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Found 17 results

  1. rockola57

    What can't you do anymore?

    Are there things you used to find easy to do,but as youv'e got older,find you can't do anymore?I'M finding it hard to get me socks on,or tie my shoelaces,due to the old Glass Back and blubbergut ,a result of too many nights on the arl Amber Nectar!:cry:It's not on, this Old Age Malarkey!!!!:frown::wink:
  2. inception

    Is there no category 3 anymore?

    What happened to category 3 applicants? There is no update on the application processing times for category 3 applicants. I have not been to the forum for 5 months now. Are category 3 applicants treated differently now? What's this about having to submit an expression of interest? Does this apply to all category 3 applicants after 1 July 2011?
  3. Has anyone tried DIAC' online GSM application? Looks like it does not work anymore? I mean new applications. not with TRN. Professionals and other Skilled Workers - Online Applications
  4. theowens

    No idea anymore!

    Hi, I've not been on this forum for a long time, neither have I looked at my application but today I thought I'd just check to see if anything had changed.....er just a bit I'm completely confused there has been so many changes since I applied back in August 2008. I have no idea what priority I am, whether my ACS assessment is valid anymore or do I need to re-apply and I don't know if I can be bothered with it anymore. If anyone is in a similar situation and knows what's going on, any info would be appreciated. I applied in Aug 2008 as 175 visa with ACS assessment of System Manager, looking at my online status it has never changed from the day I applied. Thanks in advance Rob
  5. [removed by admin at request of member]
  6. Following an earlier thread on PIO thought I would add this link in. Schoolboy Elliott Fletcher Facebook tribute page defaced by sick racists | News.com.au Just when I have once again regained my faith in humanity something like this happens. I know, I know, it's not the vast majority of us, I honestly know that, BUT. I cannot possibly put into words how I feel at this time, no sorry I will give it a go. Please don't anyone tell me that the SCUM who defiled this web page didn't know right from wrong. There may have been one or two morons who (allegedly) knew no better. But the vast majority of them would have known exactly what they were doing. In this day and age there must be a way of finding out who did this. I am not technically minded but there must be a way, surely. I am normally one to forgive if at all possible, but not on this occasion. I would love to have five minutes with this SCUM in a quiet, darkened room. I don't normally agree with torture, but by God I would do all I could to make this SCUM feel the pain that those left behind must be feeling. I would WILLINGLY serve time to wreak some kind of pain and punishment on these people. I have no doubt that many will say that it is innocent messing about, that this SCUM is misunderstood, that they need to be shown the error of their ways in an intelligent and educated way. Lets face it, torture can also be metered out in an intelligent and educated way. One that will put the SCUM through unknown pain and suffering. And when I had finished I would take great satisfaction in doing it the next day, and the next day, and the next day, anyone want to join me, so we could take shift breaks? Forgiveness, understanding and compassion at times have NO place in this world, never thought I would say that. But it is true nonetheless. Rant over.
  7. My husband started his apprentice as a carpenter / joiner back in 1996. I have to do a stat dec for this as the company is no longer in buisness. Only problem is he cannot remember his exact start date or his exact wage back then or when he finished with this company. So do I write down approx dates / wages????????? Does anyone have a sample of what they wrote on theirs???? Will have to do another one of these as his second employer is no longer around either. I have done up a reference for his current employer to sort of glance over and sign which is all done fine, loads of detail etc etc. Hes been employed with this current employer for the last 10 years. Any help appreciated. Cheers
  8. Hi all~~ I check in this forum everyday.But I cannot find out grant news of category5 anymore since 20th in this last month. What happened there??:eek:
  9. Why no one likes Australia anymore | Travel Advice | News.com.au
  10. fluffy

    175 anymore????

    is the 175 visa still being put through im looking at applying for the 175 but some people are saying they arent doing that visa now and wont be for at least a year and advice or info would be very helpful. thanx fluffy.:spinny:
  11. I never used to find the UK an issue, but since having the kids and surviving on one wage and reccession and rising house prices I am ceasing to find anything positive here anymore. We plan to emigrate in the next few years, however, we need to ride this reccession first to make sure we get a good house sale etc. I was just wondering if anyone can remind me of a few positives to keep me going before we start the proccess of applying for a visa, if we didn't have to do that I'd be gone tomorrow!!:sad:
  12. Hi Guys Right now i'm feeling awful you know that saying stuck between a hard place and a rock well that's where i feel i am right now My son is 14 and at first was quite excited about moving to Oz apart from the obvious he will miss family and friends etc but lately he's started to say he doesn't want to go but i've had it in my mind once we are there he will make new friends and love it but tonight we had a long chat about it and he says i will ruin his life if we go as he has always wanted to go to uni and then join the air force as an aircraft engineer, he chose his options last year and has started working towards his GCSE's all geared towards his chosen career, he's a very bright kid in an excellent school at which he's very happy, he says that he doesnt want to follow this career in Oz he wants to join the royal air force in UK, we on the other hand have 3 years to get to Oz and o/h has already enrolled on a course and gave his notice in at work to start gaining the neccessary skills for our visa and we so desperately want this but now i'm not so sure it's what we should be doing, we have always put our son's needs first which is how it should be as his parents and now i feel like i'm facing a huge dilemma, if we don't do this we will never get another chance but then my son is only at the start of his life and i don't want to ruin any chance he's got of making his life a good one, i know nobody can make my decision for me but speaking to my best friend tonight she says i should do whats best for my son as he will only want to leave Oz and come back to the uk once he's old enough and in the mean time we would of delayed his studies and then there's the niggly thing that what if Oz doesn't work out for us we would have done it all for nothing i just don't know what to do anymore do we follow our dreams or let my son follow his and let our dreams die xx
  13. the hutchies

    can't take anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i really can't see an end to this bloody house selling situation... i can't beleive the cheek of some folk... we had a couple view a couple of months ago saying they were on a budget would we be willing to reduce again...we agreed...they came and looked ...liked it But...found something else then 2 weeks ago we had housing association interested in buying our house for a family in mind...did the report (he was a building inspector) "perfect" he said lovely house will put it forward, along with another house same price wed we got a call from AE can the couple(on budget) come back for second viewing...they came looked again yes lovely... but they have to choose between mine and the other which is much smaller...no garden...on busy main road...across from pizza shop where gangs gather... Yes they chose the other...WHY??? the AE asked and their reply was because it is decorated to their taste so they can just move in and do nothing to it :arghh: for f***'s sake they are having the house bought for them... so as you can imagine i am well pissed off ... i really thought our luck was in when the Housing Association knocked on our door... little did i know i would be kicked in the teeth AGAIN Sorry for the rant but gotta get it off my chest Lisax
  14. Guest

    Anymore 2008 Visa's Yet!

    This is getting unbearable! We are so so sick of waiting for our visa's. Why are we waiting so long... I thought they wanted more of us Brits out there!!! So process them, Pleeeeeeeeeeeaseee :arghh:ANYONE ELSE HAD A VISA THIS YEAR YET!:arghh:
  15. Guest

    anymore news

    Hello everyone, Not been on this site for a few months as i was one of the people that used an agent paid out all that money then got cut off by the tra , even though everything was sent in on time. I have been so stressed with the situation thats why i have not been on. My agebt told me to wait till january to see if they had a case against the tra. So has anyone got any news yet. ? Plaese get back thanks
  16. Guest

    Anymore TRA news ??

    Hi can anyone tell me if they have heard anything re the TRA changes, e are completly stumpt now as we cant get OOOOOOOOH trade assessed and i as going to get mine assessed by vetassess but they also require you t have certificates !!! i work as a Trainer for a law firm in the HR dept you would think i am qualified !!!:arghh:
  17. Lynne2007

    No Job Anymore In Oz :-(

    Hi Everyone, Just been gutted by bad news this afternoon, Got a phonecall just before going to work from big boss in company i got job with in Oz to say because of immi doing the monitoring and Auditing they are not in a position to sponsor anyone anymore at this moment in time so now have no job to go to out there. Having to start from beginning in job hunting again. I am going to try one i got offered after accepting one i just lost, so going to ring them tonight and see if they are still sponsoring as our medicals dont run out until 25th september so if i can get a sponsor and visa through before then, we wont have to pay medicals again otherwise we will. Only have to pay visa application fee again so not too bad but god i am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo p****d off :arghh: why does it always happen to us :cry: I need hugs and lots of them :sad: Lynne :chatterbox: