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Found 300 results

  1. Hello I’m about to enter Australia on a multiple entry eVisitor (651) and intend to apply for a student visa shortly after. If my student visa application gets refused will my multiple entry eVisitor then become void/cancelled? Most people I’ve asked have said no it should be fine but just wanting to be sure. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi Does anyone know, if it is possible to travel over to Oz on a tourist visa whilst awaiting a spouses visa (subclass 309) to be processed. My husband has Oz citizenship and I am applying for a 309, however after reading some threads on the forum quite nervous this will take some time to come through. We plan to be move over in September, so was hoping it is possible to apply for tourist visa whilst 309 visa is being processes, is this allowed? Also what is the status with schooling without a visa, we have found a place at a private school for our daughter in Melbourne and would like to enrol her for October start. Will her visa application need to be processed before she can start school? Any advise appreciated. I am a British citizen and have applied for visa through Australia House in London, clean bill of health, no criminal record and have been married for years so anticipating it will be processed with no hitches. Thank you AC
  3. HI all I need help! My student visa expired on the 15th of March 2011. I really didn't know until i got an email from uni asking me to provide details of my 'new' visa on the 29th of April. Lodged an application with DIMIA, only to be told that since it was already outside the 28 day period I was not eligible for a renewal and they refused my visa application. I was told I could apply for a review with the MRT who will most likely NOT revoke that decision h now. tribunals take a long time. ON its website, it takes approx 350 days from loddgement to decision which wil buy me enough time to graduate and go back home. I was SO anxious and so upset the last couple of days when my future was so uncertain because I am in my final year of medical sch at melbourne uni, which means 6 months left till graduation! and they were telling me I had to pack up my bags and leave. what was even more horrifying was the fact that they slapped on a 3yr ban onto my passport, which meant that i potentially could not complete my degree, waste 6 years of my life studying medicine only to not graduate just because i stupidly overstayed for 2 weeks but thats ok now ( i hope) since I am betting that the tribunal will take forever and so i will have time to finish up my degree in 6 months. prob is I want a job here! every medical student is applying for intern positions now. Assuming I get a contract, the hospital will sponsor me a 457 business long stay Temp visa. But with my 3 yr ban, and because I am on a briding visa C, i wont be elligibble for that. my my option (i think) is to leave ASAP after my final exams, on the 18th of Nov ( miss graduation :'( ) apply offshore for a 457, and get the 3 yr ban waived so that I can return in time to start work as a doctor on the 16th of Jan next year, my question is who do i appeal to get the waiver?at An Aust high commision? and how long will it take? If i send it in my email , or if apply directly to the DIMIA website, it could take forever!!! :'( please pleas eplease help me if you guys have ever been in /or encountered a similar situation to mine thanks
  4. Apologies if I have provided too much info in this thread. I have split it into sections for those who want to skip to my queries. Thanks in advance for any advice you can provid First a bit of background info: I am a British citizen (35 years old). 3 years ago an Australian girl came for a 1 year trip to the UK. During that time, we met and continued dating for the rest of her trip. When she returned to Australia, we maintained a long distance relationship. In that time she has come to the UK twice and I have been to Sydney once. She has met most of my family and I have met most of hers. VISAs I employed the services of a MARA agent, who after reviewing my details, stated that I had an excellent chance of being granted a "Skilled Visa (subclass 189)" (for ICT Business Analyst). The issue with this approach is that it will take between 8 and 16 months to get the visa - we are hoping to get married during Easter 2015. I enquired if the "Proposed Marriage Visa" would be a quicker way to proceed - which he agrees it would be. 1st QUERY From what I have read, it is rare for genuine couples to have their PMV turned down, but the process can take between 3 weeks and 3 months. As it is a requirement for us to get married within 9 months of the visa being granted, when should I submit the application? (As I dont want it to start before August, in order for us to get married in April 2015). 2nd QUERY I am hoping to land a job in Sydney before I move. Should I state within my covering letter that I have applied for PMV (I expect it would help as they wouldnt need to sponsor me). Also, should I state my reasons for moving to Australia (I know that personal details are usually excluded from covering letters, but this would give them an indication of how long I intend to stay in Australia).
  5. hi all, my brother carelessly forgot to extend his student visa in 2008 and overstayed in australia for more than 28 days. he reported himself to immigration and he become subjected to the exclusion period preventing him to be granted any temporary visa to australia for 3 years. however, he managed to appoint an immigration agent to arrange his VE 176 nominated occupation accountant in mid 2008 and his application had been submitted since then there are various sources that state that exclusion period doesn't apply to permanent resident application, but we are not sure. we are afraid that his mistake would affect his permanent visa consideration. so can any one provide a concrete answer for this case? will his overstay status back then affect his off shore permanent visa application's consideration? this case is serious, we would be grateful for any help provided:notworthy:
  6. hi I'm off to Oz with my family in August (have visa already) and I was considering a career change. I have been having truck driving lessons in the UK and plan to have some lessons in Oz and then get my HR licence. This is probably going to be in Perth. I've read lots about truck drivers being in demand, however when I look through all the job adverts, pretty much every one asks for experience. Now I'm thinking that I might struggle to get a driving job being a Pom with no experience. Has anyone had any experience of getting a driving job? Do you think I will struggle with no experience? Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks Lee
  7. My Husband is a construction project manager and we are unsure whether it would be better for him to look for a job first or apply for a 175 visa as we would like to live in Australia permanetly (although the processing times are very off putting). Totally in the dark about what to do!!!!:confused:
  8. Can somebody tell me whether i can apply for a PR whilst on a 457 sponser. I have only been in Australia 3 months??? Very unhappy in employment. Thanking you
  9. Hi Guys, I am new to this forum and this is my first post (though I've been a silent reader of this group ever since I started researching OZ). So i am sure someone would be able to help. We are planning to go out next year and my husband would be the main bread winner. We would prefer to go on a PR and in our case it might have to be a ENS121. But reading the timeline for it and because my husband was keen to start work preferably by the Australian winter(next july/Aug) we were also considering applying for the 457 as it would be granted quicker. Does anyone have any experience of applying for both together? Would it save us from having to do two police checks/medicals etc? Would be grateful for any info. Many thanks in advance.
  10. Hi all, Was looking for some help if you don't mind? Could anyone tell me what documentation will be required by our MA to apply for a 457 visa - my husband has just been offered a job in Melbourne. I know the MA will tell us but I was just looking to get as organised as possible and get everything in order ready for when we hear from them. The main applicant is my husband and myself and our two children, aged 2 1/2 and 6 months respectively, will be going too. Thanks in advance for any advice and help you can offer.
  11. Hi guys I just had my vetasses result after 4 months of waiting and its negative. I applied for archi draftsman but im actually an interior designer so now I need to change occupation to vetasses and need to pay $500 aud. Anyone here who experience this situation .. needed to change occupation in vetasses? How long did it take? thanks for anyone who will share :biggrin:
  12. i have applied my TR before , 8 th feb 2010.My GT ielts has expired on 18th Nov 2011.I was thinking , may be i could get 7 in reading in academic.can i use academic ielts to apply for PR. thanx in advance.
  13. Hi all- New member, first post. My friend is an American Welder (First Class) and he wants to come to Oz permanently. His skill is on the SOL and he has years of experience and otherwise qualifies. However, TRA will not assess his qualifications b/c he is not from a nominated country. The nominated countries are: China Fiji India Iran Ireland Korea (South) Pakistan Philippines South Africa Sri Lanka United Kingdom United Arab Emirates (UAE) My question is, are you serious?! He speaks English, has yonks of top experience in a skill in demand in Oz and the problem is his US passport?!:wacko: Interested in any migration lawyers' perspectives especially. It seems like a really odd, and perhaps discriminatory, result. Thanks in advance. Slodkiy
  14. Hi, I have been living in Oz for the last 20 months. I applied for the offshore 175visa 6 months ago as a chartered accountant. My visa runs out mid March 2012 and I know with 175 visa I don’t go on a bridging visa. I have 2 questions; 1) Currently the job I am in now want me to go permanent, If I send the permanent contract offer into immigration along with receipt of my application do you know if they will let me go onto a bridging A visa until my 175 visa gets assigned a case officer 2) My company want to sponsor me, am I aloud go onto a 457 visa while waiting the result of my 175visa I would greatly appreciate any help on this matter??? Thank you
  15. hello every1 i was on student visa(with work condition ) and it was about expire and don't have 6.5 in ielts so i applied for student ,it got Bridging visa A in between 28 days ,i got 6.5 in ielts and i applied TR and filled 1005(for work right) at same time( still my registration was in condition ) cos i knew i will get bridging visa c with work ceased. i got my work right (full time work before my bringing visa A ended. now m in TR bridging visa c. .i m thinking to apply for 885 ,now i have enough point to apply, only thing i don't have skills assessment certification but i did applied for it and will take 12 weeks to received it cos of this i will be losing my study point on mid jan 2012(more that six month) for Skilled – Independent( 885). what will be the best option to apply 885 will there be any issue if i apply 885 with out Skilled assessment certificate anyone have any idea please share it cheers st
  16. Hey guys, I am a category 5 applicant(176 Family Sponsored) waiting for the last 2.5 years, I'm wondering whether I should wait or whether I should go ahead and apply for Victoria SS Since I applied before July 2010, I guess I still can apply for Vic SS and change my application to a SS application Please give your input guys, I'm unable to decide Thanks in advance
  17. Hi newbie Dave here, I have only about two weeks left in the uk before I leave with my Aussie partner for australia. Is there time to apply for residency ( de facto ) in London-offshore ( forms 40SP and 47SP) . Or should I wait and apply in Brisbane? I understand that there are some possible issues- Applying in the Uk means I have to get permission from CO to leave for aus. Will I have one to ask in time? Applying in Australia means I have to be there at the time of the granting of visa. What happens if I want to travel to the uk say after a month of application being lodged? At present my circumstances are : I'm on a tourist 676 visa. I have a defacto relationship with my Australian partner of some 25 years and we have a 5 year old daughter together(dual citizenship). Plenty of proof of the ongoing relationship etc. What are the chances of being granted a permanent (100) visa straight away? Any advice would be appreciated.
  18. Alanlisa

    When do you apply for SS

    Hi everyone, My hubby is a spark so we are looking to emigrate to Perth, when is the best time to apply for SS. Before or after the skills assessment? :biggrin:
  19. james81

    When to apply?

    I have been in Australia now for approaching 5 years this January, firstly on a working holiday visa (2 years) and then I was sponsored via the 457 route. I have now been with my Australian Fiance for 2-1/2 years and we have lived together for nearly 2 years, we are also expecting our first child together in Feb 2012. My question is, should we apply for a spousal visa now or do it when the baby is born? I'm not sure if there is any benefit of doing it after the baby is born? If we applied now would I go on a temp visa for 2 years or if we waited till the child is born would I get a PR visa straight away? I'm not 100% sure how it works but would like to take the best option for the sake of a few months.
  20. Hi all, We've moved to Australia on my wife's student visa, as she got a Master's enrollment at a Uni here. At the same time, I applied for 121 ENS with my company, and they have Fragomen sponsoring the visa. Sadly, Fragomen took some time to get things moving and, seven months on, we're only a month into the VETASSESS waiting time. From the posts here, we've another 3 months to wait for VETASSESS, and then another 7 months for the 121 application. That's the problem - Fragomen say that although I'm a perfectly acceptable candidate for 121 DRC, they can't go the DRC route as we're already in the country. Does anyone know if that's correct, or is there a way around it (we're heading back to the UK for a month at Christmas, which could possibly work... if anyone in Australia worked over Christmas!) Thanks! D
  21. aussiechick2006

    Spouse visa-need to apply

    Hi everyone, Well after posting on here only a few days ago regarding not going to Oz until 2015 our plans have totally changed. Hopefully in 12mths I'll be back home! Why put our lives on hold for the sake of a lump sum (as lovely as it would have been). Yes were not going to have a luxury lifestyle with loads of money to splash about. But to be honest family time and living life is far more important to us. Big deal if we cant afford tasting menus, bring on the family picnic at the park with homemade sandwiches. And if the only 'splashing' that we do is down at the beach....... I can't wait! So my question is (before I get more excitedly carried away by our future simple life) is where on earth do I start. I have read so many posts it's making me even more confused! I'm Australian, the children have citizenship by decent. So it's just my husband who needs a spouse visa. I've read bits about front loading applications although I have no idea what this is! If anyone can help at all I would be ever so grateful especially as it will be me sorting it out as the husband is just about to go away for over a month. AC
  22. Hi, I have lodged (online) my 175 in March 2011 (so I'm Cat4). I have been lucky and got a job offer in Oz ; they want me to start around mid-February. My new employer can sponsor me but the paperwork will be a hassle, and since the Cat4 is moving, I'm wondering if it's worth getting the 457 visa... I could have a CO in the next weeks and a grant soon enough. In the meantime, to make sure I can move in February, I'm considering applying for a WHV(417), even if I have to spend a week in NZ to have my grant letter (there are worse places to spend a week ) So, my questions - Can I lodge online a 417 application whilst I have a 175 online in the pipe ? I have seen several opposite answers, so has anyone done it before ? - Is it safe for my 175 application ? No risk to see it cancelled ? Should I lodge a PLE to warn DIAC that I'm applying for another visa ? Thanks from France !
  23. I've been reading on the Victoria website (http://www.liveinvictoria.vic.gov.au), that you can send in your SS application and send in your skills assessment when required. We are thinking of doing this to help speed things up a bit. Our agent is sending my wife's paperwork off to the TRA tomorrow, which will take about 60 days to be assessed apparently. We thought that if we apply for the SS now swell, then hopefully we can just send in the TRA assessment once we get the ok. Has anyone else done this, and how did it work out? Thanks, Paul
  24. Hi, We have PR visa and hubby has a job and contract. We need to buy/get a car as soon as we get there..... But we also need to start our credit rating. Which would be our best option?
  25. Hi, I posted this originally on Poms In Adelaide and was advised I'd get more feedback here - hope that's the case! I'm due to start a new job in Flagstaff in May 2012 - had enough of working in the UK, desperate for a new start for my health and quality of life, and for my daughter. Trouble is, her bio father won't give permission for her to emigrate with me so I'm having to go down the route of applying to the courts to override this. Has anyone been through a similar process? If so, were you successful and how long did it all take? Please help! Thanks