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Found 177 results

  1. Hi guys, I'm moving to Perth in the next weeks and I have been applying for jobs in disability services. i have worked mostly in home support but i would like to work in other services and I am aiming for case management but not restricted to that alone. I have had some response to my applications but as I'm moving from Ireland, I'm hoping that I will get more on arrival. Some people have mentioned that what is expected from applications there differs to what I am used in that, my cover letter is 1 page long and my cv is 3 pages long. I have always kept it reasonably succinct but adapted to the roles that I a applying for. Some people have advised me that cover letters there should be 3-4 pages long to address the requirements listed in the job ads - is that true or dependent on the role that you're applying for? I have a meeting set up with a Disability Employment Service when I arrive and I'm looking for advice on preparing for that also? There seems to be differences in what employers are looking for from employees so I'm not sure what to expect. Appreciate any advice! Thanks
  2. Hi all, hope whoever is reading this is well, Has anyone had their 417 Working holiday visa denied? I applied for a 417 Working Holiday Visa (I'm a pommie) and on the form it asked if i have ever overstayed my visa in a country, which unfortunately i have done, when i was in Taiwan 2014 (obviously not meaning to- forgot to renew my visa so I went to renew it and turned out I had to renew this visa outside of the country and i had actually already overstayed so I flew home and paid a fine at the airport before leaving). My visa has not been approved/denied yet but I know Australia is strict on not wanting possible overstayers and I've read in many posts people (Brits) getting their visas approved in minutes. So, I am wondering if I'm going to end up waiting the 36 working days to find that my visa will be denied, because of my Taiwan overstay! Anyone been in this position before and had their visa approved (or denied), albeit in the 36 working day processing time frame? I've been granted a student visa before when i studied in Australia for 3 years (2010-2013) and didn't breach any rules on my visa there, so hoping that counts for something? Thanks in advance for any insight on the situation- I'm just very excited to get started on my aussie adventure but now worrying my visa won't be granted! Naomi
  3. Hi everyone, I was hoping to find out if anyone had any idea what kind of conditions the australian govt will NOT take on the medical? I have Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), no symptoms as yet, and I am almost 40, but I am assuming I will need dialysis at some point in the future. I cannot find any list that tells me this information. Just wondered if anyone out there had a similar question. Thanks Jen
  5. Two years ago my doctor suspected that I may have latent TB as he saw something in my chest x-ray. I was forced to take medications by the state, although some other doctors doubted if I was really having TB as that 'something' may be a blood vessel. Anyhow I was cleared of TB after the medications and several x-rays. I applied for the business short-stay visa 2 months ago, and I 'lied' (sorry!) that I never had TB because I was really in a hurry to get the visa and I am not sure if it will take very long time in case they need to check my TB status. But now I am supposed to apply for a long-stay 457 visa and here comes again the TB question. I don't want to lie any more and I am also sure that I will be fine in x-ray check. What I concern about is will the immigration office check my past visa application and realize that I answered differently? Will they make a big deal of this and give me a hard time to get the visa? or even just deny my 457 visa? Or I have to keep silence about my damned TB history? Thanks!!
  6. Hi to all We have been here 2yrs now and what a rollercoaster ride it has been. I have done 3 applications to get here . So i know a little on most of the applications , if you need any help with them just send me a pm . Starting out here, on what you can and what you cant get is also a learning curve, what trades in the building industry you will have no problems with and the ones you will have problems with, transfering your qualifications over so that you can work is a big one. I am now a Site Manager running a $20m commersial job . So if you need any advise send me a pm. I will get back to you as soon as possible, Or Email me by clicking on my name in the left panel Regards Mark
  7. Dean74

    TRA november applications

    My agent posted my documents to TRA on 11th November , then i emailed them on the 18th Nov to see if they have received my documents, i have not had a response as yet! am i being a little impatient? can any one give me an idea of how long it takes to get a response from these people? and do i have enough time to gain a 176 ss wa before July 2012? HELP!!!!!! :arghh:
  8. Hi, Anyone know if it is forbidden to lodge more than one state sponsorship application to two or more separate states at a time? Would the states know of your applications to other states and do you think it would affect your chances if they did? Cheers BB
  9. Guest

    School applications

    Hello, Am hoping someone who's been through this can help me. My husband and I have decided to move back to UK with our 2 children. He still hasn't got a job in England and ideally we'd wait until he got one before going over. However, in England you really need to applly to schools by middle of Jan in order to have any chance of getting in. Therefore plan is that me and child due to start school will go over in December and live with mother in law until husband is able to join us later in year (June 2012) with other child. My question is, (both children were born in Oz but have UK passports) how do I prove to the council that me and child have moved into the area? As we're staying at mother in law's house, we won't be paying council tax etc. My child won't go to nursery so won't appear on any databases. I know that we won't be eligible for child benefit until we've been back for 6 months (and hopefully we won't need it anyway) but know that the child benefit book is a good way of proving your address, etc. Added to that, it's likely that between Dec and June (deadline for other half moving over) I'll go back to Oz 2 or 3 times (can't bear to be away from older child but he has medical need so needs to stay in Oz until then). So how do I get my youngest child to have a footprint- to be on lot of official databases? The only thing I can think of is to register at the doctor's.
  10. Guest

    GSM paper based applications

    I have started this thread for sharing the time line of paper-based GSM applications so that it will be helpful for our forum members. Guys please share your time line. I have sent my paper application last Wednesday and it has reached DIAC today. Waiting for the ACK from DIAC. Hope it takes a month at least...
  11. rache76

    advice on nursing applications

    Hi all, Can anyone help? My sister in law has been a surgical nurse for 7 years and been in the same job since qualifying, she is a single parent and is looking to come to Oz permanently. We have been reading about different visa's and are now very confused. Can anyone offer any advice? Has anyone been sponsored by the state or an employer? Thanks Rache :wacko:
  12. Hi, I have applied for 175 Visa in September 2010 and Case Officer was allocated recently and requested medical, PCC, Form 80. My online application shows MET. When contacted recently, Case Officer replied that my application is "Undergoing Routine Processing". I have read from this forum that Pakistani applicants with "Routine Processing" take about a year or more for checks. I wonder what is the time taken for Indian applicants??? Is anyone from India for 175/176 with "Routine Processing" tag. What are all included in Routine Processing?:unsure:
  13. So missed out on the Mindarie home I had my heart set on today. There were only two conforming applicantions so missing out on a 50/50 is fairly disheartening - although the agent was very encouraging about the strength of my application. So what were other people's experiences in this area. How many applications did you put in before you found a home? How do you make yours stand out? Did you offer more than the requested rent? Is that even allowed? Would appreciate some advice in this area.
  14. People who have applied for their visas after 1st July 2011 can join here... You can share your timelines from start till the end.... So who is the first one?????????????
  15. TheClarkeFamily

    Visa applications - agency or not?

    Hi all. We were going to pay an agency to do our application for us but my husband has now decided we should do it ourselves and save that extra money towards other costs if we are successful. We have been told by 4 different agencies the same information, that our application is straight forward enough, what to do, what to expect etc. I know I need to pass IELTS at level 8, have a meeting with the Australian NMC etc. Hubby has faith that we can do this paperwork ourselves - who has done thier own applications and what issues, if any, did they come across? Is it straight forward? Am I nuts to even consider this lol?? :eek:
  16. Do you want to join me here? Just copy and paste and fill in your info it will give us an idea of how long the process takes! Good luck everyone...... Name: Canberra 2011 Date of SMP application: 20/05/2011 Trade/profession: Real Estate Agent Principal Visa type: ACT SS 176 SS received: 25/07/2011 Form 1100 Uploaded: 01/08/2011 Visa Filed: 01/08/2011 Medicals: Police Checks: Visa Grant/Declined? Name: Kate10 Date of SMP application: 25/07/11 Trade/profession: Civil Engineer (husband) Visa type: WA SS 176 SS received: 29/07/11 Form 1100 Uploaded: Sent to DIAC by WA 04/08/11 Visa Filed: 03/08/2011 Medicals: Police Checks:09/08/11 Visa Grant/Declined? Name - Rachel 80 Date of SMP Application - 11th May 2011 Trade/profession - Project administrator Visa type - ACT SS 176 SS Received - 19th July 2011 Form 1100 uploaded - 01/08/2011 Visa filed - 01/08/2011 Name: mansukhpatel Date of SMP application: 12/07/2011 Trade/profession: Systems Administrator Visa type: SA SS 176 SS received: 01/08/2011 Form 1100 Uploaded: 03/08/2011 Visa Filed: 02/08/2011 Medicals: Police Checks: Visa Grant
  17. So in response to the popular Cat two thread, please to all the other SA 176 Applicants would you fill in your details so we can keep an eye on each other. Please don't stop using other thread like this, i am asking this purly so we can focus on South Australia applicants and help each other out. Plus try to see if there is any processing order for CO from DIAC :laugh::biglaugh::arghh: If you are interested there is a general thread with all CAT 2 applications http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/migration-issues/98525-category-2s-where-you-now.html If you would like to join this list cut and paste the following information needed (WHICH IS IN RED) and press post reply, please do not quote. I will post it on the first page in date order. Hopefully there isn't too many of us, but it might help us all to not expect too much too soon. Please copy, paste and complete your details to the following: Name: Date of Visa application: Nationality: High/Low Risk: Trade/profession: Visa type: Which State Sponsored: Date of SMP Applications: Date of SMP Granted: Onshore/offshore: Pre-November 2010 Category: Medicals submitted: Police check submitted: Date CO assigned: Date of employment verification (If applicable): Date visa granted: When someone gets a CO I will turn them AMBER and when they get their Visa I will turn them GREEN. I will try and update this page on a daily basis. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HR = high risk LR = low risk For a list of which countries are Low Risk click here: ETA (Visitor) (Subclass 976) To check your application online please visit here https://www.ecom.immi.gov.au/inquiry/query/query.do?action=eVisa you will needd your TRN, DOB, Passport No and Citizenship. Thanks. GAZ
  18. Hi all, Just wondering who else sent off their off-shore spouse visa app in June or July and how they're getting on? I know there won't be any news yet, but it's so frustrating just waiting!
  19. Does anyone know the numbers of pending GSM applications DIAC has pending by priority group? For instance, there are X number waiting for visa grant in Cat 3, X number waiting in cat 4 and so on...
  20. Hi guys, Feel a bit embarrassed asking this one! I lodged our application yesterday evening and am now putting together all the usual supporting documents - passports, birth certs, IELTS results, transcripts etc etc. I'm a bit confused. The document checklist messages say certified copies of each are needed, so I assume that that means that I must put properly certified copies in the post to DIAC rather than just upload copies?? Thanks very much for your help! Kate.
  21. Morning all Am just about to apply for my first role in Oz, at one of the University's in Melbourne. They ask for a CV, covering letter and a statement addressing the Selection Criteria. From what I gather this is giving examples and experience against the criteria, but just wondered if anyone has done something similar and been successful? I've got all of the experience they're after (currently work in a similar position in a UK university) - just wondering how much to waffle on for :biggrin: If anyone has any tips then I'd be very grateful...
  22. Hi Just wondered if anyone has recently been through the onshore permanent spouse visa (subclass 801) and if so, what was the processing time. I was told by immigrations 6 - 8 months but I am hoping that is worse case scenario. Thanks Smiler:biggrin:
  23. Dear All, i made two applications (885 and the state sponsored 886), now my 886 has been granted but my 885 also had a case officer, what can i do now? i've written to my 885 CO re that i was granted an 886 but no reply. i called immigration enquiries they told me it's too complicated they weren't able to answer, i also asked the officer when i went to put the label for my granted 886, he said he doesn't know. i started to panic now, i am worried if i break any law conditions which would affect my already granted 886:arghh: why there are still things to be worried after granting PR? could anyone give any suggestions? or any similar case? thanks so much!
  24. Hi guys, I recently completed a medical check and x-ray for 887 visa, then emailed the agent for instruction of lodgement of the 887 visa along with final payments, as I have prepared all documents throughly including overseas and AFP police checks before undergoing medical check. As soon as I completed medical check, I immediately instructed to lodge the application knowing that medical check results will be out after 2 weeks or so - at the same time when a case office will be probably assigned. I am wondering whether it is allowed or possible for me to lodge the same subclass visa application again for 2nd time in paper or online? This is to make sure that I don't make mistakes or to see which one goes faster to get visa granted. Sometimes both attempts would produce either one outcome -whichever is best. Also, for any one experienced in visa application handling, if my application is submitted or lodged whilst the medical results are in processing by medicare to be checked by Dimia later, does that mean my application is DRC ready? If it is submitted online and processed by Brisbane centre I am sure it would probably takes about 1 month because my agent mentioned to me that similar applicant applied it before and got his visa after 28 days. Thanks for any feedback to be made from you in opinion about this in advance. Has anyone with deafness successfully having the PR visa granted before? I'm about to be the one to give this a go.
  25. Hi guys, Does anyone know if they are going to speed up 485 visas after July 1? It says that the priority processing for 485 will end after June 30. I lodged my application in Aug 2010 but my occupation is on the Jul 2011 list- was just wondering if they are going to speed up the process at all!