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Found 5 results

  1. The English can be so ridiculously stuffy at times. Plans to honour Phyllis Dixey with a Blue Plaque are causings ever so much fuss. What do you PIOers think ? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/8885927/English-Heritage-plans-a-really-blue-plaque-for-stripper.html
  2. Hi Am after a bit of advice. Have just bought my Travel Visa for Australia...and apparently we dont get anything through the post...they are now electronically tagged to the passport number. Can anyone confirm if this is the case.....am panicking slightly. dont want to get to Australia to be turned away. Thanks[/color][/font]
  3. I often have a look at certain political sights etc, and take an interest in most things political. According to latest statistics because of government debt my share of said debt is £31,619 if in employment. For every man, woman, and child in the UK at the moment the debt equals £14,632. And because of government debt my household will have to pay in direct and indirect taxes this year equaling £1,895.:shocked: Now I'm no mathematician, but I cannot remember ever taking out a loan that is anywhere these figures. I may be a bit irresponsible with money at times but I cannot for the life of me remember ever spending £1,895 at my Tesco shop, my better half often goes on a spree, but even she would have a problem getting anywhere this figure.:biglaugh: My youngest daughter is only 14, by God that is some paper round she will have to do to pay of 'her' debt.:laugh: So in other words because of governments irresponsibility NOT just Labour by the way, they have ALL been at it for years, we are now ALL in a position where no matter how careful we are with our money it is now OUR responsibility to pay of a huge debt that didn't really have anything to do with us. Just maybe, maybe if governments of ALL generations had taken better control of banking, pensions, investment etc, then my and your debt would be far less. The funny thing is this. If I or you chose to leave the country tomorrow then our 'individual' debt would be wiped clean and the government would not chase us for any money. So it does seem a bit arse about face that if we choose to remain in this country each one of us will be paying for systematic errors over many, many years. I know this is a little tongue in cheek, but in all sincerity we are now ALL paying off a national debt that has spiral-led out of control over many, many years. This is not an attack on Labour, far from it, ALL governments have acted totally irresponsibility over many generations and it has come to a head where no matter how responsible we are with our own money we find ourselves in a position that is not only unjust but totally untenable. And the other thing while I'm on this rant is this. Within a few years the retirement age for men and woman will undoubtedly rise several years. I'll be buggered if I want to work till I'm seventy in order to pay back a debt that I had no control over. Bloody hell, surely you knock your ring off to enjoy a peaceful and contented retirement. Many people now find their pensions either frozen or shrunken in size. Because once again governments of all generations have acted wholly irresponsibly. Work till I'm 70, no way. Best advice, jump ship and make that move to Australia. I know, I know, not all sunshine and roses over there either, but at least you won't be lumbered with a massive debt that was not your fault. As I said, this is a little tongue in cheek, and I dare say someone with a far better understanding of economics etc will explain it to me, but in my rather naive eyes the system has let us all down again. PS. I'm just off to the 'money' tree in the back garden to pick a few tenners.:cry: Cheers Tony.
  4. Hi All, We have just signed up as members as we are starting our journey on the 475 SA sponsored visa...looks like we are coming to Adelaide! We own our own UK based business, (design and marketing agency) have 3 degrees between us, and lecture at university, and yet the only place that wants us is Adelaide!...what did they say though, why would i want to join a club that would have me as a member (sic)! If everywhere else says no to our skills, it makes me nervous that Adelaide has said yes! Any thoughts?? Are there any job prospects in Adelaide for a design/marketing/comms person?? Adelaide sounds like a good city?? Any top tips and encouragement welcomed, Thanks in advance for any feedback
  5. Has anyone else been told that it could currently take six to eight weeks to get a reponse after sending meds; as there is a poblem with the DIAS processing of such at the mo?? our agent has mailed us this news today and we are really disappointed.