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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all, I am from Pakistan and recently we applied for spouse visa on 23rd Feb'18. On my medicals, I mentioned that I have been recently treated with OCD (without compulsive behavior) which was diagnosed about 2 years ago. After getting letter from MOC to take additional test, I contacted local panel clinic where my previous medical was performed. After a lot of hassle, I got the appointment and met with psychiatrist. It has been a month that this psychiatrist has not forwarded the report. I tried to contact clinic and they always comes with excuse about how they are unable to contact psychiatrist due to his busy schedules. My question is what should I do in this situation? To keep doing what am I doing or to write in reply to letter that I received from embassy about ongoing delays. I wanted to apply for visit visa meanwhile but I am afraid they would ask me again for health assessment and I can't go through all this again. Please advice me.
  2. kellyjamie

    Anxiety and near panic attack

    Morning all, thought i would post this see if anyone is feeling like this or felt like this. We only have 13 weeks till we leave and im pretty sure my "incident" last night is down to stress? Ever since my son went to live at his dads i have began suffereing from anxiety. Its horrific, i thought i had begun to get a grip of it. When it initially started my GP was fantastic she immediately knew what it was and was really great, she did however give me tablets and im not a medication type person, i believe in sorting my own mental health as i am generally very strong mentally, or i thought i was. Anxiety is awful you take the smallest issue or worry and turn into something massive, i find myself excessively worried if someone is late, sometimes i get so worked up about the smallest problem i can feel myself kind of shake like the start of a panic attack and i have to just slap myself, this honestly all satrted with the problems with my son. Anyhow ive never had a panic attack but last night jamie was working till 4am and i hate that, im a scaredy cat and dont like going to bed on my own knowing hes not here but im usually ok with it, anyhows goes to bed and uneasily falls asleep, wakes up an hour later at ten to midnight and checked my phone, i had no reply from jamie to a text i had sent b4 i went to sleep, so i ridiculously started to worry so i gave him a quick ring but no answer, not unusual as he usually calls back but he didnt, over the next 30 min i called him 6 times and no reply so there it started the panic set in, i very quickly found myself thinking the worst what if hed been in a crash, or someone attacked him ( a taxi driver was beaten horrifically 2 weeks ago) i started to feel very sick, light headed and a feeling of not being myself like i was removed?? my breathing started to excelerate but i knew i was being ridiculous but it was also getting harder so i called his office and asked her to radio him to call him, and 2 min later he called, all fine, unable to understand why i was acting in that manner. After the reassuring call he was ok, i calmed down but it turned into crying, i got up washed my face took a couple of paracetemol and went to bed. My mum suffered form panic attacks for about 5-6 years in her late 30s and i read this morning they think they can be hereditary?? Does anyone know much about these and how i can deal wit this as if that was the start of a panic attack i would seriously not want to experience a full on one. I need to find a way if dealing with this anxiety, i just keep telling myself it will be better once we move and i can relax a little? I didnt want Jamie to accept the job in Esperance but the idea of a year or so in a small place with beautiful beaches away from it all is becoming very appealing:unsure:
  3. Hi All I am just trying to get some advice before my medical. I have been taking citalopram (an anti depressant) for about....ohh 6 years now after being diagnosed with anxiety disorder. This does not effect anything day to day and I have NEVER missed a day off work because of it. I am quite happy talking about it as actually I feel one of the worst things is to avoid and deny it. Obviously I will state this in my medical but I was wondering has anyone had any issues with this kind of thing? Is it likely to effect my application? Also had a back op about 3.5 years ago...again no follow up issues? Thanks
  4. Hi all! Hope someone can help. My Mum in law is coming over to Brisbane soon & is so worried about the flight she will have to take tablets from the doctor to help her relax. But she's heard a few horror stories about people being arrested at Dubai for drugs when they had prescription drugs, poppy seed bread rolls etc in their luggage :wacko: Any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks Sue :spinny:
  5. Hi Hopefully someone can help me with this... I am really suffering with anxiety issues at the moment and I really think I need a little help to try and calm myself. I have been struggling since the birth of my first child a few months ago and several things have happened to me over the past year that have lead to me having panic attacks - although pretty mild - and general anxiety issues. Its nothing major at the moment but I want to see my GP now and get some medication. The thing is, we have had our medicals and police checks have all been sent away so we are basically waiting for our visa to see if it is granted or not. I am not the main applicant either, and I will be looking after our baby when we get to Oz therefore not working anyway so its not like a diagnosis will stop me from doing anything I was going to be doing anyway... Sorry to babble on.... The main question is, do I have to inform the DIAC and will it affect our visa being granted? If so, I will just have to go and buy more Kalms. We have been over so many hurdles getting to this stage that it would be awful for my nerves to ruin our chances at the end of it all... Thanks for reading and any responses :goofy:
  6. Guest

    Anxiety Dreams....

    I am only in the early stages now but seem to have had a few anxiety dreams. 1. On an aeroplane and we were trying to get to Aus but the flight was delayed, then couln't get to Brisbane. Every time the plane stopped they said sorry we're not there yet! 2. The huntsman spider.....various!! One of them was the spider was on the floor and an Australian man was saying "oh yep, they usually run towards you! they are out to get you you know". !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3. Latest was I was in Aus but as a kid with my mum and dad. There was a crocodile outside and we couldn't go out. Then if we popped our head out of the window he did a peter pan croc jump up to us! After that I discovered a red back spider and as he ran accross the bed I jumped off and stepped on it feeling poison in my foot. Screaming get me to the hospital and trying to lie down still as I know that's what you do! Was in A & E and packed with people and laying on the floor. My dad gave me a milkshake with cranberries in which was delicious "that will sort you out love" he said and I felt much better. What is going on.....think a fear of wildlife perhaps :biglaugh:. Would like to hear any of your anxiety dreams and from any dream experts!!!!!! Bernie.
  7. Hello I am really hoping that someone can put my mind at rest? We are in the final stages of the migration process, medicals etc. have been done and sent off to Sydney along with police checks etc. I have a history of mild panic attacks and obsessional thoughts (a fear of being left alone and my partner leaving me) This was a result of my ex. husband leaving me and four years after that the symptoms hit and has been on and off since 1998. I am currently taking Sertraline (Lustral) on a low dose which I am reducing to come off as I am now absolutely fine and have no symptoms. I notified the doctor who carried out our medicals of this history and in turn he reffered me for a psychiatrist assesment to accompany my medical which was fine and states exactly what the history of the problem was, that I am not likely to be a drain on the Australian Health Service, that I do not and have never suffered from depression and that this had resulted from a previous relationship. I am now worried that this will affect my family's chance of migration even though I have checked on all the websites I can think of for some reassurance I cannot find one that gives any indication of medical problems that may cause concern. I would be really grateful if you could help me as being this far into the process I am now worried that our chances of gaining migration entry have reduced?
  8. Hi, We are getting closer to the visa decision now and I have managed to totally wind myself up convincing myself that we will be refused entry due to the fact I am on (comming off) medication for hightened anxiety following my divorce some years ago. Things are fine now and I never experienced any more than panic attacks which have now stopped (hence comming off medication slowly, but, I have been reffered to a Psychaiatrist (can't spell this word) for an evaluation and am now set on the fact that they will refuse me entry after all this time. I also have a high ish colesteral level (hereditary) can't spell that either!!! which I again take medication for but is under control - Can someone please help, I am beside myself that I will be the blame for us not getting in. The visa decision is due in March/April. If my anxiety was better they surely know how to raise it - lol