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Found 22 results

  1. Two years ago my doctor suspected that I may have latent TB as he saw something in my chest x-ray. I was forced to take medications by the state, although some other doctors doubted if I was really having TB as that 'something' may be a blood vessel. Anyhow I was cleared of TB after the medications and several x-rays. I applied for the business short-stay visa 2 months ago, and I 'lied' (sorry!) that I never had TB because I was really in a hurry to get the visa and I am not sure if it will take very long time in case they need to check my TB status. But now I am supposed to apply for a long-stay 457 visa and here comes again the TB question. I don't want to lie any more and I am also sure that I will be fine in x-ray check. What I concern about is will the immigration office check my past visa application and realize that I answered differently? Will they make a big deal of this and give me a hard time to get the visa? or even just deny my 457 visa? Or I have to keep silence about my damned TB history? Thanks!!
  2. Hi I am a fully qualified plumber in the uk but since arriving here in Queensland have been told that I am not and have to do a load of courses that will cost me a fortune and have been directed to skillstec who seem to tell you one thing and then either ignore you or tell you something completely different the next time you speak to them:arghh: I now have a Qld provisional licence and are looking for work on the sunshine coast has anyone got info as I am going mad trying to find a company to take me on and I need to start working in order to stay here. Cheers
  3. Dear people were flying to Perth via Singapore tomorrow night, as were emigrating we get double baggage allowance, just found out that as were stopping over for 3 days the ticket between Singapore and Perth is not classed as an emigration ticket and we lose the double baggage allowance we were given at London Heathrow help.................
  4. Hi looking for a little advice in regards to migrating to Australia I'm English, 30 years old and unskilled... having spent 2 years in Australia on a working Holiday Visa I fell in love with this country and knew that this was the place for me, actually for us, i met my Fiance in Australia a girl from Hong Kong who i travelled with and spent everyday with anyway to the point... I know Australia requires skilled migrants to be able to move there. so i took it upon myself to do a bricklaying course. I am now approaching the end of my course Diploma lvl 2 in brickwork (Is this an accepted qualification in oz or do they require NVQ or?) i plan to study the 3rd year here in England and then get a few years bricklaying experience under my belt in England before i think about migrating. Perth/Western Australia would be top of our choice of places to go as my Fiance has her sister there and she said she would be a sponsor for us if needed Me: England, 30 years old, Studying Bricklaying (Diploma lvl 2) (otherwise unskilled) Fiance: Hong Kong, 30 years old, Higher Diploma in Design (5 years experience in designing Lingerie) Am i doing the right thing? Are we going in the right direction? Should we get married before migrating or after? Bricklaying the right choice? are there many opportunities for this? Would i still need to find a sponsor? Would i need still need to do an assesment before i would get considered? Would it be able to study my 3rd year of bricklaying in Australia? how would i go about this? How much does it cost? would it guarantee me a residency? who to contact? TAFE? Do i need a Diploma or NVQ? (What is recognised in Oz?) Would my girl be able to migrate with her skills alone and am i wasting my time doing my bricklaying course? We are not married yet but we will get married in the future and would like to migrate as a couple.. would this affect me? she is a designer but this is not a job that is needed on the SML (skilled migration List) Can you offer me anymore advice? anyway any advice would be helpful Thanks for reading and thanks for your time Jason
  5. Hi all Sorry for creating a new thread for something that’s probably regularly asked on here. I would really appreciate your help. I finish my Quantity Surveying degree in 2 weeks, I have 4 years quantity surveying experience through working and studying at the same time. My goal is to leave the UK for the end of August and need a few hints and tips of where to start. You would think that I would have some idea where to start but I don’t. My plans are first to go to New Zealand for the rugby world cup for a month, travel the Fiji islands and head to Oz thereafter. Once I have arrived I would like to travel for maybe another month and get bar job (any kind of work to help with my funds). After this period of travelling I would like to start looking for a settled Quantity Surveying job. Can someone give any advice on the following: Is a working holiday visa suited to what I want? Do I need a separate one for New Zealand? Once granted a visa, does it start on a specific date or on arrival in the country Are package holidays for my travels cheaper than organising them myself Come the end of the 1 year visa, I haven’t fruit picked, nor gained sponsorship through a company. Is a skilled working visa different to the above? Do I need to book return flights? I want to stay more than a year but cant tell if I would be allowed to do this. I think I have got the most important questions out of my head but if anyone can answer or add to them it would be a great help. MF
  6. Guest

    Visa questions and answers here

    Afternoon all and happy new year, Their seems to be some confusion on other threads regarding visa questions and answers so this thread is for those of us that need info or for those good enough to pass on info, i know the hoff has some questions and i have one as well. If you are expecting to hear sometime soon that you have been lucky enough to gain your visa,s do they firstly let you know via email and do they send you all the relevant information that you need, also in what form does the visa,s come for example do they have to be issued into your passport or is it linked to your passport electronically? Also once you have them are you free to validate immediatly?
  7. So I've looked through a number of threads previously posted over the years and cannot find an answer to my question so rather than spend another hour or so trawling through a lot more I figured it would be better to simply ask?? I have found many companies that cover individuals and families for one way cover both for medical cover and possessions however the problem is that the cover isn't enough on the possessions side. All the policies I have found only covers you for £1,500 or £500 any one item. My Laptop is worth that alone, not to mention my wifes engagement ring and other Jewelry. So does any one know how I can insure the valuables that I want to bring over in hand baggage etc - up to say £10,000 cover?? Thanks Daniel
  8. Guest

    My CO never answers his phone!!

    I just want to know what else I have to submit! Anyone else's never answer? Lucy
  9. Hi all Chewing the fat over with o/h about should we/shouldnt we start the application to go to Aus, one question is, Should we go ahead & be accepted & be granted a visa etc, how long from the issue of the visa have we got to get out there? Am I correct, or not, that you have 2 years, after that you would have to re-apply/start the whole process again? :yes: /:no: ? Also should we get a container (which, with the amount of junk we have we would have to have one) are you allowed to put all bits into plastic storage boxes? We have at least 100 big strong storage boxes (that used to be a Pharmaceutical companies!!) all come with lids etc & we use them for up in the loft/garage etc.......... Any info would be fab many thanks Tina, Essex :wacko:
  10. Hi all, been a while since i last posted. After the changes in march i swapped across to a ss176 visa. I am going to Perth as an electrician and was lucky enough to have my visa granted on 15 july.We fly out on 16 jan next year and i could do with some advice, im sorry i need answers to so many different questions but i thought you guys could help me out on some of them so here goes........... 1. can anyone recommend the best company to ship our belongings with and a rough price for doing it ( half container).? 2.Are there any mandatory charges at the other end ie customs, docking fees etc? 3.should we buy insurance or just individually insure items ie plasma tv , computer equipment etc? 4.How do i get the best exchange rates and can anyone recommend a good bank or establishment to do this through?
  11. Guest

    No straight answers

    Hi all, Can anyone help as i am unable to get any straight answers from anywhere on the web or from certain companies, can a qualified bookeeper obtain a skilled visa. I run my own buiness and have qualified as a bookeeper i will also be starting a diploma in this field next week, i would like to know at what level i would need if any to obtain a skilled visa rather than sponsorship. Also does being married makes a difference to a visa, me and my partner have been together for years and we both want to go to oz with our kids. Does that bit of paper make any difference
  12. Hi , Right i appiled for my 175 visa September and booked a ticket for end of May as at the time that seemed OK , Ive since applied to WA for sponsorship and after 14 weeks have heard nothing ! Ive emailed them and had no response which is understandable as they are snowed under with applications since the changes , also ive phoned several times and been told two weeks everytime . They always seem friendly and its not there fault they dont have enough staff but i was thinking .... Im changing my ticket in the morning and am going to be in Perth by thursday afternoon , I am heading straight to the state migration office to see what i can find out , hopefully they will look at my case for me then after staying with a friend for a week ill head to Bali and live like a skint backpacker till its sorted Ill keep you posted how i get on ......... :arghh: Fortune favors the brave and all that !!!!
  13. Hi all, I'm wondering if i need to fill in the Form 1023 for 2 mistakes i've made during my application. 1) Place of Birth - I was born in City A (which stated in my Birth Cert) but during my online application i filled in as City B (as i moved from City A since i was born and live in City B until present date). both city is 500km apart but they are in the same state. Does this information really counts for a valid application? should i submit Form 1023 regarding this matter? 2) Current employment - Apparently i was working with ABC company throughout my 4.x years careers in electronics engineering. at the time of my application, ABC company is in a process to joint venture it's business with its own parent company, DEF. so i filled online application with DEF company. all the while my payslips were printed with letter head of company ABC. after 2 months i submitted my application, my company decided to cancel the joint venture and stay static as what it is, Company ABC. Does this information really counts for a valid application? should i submit Form 1023 regarding this matter? i'm worry about these issue may affecting my application when it is accessed by case officer. can any one help me?
  14. Guest

    IELTS Test honest answers

    As they have now taken bricklayers off the victoria wanted list my other half now has to do the IELTS test to get the extra points we need. To all you tradesmen that have done this can you give me your honest optinons for those who have passed and those who have failed. Thanks Claire, Marc and little Ella
  15. Guest

    any answers please would help

    hi ther im new to this game and would like to know where to start about looking for work in aus and how to go about it my husband and i have pcv licences thats bus driver if u wasn't sure and can u get in on that as a job, also my son does machanics on cars he is not qualifed as he has not yet finished his apprenticeship and hope he could finish it over there would like to hear about anything if anyone knows about this :v_SPIN:
  16. Guest

    answers to move to a new life!!

    Hey my names lisa, im thinkin of moving to oz, not sure wot i have to do, how much money do u need to go over there?,can you go if your semi-skilled worker, im a nail tec,can i get in with that qualification? all replys will b appriciated, thank xox
  17. ok i know i am going to regret asking this as it will open a can of worms but please be honest with your answers, as your answers WILL help us decide whether to move or not Will my kids aged 8 and 10 have a better life out in oz we are looking at moving to the perth area inparticually Bunbury area? please be honest a very confused welshman (not hard i know)
  18. I haven't posed on here before but wondered if anyone knows the answers to the following. I have tried emailing DIAC and phoning with no luck so far. 1 When a temporary visa is given and a dependant is nearly 18, what happens at the end of the 3 years when they are over 18. Are they still included in the permenant visa or do they have to qualify in their own right. 2 When applying for the permenant visa at the end of the 3 years do all members of the family on the visa have to have been in the country for 2 years or just in the country when applying. And finally 3 My application has stalled due to the withdrawal of the capital investment scheme, the information from the DIAC states that 136 classes can be assessed under 137 rules does anyone know if there is any availability to swop a 138 to anything else. Thanks for your help. Everhopeful.
  19. Guest

    I need answers!! Lol

    Hiya guys i'm Hannah from Yorkshire and i've been asked to move over to Brisbane, Queensland with my boyfriend and his family sometime in the next 10-15 months.. I was just wondering if any of you could give me any information about schools/colleges over there. I am sitting my GCSE exam's in June, but i was wondering whether they would count or if i would have to go back to school once we've moved over or could i go straight to college? Please reply soon! Love Hannah x x BTW: If you know Gwen, then thats who i might be moving over with :cute:
  20. Please help ! Myself and family are at the beginning of the skills ass process I would really like to here off of anybody who has gospel knowledge about current situation in perth for bricklayers. how much work,wages,etc,etc
  21. Hi just registered on this great site it's sooo helpful! Were just giong thro' preliminary searches at the mo' so i'm doing as much research as poss!! A couple of questions I hope anyone can help! Does anyone know where roof tilers are most in demand and whats the best way of securing a job? We fancy Queensland. Is it to wait till you get there and search or is it at all possible to secure a job before moving by posting a CV? How do you go about giving contact details when there, is it possible to keep your uk mobile and renew the sim card or do you have to get a new phone in Oz? Also if your looking for work is there such a thing as family allowance or tax credits to see you through financially 'till you've a job? Thanx XX
  22. Guest

    my little girl needs answers

    hi everyone, my six year old daughter is disney pricess mad, she lives and breathes them, she needs to know if you can buy disney princess merchandise in oz, and can you get the disney princess weekly magazine, this is essential as if you cant get disney princess in oz then she claims she isnt coming and will stay here nanny and auntie stacey. can any one h help she is doing my head in :lol: :lol: :lol: thanks kelly