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Found 40 results

  1. I got negative assessment for being my tasks are not highly relevant with the occupation applied for; Financial Investment Adviser (222311). My manager intentionally did gave them an opinion which knocked me off Just applied for a review of that decision! anyone did this before? Do they turn their decision??
  2. Hi everyone, I recently applied for a skills assessment through ACS under ANZSCO Code 261111 (ICT Business Analyst). The result was; "The following qualification does not meet the ACS suitability criteria: Your Bachelor of Arts in Graphic and Digital Design from University of Greenwich completed June 2015 has been assessed as comparable to an AQF Bachelor Degree with insufficient computing content and therefore does not meet the requirements of the ACS as stated in the policy manual." They didn't assess all of my work experience due to insufficient evidence, but based on the ones they approved, I think they need letter-headed references for all of them, which I can get. (I had a really bad visa agent experience, so no advice had been given to do this, they didn't even tell me I needed to certify my documents!) I'm really confused at the outcome, as my degree was Graphic and Digital Design, there was a ton of IT content, we had to learn how to use lots of software and most of our work was digital. Is this something I could successfully appeal? I have 4 years experience, so getting a Major in ICT content is ideal. Any advice would be appreciated!
  3. Emily-1987

    AAT Appeal wait times - Help please!

    Hi, Just looking for a bit of guidance here, we lodged an AAT appeal for our PR 187 visa in August 2017 which we believe was unfairly refused, and our visa agent thinks we have a good case. It’s now 21 months later and still we have not heard anything. We were originally told it would take around 12 months and then last year we were told it’s 18 – 24 months! Anyone else been through the appeal process and can give some idea of how long there’s took. Or anyone else in a similar position? The not knowing is becoming very stressful and is taking its toll. Many thanks
  4. Hi everybody. I am trying to find a sponsor for a 482, my job title is in the shortlist. Because of that, I am a bit scared of the GTE rule (Genuine Temporary Entrant) as I have been in Australia for 4 years (see my own story below). Did you have your visa refused because of GTE? What is the best way to avoid this? Also if the 482 visa is refused, can I re-apply for a 482 later? What are my options? A bit more about my situation: I have been in Australia for 3.5 years, working for the same company in a Senior role. I spent 2 years under my 457, then the company nominate for the PR (ENS 186 Direct Entry) a before my 457 expires. After 15 months, the nomination of my employer has been refused "Lack of evidence regarding the training". They have done it, they have all the documents to prove it, BUT they didn't provide them and the case officer just rejected the application without giving us a chance to provide the right proof. Anyway, that is my current story and I am trying to find a way to stay here and work.
  5. My employer lodged a nomination which recently got refused. My employer has lodged an appeal for this with MRT. As the applicant, my current 457 is pending, but have just been informed: Was not expecting this. Was under the assumption that the nomination appeal would cascade down to my 457 visa application and I would be able to stay until this appeal had run its course. The following options that I have been given : With it being the Xmas break, my HR department are on leave, so 1) is unlikely. 2) is fairly straightforward. 3) I am not entirely sure what this entails or what to respond with? Not the best pre-xmas news, would really appreciate any tips or help.
  6. Background Arrived in Aus 2010 on a Student Visa. After Uni, obtained a 485 Skilled Graduate. Currently working for an employer in my skilled nomination. Applied for a 457. Unfortunstely, nomination for sponsorship was recently refused due to salary issues (long story, but legal advice has said not worth appealing) Currently under a Bridging A (class WA) as I still have till the 1st December to appeal against my 457 decision. I intend on withdrawing my 457 application before the 1st of December. I believe that upon doing this, I will then be given 28 days on withdrawing, for my Bridging Visa to remain valid. Option 1 - New 457 Application I am currently working with my employer to potentially find another role with a simpler contract that meets the needs of a 457. I would then need to apply for a new 457 application Q1. Whilst on my current bridging visa, can I apply for a new 457 onshore? Option 2 - Lodge a Tourist Visa (600) The above might fall through with my employer and therefore I want to find work elsewhere in Australia. I would then like to apply for a 6mth Tourist Visa so that I can continue to find work. Q2. Whilst on my current bridging visa, can I apply for a 600 Tourist Visa onshore? Can anyone perhaps offer some answers to my above two questions. If anyone has any other ideas or useful advice, would really appreciate it. I would like to avoid getting myself into any high risk categorys with IMMI by having anything refused, so want to do everything right.
  7. uzair

    Review or Appeal

    Hi Guys, My problem is related to ACS reassessment for one work experience judged as not closely related. I applied to be assessed under 261311 (Analyst Programmer), my latest experience of 3 years 1 month has been assessed to be suitable with this ANZSCO however the problem is with my prior experience of 2 years in another company. Being a small-sized company the job roles were limited and more job duties were performed. My Job title was Project Coordinator but i had been performing almost 70-80% of the job responsibilities of Analyst Programmer and thats what my experience letter said as well. However it has not been assessed as closely related to 261311 (Analyst Programmer) and i want to get this reviewed/ appealed My queries are: Does Review has better chance of success than appeal as further documentation could be attached? What are generally the chances of positive review? What evidence in my case would be suitable? Does a detailed revised experience letter stating job roles in detail from same company helps? Thanks
  8. Hi all, Ok, so in July 2011 I applied for skills assessment for 313214 - Telecommunications Technologist with Engineers Australia. I had originally queried with Eng Oz as I don't hold an Engineering degree. I actually hold a computing degree, but had worked in Telecoms for 7 years. They said that there shouldn't be any issues after explaining my situation. I sent my 52 page CDR and waited for a positive outcome. In November 2011 I received a 1 line letter telling me that I as unsuccessful and would be more suited to software development?!?! Anyway, after 3 months of disappointment I decided to lodge a very cleverly worded informal appeal. I didn't hear anything until October 2013, when I received an apology email out of the blue. They over turned my initial assessment! Wow! So now I have an official skills assessment. So anyway, I had kind of got my head out of Australia and dismissed the idea. On receiving the email, I was not too bothered, but now that I have been thinking about it, I'm getting the bug again! But now, I have no idea how much the emigration system has changed in 2 years (I'm guessing a lot!) So I have a couple of questions if you don't mind. 1) How long is my skills assessment valid for? 2) What is the process now? I seem to think that now you need to apply, so that you can apply. Is this correct? Is it possible to apply for permanent migration? 3) Does anyone know of any DWDM / SDH jobs in Perth, or have a good website link that can help those with a skills assessment only, to get a job and emigrate. I was brought up in Perth and my Father's side of the family are all out there - if only I had my Australian Citizen ship ;-) Thanks for your time, I'm totally out of touch with the process! Cheers Neil
  9. SonicBlue82

    Migration Review Tribunal

    Hi everyone, I couldn't find a recent thread relating to appealing a nomination/visa application to the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) so I've created a new one. I'm just curious if there's anyone on here that has gone through the process of appealing the decision on their nomination or visa application with the MRT and would like to share their experience? For example, how long did it take, what was the hearing like, what was the outcome, etc... My migration agent is about to lodge an appeal for my RSMS nomination that was refused due to a technicality... It was the case officers opinion that the job description and the listed job duties/tasks/responsibilities weren't close enough to the job duties/tasks/responsibilities of the official ANZSCO position we applied for. My migration agent is going to lodge the appeal to meet the deadline and then start building a supporting argument as to why the decision should be overturned by the MRT. I know I'm in for a loooooong wait. It's about a year and a half actually. And no guarantees. But we're doing what we need to do to keep me here in Australia. Its just a shame that this appeal process is going to cost me another $6700 and a lot more time ...
  10. Guest

    Vetassess Appeal advice please

    Hello all has anyone appealed successfully to vetassess to overturn an unsuccessful skills assessment result? My assessment was unsuccessful on the grounds of not having 1 year post grad work experience. I achieved my degree in June 2011 and have been in the same job for 11 years and counting, does anyone have a similar story? and appealled successfully? Just seems really daft that i have to wait until next June to get a rubber stamp when everything else is in order:no:
  11. Can someone share their IELTS Appeal experience? Are you successfully appealled your band? and how much have those been raised? I was again very unsuccessfully having a 6.5 for writing when I got my result today. Listening 8, Reading 7.5, Writing 6.5, Speaking 7.0. I really want to know if I stand for a chance to successfully appeal my writing part. Can everyone who had once appeal for their result share their experience? I am on my very last chance to join the CSL list for Accountant with all band 7 on each elements.
  12. Hello,this is my first post and hoping for some guidance please. I am applying for a 176 family sponsored visa and were almost there Medicals booked for Monday and Police checks in the post. My worry is that my wife has quite severe Asthma and although well enough now it has been Very bad in the past. The drug that controls her Asthma (very well) looks to be on the borders of what australia would class as significant expense. approx $4500 per year. We are confident that my wife will not need this once in Oz and I am prepared to pay for this myself if she did. Will this still prevent my wife from passing and is there anything I can do or say to diac to help our case. We always new this would b an issue but now were close I am flapping! Also what can the family who are sponsoring us do to help?
  13. Guest

    Appeal's!!! please Help!!!

    does anyone know if there is an appeal process and how we go about starting to appeal? we have trailed the website but can only fine comments and complaints. any help would be appreciated. thanks
  14. Thats the headline breaking news, Sharon Shoesmith has won her appeal over her sacking by Ed Balls over her being in overall charge when baby P was tortured and murdered and he was let down time and time again and it begs the question, should anyone ever be made responsible for being incompetent in a childs death and be sacked for their incompetence. Fair enough their workload was immense, but the catalogue of basic errors in my mind, means they should be sacked. She is now due a massive compensation pay out which i find disgusting.
  15. IELTS result L & R: 7.5 , W: 5.5 , S: 8 I was disappointed with the writing score because I am sure I did very well.. Anyway I need minimum 6 Can you please advice me what to do??? Appeal and wait or register again and wait?? in both cases it will take minimum 6 weeks..
  16. I overstayed my working holiday visa by 6 months. I told immigration and they gave me a 3 year ban. At the airport whilst leaving I was advised by a different immigration guy that if I wanted to return to Oz and study for the ban could be lifted. It would depend on my circumstances. I want to return in 6 months as a student but do I have any chance and who would I speak to? Can anyone help please? I know I shouldn't of stayed but if I cant get back I will be so upset. Thanks!:huh:
  17. FREE ENTRY (Robina): Qld Flood Appeal [Gold Coast United vs Newcastle] In support of the Premier's Flood Appeal for Qld, Gold Coast United are opening the gates FREE ENTRY for tonights game [sat 22nd Jan 2011] against Newcastle Jets (Skilled Park at Robina). Kick Off is at 8.15pm. If you fancy a drink beforehand come along to RQ's in Robina (Free bus transfer to and from the game) - I will have "Pompey74" on the back of my shirt; come and say hi! Details on the website: Gold Coast United ** | Official Website of the Gold Coast United Football Club Tickets at: Ticketek Australia Please "purchase" online (or at any ticketek outlet; ie. the Titans store in Robina shopping centre) before the game; queues expected to be substantial at the ground. Seats are going fast. There will be people collecting toys for kids affected by the disaster and raffle tickets being sold outside the ground. 100% of proceeds will be going to the flood appeal; all prizes were donated. Hope to see you there >>> :biggrin:
  18. In support of the Premier's Flood Appeal for Qld, Gold Coast United are opening the gates FREE ENTRY for tonights game [sat 22nd Jan 2011] against Newcastle Jets (Skilled Park at Robina). Kick Off is at 8.15pm. If you fancy a drink beforehand come along to RQ's in Robina (Free bus transfer to and from the game) - I will have "Pompey74" on the back of my shirt; come and say hi! Details on the website: Gold Coast United ** | Official Website of the Gold Coast United Football Club Tickets at: Ticketek Australia Please "purchase" online (or at any ticketek outlet; ie. the Titans store in Robina shopping centre) before the game; queues expected to be substantial at the ground. Seats are going fast. There will be people collecting toys for kids affected by the disaster and raffle tickets being sold outside the ground. 100% of proceeds will be going to the flood appeal; all prizes were donated. Hope to see you there >>> :biggrin:
  19. I want to ask some immigration issue regarding cap"n"cease that what is going on , how much applicants got ther money back how much remain to get , and also how much are to wait to file case or want to contact with new Immigration minister chris bowen for the consideration the case etc . By the way I want to case register as an appeal through good lawyer if I have right to appeal , do you think that we have rights to appeal against the dicission or have no rights , Remember I had applied for " General Electrician " BN-136 Independent class . I will appreciate to all reply in this regard . Lucky .
  20. Guest

    Poppy Appeal, Brilliant Idea.

    Hi All. I know some get fed up with people banging on about remembrance Sunday, but to me there is no more a noble cause. Lets not forget the ONLY reason we are living the lives we are today is because of the sacrifice of millions before us.:notworthy::notworthy: Anyway, the Royal British Legion have come up with a fantastic idea in the hope of raising untold thousands/millions, they have released a single, it is two minutes of absolute silence, see the link below: Silent Single To some this may seem daft, but (and I hate this expression) whoever came up with it has thought well and truly 'Outside The Box' :mad:). Lets face it, there is no better way of giving ourselves some time and reflectiveness to remember those that fell and gave the ultimate sacrifice for us ALL over generations, and will continue to do so.:notworthy::notworthy: How you can tell if you have downloaded it, I don't know, :goofy::biglaugh:, but it does state that download is complete and there are a few 'stars' that will appear in the download to confirm that this is the case. I think their main aim is to get the number one slot this coming remembrance day, fingers crossed they will succeed. So come on, lets keep the latest bunch of pop 'idols', 'icons' off the top slot and make this a year to remember. The download costs a quid, not a lot in the grand scheme of things when you consider what the money can be used for. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  21. Dear Pre September 2007 applicants, I have asked DIAC to stop processing my VAC refund on the Cap n Cease bill. I request all pre September applicants who have asked for a refund to write a email and also send your request by registered post as well. This advise was rendered to me by a migration agent and also by a Accredited Migration Lawyer. So, please come together. The bill of Cap and Cease has been lapsed in the parliament. Cheers
  22. Dear Friends, Can you suggest what kind of mail to write to the new immigration minister? We will compile all points and put up a long mail. The best mail could be publicised here before posting. This is ,i think one of the ways for us to press the new minister to let him understand our problem.:hug::biggrin:
  23. Some are saying that 90% of rejected Afghan claims for refugee status have recently been upheld on appeal -seems Julia Gillard has not been mentioning this though when she's been stating that a high percentage of Afghan refugee claims this year have been rejected. Many rejected Afghan refugee claims upheld on appeal
  24. I received a +ve assessment under 2231-79 .NET on 4th May 2010. I've read from a PIO user that if he is to apply to be re-assessed for the transfer of ASCO code to ANZCO code, then it must be done within the 60 days or he will have to re-apply again!! 60 days after I received my assessment is 2nd July (3 days ago). I haven't applied for re-assessment yet as I am waiting for the SMP's to be announced. The new SOL only came out a couple of weeks ago. I've emailed ACS but still waiting for their response. Anyone else heard anything regarding this?? Cheers
  25. To all those real and pseudo Migration Agents out there I would like an opinion on the following: Can you make an appeal to the Minister of Immigration if you have grounds that the immigration process has been unfair and that due process has not been followed, requesting that the Minister grants you the right to have the error redressed. We came to OZ in October 2007 on a 457 visa. I was 44 and a Land Surveyor on the then MODL and the SOL and the CSL. On arrival I contacted a migration agent and prepared a sub class 176 PR application. This needed, I was told, a positive skills assessment from the Institute of Surveyors Australia. When contacted they said they could not give me a positive skills assessment against their criteria. My 45 birthday passed in march and in May by perseverance I received a positive skills assessment from the same body; without changing my academic qualifications and by doing no additional work that should have effected the criteron. I simply joined a trade association in the UK that had links with the Aussie one. I later had my academic qualifications assessed by two universities as being equivalent to the famous Australian 3 year degree: the original criteria. In short they made a mistake, due to inadequate procedures and training. My family have suffered major losses as a consequence. By the time I got the correct result I was over 45 and loss my chance to apply for PR and have been left at the mercy of unscrupulous Australian employers trying in vain to secure 856 ENS sponsorship. They sack you the moment they cannot defer the decision any longer. This has cost me 18 months of my life. I have also been injured at work and made redundant whilst on work cover, due to a loophole in the 2009 Fair work Act (I earned more than $108,000 at the time). We are now being forced to return to the UK due to the inability to find work. All this could have been avoided with PR. Any help or views appreciated.