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Found 35 results

  1. KangaKit


    Hi, has anyone recently applied for aphra registration? How long did u have to wait?
  2. My assessment with APHRA has now completed (after 5 months). They have emailed me to say instead of presenting in person within 90 days (April 2021) they are extending this to August 2021. I am in the UK currently, I very much doubt that I will be able to enter Australia before August as I am not PR or citizen (trying to obtain a visa but different now as off shore). Has anyone else been overseas and got round this present in person due to the current pandemic restrictions? Or had a further extension? Thank you
  3. Hi everyone Just seeking some clarification about my APHRA application and am hoping those of you who have been successful may be able to help. I have looked at the CV format they require on the website most of it is fine and have just cut and pasted from my own CV and the bit that is causing me concern is the section clinical/procedural skills. Maybe I'm being a bit blonde (self depricating joke I am a natural blonde) but do they want me to list everything I'm competent at eg; venepuncture, delivering babies, record keeping, suturing, report writing, theatre skills etc..? I've been qulaified as a nurse 18 years and a midwife 12, it could potentially be a long (and boring) list. Surely it should be self evident that by the very nature of my role that I am competent at key skills. What did anyone else put in this section? Also just to check whilst it asks for 5 years employment history from employers am I right in thinking I still need to put the whole of my career on the CV? Really wish I was newly qualified its causing me such a headache to remember my roles and responsibilities as anewly qualifed nurse in 1994! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards Kirstie xx :confused:
  4. Hi all, First post. I’ve been trawling various forums for some clarifications on our situation but I just can’t confirm, so I wondered if you can help. My GF is a registered Nurse and has been offered a job arranged through an employment agent (I’m defacto partner). We’re continually hitting delays. Mainly, I think, due to poor comms on the process. Timeline: Sept 2017 - My GF was interviewed and verbally offered a job. - We started the APHRA (Nursing Registration – notoriously slow) paperwork, as requested. Nov 2017 - We had to chase the letter of offer and in Nov 2017 it turned out there were forms to be filled in as a pre-requisite for the offer which we weren’t told about. 1st delay! - We sent APHRA docs off and the employer’s docs, as requested. Jan 2018 - APHRA asked for more docs. Provided later in the month. 2nd Delay! - I realised GF still hadn’t received a letter of offer and asked agent to chase employer. - Employer drafted the offer letter and the 457 visa nomination form but said Labour Market Testing has now probably expired and would need to be re-run (job re-advertised locally). 3rd Delay Feb 2018 - Nomination form received but with errors, so we’ve sent back for corrections. - Nomination form also made reference to 457 Visa and we will not submit the visa app before TSS comes in, presumably requiring new nomination templates which can’t be produced until 1 March (4th delay) Neither recruitment agent or employer really seem to be acknowledging the impact of TSS visa introduction and on the agency’s advice we have not applied for the 457 visa until APHRA comes through. Recently I saw facebook posts from an old friend (doctor) who this week turned up in Sydney to work on a 457. She cited APHRA delays and can’t start work yet but entered on a tourist visa. She also noted she already has her 457 visa though. I’ve since been digging around forums to find if our order of processing is wrong. Questions Why might the agency tell us to wait for APHRA before applying for a visa, if it could have been applied for in tandem? Now both us and the employer will have to pay increased fees for the TSS visa. I’ve since noted forum posts about APHRA’s ‘present [ID] in person’ deadline (in Australia) of 3 months from receiving APHRA ‘registration in principle’. Based on 457 processing times it seems highly unlikely a 457 or TSS visa will be granted within 3 months of our APHRA registration in principle, which I expect to come through in a couple of months. This seems to mean we either have to re-apply with APHRA (more delays) or the GF will have to fly to Australia just to present her ID in person (more cost). Neither agent or employer have made any reference to this. Am I missing something obvious here? Any advice is much appreciated.
  5. I am planning on sending my APHRA reg off next week (trying to coincide present in person with validation trip). I am currently in the UK. I have to have an Australian address for when I present in person, for this I am hoping to use a friends address. For Question 5 "What is your residential address?" can I use my UK address and then change that when I present in person? I don't think I could put my friends address yet as then I would need to fulfill the ID requirements for 'arrived in australia more than 6 weeks prior' which I won't have. What have others put when applying from overseas? For place of practice address (Australia) can I just put N/A? Many thanks
  6. CatLady1234

    ANMAC and APHRA...very confused!

    Hi there, Hoping someone can clear up some confusion. I am trying to complete process of migrating to Australia to work as a nurse. My university will provide me with the required transcript of my qualification but need to know which institution to send this to, as the university says they send the transcript directly to the institution, not to me. So I am confused...is this ANMAC or APHRA this should be sent to? Where can you find the actual address? Also in terms of NMC and certificate of good standing, should this be sent to ANMAC or APHRA? I am really confused as I know I need to complete skills assessment via ANMAC but I presume all paperwork like transcript and Certificate of good standing is sent ahead before submit assessment online? So I am hoping someone can clarify the steps I should be taking and where ANMAC or APHRA these forms should be going to!!!??
  7. Good morning guys I thought I was ready to submit my documents to ANMAC for my skills assessment however before I could pay my $600 there was a line saying " I have received a valid notice of principle approval of registration subject to proof of identity from APHRA" I was under the impression the skills assessment from ANMAC took priority then I could apply for nursing registration after. Both agencies are wanting the same documentation and $600 each. Does anyone out there have any experience of this?? Sent using Poms in Oz mobile app
  8. mrsgellerby

    UK Nurse making the move

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum. We're currently in the process of using a visa agent to hekp us with the migration process. We'll be going over on a 189 visa, my Husband is an Electrican but we'll both be going on my visa as hes not fully qualified over in Oz. I passed my Academic IELTS the second time and our visa agents have submitted my details to ANMAC for skills assessment. I know the current processing times for ANMAC are around 11 weeks. I was just wondering what other peoples recent wait times have been in ANMAC, 189 visa and APHRA? My Hubby has booked Rugby League World Cup final tickets for Brisbane for Dec 2nd!! Thanks in advance
  9. I am an overseas trained doctor who just got my limited registration refused by aphra on the grounds on my english skills and my qualifications and experience. All of which are contradictory as I have successfully completed all my exams the english OET exam, my Australian medical council MCQ exam and the PESCI exam they requested from me. They are asking me for an appeal letter but I feel I need the help of a lawyer to be able to do this. Does anyone know of a lawyer who can help me in this case. or has anyone been in the same situation?:arghh:
  10. hellsbells712

    APHRA and registration.

    :arghh::arghh: Yayyyyyy ....... APHRA have taken my money. Does this mean I should get my nursing registraion soon ???? Anyone ?? Anyone ?? x Helen :jiggy:
  11. ahhemmac

    APHRA help please

    Hi I have now got my permanent residency as my husband has a job and I am planning to move to Sydney in July when I hope to start looking for work myself as a nurse. I have looked at the Aphra form and it looks like I need an address in Australia to complete it. Has anyone completed their registration recently and could you please guide me through the process, it seems a little complicated and I havent anyone to help me as I havent got a job offer yet! Thanks a lot
  12. nursealex

    Nurse without a clue!!

    Hi, I'm a registered nurse planning on making the big move to Oz all being well next summer with my partner. I've just started looking into the registration paperwork for the AHPRA, and to be quite honest, it's giving me a headache! (Maybe why I've been putting it off for so long...) I have several questions, hopefully someone who's been through the process may be able to shed some light on the subject? The application asks for my priciple place of practice. Do I state my UK work address? It does ask for Australian principal place of practice, but I obviously don't have one as yet. IELTS - Will I need to do this? I have completed all of my education in England, and it states on my university certificate that the nursing course was taught in English. Thaks for any help and advice in advance :wubclub: Alex
  13. Hi I have sent of my documentation for the nursing board and it has now come back twice for the certifed documents saying it needs to be certified by JP with number and seal. it was a JP for the courts that certified and put phone number and the courts stamp on each piece of documents and this still has been sent back iam unsure what they are asking for as I have phoned the court and they said JP dont have number or seals. If anyone has done this or knows how it should be done please help thanks
  14. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has been successful in gaining their NMBA Nurses registration by submitting only a statuatory declaration to say that they've completed 20 hours CPD? I have read a lot of posts by nurses saying they've submitted quite detailed evidence to back it up, but I'm not sure if this is necessary after reading the FAQs page on the NMBA website. See Q.11: http://www.nursingmidwiferyboard.gov.au/documents/default.aspx?record=WD10%2F123&dbid=AP&chksum=%2BLKwi5LxlcRx%2Bsyaf3LHag%3D%3D Don't want to waste any time as will be arriving in Perth in around 3 months time and will need to start working ASAP or we'll be screwed! Any feedback from those who have their registrations hugely appreciated! Thanks, Mandy x
  15. Guys which office did you use? How long did it take from posting the application form to getting registered/in principle response from them? I sent mine to Darwin on advice posted here because I haven't yet fixed our destination. I'm curious about others experiences. :biggrin:
  16. My husband and I are both nurses. I am still waiting to hear back from ANMAC about us both needing to go through ANMAC with my husband as the primary applicant or not? This would obviously be a considerable sum if we both had to go through this. So what about if my husband just did ANMAC and we got our PR visas and went out to Australia, could I then register my UK awarded nursing degree in Oz? How would I go about this? Would I have to do IELTS and ANMAC and get my skills verified? or would i be able to just register with APHRA?
  17. Hi after having A bad experience with APHRA, just wanted to warn anyone applying so you dont have to have a stressful time waiting for your registration!. Most important bit of advice is to send your application to WA perth office. When I applied, i sent it to melbourne VIC as it says on the form but after them having it for 3 months and not so much as looking at it and I was getting desperate for work over here I investigated and got told to transfer it to perth. They are much more efficient and have processed my application within 8 weeks!! YAY at last:biggrin: The staff here actually email you back in perth rather than ignoring you!! Make your life easy and send it to perth!! (although now everyone will send it there it will take longer!! haha)
  18. whoiam

    Aphra ID check.

    Since we have to go in person for the ID check can anyone tell me if we get the certificate of registration there and then or is there a wait? OH will be going to the Sydney office, but since his is only a short trip wondering whether will get it on the day or the next day!
  19. Guest

    Aphra help!!

    Hi All!! Please can someone help!! :arghh: -APHRA received my application for registration on the 13th of December 2011. -I sent them an email on 28th Feb stating had a job offer and wondered how application was going - received email from them saying has been escalated for processing as have a job which I need to start on 1st May. -Sent them another one on 13th march asking again how application was going as heard nothing -Funnily enough I had a reply back straight away saying that i am missing some documentation: "Certified evidence of your nursing qualification. Transcript of Training must display clinical and theoretical hours-Theory subjects should include: Anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and Cultural issues.-Clinical hours should include: Labour, community health, post natal, antenatal and gynaecology I sent all this originally when I 1st sent my application to them but the course manual doesnt state which clinical hours are in which area, and the modules do not specify Pharmacology or Anatomy. Does anyone have suggesting as to what I should do next. I qualified as a direct entry midwife 10 years ago, and my course leader has retired!! Thanks again Sian :arghh:
  20. tomabbie

    APHRA & 457, help!

    Have got a job as a midwife in Perth and they are sponsoring me on a 457 visa, have filled my visa application online and have evrything ready to upload except my confirmation of registration from the APHRA (which I'm still waiting for). This may seem like a daft question but do I have to upload the APHRA confirmation or can I just put my NMC proof of registration on, its the only thing holding my application up! Sorry if its been asked before. Kirstie :confused:
  21. Still waiting for my registration number! Application has been with APHRA now since July! Despite several e-mails and phone calls i am no further forward..... anyone else having same problems?:confused: I have already been offered a great job in Freo and my family and I are packed and ready to go! GRRRRRR! :arghh:
  22. roger2shirts

    Midwife - APHRA Processing times

    Does anyone know how long ita take APHRA to process a registration application? All the forms are in and we are at the second stage which is assessment of the application. Thanks
  23. Guest


    Does anyone know how long it takes Aphra to process a UK registration? they took my money in october....:jiggy:
  24. i have been requested to prove licence to practice does anyone know if my statement of entry would be acceptable or would i need my pin card aswell? i ave just renewed so still awaiting the card to come through.:confused:
  25. Me again!! Thanks to all who help with the notary issue I had yesterday, have found another one and he is cheaper!!! Result. Can anyone tell me when the NMC and British consulate (in my case) send my certificate of registration status and evidence of completion of IELTS coruse to APHRA?? When I send my application in, after they have received it?? I just dont know.