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Found 9 results

  1. Dear Friends, I applied for 885 GSM via paper based on the 29th of April 2011 and on 30th of June, I received an email from the case officer to undergo medicals only for my wife (since she was pregnant at the time of application). In addition, I was asked to provide birth certificate and Passport of our new born and to get the VISA medicals. Have completed all these and sent it to the case office, except Passport as I am awaiting for it. Any idea how long the case officer might take to finalise the application. Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, quick question to anyone in the know! I have a CO , Meds booked for 14th of June,Form 80 completed and uploaded already . Police Certs from Ireland and the UK will be uploaded in the next week, if everything is clear with the meds and my Visa app , what is the general time frame to be granted a Visa???? As i wouldn't mind heading to Oz to work for a few months over the summer, ( in the UK :biggrin: ). Im on a 176 Vic SS going on my own , any info would be great , Cheers Fergal :jiggy:
  3. Hi all Just wondering if anyone as been appointed CO since the WA SMP was released??? I know I am probably jumping the gun but just thought I would ask!!!! :cute: S x
  4. jonneeb

    CO appointed, how long now??

    Hi all, I'm new to this site but have found loads of interesting information which is great. We've just been allocated a case officer and I was wondering if there's a common time from this date to when (or if) the visa is granted? Does anyone know? Also, our agents, 1st Contact, have been brilliant up to now. My agent is now based in Melbourne, not London and I've been trying to contact her since Feb 8th with no joy, also tried the London Office, no joy, and was then given a number for a senior case worker in South Africa, can't get hold of him either????? Anyone else having similar problems? After having parted with quite a bit of hard earned cash this is NOT the service I expect!! :mad: Skilled State Sponsored (SA) 176 visa Lodged May '10, CO 08/02/11......
  5. Guest

    SS 176 Victoria - CO appointed!

    After our agent submitting our application at the end of January, we heard on the 9th November that a CO has been appointed and we have been asked to carry out the Meds and Police Checks. Meds are booked for 04/12 and the Police application is being sent on Monday (luckily our neighout is a MET Police Officer and signed the papers for us). Is anyone is the same position as us? Can anyone tell me how long after they did their meds and police checks did the Visa come through? Look forward to hearing from you. Claire
  6. Dear Gill!! How long it will take to my Case Officer Appointed?... Name: Gagandeep Country: India Occopation: First Class Welder Visa Type:175 Applied date: 25/02/2008 State Sponsorship: STATE NOMINATED MIGRATION - VICTORA (Sep-02-2009) Sub class 176 Case Officer:NO Medical PCC:NO How long it will take to my Case Officer Appointed?...HELP ME PLZZ!! Regards Gilbert
  7. nickjenkinson

    WHOOP WHOOP : CO appointed.

    Afternoon all, GF does checked her emails and our CO has been appointed. Requested medicals and conviction reports (ooops, i mean Police checks). We applied through agent on 13/3/09. GF is a Radiographer and on CSL. I'm going in Defacto. SO its taken us approx 4 1/2 months to get a CO. There is hope people! Man, i must have penned an awesome love story for those guys at DIAC. hahaha
  8. We have had a Case Officer since 14th July, and after an initial request to our Agent for our PCs - NOTHING.....What is the longest time you have heard of that someone has waited for their Visa after a C/O has been appointed? I emailed my Agent and asked her if she would just check that they had received the PCs, just to prompt them, as 9 weeks seems a long time to me, and she refused! (Silly me, and there I was thinking I was paying her £2000 to assist me!) I am now bordering between maniacal hysteria and ......ermm.....whatever the opposite word to that is. We are supposed to be MODL. 175 submited online 12.12.07 Thank goodness for this site and thank you to all those people who contribute in such detail to help everyone out. So, please could you tell me - what is the longest time you have heard of? And maybe the quickest to give hope to some?!! Tracy
  9. Guest

    Agent appointed

    Hi, Just wanted to tell you all at PIO that after weeks of research and soul searching we have appointed an agent to handle our visa application today. Feels great to get started on the long road. We are heading to Victoria, but need to be flexible about where exactly as we are teachers. Just want a better quality of life for us and our son. :jiggy: Now we have to think about telling our family our plans - any advice?:arghh: Looking forward to the road ahead! Will(33), Mary(34) and Ben(2) Appointed agent 22/04/08 'Let no-one steal your dreams..'