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Found 116 results

  1. ItchyFeet76


    Hi, I'd appreciate people's views on this please. We're soon going to be launching an app that will list all known public BBQs across Australia. It would also feature facilities (pram-friendly, playground, coffee, toilets) and show photos and a brief description of the location and / or surrounding area. Data would be downloadable so you could use in areas with no WiFi, and if you had 3G you could use the 'directions' feature which plans your route to the location. Would you be prepared to pay $4.99 as a one-off fee for this? Thanks in advance.
  2. hi all. I found out this morning that my visa was refused. This is the way, I could fight it but I have had enough of the paper work hassle and I think I might as well head back and reapply at a lter date with some better credentials. anyway, my question. I have been in oz for 5 years, working holiday,2x 442's and the last 7 months on a bridging visa whilst they processed my 457. Is it possible to get a tourist visa after reject of 457? I have 28 days left on the bridging visa and I would like to see out christmas and the new year before having to return to UK. cheers
  3. I found this by accident today, downloaded the app and was delighted to discover there's a subscription service available for BBC content which can be downloaded to the iPad. Cool stuff indeed
  4. We will hopefully lodge our 175 application sometime next week. In the meantime we want to visit Oz on a tourist visa in February. We want to book the flights tonight as there is a special on at the moment, but we'll only apply for the visitor's visas in January. Does anyone know whether there's regulations about applying for a tourist visa after lodging 175 or whether it will have some impact on the 175 app? The only provisa I'm aware of is that you are not allowed to be in Oz when the 175 is granted. Any other small print we've missed? Thank you!
  5. Yorkiesx5

    query re:completing 175 app.

    HI, could anyone help with this please? I am in the process of completing this on line and am stuck! I see we have to provide family member details even though they are not dependent and are not migrating with us - do we also have to give details about their previous tourist visas for Australia as they have holidayed there a few times and to NZ where they now live? Is does not seem clear whether or not this question about visas applies just to us the applicants or all people on the form. Many thanks in advance
  6. For everyone who misses Scotland you can now have a little bit of it in your pocket, the app is full of great information about clans, history etc - have a look http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/the-scottish-clans/id483183095?mt=8&ls=1 covers every clan supposedly
  7. How much did people write for this question: Please outline reasons for choosing South Australia as a migration destination in your own words (max. 200 words each): I put so far: South Australia is the top of my list as a migration destination for the following reasons: It is a growing economy - whereas the UK and the Netherlands have a slow growing economy. I am attracted to South Australia because in these uncertain economic time South Australia is attracting economic investment and has maintained a triple 'A' rating throughout the recession. The Netherlands is a highly densely populated country and I am attracted to South Australia because it offers a clean and safe environment with less crouds. South Australia offers good employment prospects in the technology domain with sectors such as Defense, Healthcare, ICT and Telecommunications. Looking to the future my partner and I think South Australia would be an ideal destination to start a family. We think this because it ranks highly in the world for its standard of education and offers a unique lifestyle for children(warm climate and clean environment). There is an option to add more sections each section 200 words. What is the norm for this?
  8. hi guys. been reading on the internet for hours and im no further. so hopefully someone here has the answers :swoon: we are currently in Perth and wanting to make things happen asap. basically me and my partner are planning on making a skilled visa application. i am a carpenter and my partner a dental nurse but holds a degree in science. we have completed points tests on a number of websites and everything seems to work out good. now... is it worth while going through an agent or is it easy enough to do the paper work and send everything ourselves. would it speed up the process with an agent? i have a friend who done his himself and it worked out ok. but im sure every case is different. any help on this would be great. cheers:hug:
  9. I have just downloaded just dance 3 app and the kids have rolled around the floor :biglaugh: it is so funny and its free. So what is your best App, is it android or apple. and how much was it.:GEEK:
  10. Sol2Oz

    SS online app

    Hi y'all, So I tried to submit a request for SS, (what the heck, it's worth a shot :tongue:) but I only got as far as the first page: The system asked me to validate my account using the email I entered on the application. Well, that was this morning, and as of yet, I haven't received any email with a link that will allow me to validate the account - so I'm unable to proceed. Is this normal? Will the validation email come days later? I have never heard of a validation email being sent out days later - it's usually an automated process that takes minutes, if not seconds.... Does anyone here have any experience with this? PS, it was for VIC.
  11. Which is a smart way of asking what an 'App' is?
  12. Help I sent my application to TRA in Canberra 13th-Sept I've had no reply no conformation nothing I emailed them they replyed saying my email was forwarded to appropriate area on 30th Sept still nothing is this normal?:arghh:
  13. The Pom Queen

    I phone in app purchases

    :mad::mad::mad: I'm sorry but I love my iPad and iPhone and often download games but I'm fed up of the new games where they are free to download but you have to pay for everything one game has an in app purchase of $109:shocked: I wouldn't mind paying $25 for a game but the constant pay, pay, pay is ridiculous
  14. Hi folks Just a quick one...I have been familiarising myself with the application form as my OH has his tests this month and then we will hopefully be in a position to apply to th DIAC. One question - I see it asks about the partner/dependents occupation status. Does this affect our application at all? We are on a 176 visa where I will be hopefully going based on my partners skills. He has the full 65 points alone and so I will not be applying for the extra 5 for the partner's skills. My position - my work contract ended this summer and I have been reluctant to apply for a permanent position when I don't intend to be here for much longer. We live in a remote area so temp work is non existent also. We made a decision whereby if we don't get the OZ visa by Oct/Nov we will go to NZ on a years visa and work there first. So my employment status is more than likely going to be unemployed. Will this affect our application at all? I'm a little worried about it now. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks xx
  15. 176 eVisa has been lodged. Case Officer has been assigned. Supporting docs have been uploaded. Had an email from CO confirming that everything we have sent to date is sufficient and that our application will be put on hold until after our baby is born at the end of Sept. If anyone else has been through a similar process, could you share with me roughly how long afterwards did the process take. We plan to register her birth asap. Does a birth cert alone suffice or will we need to get her a passport as well. Once we've notified our CO of her birth, I will then be able to go for my medicals & we'll submit our police checks at the same time. How long should it take after that to get an answer. Cheers
  16. As the tile says, we kind of have to take the old mum in law, cannot leave her on her own here, so where is the form on the DIAC site where I can add it to my current 176 visa? im sure its there somewhere, any pointers would be kindly recieved:wubclub:
  17. hi, i'm trying to check the status of our application on the DIAC website on this page: https://www.ecom.immi.gov.au/inquiry/query/query.do?action=eVisa but when I use the drop down box to click on my country there is nothing there for UK, England, Great Britain...! Am I on the wrong screen? Can anyone advise? cheers
  18. Hi everyone, Myself and my partner are currently compiling our De Facto Partner Visa. I am looking for advice and ANY opinions anyone has on our situation. Details are as follows: I am from Scotland and i immigrated to Australia in 2006 with my family, so i hold a permanent resident visa. I comeback to the UK in April 2007. Then i met my partner and it all changed to today's situation. Met my partner in my home town - April 2009 Moved in together - January 2010 - I moved in with my partner but i was not on the lease Decided we wanted to live together in Australia - September 2010 I moved back to Australia - April 2011 - Partner is still in the UK and hoping to come out with the visa whilst she finishes completing her college course and saves money. I am working away and now have the money to pay for our visa. Evidence: I have various letters with my name at her address, car insurance, hospital, bank statements, holiday itineries etc wide selection of photos with friends together lots of stat decs from friends and family very detailed statutory declarations from when we met joint bank account opened in April 2011 Looking at the above, the application looks very weak but our statutory declaration is a fantastic love story that makes all of the above make so much sense! I don't want to be here in Australia if i can't have my girl here with me :unsure:
  19. Hi all, I lodged my skilled visa 175 online in May 2009. Not even allocated a CO or anything yet! In the meantime I have met someone, got engaged in January 2011 and we're getting married in July 2011. I'm also in a new job since I lodged my application! Alot changes in 2 years! Don't even know where to begin in adding my fiance to my application, or updating all the details. And because I did my application online, how am I supposed to add to/change it? I think it is ridiculous that it has taken over 2 years and I've heard nothing! My fiance hasn't even been to Oz before so I've no idea if we'll actually even take the plunge, but after all the effort I've been to applying for this visa, it would be a shame to just write it off! Please can anyone advise me as to what I'm supposed to do to to update my application. Even though I did the online app myself 2 years ago, I'm tempted now to seek help from an agency because I just don't understand how to change my app now! Help please! Ruthie :confused:
  20. Right, about a month after our initial deadline we're nearly read to get our application handed-in. Just waiting on the last couple of stat decs to wind their merry back through the postal system from Oz. I just wanted to make sure I don't miss anything obvious. One thing that I'm unsure about is the document certification requirements. I have previously read the following in a forum post which has been extracted from an email from DIAC: Do I send Originals or Copies of my Documents? We require originals of character clearances only. You should provide certified/notarised copies of key documents such as birth, marriage and divorce certificates. In all other cases provide simple photocopies of supporting documents such as rental agreements, bank statements, insurance documents and the like. However, this was dated 2009. Can anyone confirm that it is still OK to send non-certified copies of documents such as bank statements, bills, etc and just get the important ones certified (passports etc)? Has anyone had any problems with non-certified documents?
  21. Guest

    Visa App Movement

    Well 457 sponsored Visa lodged yesterday :biggrin: TRN recieved this morning :wink: Sitting and waiting the outcome now :err: Still happy though.
  22. sunnysun

    check 176 paperbased app?

    Hi, does anyone have any idea of how u can check on the progress of a 176 PAPER-BASED visa application? Many thanks.
  23. Hi, I have uploaded all documents required 10 days before but still my online status shows as "Required" for all the documents. :arghh: Any one with same experience??? Thanks, Horizone
  24. Hi, I am the secondary applicant, husband has been offered a job with a ENS 121, and I have recently learned that I may have to take the IELTS!!!!!!!!! How is it poss. to provide evidence that you were educated in English???? I have contacted my old school, no records... Also no teachers who remember me (was a while ago). I have asked my mum if she has my school qualifications....she will look but doesn't think so. I know I can have tem re sent at a cost of £40 but don't want to pay out anymore money.....paying enough!!!!!!! It is so frustrating. How did your secondary app. provide evidence of schooling?????Is it poss. to do a statutory declaration for this. Please help. sharon.xxx
  25. Hi all, I'm entered Oz on a Working Holiday Visa on the 1st August 2009. I'm currently on a 457 which commenced on 19th October 2009. I've spoken to my company about PR sponsorship and they will sponsor me when I have been on a 457 for 2 yrs (Oct this yr)which is great. The downside is that it will cost me 9k if I go down that route and leave the company within 3 yrs (potentially). I can go down the PR route myself but am unsure of timelines. Ive heard company sponsored PR takes 6 weeks vs self application taking 3 months plus. The benefit of going through the company is speed, however I may incur a cost. The benefit of doing it myself is potential cost savings but in the event of redundancy, before i get PR, I assume I have to leave in 30 days as Ill still be on a 457. Do i have to wait 2 yrs fo apply for PR. My company is adamant that they will only put PR at 2 yrs. If i do it myself, can i apply earlier? Any experiences or advice is greatly appreciated... Not sure if this matters but I live in Sydney.