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Found 111 results

  1. Hi all! We are about to pay for the 309 visa, but does any one know if the sponsor can use their own credit card to pay for the 309 visa? I am the sponsor, and we would prefer to use my credit card to pay rather than one of my partners, or out of our bank account. Thanks in advance.
  2. masketiar

    Lets update BD applicant Status

    Hi All, I am observing that there are a number of bangladeshi applicants who want to share their status and also need to get update . I think we can start thread so that we can easily share each other and also can suggest or inform .... Lets start with me first; Hometown: Chittagong Current Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh Type: 475 State: South Australia Present Status: All met.Only need to update wife's IELTS result within 14th April. Masketiar
  3. I would like to ask professional advisers some questions about the main applicant of visa subclass 143 ( my family has just lodged the visa subclass 143 for 3 persons : my dad, my mom and my younger bro (dependent child on my parents) First, if the main applicant ( my dad ) passed away while the visa is still in its waiting process, can my mom and my younger bro still be granted their visa? Second, if one of them cant pass the health check, can others who pass it be granted their visas normally? Third, Can my family change the main applicant to my mother although the visa application has been lodged already? many thanks
  4. Hi all, my wife is a main applicant for ENS 121 visa and she is AHPRA registered so no need of IELTS for her. However being a partner I have to provide evidence for English language. I am originally from India and become British citizen in Sep 2010. But not sure whether this will be enough to prove and also passed IELTS Academic module with overall 6.5 band but the only issue is I appeared for the test in Sep 2009 more than 2 years ago. Is it possible to provide evidence that I am in UK since last 7 years and working in IT dept for a NHS trust in London for last 3 years so this way I can confrim that after passing IELTS in 2009 I am working in English speaking country or I have to sit for IELTS General module again to score 4.5 which is not tough but..... Appreciate any advice or info who has gone through this situation. Mansawant
  5. I Barinder Deep singh mann applied for Skilled migration 475 provincinal nomination in dec-2008 at that time i was single. I got married in july-2009 and immediatly updated the file with proper procedure for change in condition and addition of familiy member. In sep-`11 case officer was alloted and he had asked for PCC and Medical for both me and my wife After completing all the formalities he granted visa to only ME ie primary applicant. but on mailing back he says no provision to add spouse/partner in this class and suggest we need to apply 1276 paper visa application for new entrant for my wife? i was shocked and as extra cost is incurred is high. but can i take it as granted all is well and my wife will be granted the visa in like 2-3months. what documentation can be asked for i have relationshipproof and the academic of my wife as well. what needs to be done please share your exp and best practices in such case.
  6. Hello my dears, I am sponsoring my wife for a partner Visa and want to pay her VAC in Australia preferrably via a Credit Card. Can anyone please tell me how to pay VAC for an overseas applicant by a credit card online? Thank you Regards
  7. Hello everyone, Hope you can give me advices or share with me experiences somehow related to my concern. I am an applicant for State Sponsorship Visa. We plan to lodge our Visa Application this January 2012 subject to the release of the State Sponsorship Nomination-SA . I understand that there will be a medical exam along the way. The thing is, I have a congenital heart disease which is called as Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome. However, my case is asymptomatic (clinically silent) . I was hospitalized before due to pneumonia in November 2010 and because of Pneumonia, I had heart palpitation which is a manifestation of WPW syndrome. Nevertheless,I visit my Cardiologist regularly and complied with all medical exams requirement. All tests taken in January 2011 and October 2011 reflected a good prognosis, thus, I don't need to take any medication as instructed by my Cardiologist. He provided me a medical certificate last October 29, 2011 stating that I have WPW (asymptomatic), fit to travel and work ,and does not need any maintenance medication. In this regard, given that I have this existing condition, do you think I should still give it a shot? Of course lodging an application will impose financial risk as I need to pay a big amount that's why I am concerned that my medical condition will be the potential deal breaker. :eek: Hope you can shed light on this matter. Warm Regards, mjcg
  8. Hello PIO's, As the subject says; I am in need to some clarification regarding our 856 ENS application. My husband's company lawyer had lodged his application in August with me as the non-migrating partner. I returned back to OZ on a Tourist Visa and the lawyer had my husband sign a letter advising DIAC that he would now like for me to be added onto the application. I am not sure what else the lawyer would have sent with this letter to advise DIAC to add me on. We have asked the lawyer to clear the doubts but its been extremely frustrating for us to get anything out from him as he's not helpful at all. That is why I need assistance with the following; 1. Should'nt I be on a Bridging Visa already? I am concern as I do not want t be unlawful should I still remain assuming my Bridging Visa has kicked in when my Tourist Visa expires. I am also afraid to contact DIAC to enquire incase I alert them to the fact I am applying for PR whilst on a TV. 2. Would'nt DIAC send some sort of an acknowledgement to advise that they will add me onto the application? Many thanks in advance for any assistance provided with clearing my doubts. SW :hug:
  9. My wife has completed 1 year ELICOS (Cert III & IV in ESL). We are planning to lodge 475 (offshore-relative sponsored visa). I went through the immi website about the requirements for the visa and found that for secondary applicant they need IELTS or "have completed at least one year of full time study in Australia towards a degree or diploma qualification with all instruction conducted in English". Does this sentence mean she doesn't need to sit for IELTS exam ?? Kindly waiting for the suggestion if anyone have got any idea......
  10. I'm emigrating with my daughter and my mum. Just lodged my 457 application. Obviously DD is a secondary applicant as my dependent cos she's 5! My mum is 64, lives with me in the UK (her house but I pay the mortgage and bills and household expenses as she can't afford it)...so she's effectively financially dependent on me. I've included her as a secondary applicant on my application in the hope that this will be approved. Anyone moved over with parents on a 457?? Thanks!
  11. Hi, I've lodged my e457 application (yay!!!) but haven't attached all the supporting documents yet. I know we're going to need Medicare cover before the application can be approved. Had a look at the Australian Medicare website and it seems I can only apply for Medicare if I'm applying for a permanent visa...but the 457 is a temporary long-stay visa. Help! How do I apply for Medicare? Which form do I need? (Ideally family cover) Any help appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Guest

    Primary Applicant

    Can anyone give us some help? We are currently unsure as to who would be the best primary applicant in relation to a GSM visa. I am 39, secondary school teacher (although I teach History and Humanities subjects) and have 15 years work experience, educated to Bachelor degree level and a native English speaker, therefore am assuming (hopefully) highest level in IELTS My husband is 40, manufacturing engineer (although this is not a category on schedule 1 production engineer is), has 15 year work experience, educated to Masters level and a native English speaker. Theoretically I have more points but are we more likely to be successful going through my husband? He is about to start the skills assessment through the Washington Accord and I will also need to get my skills assessed in order to give him an extra five points. any advice / guidance very gratefully received.
  13. Hi there As in the title , please clarify me that. There is two of us , me and my wife.
  14. Hi Everyone, Probably a silly question, but I couldn't find any info online or in the forum. Hope someone can shed some light. If a secondary applicant (or the relationship) is not approved by DIAC, will it effect me as the primary applicant? Can we get issued one, without the other? We don't mind waiting and her applying for a partner visa later, but to avoid paying two lots of the visa application charge, I would like to have her listed on my application. I'm going to be lodging my 885 application soon and will have my girlfriend as a secondary applicant. When we apply in November we will not have proof of a relationship for 12months (even though we have been together for longer). We will have: Registered relationship certificarte of NSW (4months) Join Bank accounts (6months) Join Utility Accounts (6months) Travel documents (10months) Stat Decs from friends and family (14months)
  15. Hi there lovely people! Was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to answer a quick Q I have... I am preparing to apply for 175 visa. I am a Pre Primary teacher and am the main applicant. I have to score 8 on the IELTS but am wondering if my partner needs to also complete the test (he is a secondary applicant on my visa). imm.gov say that secondary applicants need to show that they have competent English skills. He has a NVQ level 3 in Lift Installation which took 2 years (part time) to complete. Please help! Emma
  16. Hi there I've recently been offered a 457 visa to come to work in Sydney which is a dream come true, but my husband and I are trying for a baby. I would be the main applicant and my husband as the secondary. Does anyone have an idea of the ramifications of being the main applicant and being pregnant on this visa? I don't want to ask the company looking to sponsor me what might happen if I was pregnant, as it might scare them off, and this opportunity is too good to pass up. Equally though, the biological clock is ticking! Anyone had anything similar happen or any advice? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks Pennie
  17. Hey guys, We lodged our application in June 2009, if I want to convert my application to a SS application do I need to lodge a new application? It was told, if the application was lodged before July 2010 we don't need a new application, but with all the new changes on July 2011 can we still do this? Thanks is advance
  18. Dear This week (from 6th June 2011 to 10th June 2011) is for August and September 2010 Applicant . What you think , please share.
  19. Hi, I hope somebody will be able to help on this one....We have been assigned a CO:jiggy::jiggy: but I have to get my IELTS(I,m the secondary applicant).:arghh:Does anyone know of any other way that I prove my competency in English?I just dont like the idea of another exam!!! Your valuable advice please:notworthy:
  20. Hi all, In desperate need of some wise words regarding returning to the UK on Bridging Visa B whilst my partner remains onshore. Here is an overview of our situation ... *My partner applied for RSMS 12th January with me as de facto partner *Unfortunately we couldn't lodge our application 'decision ready' as our police checks weren't back in time and we had to lodge by mid January for a waiver of the 6 month limitation of the working holiday visa to allow us both to continue working for same employers *RMA estimated 1 - 5 month processing as at that time the standard service for RSMS/ENS was 5 months (ETA) *On 15th May my employer (Education Queensland - I am a primary teacher in a remote indigenous school) sent a letter to DIAC asking when they would expect to process our application as they needed an estimate for staffing next term and we got a reply saying our case had been moved from Parramatta to Perth and we had a case officer and it would be 7 months!!! *On 1st July RSMS was given priority processing above ENS but standard service was changed from 5 months to 5 - 8 months! *On 4th July we moved from Working Holiday Visa to Bridging Visa A * Our RMA has advised us that our RSMS application could be rejected as my partners qualifications don't match exactly to the job. He has 4 years experience in a very similar position but it is all very uncertain. I am on a career break from my teaching position in the UK and need to recommence employment on 15th August or they will take this as my resignation!! So if the case officers estimate of 7 months is right it will be around the 12th August before our application is looked at :-( Teaching jobs in the area I live in the UK are impossible to get now due to budget cut backs so it would be very foolish for me to give up my position to be told our RSMS has been rejected. Our RMA agrees it is very high risk for us to cross our fingers and hope for the best! * At the moment it looks like I will be booking flights to the UK for the 13th August with the facility to change the date if we hear back before departure. I need to do this by Friday as Flightcentre are holding my flights til then. It is going to cost me a small fortune to fly to the UK and wait a few weeks to hear back from the case officer and our RMA has told me our visa won't be granted whilst I am in the UK as we have lodged on shore. I am hoping if it is a negative decision I won't be expected to fly back to Australia to be told our visa has been denied?! Sorry for the long story but just wanted to give the full story to see if anyone has been in a similar position or can offer any advice. So to clarify what I need help with; Has anyone been a secondary applicant and left on a Bridging Visa B whilst their partner remains on shore? Thanks to anyone who can help, so stressed!!!

    Cat 5 applicant question

    Hi everyone ! I just want to know that i have applied for 885 visa and im on bridging visa A from last 2 years but if my employer sponsor me and i ho for RSMS ( regional sponsor ) so will my old application will get cancelled automatically or i can go for both at the same time. Thank you very much. KK Sandhu
  22. Hi My application is a 176 skilled sponsored. If my occupation is on SOL and if it is taken off from the state SMP list then what will be my application category ? I remember DIAC had mentioned it will be on cat3 before July2011 changes But after July 2011 DIAC has not mentioned any thing regarding this issue Regards
  23. Ashburton United Soccer Club: Reserves coach required Ashburton United Men’s Soccer Club are urgently seeking expressions of interest for the Reserves Men’s Coaching Position for the remainder of season 2011 (season concludes September 2011). The position would suit an individual that places a high emphasis on teamwork, communication, encouragement and leadership and an individual looking to develop their coaching skills by working with an experienced first team coach. Time commitment: Tuesday and Thursday nights: 6:15pm-8:30pm along with Saturday afternoons (12:00pm-3:00pm). Our community-based club currently competes in the FFV Provisional League 2 S/E division and trains at Ashburton Park, High St, Ashburton (Fakenham Road entry also available). Please email your coaching CV with a brief covering letter that includes a summary of your coaching experience and any relevant qualifications to ashburtonunitedsc@gmail.com, an immediate start is on offer for the right applicant.
  24. Hi Would anyone out there be able to help me. I applied for a 175 visa in April 2010 and at the time my occupation was on the Schedule 1 list. I called immigration twice in April and they confirmed I was in Priority 3. When I still had not been allocated a case officer I called again this week and was told I am now in priority 4 as they are retropectively applying Schedule 3, which my application is not on, to everyone who applied prior to its introduction in July 2010. The immigration website says clearly in several places that Schedule 1 is the list that applies to my application, but the agents have been instructed not to process it. So people who applied after me are getting priority. I am in Oz on a working holiday visa but my time is up with my employer at the end of this month. They want to keep me on but are not in a position to sponsor me. Does anyone know what has happened to applicants who applied under schedule 1 prior to July 2010, and can anyone give me some advice? Thanks Louise
  25. I have been searching and searching for an answer with no success. My husband is on a 457 with me as his spouse. I have no work restrictions, right? So, I was wondering if I am allowed to work Self-Employed? Regards G x