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Found 61 results

  1. Hi, My husband has been offered a job in St. Kilda, Melbourne and we are hoping to be over by the beginnning of January as his company is in the process of sorting out our visas. We have a 4 month old baby and 2 labradors and so have been looking at Altona as a possible place to live - it seems to have lots of nice parks/walks and is much cheaper than the Eastern suburbs by the sea. Does anyone know this area and would recommend it? I know that we may be limited in terms of rental choice because of the dogs - any advice??? His company have offered us two weeks accomodation so we can sort ourselves out - is this enough time to find a rental or does the process take longer (therefore making it worthwhile arranging something before we go?) I would also like to get an idea of monthly outgoings - e.g. is there a form of council tax etc? Based on this we may up or lower our rental budget - at the moment we are looking to spend no more than $400 a week. Does anyone drive from this area to around St. Kilda and have any idea how long it would take? My husband doesn't want a huge commute and would prefer to drive. Last question (promise!) - as I have just had a baby I go to lots of classes over here like swimming lessons, tiny talk etc, are there similar things in Melbourne? Thanks in advance if you can help with any of this!
  2. Hello everyone, My name is Rob and this is my unfortunate situation. I am English and have a daughter who is now almost 5. She is Australian and lives in Mildura, Vic with her Australian mother. We split up about 4 years ago but still get on well and I have always supplied for my daughter by sending money over every 2 weeks. There is so much to take in when I try to research if I can readily get a visa and citizenship that I can simply not work it all out. I have talked to so many people before and it never seems clear cut. I am now in a position financially where I can pay for all costs etc and plan to move over there. But what I want to know is this is possible right? Who do you suggest the best people to get advice from are? Should I just make a appointment at the Australian embassy in London? Do you have any idea on prices and time lines? This is so so important to me and any help, however small it might be would be so much appreciated. Thanks so much in advance, Rob.
  3. Guest

    Any advice would be appreciated

    Hi all Me and my family have made the decission to make the move to Aus after thinking long and hard for last 6 months or so. I'm an Contracts Manager for a Electrical Contractors in Leeds. We have 3 kids (7, 5 & 2). We will be looking for a state sponsorship 176 to Vic with possibly coming out on a 456 (I think thats the number :wacko:) afer hopefully completing (in this order) IELTS, Vetassess and finally GAP training. So far the IELTS is booked for mid October with the Vetassess to follow that (not booked yet). Any advice on the above would be welcome. Also, do I need to make contact with anyone to formally request state sponsorship? Or is this something that is simply a case of ticking a box whilst filling out my Visa apllication? Sorry if this is a bit long winded Phil
  4. Hello. I am 27 years old, new to this forum and feeling a little confused! My partner whom I've been in a relationship for a year and half is an Australian national and is very keen to head home to Australia (Melbourne) mid-2010. I would love to join him, despite it inevitably being very hard to leave so many friends and family behind. I also have the minor issue of renting/selling my house!! I didn't go to university and therefore the only qualifications I have are A levels. I currently work as a P.A. in the CIty (London) but I am desperate to leave the office environment with a view to finding a route that leads me to achieving my ambition of working with chidren. WIth this in mind, along with the fact that my partner is so keen to head back to Australia I'm trying to piece together some sort of study plan in order to fulfil my dream of working with kids. I also feel that studying would be a perfect opportunity to meet new people and build some friendships in Melbourne because as things stand I will only have my partner and his family/friends around for moral support! I've done a little research and am very interested in obtaining a Certifcate followed by Diploma/Advanced Diploma in Childrens Services - which could lead to various potential job opportunities (in an ideal world!). In theory, if I could achieve all of the above I would be a very happy young lady however I know that I am going to meet many obstacles along the way which is why I'm posting on this forum to try and seek some advice from anyone who can help. Questions I need to try and answer are: Which visa I could apply for? What to study and whether I meet the entry reuirements? Am I being realistic in thinking that I could have a visa sorted by middle of next year? Thanks to anyone who is able to offer any advice - it is much appreciated. :twitcy:
  5. Hi all! Newbie poster here: I have already found this website such an amazing resource of great information over the last few months, but now its getting to the time where I need to think about gathering my evidence for the visa, and would appreciate some of you guys thoughts!! My partner Scott is from Perth and I am from Glasgow. We are applying as de facto's as we are a same-sex couple. I am planning to apply off-shore. We first met in 2005, and I stayed with him in Perth on a tourist and then student visa for over a year, although we have no documents from that period apart from my documents from TAFE. We decided to end the relationship late in 06 after I returned to the UK, but got back in touch in Spring 09, when we decided we did actually want to be with each other. Scott saved for a year and came to the UK on a Youth Mobility Visa in April 2010. He has been working in hospitality and I in the public sector, and he has a good number of friends as well as joint friends who have known the both of us since he got here. Also all his family and friends from back in Perth remember me when I was there in 05/06. His parents are also visiting and staying with us for a few weeks later this yr. When he got here, I was just about to graduate from Uni, and we stayed with my family from April till October, and have letters from banks etc addressed to each of us to that one address. We then set up a joint bank account in October 2010 and got our first joint lease, and also have joint phone bills, gas, electric and council tax in both our names. We have a joint lease up to April 2012, at which point his Youth Mobility Visa runs out and he is going back to Perth. I want to send off my application by Jan 2012, with a view to moving over there around October 2012, so I can move back with family and save for a good 6 months when Scott is back in Perth. I am most worried about the one year relationship requirement, and also if me needing to prove I have support when I get there will be a factor? What we do have: - Joint leases from Oct 2010 - Joint bank account from Oct 2010, with all our joint expenses coming out of it and us paying in half of the total each month. - Joint names on phone bills, gas, electric, council tax from Oct 2010 - About 30 Christmas cards and invitations - Joint email account with receipts for purchases, tickets, special offers etc - So far a dozen good photos of us with friends, with my family, from when his parents visit, so plan to take plenty then and also when our two families meet up. - There is about 30 possible family and friends in Perth and about same here who can do stat declarations for us, and will remember me from when I lived with him there in 05/06. - Payslips and P60s for the pair of us since mid 2010. - Almost daily email correspondence between both of us from November 2009 untill he arrived in April 2010, which references the time we were together previously too. - Official letters from banks etc addressed to us individually, but which show we stayed at the same address from when he first arrived in April 2010 till we got our own place in October. - I graduated from Uni in 2010, and thankfully found a good job in Jan this yr. Im saving everything for the visa, so wont have a very big bank balance when I apply, but should have £5-6k when I plan to go late in 2012. Similar with Scott, he has little savings, altho his mum & dad own their own home etc. (we're only 23 & 24, no property to speak of yet!) What I am concerned about: Will we be able to satisfy that our relationship intends to continue based on the fact we had such a large gap between when we first met and now? We plan to have some sort of partnership or ceremony perhaps later into 2013 once I am settled into Perth and can afford it! We should mention this in our own statements? Scott has been working in the UK since 2010, not in Oz, although was working in Oz up untill he left, will we need to prove anything about him being able to support me? When I first arrive late in 2012, the plan is to stay with his family and look for our own place once I find work. My Dad and his wife are both Australian permanent residents, and both live in Perth, would evidence of this help? Also would this help in terms of evidence to support me when I first arrive? My Dad also applied for the partner visa when he moved over with his Australian wife a few years ago. He warned me that I need to overwhelm them with info, and that they can be quite suspicious of same-sex couples. Sorry for the info overload there! Be so good to hear your guys suggestions (or reassurances!) for what kind of evidence is needed or that we should have! Thanks guys!
  6. Hi all, im looking at the possibility at being accepted into a Uni in St Leonards, Sydney. Can anyone offer any advice as to where would be nice to live that is good for children ie.teenagers for good, state schools and babies for childcare etc.... also any knowledge on where are nice areas but not too expensive.... I was looking at rental properties with 3/4 bedrooms and they were going for nothing under $850 a week!! Is that correct? soooooo expensive! Please guys give me some good news! Thanks xx
  7. Hello everyone, New to the forum but amazed at how friendly and supportive the posts I have read are! Really hoping some of you kind people may be able to help clear up some of our confusion. We are planning to move to Australia as soon as we conceivably can, until last night we had thought this would be FEB/march 12. New information I discovered through this into question, hence the confusion. Forgive me for what might be a long winded explanation of our situation! I am Australian (Newcastle born and bred), but have been living in uk for last seven years on various visas, the most recent being my marriage visa to my lovely British husband. We have a beautiful 10 month old daughter born here in the uk (uk passport only at this stage). My limited leave to remain marriage visa is due to expire 2nd dec 11, and would cost us 975 pounds to renew into the indefinite leave to remain visa. We had been planning to pay this, thinking that it would allow me to come back into Britain if we ever need to return. However last night I discovered that indefinite leave to remain is only valid if you do not live outside Britain for two years+, and we are obviously planning a long term move to oz. In short, my visa expires in December and we are reluctant to fork out a grand for what will only be a couple of months if we don't have to. With me so far? Sorry for any muddle. Anyway we are now thinking we might try to move before my visa expires. This introduces a whole new range of issues. I have been reading forum and I think it seems as though the absolute best result we can hope for my husband to get a spouse visa for Australia approved is 5 months (which obviously takes us past my uk visa expiring). I think I am also right in assuming I need a visa for my uk born daughter? Not sure if she can go on same form as her dad? We also have a house to sell (will be putting it on market in next fortnight). Whilst we don't necessarily need it sold to move, it would be better for us financially and certainly we could only manage a few months cross over! Am nervous about the market and would think we would be incredibly lucky to have it sold before december! Basically my questions are a) has anyone been in a similar situation or b) does anyone have and insight into our options? I believe I am right in saying that in order to avoid paying the thousand pounds to get my visa renewed, I need to leave the uk before it expires on 2nd dec. My husbands visa will more than likely not be back by then, and we won't travel separately because of our daughter. I know this is an essay so will be surprised if anyone has made it through it let alone made sense of it, but if anyone has any info or thoughts on our options they would be hugely appreciated! I am guessing copping the visa fee here might be the only clear cut way but if anyone has any other ideas...am desperate to get home! Many thanks in advance
  8. How do, I have been with my Aussie fella now for 18 months and have lived with him for all this time. We are returning to the Uk in Dec 2011 to get married with a view to then returning to Oz, me on a Superyacht crew visa, and then applying for an on-shore spouse visa. Not worried about the majority of the application process and documentation/evidence required, however, as my bloke is 'self employed' and for as long as I have known him has undertaken a variety of cash work as and when, I am rather concerned about how he will provide 2 years worth of employment records. He is not short and has bank statements to prove his financial situation is very secure, but does not have wage slips etc. Can anyone provide any advice on how stringent immigration are with regards to this aspect of the application and evidence please? I would be most grateful for any information. Cheers.
  9. Good afternoon everyone I understand, according to the Skilled Occupation List, that Veterinarians are in need down under. My girlfriend is a Veterinarian Nurse and I was therefore wondering whether her occupation is needed down under? The Skilled Occupation List strictly says 'Veterinarian' but a 'Veterinarian Nurse' nearly does, and most can do the exact same job as a Veterinarian. If anyone could point me in the right direction or clear this up for me I would be a very happy chappy. Thanks Scott
  10. Hey all, I'm in a bit of a dilemma here. I came over to Australia in August 2010 on a working holiday visa with Australian girlfriend with view of applying for de facto partner visa after 12months which would have been about this time, however unfortunately she decided that it wasn't for her anymore and ended the relationship. The application never went in for de facto visa. The job I have at the moment was offered to me on the basis that once I got de facto visa it would be made permanent. I've explained situation to my employer and they've been great about it, and are willing to sponsor me to keep me here considering I gave up job/place/everything back home to come out here, however the job I'm in isn't on the 457 Temporary residence occupations list. So my understanding is despite the fact employer wants to keep me, and I would like to stay here (considering I at least have a job here and I'll be going back to nothing otherwise!!) that I'm probably going to have leave when my current visa expires in August? If anyone wants to correct me please feel free and make my day?!! If it's just a case of too bad so sad, then I guess it's back home for me
  11. Guest

    advice on 457 appreciated

    hi there i been in australia 14 months, sydney now. i was on a 1 year whv and my company decided to sponsor me, i was happy with this as i want to stay and they said they would take care of paperwork, all 3 steps of application where sent at same time, Step 1 - Employer Applies to be a Sponsor Step 2 - Employer Nominates a Position Step 3 - Employee Applies for a Visa but just found out my 457 application which was sent in march if not late febuary, has now been closed due to my whv expiring, my year was up in april. i assumed as they said they would be taking care of paperwork they had gotten a bridging visa. a bit of mix up. where does this leave me now?? im guessing im illegal at the moment. can i still get a bridging visa and application re-opened or reapply? as application was sent in before my whv ran out i'll be making a phone call to the immigration office, but was wondering if anyone has come across this situation before and had some advice. any would be great thanks
  12. Hi everyone, I'm currently a financial adviser in the UK and looking to move to Oz. I'm half way through my Diploma status and also qualified in Mortgage Advice. I seem to have hit a brick wall regarding visa applications! Financial Advice is not on the shortage list and I seem to be sending my CV into the abyss! Has anyone moved from UK as a Financial Adviser? In a previous life I was also a Bus Driver!!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated....
  13. Unsure which room is best for a rant ??? :confused: Greetings one & All.... After Lemmings Excellent thread about Books Covers & Judgements I just want to have a Rant about a personal situation that's been bugging me, but cheifly it affects my Husband. He is a really great guy. Circumstances have meant that he is currently out of work. He lives in inner North Brisbane. Now he may not have a paid job but he is far from Lazy & has been working hard doing voluntary work, hoping to get a paid position, or to be in a place where he meets people, who can give him a heads up if they know of any jobs going. He has worked long hours at a charity depot on the loading dock. Also helped with labouring & rebuilding during the Brisbane Floods & also helped with pyrotechnics at Firework & monster truck events which were to raise money for the flood victims, He's often been doing 15hr days all unpaid trying to prove himself & get taken on by an employer. At the well known charity organisation he has proved popular with his co-workers & customers & has really made a difference in terms of their profits, I'm shocked at how much these charities throw away. He has been trying to stop so much being wasted & spotted several antiques the other guys wanted to trash & sent things through to the shop. One of the shop managers told him she'd taken $6000 dollars in one day with stuff he was organising & sending through to the shop. My husband is intelligent, hard working & a very polite guy, he is also scrupulously honest & very highly principled. However There is one man on the managerial side of the company, who has taken against my husband. It can be only based on his appearance as he is a Goth like me. For work he dresses in casual clothing the same as anyone else. But He does have one complete sleeve of Tattoos another large Tattoo on the other arm they are artistic tattoos & not ugly, a neck Tattoo & Several ear piercings & a pierced eyebrow. He has short but spikey black hair. & Is slim. Male Goths are often thought intimidating on initial appearance when not working he dresses Goth Smart good shirts & alternative suit jackets & Leather pants, ankle length leather coat in winter Goth boots etc. But for work it's just casual so I dont think he can appear any different to any bloke with tattoos its not unusual. However new people start working for this charity & get employed & he kept getting past over. So he asked several times if he had a chance at employment & was encouraged to keep trying. This has continued for several months while he's been working hard to get other jobs & been trying to help me sort my Visa. He asked a couple of weeks ago is their any chance of being employed EVER, after the latest new guy started there & was not only employed but also given a $500 voucher to furnish his unit. That guy was in a really similar position to my husband but was given preferental treatment my husband has bought loads of stuff & always paid for it, no vouchers for him. This charity takes on people with all kinds of social, & mental health issues. My husband Has No issues that prevent him from working , has No drug or alcohol issues & no criminal record. But this particular manager is very prejudiced. So speaking to an under manager my husband found out there was a rumour that he was Never going to get a paid Job because he was " too sick to work " he enquired what was supposed to be wrong with him & was told they'd found out he had advanced Kidney disease & was thus unemployable. He was baffled as how such a rumour came about. & went to clear things up with the manager who treats him badly. He told the guy that he had No kidney disease or issues that prevent him from working. & the manager said " oh I didn't realise you were wanting a job" so infuriating. So he asked my husband if he'd be a truckers off sider, & my husband said sure no problem he'd take any oppotunity & was also willing to go on any courses they'd send him on etc. so the guy said he'd bear him in mind. Well on saturday, my husband went to work & everyone he normally gets on with were being a bit off with him, & he found out the latest rumour is that " a guy who works on a saturday (HIM) has been passing goods on to people without payment & hiding furniture so people can retrieve it without paying. That would be totally against his principles & he is outraged to be placed in a position where he is under suspicion & spoils his reputation. Just so this guy isn't forced to employ him. It's all been set up as an implication, no real evidence but just enough to cast doubt over his honesty & integrity. But I doubt he can get so much as a refrence after months of working his butt off for a charity that wont even give him a fair go. So I've said just never go back, I'm All for making a stand but this is one we cant win. So this is another delay in my getting over to Australia. It would really make a huge difference if my husband could get full time paid work so anyone know of jobs in Brisbane let me know. Another issues in getting employed has been the fact he doesn't have a car, most jobs stipulate the need for your own transport. We've been advised it would help our Visa application if we could spend more time together. We are trying to be responsible by putting the search for work at the forefront of our plans. We dont have money to fritter away on flights but if anyone knows of any real cheap deals on Brisbane to London etc also let me know please. It's tricky searching from this side as most searches are showing flights going the other way. It will be for a three month return trip from now onwards..... Thanks your thoughts & advice appreciated :notworthy:
  14. Dear all, Forgive me for this thread, I'm new to the forum and I don't know if it is the norm to post such 'open' non-specific questions. I've been considering a move to Australia for a couple of years now, but have so far done nothing but read about it and go on holiday there. My Situation 25 year old male, single, Sales and Marketing manager with over 5 years experience, Looking to re-located to NSW, QL or Vic within next 3-5 years. No degree. Visa Options 1. >Employer Sponsored :- Obviously need to find a job/employer willing to sponsor me. - Is this likely. I've emailed my CV to a few, but so far nothing. Ideally I would like to stay in a similar role. But i would take on a lesser roll, such as a sales representative ( industrial), to get my foot on the ladder. I have been told that for immigration purposes, Sales and Marketing manager is not favourable. Does any body have experience of this? is A sales rep any easier/better? I would also need to find a vacancy before leaving the UK, unless I went to Australia with a working holiday Visa and found a job when on the ground. 2.> Skilled Independent 175:- This is my ideal visa, but realistically what are my chances of obtaining this? Since I have no degree and SALES and MARKETING manager is not on the SOL. ( I think). - I guess i have 3 main options. 1. Quit my job here, move to Australia with a working holiday visa, find a job, for a while and an employer who will sponsor me, and if I don't, come home. 2. Find a recruiter who will source a job, and maybe go out for an interview etc. Does the SOL still count if you have a job offer? 3. Apply for a skilled independent visa. Any advise/ experience/ recommendations would be massively appreciated. Best Regards Oliver Mawer :jiggy:
  15. Guest

    Advice appreciated

    Hi, We have just realised that out sons 5year UK passport expired on the 27th April 2011.....we are in the process of applying for our visa before the July deadline. Do we have to panic and get his passport renewed before applying (they request the passport no and issue/expiry date), does it need to be valid when applying for the visa? Any advice would be REALLY appreciated. We have got state sponsorship and are one week into the 30 day window. Many thanks The pod
  16. Hello everybody, ive just signed up to this great forum! I'm looking to live and work in this wonderful country but i have no idea what to do to start the process. Here are a few details about myself and hopefully you guys could help me out by pointing me in the right direction. Thanks in advance. Im age 20 Im an Apprentice Underground Cable Jointer (final year fully trained) for Scottish Power. I have City & Guilds 2322 and NVQ 3 in Electrical Technical Engineering. I have an Uncle that lives in NSW and an Aunt that lives in Queensland both willing to sponsor me. I have a girlfriend that s 18 working for a Childrens Centre who has a CBT and NVQ 2 & 3 in Buisness and Administration. Currently not a Home Owner. Looking forward to any responces MrH
  17. Hi, My husband & I & 2 kiddies love to move to Perth WA and our only way in is on 457 sponsorship visa. Does anyone know of any agents that can help LOOK FOR JOBS to match my husbands work? What are names of agents that look for jobs for 457 visas? Any other tips or advice welcome? We are currently applying to jobs advertised and other companies that arent. Thanks Brockham
  18. Hi all, We are just starting out on the Visa process. I have read through lots of information and think I have an idea of the steps required. Would appreciate some thoughts as to whether this is correct and some guidance if not! We will apply under my occupation of Podiatrist. From what I see we are eligible to apply for State Sponsorship from South Australia as I have 18 months work experience. 1. Book IELTS test - SA requires IELTS of 7.0 and our registering body requires Academic IELTS of 7.0. Next available near us is 2nd March. I'll also need to score 8 in order to get enough points to pass the new points test come July 2011. 2. Meanwhile gather docs etc to have skills assessed by relevant body - which is ANZPAC. 3. When (hopefully) passed IELTS, send Degree info, current registration info, employer reference and IELTS result to our registering body (ANZPAC). 4. Meanwhile, gather supporting information for state sponsorship application ie. research into SA, job market etc etc. 5. Once have positive skills assessment apply to SA for State Sponsorship. Any thoughts on how long this part can take? Or is it a case of how long is a piece of string? 6. Once (hopefully) have SS from South Australia, apply for 176 visa via the immi website. We aren't in a particular hurry to move but don't want to miss out if everything changes again in the near future. I'm also a little concerned about having to achieve 8.0 in the IELTS come July. Any thoughts on whether it may be achievable to get a visa application in by then or is that a pipe dream? Thanks for any input!
  19. Hi everyone . im in a strange situation that is i have applied for 885 with 1 year work experience in may 2010 and yesterday i noticed on my group certificate that my tax is $170 less than it should be means my employer did some mistake or may be his accountant( it is $1486 instead of $1602 ) so i just wanted to know that can this put me in trouble or my case in trouble . im worried about it . but i do have all of my salary slips so i thought its employers responsibility not mine to take care abt my tax well the period shown on group certificate is all right (exactly 1 year) experts advice will be much appreciated . hope to have answere from GILL. thank you everyone Karan
  20. Hi there, My husband and I are new to this site, however we have been looking at the main pomsinoz website and discovered Perth Poms. We are currently in the process of applying for a SMV and have been waiting endlessly for the state skills lists to be published to see what our options are. Thankfully my husbands trade of toolmaker is on the list and we have been sent a list of information we have to submit for the application which is as follows: Updated cv for you both. Information on funds available for transfer Names, address for any friends family you have in WA If you have ever been to WA when, where, what did you see etc. Estimate the costs you would incur for your move and what you expect to be spending on in your first 3 months in the country. i.e. rental deposit, gas, elect, vehicle, transport etc. Preferred area to live in WA and your reasons for the choice. This is all very well asking all these questions but unless you live and work in a place its not so easy to get valid information. Plus I am a dental nurse I believe you call me dental assistant so any info on that would great. The cv, funds and people we no and visiting bit we can do. Any information and advice would be very much appreciated. We look forward to hearing you. Bws Fee & Ken:smile:
  21. Hi there, My husband and I are new to this site, we posted this in the western oz section and were also advised to post in the migration section aswell. We are currently in the process of applying for a SMV and have been waiting endlessly for the state skills lists to be published to see what our options are. Thankfully my husbands trade of toolmaker is on the list and we have been sent a list of information we have to submit for the application which is as follows: Updated cv for you both. Information on funds available for transfer Names, address for any friends family you have in WA If you have ever been to WA when, where, what did you see etc. Estimate the costs you would incur for your move and what you expect to be spending on in your first 3 months in the country. i.e. rental deposit, gas, elect, vehicle, transport etc. Preferred area to live in WA and your reasons for the choice. This is all very well asking all these questions but unless you live and work in a place its not so easy to get valid information. We are thinking of living near to Perth city centre with good transport links however this will depend on what area we find jobs in. Does anybody know if there is a main indusry area in perth? Plus I am a dental nurse I believe you call me dental assistant so any info on that would great. The cv, funds and people we no and visiting bit we can do. Any information and advice would be very much appreciated. We look forward to hearing you. Bws Fee & Ken:smile:
  22. Hi there, I am currently in oz on 1st year working visa and am looking to get my trade recognised by tra. I'm a qualified spark with 8 years experience after my four year apprenticeship. As alot of my work was in London, I've worked with numerours employers, does anyone know if: a) I have to contact all employers to get forms signed b) How many years experience do I have to prove c) How much detail is needed Any help with this issue will be greatly appreciated Cheers
  23. Hi guys, We have decided to go ahead and book our meds in preparation. I have trawled the threads but I was hoping for an uptodate comparison and peoples valued opinions of experiences of places and costings as different places seem to have different costs! We need 2 adults and 2 children done - 1 who is 12 and the other who is 8. We live central so happy to travel to London or Manchester. (Obviously Birmingham is near to us but was interested in contrasting prices and peoples experiences) Thanks all for any input - very much appreciated. Rose xxxxx :hug:
  24. Hi all. I am currently at uni, so won't be able to apply for my visa until I graduate, which is in 3 years time. By which time my step son will literally just have turned 18. He is desperate to come out with us, so we are looking at different options to try and make this possible. I have heard somewhere that between the age of 18-25, if they are in full time education, therefore dependant on us then it would be possible to still come on a family visa. But this sounds far to good to be true. Has anyone out there had any similar experiences, or does anyone know of a good way to get him to come with us. Hope that makes sense, I have a tendancy to waffle....... Abi:confused:
  25. When thinking about where to live in Perth I have jotted down my must haves. I would appreciate everyones recommendations. I'm visiting Perth in a couple of weeks and want to visit areas that fit my criteria. My preferences are: 1. Has to be Quiet and not overly populated. 2. Professional area ideal for people with no kids. 3. Either close to the beach, or semi-rural towards the hills. 4. Semi-rural and choice of property with plenty of privacy. 5. Good transport links into CBD. 6. Established area but with modern living (not old dated properties). I really hope you can offer some advice that I can use on my reccie. Thanks.