are the chances of being offered an appreniceship in Australia? I'm aware that there is a Trades Skills Training Visa available which could enable me to do the apprenticeship in Australia but are these oportunities often available to migrants?? Has anyone been in a similar situation or has anyone had any success in gaining an apprenticeship in Australia?? We're looking into various avenues of emigrating to find what is best for us. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Shane (Ps: I'm 29, my wife Nicki is 28 and we have two boys, Nathan is 4 and Leyton is 17 months old)
  12. Hi Friends Who can tell me What's the general wage of plumber apprentice? How long will it take to finish the plumber apprentice in melbourne? How long will it take to reach the wage $50000-$60000 after finish the apprentice courses? Thanks :mask:
  13. Guest

    Apprentice Help

    Hi my names chris im 28 currently living in strathpine north bris. I want to change my career and do a apprentiship or traineeship but having trouble finding some one to take me on! I think its to do with my age but im only 28! Im hard working enthusiastic and very punctual and commited. I have always worked with my hands and want to better myself. If there is anyone out there who might be able to help or advise me or knows someone who might be able to help please drop me a line thanks.
  14. Guest

    Apprentice Pay?

    Hey everyone i have an apprenticeship in crane mechanics as soon as i get to oz and i was just wondering if anyone knew what a normal apprentice in oz gets paid any information would be helpful Thanks alot :cool:
  15. Hi Everyone My Oh and son 17 have arrived in Melbourne ( I am staying to sell or rent the house) very hard and not entirely a wise move but its done now Well my son has done one year of a bricklaiyning apprenticeship in uk and has NVQ leval one, he is keen to continue this is Melbourne, he loves work ,loves being on site and has exellent refs from the great builder that had him for his first year here in the uk. My husband has a long stay 457 visa and so me and my son are dependants, can work and study in Oz. Have been trying to find out how to get my son taken on as an apprentice there and it seems that either I am not looking in the right place or its hard, he has been given the opportunity to do a 12 month course at TAFE (at a cost) but that starts in Feb and with my OH at work hes gonna get real bored, he is not that thrilled at the moment as it is! Anyone on here got any ideas or had teens that have gone to a tafe or done an apprenticeship in Oz? Any brickies need an apprentice or short term worker? Help would be great xxxx
  16. We are having MAJOR problems trying to obtain a final apprenticeship certificate. My OH doesnt seem to have one. The company he did his apprenticeship with has gone, the training institute has also gone and his college have referred us to someone who issues the final certs but her files do not go back as far as 1998. I have searched the web and rung so many people but still cant get info regarding this. We need proof of panel beating apprenticeship for TRA. We have done a stat dec but worried about it passing as we have no other docs to support it, other than NVQ certs and a National Craft Certificate. (TRA dont recognise NVQ certs as proof of apprentice and City & guilds have confirmed an NVQ can be obtained without doing an apprenticeship. So they wont issue anything to say OH has got it!) :arghh: There must be someone whos had the same. Am I worrying too much?
  17. We're applying for a 175 under my skills as a Registered Nurse. At the moment my OH works in a office, and when we eventually get to Oz he fancies a change of career. He's not really fussed what he does, So my question is....does anyone have any idea what options would be availible for him to get some sort of apprenticeship in Oz? He's 40 years OLD (ha ha!):biglaugh: so are his options limited? Is there an age limit for an apprentice? Any thoughts or ideas whould be appriciated! Thanks Mags:wubclub: x