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Found 16 results

  1. Hello, Here in australia since mid November 2012 on a 457 visa and worked every week 50 hours plus til this day. I need to be with my children as i can see they are suffering as i work mornings (i am a nurse) evenings and night shifts. My Husband just got a job with the same firm, he is on my visa. I am last in so all annual leave is not available til the end of the year. HOW can i get alittle respit bite off ( week or two) and be with my children. Could i get a Doctor note, what can he say?? Need a doctor note, after 2 days sick from my work. Would give anything to sit down and take Australia in and be with my children......
  2. The Skilled Occupation List (SOL) has been updated. There are 13 occupations added and four occupations have been removed. See: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/solfact-sheet.pdf
  3. tcillc

    DIAC Annual Report 2008-09

    DIAC's annual report 2008-09 has been released: Annual Report 2008–09 (PDF)
  4. Hi I'm applying for a few jobs... Some of the salaries are given as a basic + superannuation Others give a figure which includes superannuation I can easily get my calculator out and compare these but I have just seen one which seems to include all sorts "includes base salary, annual leave loading, superannuation and maximum additional benefit of salary packaging" How do I compare this?? Can anyone explain what annual leave loading is? It seems to be something to do with giving extra monies when you are taking holiday? I'm just wondering if including all these things is just a cover up for what is a much lower basic salary and whether I need to be careful about these things? Cheers Vicky
  5. Hello, My husband has been speaking with some recruitment companies who have said that we would be able to claim back 40% of our annual housing costs for 3 years as a apart of something like a ‘skills migration incentive scheme’. Has anyone heard about this and if so do you know where I can get more info about it? Thanks so much
  6. sgperry

    Annual / monthly take home pay

    hi everyone, does anyone know roughly how much the monthly take home pay (net of tax) would be if you were on an annual salary of AUS$90,000 basic?? cheers sg
  7. Hi, we are moving up to the GC in a couple of months and was wondering if the $99 annual deals for Dreamworld and the other 3 was still on and if so, when does it end? Thank you. Julie
  8. theonetruechris

    Annual leave and child care

    Hi, Its ratchet. Rather naively ive only just been discussing annual leave at work. On my payslips it is written as hours rather than days and it doesnt look like much at all that ive accrued. looking into it. It appears i accrue roughly 2 days Annual leave per month/24 days per year...........In comparison, its a rubbish amount to the leave i had in the UK. If adam was at school, how on earth would i be able to look after him in the school holidays ???? If hubby got the same as me it would cover about 8-10 weeks. Ive just totalled it up to be about 12-14 weeks off a year from school then theres the bank holidays. We dont have family/friends around, so how do you guys do it??:confused:
  9. hillyman

    annual leave

    Hi all, i've just recieved my contract of employment from my future employer in Brisbane,having got to the annual leave part of the contract it says that i'm not entitled to any leave for the first twelve months surley im reading this wrong, if anyone clear this up for me i would be greatfull, Paulaxx
  10. George Lombard

    Department of Immigration Annual Report

    Has been released, the data of most interest to people here is the summary of the economic migration program at 1.1.1 Economic migration - Outcome group 1.1 - Annual Report 2008–2009 which inter alia explains the introduction of the CSL and gives some figures concerning its implementation. The text of the entry must have been written prior to 23 September but seeks to justify processing standards on the basis of consultations with the states and DEEWR. They won't be able to do that when the next annual report is released. The palette chosen for the graphs is quite interesting, I reckon they owe something to Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas, original design by Stamen, press any key to s :wacko:. Cheers, George Lombard
  11. Just had an email, I thought I'd pass on the details. Dreamworld are reducing their annual passes until 24th December, reducing them from $194 for adults and $135 for kids, to $115 per person, plus if you book online you recieve a $20 merchandise gift voucher. Theme Parks Gold Coast Keeps the kids busy over the holidays! Jo
  12. Hi! I'm new to the site and even though I'm not a Pom, I have still found it to be very helpful :cute: After waiting forever to see a draft of the contract offer from my company it has finally arrived. I'm happy with most of the terms, except for maybe the annual leave I would be entitled to. Maximum 20 days? This seems very little? What does everyone else have? The 20 days would be excluding national holidays. How many of those are there in Australia? Does anyone here know anything about superannuation? It says in my contract that "superannuation contributions to be made by the Company at the minimum level required to avoid imposition of a charge under Federal superannuation legislation". Does anyone know what this minimum level required is and is it "normal" to have this level? Any thoughts and comments are highly appreciated!
  13. Jo&Rich

    $99 Seaworld Annual Passes

    $99 MyFun Annual Pass | MyFun The above offer is on now where you can buy annual passes to either Seaworld, Movieworld or Wet n Wild for $99 each, (saving up to $80 on an adult ticket, and $20 on a childs). Not too shabby when it's normally $69 for a one day adult pass! Jo x
  14. Sunshine11

    Paid annual leave

    Hi all, can anyone tell me how much paid annual leave/holidays you get in Oz? Thanks in advance!
  15. Guest

    annual health cover

    hi me and my partner leave for sydney next week on a 4 year visa and need some annual travel cover. does anyone no of any cover which is good but "cheap" as the pennys are abit low now?? cheers, nathan & catherine:smile:
  16. We have passed our police checks & medicals and are waiting for 'that' e-mail with bated breath. We are going on my skills as a Registered Nurse. I am fully expecting a wage cut for both myself & hubby but was shocked the other day to see that I'll only get 20 Annual Leaves each year. That means a drop of 13 A/L's although I might gain 1 or 2 public holidays. I know that we are well-off here for holidays in the NHS but this has really shocked me. I'll be relying on my A/L's to take time off with my 8 year old during holidays. If I didn't have a child it wouldn't matter so much. Some jobs in the private sectore (ie care homes) seem to offer better holiday entitlement etc. Could anyone advise/ comment !! Wee Wen