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Found 9 results

  1. Guest

    documents 'met' - what now?

    This is my first time on pomsinoz. Just needed some help to clear my mind. We applied for GSM 175 in January 2010, got a CO assigned in March 2011, send medical and police certs in April 2011. All documents showed 'met' on 8th August 2011. Since we did not hear from DIAC, we asked for an update on our application on 8th September 2011 and were informed that the application is undergoing 'routine checks'. What is happening? How long do we have to wait before asking again? When the online status says all documents 'met' - that is a good sign but is it an assurance? :confused: Thanks for all that reply to this thread.
  2. Hi every one I am new here and have a question, hope someone will kindly answer this. I have applied my 457 visa but noticed that my 14yr old child has not been asked to have a medical exam or xray even though she is of school going age whilst hubby and I have been asked to do so? Is this the norm coz read some where that kids of school going age need medicals too? Please help, I do not want to make errors of omission which can cause problems.
  3. Hi, I am looking for any advice that you may offer. My husband & I have a good life in UK - hubby has a very well paid job & he works form home (EASY). We have often thought of moving to Oz, and now we have contacted an agent who is sending hubbys CV to be checked out by his associate in Oz. The next step is he will have to have his skills assessed by the ACS (Australian computer society) he is in IT. We have talked this over with our children age 7 & 9 and they are up for the move. So now that we have all decided we want to go I wonder if its the right thing to do, I keep walking around my house thinking...my goodness I don,t think I can sell our family home. We want to live in a warm, English speaking country. The stories I have been reading on here are sometimes so frightening...I don,t want to make any mistakes. Could say much more but will leav eit at that for my first entry, thanks for reading.
  4. Hi evryone I have two younger boys one of 14 and the other who is 11 years old...they are both quite anxious about our move to Australia and I would like to help them as much as possible...my eldest is especially worried and I think it might be easier if they had some advice from anyone who is of similar age who is either making the move to Australia or have already moved....is very difficult to try to explain what it will be like and even if I try am not sure that they believe that it will be ok...would be just great if they could hear what it is like from someone who has experienced Australia for themselves...can anyone help.....
  5. :unsure: Hi we are hopefully nearing the end of our visa application process......Obviously you go through so many emotions. Some days I feel so excited and I just can't wait to just get on and make the move. Other days I suddenly think 'What are we thinking, we are so not the sort of people to do somthing like this' and I can't believe we are contemplating leaving our really very pleasnt life here behind. We have for the most part a really supportive family network, good friends, nice home and Matt's job, whereas a year ago was a complete nightmare, has now got a great position. Has anyone made the move having all these sort of doubts and now think 'we should have done this years ago' or that it has been a great success......would love to hear some positive experiences please.... Look forward to reading, Amanda
  6. Hi all, These last few days I have started feeling really depressed and anxious about the state of the housing market in the UK. As if it's not enough trauma to go through making the decision in the first place to leave all you know and all family etc. to then have to start thinking maybe it won't be a viable option!!! I'm so flipping worried that we won't get enough equity in the sale of our house that OH will play the sensible card and tell me we can't go!! We haven't even applied for the Visa yet, so heaven only knows where the market will be a year from now. :nah: OH is taking his practical in a couple of weeks and then we'll put in for the Visa.. Oh help!!! someone please help!!! Rant over!! Thank you!! XX
  7. Guest

    stressed and anxious

    Hi, we are just starting the visa process and are applying on a skilled independent visa as my husbands trade (carpentry/joinery) are on the demand list. We will be living in perth. Can anybody please advise us of approx wages, visa application times, and also how easy mortgages are to get with a low deposit and if previous credit history goes with you. Thanks the hartleys
  8. Guest

    Very Anxious!!

    Hi We received our ack 2nd May and have sent our medicals and PCC in the last two weeks (unreq) as it is taking forever, we thought we would have by now, would be interested to know of anyone else who has a similar timeline, as I have noticed that some people after our date have already had their visa's. Fingers crossed we should here in the next couple of weeks!! Feel better now, Kate
  9. Guest

    Anxious about oz!!

    Hello there!I am travelling out to Melbourne on Sunday,9th october, at the tiem of writing thats 6 days away!!I am extremely anxious about sorting everything out before i go, and was just wndering could anybody provide me with some links to open special backpackers,or young persons bank accounts with major and accessible banks such as westpac and commonwealth?Also,should i apply for a TFN,tax file number? I would be extremely grateful for any help an tips in general! Just incase anybody else is flying out on sunday, my plane leaves heathrow at 9:25, and I'm stayin,travelling and working round australia for a year,so feel free to get in touch!