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Found 149 results

  1. gr8leo87

    HR applicants where are you now??

    Hi, I thought we should have thread for HR applicants time line because their time lines are radically different from non HR applicants because of their lengthy internal/external checks. I applied in January 2010. Got CO in March and medical requests and form 80 request. And my application is now under external checks since I don't know 8-10 months may be. What's the update with you other HR applicant guys?
  2. Hello all 475 applicants can post their details and I will add them to this front page timeline to know our status.. All are entered in date order, So we can all follow easily where everyone is...:jiggy:I will be adding dates for visa grants too :v_SPIN: Thanks :notworthy: ____________________________________________________________ 2007 Pre September Applicants: Name: Virtual Bajwa Occupation: Public Relations Officer Visa applied on: 30/08/07 CO allocated: Yes (20/10/2009) Visa Granted: still waiting Heading to Vic ------------------------------------------------------------------- ____________________________________________________________ 2008 Applicants: Name: Jupiter123 Occupation: Management Consultant Visa applied on: ??/05/2008 (State sponsored) CO allocated: yes (July'10) Visa Granted: Sep'10 Heading to SA ----------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Manal Occupation: System Manager (2231-11) Visa applied on: 17/09/2008 (Family sponsored) CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to Vic ----------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Kirubha Occupation: Business and Information Professional Visa applied on: 09/10/2008 (Family sponsored) CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to Vic ------------------------------------------------------------------ Name: Kazzarazza's daughter Occupation: Marketing Specialist Visa applied on: 16/10/2008 (Family sponsored) CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to SA ------------------------------------------------------------------ Name: VANDM Occupation: Business and IT professional (Non CSL) Visa applied on: 03/11/2008 (Family sponsored) CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to Vic ------------------------------------------------------------------ Name: Raja Occupation: Internal Auditor Visa applied on: ??/11/2008 (Family sponsored) CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to Vic ------------------------------------------------------------------ Name: Nitsy Occupation: Insurance Broker Visa applied on: 30/11/2008 (Family sponsored) CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to Vic ------------------------------------------------------------------ ____________________________________________________________ 2009 Applicants: Name: Jebin Occupation: Welfare Worker Visa applied on: 26/03/2009 CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to SA ------------------------------------------------------------------ Name: Jimmy Occupation: Vocational Teacher Visa applied on: 04/04/2009 CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to NSW ------------------------------------------------------------------ Name: Southerncross Occupation: Sales & Marketing Manager (1231-11) Visa applied on:20/04/2009 CO allocated: 02/02/2011 Visa Granted:15/04/2011 Heading to SA ---------------------------------------------------------------- [/font][/size]Name: Atul Occupation: Valuer Visa applied on: 24/06/2009 CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to SA ---------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Dream Occupation: Botanist Visa applied on: 30/06/09 CO allocated: Yes (??/08/2009) Visa Granted: still waiting Heading to SA ------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Jackd Occupation: ????? Visa applied on: ??/06/09 CO allocated: Yes (??/08/2009),job verified Visa Granted: still waiting Heading to ?? ------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Jamtart Occupation: Disabilities Service Officer ( not on new SOL) Visa Applied: 30/06/09 (family sponsored) Co Allocated: NO Visa Granted: Heading to: QLD ----------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Aituhin Occupation: Marketing Specialist Visa applied on: 19/08/09 CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to NSW ---------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Ozamatic Occupation:Real Estate Sales Person Visa applied on: 27/08/2009 (State Sponsored) CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to SA ---------------------------------------------------------------- Name: LeeBaker3 Occupation: IT Manager (Project Manager) Visa applied on: 28/08/2009 CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to QLD ---------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Mark&Robyn Occupation: Bricklayer Visa applied on: 01/09/2009 CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to QLD --------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Team Rennolds Occupation: Office Manager Visa applied on: 04/09/2009 (state sponsored) CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to SA --------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Manpreet Singh Occupation: Civil Engineer Associate (family sponsored) Visa applied on: 09/09/09 CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to Vic --------------------------------------------------------------- Name: MLSDQ Occupation: Graphic Designer Visa applied on: 09/09/09 CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to SA --------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Aivaan Occupation: Production Manager(Manufacturing)(Not found in new SOL) Visa applied on: 17/9/2009 CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to SA -------------------------------------------------------------- Name:Padayachee Occupation: IT Manager Visa applied on:18/09/2009 CO allocated: 02/02/2011 Visa Granted:17/03/2011 Heading to SA -------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Choksy Occupation: S & M Manager Visa applied on: 22/09/2009 (State Sponsored) CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to SA --------------------------------------------------------------- Name: 3jps Occupation: Marine Biologist Visa applied on: 16/10/2009 (State Sponsored) CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to SA --------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Michelle & John Occupation: Project/Programme Administrator Visa applied on: 27/11/2009 CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to WA ---------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Grada Occupation: Pre Primary School Teacher Visa applied on: 30/12/2009(State Sponsored) CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to QLD ---------------------------------------------------------------- _______________________________________________ 2010 Applicants: Name: ADAM & LYNDA Occupation: Building Associate (Non CSL) Visa applied on: 12/02/10 CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to SA --------------------------------------------------------------- Name:Ramseh Occupation: Marine biologist Visa applied on: 23/03/2010 (State sponsored) CO allocated: No Visa Granted: ?? Heading to SA --------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Rebejes3 Occupation: Counsellor (nec) Visa applied on: 23/07/10 (State sponsored) CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to WA --------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Lobsters Occupation: Air con & Refrigeration Mechanic Visa applied on: 13/12/10 (State sponsored) CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to NSW (Murray Region) ---------------------------------------------------------------
  3. grada

    475 QLD Cat 5 New Applicants

    Hi, We have been trying to get a visa since 2005. We have had deal with to the constantly shifting skills lists and eligibility criteria which has affected our progress. To cut a long story short we now have State Sponsorship with QLD for the 475 Regional Visa that arrived the other day, for occupation not on the CSL (Pre-Primary Teacher) which puts us in Cat 5. It took us so long to get the sponsorship (applied in May), and very pleased we now have it, but after reading all the recent news about processing those on the CSL, then looking on DIAC's timeline that for new non CSL applicants, we could be waiting until after 2012 (3 yrs) for applications received after Sept 09 changes (the visa itself only lasts 3 yrs!). I have also heard that they are scrapping the CSL list, but does this mean that they will not be using it as a priority processing tool after Jan 2010? If so where does that leave new category 5 applicants, and does that same timeline apply? The visa charge is $2,525 which we need to pay, and we have got this far, so we are keen to progress as it has been our goal for such a long time. I am just confused as to whether to submit the application, pay up and see, or are we just in for another long wait, as if we will not get looked at until 2012, that will be 7 yrs of dealing with migration, having already had to adjust to the changing goal posts just to get halfway! Is anybody else in a similar conundrum?:wacko:
  4. Hi ! Just wondered if anyone else here had applied to St John Ambulance ? I am a paramedic based near London and applied originally last September - I heard nothing (technical hitch with application) and then re-applied last month. Just wondering if anyone had any advice on time scales, etc! Thanks JO x Also - an enquiry with regards to employee nomination scheme - if i am sponsored by SJA for work will my husband have the right to work in WA also? i am so confused with regards to visas, can someone help? :chatterbox:
  5. Ok straight out of the hourse's mouth... Just got off the phone with DIAC to clear some doubts; thought might be useful to some there as well. Some of you might have already know this but for the benifit of others; 1. After a GSM application (i.e. 485, 885, 886) is lodged, do I need to apply for a Bridging VISA B to leave the country? A: No. You can leave the country without having to apply a Bridging VISA B however you need the Bridging visa B to RE-ENTER Australia. You can apply for this at an Australian Counsulate overseas, but the risk is that if its not granted for any reason, then you cannot re-enter the country; So its advisable to apply for a Bridging VISA B BEFORE you leave for overseas. 2. How long is Bridging VISA B valid? A: The Bridging VISA B is usually valid for 3 months and you need to return to the country before the expiry date, else it will be invalid, and you will need to apply for another bridging visa at an Australian counsulate overseas (subject to approval). 3. What are the 'acceptable reasons' for applying for Bridging VISA B? A: Visiting family, family wedding, sick relatives etc.. 4. Will my GSP application be put on 'hold' or be stopped processing during my time outside of the country? A: No. The VISA will still be processed according to the Ministerial Direction as set out. However the VISA cannot be granted if the applicant is overseas. If you are on Bridging VISA B, a pre-grant letter will be sent out and you will need to return to the country to get approval. If you need to go out of the country for more than 3 months (i.e. job oppourtunity..) and Bridging VISA B has expired, you can apply for a tourist VISA to enter the country and get your PR validated. Hope it helps....
  6. Are there any 475 cat 04 family sponsor applicants?. If so, please share your time lines and other queries..... :idea: Thanks Samk6
  7. Guest

    ARG Applicants...

    Hi again! Thought i'd start an easy to find thread for the applicants for ARG jobs, be you drivers or trades folk. :hug:
  8. Gayan

    475 Nov Applicants

    I have Applied on 04th Nov and My CO Appointed on 22nd Nov .... Please up date Your status those who have applied for 475 Gayan
  9. Guest

    applicants with hepa b

    hi everyone, i applied under 175 Skilled Migration and i am currently waiting for a CO. im a little worried about my disease which caused me so much stress lately despite my friend's advice that it's okay. Unfortunately for me, i got my mom's hepa b :arghh: and this has prevented me from travelling to other places to find work. I didn't want to take any risk of going abroad and get deported due to my illness. But just last yr, a friend told me that she knows a guy who had the same illness as mine and still got his visa. She mentioned about a waiver that he signed promising to get medication when he get to Australia. Is this true? Could this illness be a possible ground for visa disapproval? I desperately need your thoughts and advice on this. thanks. Balindat
  10. Hi My husband and I are applying for a 175 Visa (he is a joiner). We havent progressed very far (first stage of Vetasses passed!), but considering the current frustration and waiting game we are all playing. I thought it would be nice to make friends with others who are going through the same (selfish I know!). Please post if you would like to stay in touch and share your experiences so far and in the future! Thanks Lisa x
  11. SJSabir

    SS-176-HR-CAT3 Applicants

    :cool:Dear All, Please gather here and share your DIAC experiences. I am trying to make a chat room for those who share the following attributes: Stage (Waiting or Done): CO/Med/PC/Visa (Insert date if done, or write Waiting) Sponsorship: State Sponsored Visa type: 176 Fall in Category (Post July 14, 2011): 3 Belong to: High Risk Country You can fill the format to introduce yourself; Sabir
  12. Hello, I would like to know exactly how many IELTS score need for the Secondary applicants under 176 visa? Someone said need to get 4.5 for each module and others are telling all 4 modules average band score need 4.5. Which once is the correct one.(This is for old point system) Please reply ASAP. Thanks. Kathy :swoon:
  13. Hey everyone..I hope everyone is doing great. This is for all the applicants of visa 475 or 176 ... Can you please guide me that if my sister applies for visa 475 (after getting state sponsorship of northern territory) in december 2011 then till when can she expect the visa to be granted?What would be the cat and how long will it tgke the CO to be allocated??? I just want a rough idea/estimate of the processing time ..like till when in 2012???? All the replies would be graetly apprecated...thanks guys
  14. Guest

    IELTS for Secondary Applicants

    How many marks need for Secondary applicants for Each band? ketthy
  15. Guest

    475 cat2 applicants - 2011

    Hi, My intention to start this thread is to compile together the timelines and important matters related to 475 applicants. Rex
  16. Hi I am a HR country applicant and got my CO in Dec 2010. My application is undergoing security checks and still not completed. I was born and lived for around 26 years in Iran and completed my studies in Iran as well and never worked in Iran. I started my careers in UAE around 7 years ago and am residing in UAE at present on working resident visa. My question is : Is my security checks conducted for Iran only or it will be conducted for UAE as well? If it is conducted for both countries then is it done at the same time for both or security checks for the second country starts once the security checks for the first country is completed ? Based on statistics, security checks for Iranians is taking 12 to 15 months at present and I am worried about my application as I have been living in more than one HR country. I appreciate any advice in advance Regards REZA
  17. Guest

    IELTS for Secondary Applicants

    Hi, Australia Migration- Under 176 I lodged my visa application under 176 and processing is now going on under previous migration rules. So how many IELTS marks need for Secondary applicants? Someone said each band needs to get 4.5 or Overall average marks 4.5? Please clarify. Thanks. Donald. :biglaugh:
  18. Prior to yesterday's suspension, quite a few of us managed to lodge applications and are now sitting with fingers crossed, touching wood etc etc hoping our applications are accepted. There's also been speculation about how quickly [or not] these applications may be processed. Please could you add your details below and update on your progress? I'll start... Names: David & Nicky [he's the applicant] Visa Type: 176 QLD sponsored CSL: yes Job: .NET Developer Progress: got the TRN number and they've taken our money...
  19. Hi, Thought I'd start a thread for those who have applied/are applying in August under the Partner Visa (309/100) umbrella so we could see how each others apps were progressing. My stats are as follows: 5/8/11 Daughters Citizenship by decent granted 8/8/11 309 for OH received by AH 10/8/11 Email from CO (AH) requesting medical and further info 10/8/11 (Lots of) Pennies taken from account 12/8/11 Further info received by AH 16/8/11 Medical done 7/9/11 Appointment date at AH to submit kids passport apps Would love to see others time lines :wink: Tracey
  20. I don't suppose anyone can answer this, but as cat. 5 er (176 family sponsored june 2009):skeptical: I am curious as to how many are in front of us, and therefore how long our wait is likely to be? Probably a stupid question, but if I can see how big the queue, is, and where we are in it, I'd feel a lot better!! Thanks
  21. Hi, I like to know about inter state movement of my family in Australia. I am 176 VIC SS Visa applicant, my Brother-in-law lives in Canberra and I wanted to have my faimly in ACT with my b-in-law, is there any legal obligation for my faimly to move and live in a different state excluding me (primary applicant) until i have settled and get the job in my nominated state. Best. Nadeem
  22. Addy

    475 to 887 applicants

    Is there anyone else going down the route of 475 to 887? We applied 2 weeks ago so hope to hear by the end of July.
  23. This just in from the ASPC today: I am wanting to decrease the time taken from allocation of a GSM visa application to a case officer and finalisation of the application. To help achieve this, we would like to invite some applicants who do not yet have case officers allocated but are expected to have case officers allocated in coming months to commence obtaining and providing standard documentation that may not have been provided with their application or has expired. Attached is a notice which provides details of which applicants we would suggest "front end load" their applications in this way. Similar information will be included in the next update to the auto response from gsm.processing@immi.gov.au , which provides details of what applications have been allocated to case officers. please circulate to MIA Members. This is not a request for information and in any cases where this information is not provided prior to allocation, the case officer will take this up after allocation. Similarly any questions regarding such applications should wait until a case officer is allocated and contacts the agent / applicant. Agents / applicants who upload or email documents in response to the invitation should not separately advise GSM of this as this does not impact on the date cases are allocated. You will note in the invitation we suggest only clients from low risk countries proceed with "front end loading", however, you may on the basis of your experience choose to also do this for applicants outside of those we have suggested. The following text explains who should be front-end loading now: Health & Character Clearances for GSM Applications PRIORITY GROUP 2 (STATE MIGRATION PLAN) All applicants who meet the following eligibility criteria (Points 1 & 2 below) are invited to proceed to obtain health and character clearances now. 1. The application was lodged under one of the following visa subclasses: • Skilled – Independent (Migrant) visa (subclass 175) pre 1/7/2010, • Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) visa (subclass 176), • Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional) visa (subclass 475), • Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional)visa (subclass 487), • Skilled - Independent (Residence) visa (subclass 885) pre 1/7/2010, or • Skilled – Sponsored (Residence) visa (subclass 886), AND 2. A case officer has not yet contacted you about the application. PRIORITY GROUP 3 APPLICANTS All applicants who meet the following eligibility criteria (Points 3 & 4 below) are invited to proceed to obtain health and character clearances now. 3. The application was lodged under one of the following visa subclasses between 15 January 2009 and 30 June 2010: • Skilled – Independent (Migrant) visa (subclass 175), • Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) visa (subclass 176), or • Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional) visa (subclass 475) , OR The application was lodged under one of the following visa subclasses between 6 November 2009 and 30 September 2010: • Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional)visa (subclass 487), • Skilled - Independent (Residence) visa (subclass 885), or • Skilled – Sponsored (Residence) visa (subclass 886), AND 4. A case officer has not yet contacted you about the application. Priority Group 2 and Priority Group 3 applicants who meet all respective eligibility criteria may choose to initiate health and character clearances ahead of their application being assigned to a case officer for consideration and a formal request for these being made. Under the current priority processing arrangements it is likely that most applications above will be considered by a case officer within the validity period of medical and character clearances, should these clearances be undertaken now. When providing these clearances, Form 80: Personal particulars for character assessment (http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/pdf/80.pdf'>http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/pdf/80.pdf), should also be submitted. In addition, if an applicant has not already done so they should also update the Department on any change to their circumstances. To do so see information below: Change in circumstances All other Priority Group 3 and Priority Group 4 applicants should not yet provide health and character clearances. Applicants not from a ‘low risk’ country It is important to recognise that all applications are considered on their individual characteristics. As such, processing timeframes will vary in regards to whether an application is considered to be ‘low risk’ or ‘high risk’. Applicable clearances, forms or related information may be necessary and will be formally requested by a case officer on a case-by-case basis once an application has been considered. In our experience, processing of an application after allocation to a case officer may be lengthy (greater than 6 months) for people who are nationals of, or have resided for more than 12 months in, a ‘high risk’ country. We would strongly encourage these clients to wait until a formal request for these clearances is made by a case officer. By doing so, additional costs for replacement health and character clearances may be prevented. ‘High risk’ countries are those which are not included in either of these lists: • http://www.immi.gov.au/visitors/tourist/evisitor/eligibility.htm,'>http://www.immi.gov.au/visitors/tourist/evisitor/eligibility.htm, and • http://www.immi.gov.au/visitors/tourist/976/eligibility.htm.'>http://www.immi.gov.au/visitors/tourist/976/eligibility.htm. Priority 3 applications not in this date range Applications lodged outside of this date range should not yet proceed with health and character clearances. In this case applicants can periodically check the GSM Processing Update by emailing gsm.processing@immi.gov.au as the date ranges for each visa subclass will change. Benefit of providing Health and Character clearances now Initiating all necessary health and character clearances now is likely to enable an application to be considered in a quicker timeframe once it is allocated to a case officer. It may mean that a decision can be made when first considered, without a case officer needing to request any further documentation, as considerable delays can be encountered in requesting and receiving information. It is important to understand that providing these clearances does not guarantee immediate processing of an application. Applications will continue to be processed in line with the priority processing arrangements outlined below. In undertaking these clearances now, an applicant should be mindful that processing arrangements may change over time and that any such changes may impact on the validity of a clearance and the order of assessment of applications. An applicant may be required to repeat a clearance at their cost in the event of a change to the current application allocation arrangements. Priority Processing Arrangements Applications are being processed according to the prioritisation arrangements set by the Minister. Applicants whose applications have a nominated occupation that appears on an active State Migration Plans – Priority Group 2 are being processed ahead of all Priority Group 3 applications, and Priority Group 3 applications are being processed ahead of Priority Group 4 applications. Once all Priority Group 2 applications have been allocated, Priority Group 3 applications will continue to be allocated for consideration in date of lodgement order. This process will be repeated for Priority Group 4 applications in due time. To determine which priority group your application falls into please read the information on the department’s website at: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/updated-priority-processingarrangements.'>http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/updated-priority-processingarrangements. htm As mentioned, changes may be made to priority processing arrangements over time and in such circumstances processing timeframes may vary. Information on changes to processing arrangements will be available at http://www.immi.gov.au and by sending a blank email to gsm.processing@immi.gov.au. Validity of Health and Character clearances Priority Group 2 and Priority Group 3 applicants who meet the abovementioned criteria may choose to initiate new clearances given the likelihood of their application being considered in coming months. All other applicants should not yet proceed to obtain new clearances. Rather, Migration Agents and applicants should monitor this advice until such time as the relevant date range for lodgement of an application is specified. Applicants who choose to disregard this advice risk needing to repeat these clearances. Priority Group 4 applicants The Department is not yet in a position to advise when Priority Group 4 applications are likely to be considered, other than that this is likely to occur in the 2011-2012 Migration Program Year and after all Priority Group 2 and Priority Group 3 applications have been considered. As such, all Priority Group 4 applicants should not yet undertake health and character clearances. Priority Group 4 applicants are encouraged to periodically check the General Skilled Migration (GSM) Processing Update by emailing gsm.processing@immi.gov.au as the date ranges for each visa subclass and Priority Group will change over time. Change in circumstances If the circumstances of any family members or dependents have changed since lodgement of an application and DIAC is yet to be notified, completion of the relevant form(s) is required. See http://www.immi.gov.au/contacts/visa-enquiries/change.htm eVisa applicants should upload any relevant documentation concerning the change of circumstance (eg birth or marriage certificate) to the web-browser. Paper visa applicants should email gsm.documents@immi.gov.au with the relevant form(s) and supporting documentation. Questions Please note that specific guidance on whether or not an applicant should obtain these clearances now can only be provided once the application is allocated to a case officer for consideration, as a detailed assessment is required. Cheers, George Lombard
  24. Hi, Welcome to the thread for the oct cat 3 applicants. I am VF176 family sponsored Oct 2010 category 3 applicant and still waiting for the CO. Please share your updates. Thanks.:rolleyes:
  25. Hi Everyone, Got my visa granted today after 2 years and 7 months. My time line : Application lodged : 20/10/2008 Country: Bangladesh Occupation: Accountant Visa class : 886 (Relative sponsor) Was in Cat - 6 (ii) when CSL came into affect Change to Cat-3 in July 2010 before the federal election CO Assigned: 9/8/2010 PCC and Medical Requested : 13/8/2010 PCC and Medical Submitted : 1/9/2010 Doc status changed to received in: 21/9/2010 Then routine processing starts ....... Doc status changed to Met : 27/5/2011 Request for Spouse passport as the passport expired : 31/5/2011 Passport submitted : 2/6/2011 @ 11 am Visa Granted : 02/6/2011 in the afternoon. I am very excited and want to thank each and every member of PIO for all the useful information and wish everyone all the best.