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Found 24 results

  1. Hi I am moving to Sydney in Jan 2010. I am looking to rent a serviced apartment in north Sydney. I had a look at astra apartments. does anyone know about it? what other suggestions do you have. I will be working in Macquarie Bank in the CBD Thanks
  2. Hi, we are due to arrive in Sydney in mid January and are looking at our rental options. We hope to be in Sydney for at least 2 years so will look for a long term rental once we arrive - but is it worth booking a short term rental before we leave the UK? If you can recommend any good providers of serviced apartments within an easy commute of the CBD, please let us know. Many thanks!
  3. Paula and Jay

    First week in Sydney - our experience

    Hi All, After being in Sydney a week we decided to put a post of our experiences which will hopefully help / reassure others if they're thinking of doing the same. Flights with Emirates were great, no delays and no issues with baggage etc. Arrived in Sydney 07:00 and had booked a shuttle to take us to serviced accommodation. Despite the shuttle being an hour late it was ok (but cold!!!). We had booked the Meriton serviced apartments on Campbell Street purely due to the location. I would recommend constantly checking prices because we managed to book through booking.com and they had a flash sale so for 13 nights it was only £63 a night which for 5* accommodation in Sydney is amazing. When we arrived it was pretty daunting, despite us planning everything to the nth degree we didn't plan for the pure feeling of fear and it's amazing how despite being 2 grown adults we felt like lost children! We just didn't know how to do anything, how to get anywhere, where to shop, it really was a bizarre feeling. We had opened bank accounts with Westpac before we moved so had to do ID checks first thing which was straight forward. We still don't have debit cards as you need a permanent address before they issue one but we are managing without. Now the rental situation! We had read so many posts on here that the rental market is horrendous and we would struggle getting an apartment in 2 weeks. My advice is to research areas massively when you're back in the uk. We ideally want to live by the beach but for ease we decided to look around the Waterloo and surry hills areas as there tended to be some new developments with open viewings rather than set times. We had emailed the landlord prior tour visit so she knew we were coming. We went on Monday at 9:30 and by 11:00 we had secured a lovely 2 bed. Yes it's not necessarily near the beach but for ease and to stop stressing its ideal. It's a lovely complex with lots of bars, shops, restaurants nearby plus when we walked round danks street in Waterloo and crown street in surry hills it was full of cool bars and couples which is what we wanted. I believe if you're really specific about where you want to live it can be quite a challenge but in our view for ease it was great to secure somewhere so quickly, and we're only renting its not permanent so whist we're living there we can have a proper look at the areas and decide 100% on where we want to live. Bring your $$$ though it ain't cheap and 4 weeks rent as a bond plus 1 months rent in advance is costly but worth it :-) Its been quite easy to set a lot of stuff up, Medicare took 2 minutes, still haven't done driving license but it's on our list, bought pay as u go mobiles quite easily. My advise to anyone with a smart phone who wants to use it out here - GET IT UNLOCKED IN THE UK! Makes things so much easier! Started work on Tuesday after landing on the Sunday, was the best move ever as I quickly got into the routine of work and it felt like I lived here instantly rather than thinking I'm on holiday. Paula is finding it a bit tough being on her own in the day but she has a lot of appointments with recruitment agents and a few interviews lined up already so once she secures something and gets into a routine it'll be fine. I can honestly say that I had real doubts about coming here, saying goodbye to family at the airport, and the flight taking off was emotional and I spent a few hours on the flight secretly getting upset thinking we'd made the wrong move. How wrong I was!! It has honestly been the best thing we have done - I love the place. My work genuinely has the nicest people and my team are lovely - everyone is so willing to help and we have met so many people already - we forgot that there are hundreds of people doing the same thing as us and it only takes a minute to get a conversation started and before we knew it we had plans to meet people. Everyone works really hard but come the weekend it's a different story. It's winter here and weather is lovely - spent yesterday at Bondi just chilling out and today may do the same, whatever takes our fancy! With regards to the cost of everything, I think most things are similar to the UK. After our 1st shop at Coles we were pleasantly surprised, yes some of the brands are very expensive (coke etc), but you soon adjust to the prices. Plus Paula found a discount chemist so we go there for our toiletries which saves us a lot! The only thing that is a lot more expensive than the Uk is alcohol. Again, we aren't massive drinkers but $9 for a bottle of beer certainly sobers you up! Saying that though most bars have happy hours, which saves u a fortune. Plus they do great food deals, on Tuesday we went to cargo bar in the harbour and had $10 steaks. Believe me, for $10 you are getting a bargain! Really nice meal that we would have paid $30 for! Last night we spent in darling harbour watching the free fireworks, it was amazing, despite the $10 beer haha. I'm English - I have to moan about something!!! :-) Anyway, anyone thinking of doing it please do, it's been amazing for us, the Aussies have been so friendly and welcoming and it's been a great move. Just remember that lots of people move here so its normally quite easy to sort out most things so dont worry about sorting things out when youre here as you'll sort everything iut quickly and easily! If anyone would like anymore info (sorry for going on so long!),please let us know. Or if anyone fancies a beer (or cocktail in paulas case!),let us know, Jay & Paula
  4. Hi everyone, Jay again here :-) Its 6 weeks and 6 days until we fly out to Sydney, think we've got most things sorted except the daunting task of trying to find a rental! We want to live in Zetland and are hoping to secure an apartment ASAP when we arrive but does anyone know what documents we would need to be able to secure an apartment? We will have 3 months rental up front - but are there any documents we should bring from uk to help us with our application? Ive heard mortgage statements etc - is this true? Many Thanks everyone in advance, Jay ;-)
  5. Paula and Jay

    Zetland - ok place to live?

    Hi everyone, We have our 457 visa and are moving to Sydney in 7weeks time! We have done extensive researching on areas and have a budget of $650pw for a 2 bed. Weve seen some lovely new apartments in Zetland which are close to the train and looks an ok area. Does anyone have any info on Zetland? How far would it be from Bondi and the beaches? Job is based in Alexandria - we ideally wanted to live by the beach but these apartments by Zetland are huge and brand new! Any suggestions/ideas would be greatly appreciated, Many Thanks, Jay
  6. Richste

    Holiday Apartments in Canberra

    Hi Where coming over for our reccie/validation trip in August and was hoping someone could give us some advice on places to stay while in Canberra, would rather stay in a self catering apartment so could maybe try and get a 'real' feel for what its like to sort of be living in Canberra (if you know what i mean?). Anyway any suggestions for places to stay or websites to check out would be appreciated. Thanks Rich
  7. Hi All, Myself, my partner and our 10 month old son will soon be flying out to Sydney to work. We would like to arrange a serviced apartment for the first 2-4 weeks until we secure a rental property. Does anyone have any experience or recommendations of this? Thanks in advance for any advice. Rich
  8. DBC

    Serviced Apartments

    Hi, This is probably a very stupid question but has anyone stayed in a serviced apartment and can tell me what they include? I'm in the process of packing up to move on 28th Dec and we have a young baby so will need a kettle to make up her bottles. Luckily, my husband's company are providing us with a place to stay for 2 weeks but the details will be confirmed only after our furniture goes next week and I don't know whether to keep the kettle out or not! It's things like this keeping me awake at night! :err:
  9. I know how hard it is finding a long term rental before you arrive, but I have had an email from a property developer who has 150 apartments 1 and 2 bed to rent out in the Southbank area of Melbourne, all brand new. I don't know the developer but if anyone wants his details just give me a shout and I will forward on the info I have.
  10. Hi guys, Im new to the forum, and heading over to Sydney as soon as my Working holiday visa comes through, hopefully in the next 3-4 weeks, for a 12 month escape and to see how life over there differs from the UK! Ill be staying in a hotel initially, whilst looking for an apartment to rent.. my question is, how long can I expect to be staying in the hotel for, (working out estimates of cost prior to actually paying rent!) and does anybody have any tips on finding a place to rent? My wife will be staying in the uk, sorting out the rental of our house, while I sort out things oz end.. and coming out to meet me as soon as its sorted out. Appreciate any help guys Dan
  11. Isn't there a poster here who has furnished apartments in Perth??? Joondalup I think. Can anyone help? Or recommend somewhere? We need somewhere asap, fully furnished, kettle, linen, that sort of thing. I've been searching but cant find the ones I'm thinking of!!
  12. HI I'll be arriving in Melbourne on 19th July and need an apartment for me, my husband and 2 yr old daughter plus my sister will be staying with us for 2 weeks. The only apartments I can find are studios which would be a nightmare with a 2year old. I need to close her door at night for her to sleep. For anyone who landed with kids and stayed in short term rental where did you stay?
  13. Hi All, This is my first post in this forum and I hope you all are well!! I am coming with my wife to Brisbane QLD and I am tryng to find a tempory place to live during the first month, but is quiet difficult. Can you please tell us about any apartments well located and not too expensive in the centre or near? It is just to start. We are planning to stay in somewhere temporary and from there look for a more permanent place. Thank you all for your help in advance :hug:!
  14. ed1105

    Kangaroo Point Apartments

    Hi all, My girlfriend and I have booked out flights and land in Brisbane at the end of June!! We are now looking for somewhere to stay for the first couple of weeks when we arrive before we get settled. The Kangaroo Point apartments (http://www.kangaroopoint.com/) look fairly good (and are the budget range we're looking at). However the reviews for this place on trip advisor are very bad!! Has anyone stayed here or know what they're like? Can anyone reccommend somewhere similar (but with better reviews!)?? Many thanks! Ed
  15. HUNDREDS of new high-rise apartments on the upper north shore have stood empty for months due to a lack of demand, casting doubt on the State Government's strategy of opening up the region for high-density development. Developers have resorted to offering thousands of dollars worth of free furniture in an effort to sell apartments in the shiny new five-storey blocks that have sprung up from Wahroonga to Roseville. I do not recall ever seeing a real estate story in newspapers admitting that first they have empty flats, and secondly cannot sell them?
  16. Any comments or knowledge anyone, on Abbey Serviced Apartments, Nepean Highway, Frankston? MovingtoMelbourne many thanks. Havent found any availability yet. Leave UK Sat 31 Oct for Mel and return to UK on Sat 21 Nov.:unsure:
  17. Guest

    Espresso apartments

    Hi all, has anyone ever stayed in an Espresso apartment in the melbourne area. How did you find it? And was everything ok with your stay? Thanks in advance Philpot
  18. This info may be helpful for anyone looking for furnished accommodation in Sydney. It is very tough in the current rental market. I am currently renting a furnished apartment through The Furnished Property Group in Sydney. www.furnishedproperty.com.au I think they have loads of furnished apartments around Sydney City and Bondi beach beacuse there were plenty of british people in the office when i was signing my contract! I have a lovely place in Bondi Beach! good luck Terry
  19. Sorry to keep posting about this, but we are quickly running out of options and time. These are our three options - We may be able to get a furnished rental in the box apartments, hay st, perth, pool and gym, but we are unsure as to the area? Is this in a nice area or will we be disappointed with out choice? An apartment on Hay st in east Perth with pool and gym? Or a ground floor apartment in Subi with no pool just a terrace? I know a lot of people including my Hubby prefer Subi to central Perth but i really want access to a pool as I wont be able to work whilst im there so it will give me something to do (and hopefully get fitter). Any advice on areas on Hay St Perth / East Perth would be fantastic. Which would you choose and why? Many thanks Emma x
  20. Hi I am thinking of staying in Bayview waters apartments for a week when we come over to validate our Visa's. It looks very nice but would like to know if any one has stayed there and what you think. Thanks Ness
  21. Anyone thinking of buying an apartment in one of the major cities of Australia should seriously consider the value of any carpark that may or may not be included even if you have no intention of using it. A one bed apartment with a car park can go for $480K compared to $400K without & a 2 bedroom apartment without a car park would be very hard to sell. A lot of the newly built apartment buildings are restricting the number of car park spaces which if bought off the plan could prove a shock when you come to sell later if you don't have a car park. Even if you have no intention of using the car park it can make a very usual income stream to help pay your mortgage, $2K pa would not for example be unreasonable. Just check that there aren't any body corporate rules that prevent sub letting. When I lived in Melbourne in 2004 I rented an apartment in Melbourne CBD for $400 per week which had a car park. Being new to the country & not owning a car I was pleased that an informal arrangement existed for my car park space allowing me to sub let it to a shop owner in the building for $150 pm. This reduced my effective rent to $365 pw. Arranging a long term lease with a company based in your CBD would be ideal securing a guaranteed income stream for 5 years+. You can even include annual increases e.g 3% pa or the RPI into the agreement.
  22. For those who want a short term apartment when they first arrive this website is very helpful. Melbourne hotels, motels, apartments accommodation at discount rates
  23. Hi Has anyone stayed in a serviced apartment in Melbourne? If so, could anyone recommend somewhere either CBD or St Kilda area? we are going out mid October and need somewhere with good transport links etc for the first few weeks, preferably at a good price! Thanks Sam and Shaun
  24. Guest

    Apartments in Brisbane

    Hi Does anyone know anything about the Manhattan Apartments on Newstead Terrace in Brisbane? We are looking at staying there for a few weeks when we move over at the end of June but just wondered if they were child friendly and within walking distance to a park. As hubby will be working I will need places close by to keep our 5 year old occupied for a large part of the day. The Apartments look lovely but I just wanted to make sure that there are other amenities close by. Thanks for your help. Jacqui