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Found 16 results

  1. Hello Pomsinoz i think IMMI are really moving fast these days http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/estimated-allocation-times.htm They reached 1st December 2010 with priority 4.
  2. Guest

    announcement on DIAC website!

    Well we have all been long awaiting so far for the SMP especially fellow WA peeps on here! Deadline after deadline.................. and the announcement on the DIAC website for 1st Novemeber is................ drum roll.............. New Form 956 and 956A – 1 November 2010 There we have it guys! I do not think that the SMP is going to be released, however there is time, but surely it would have been on the DIAC's website seen as though they have 1st Nov update on???!!??? As for WA's site............... still not up and running! So glad I did not get any hopes up.............. it is a sham where are are all begging for some info and like normal we get none! I just wish that someone in one of these offices would say heh guys it is going to be...date and stick to it! Instead of all this speculation! Trick or treat immigration say trick!
  3. George Lombard

    DIAC Announcement on SMPs

    This is the first indication from DIAC as to how the system will run: Fact Sheet: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/statmig-fs.pdf FAQs: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/statmig-faq.pdf And these links will be valuable: Contact details Applicants who have not yet lodged a visa application and who want to obtain nomination from a state or territory government should contact that government directly. Applicants can contact the state and territory governments through the following websites. Australian Capital Territory See: Business and Industry Development - ACT Government Nomination Opportunities New South Wales See: Skilled Sponsored Migration: Business Migration: Industry & Investment NSW Northern Territory See: Business and Skilled Migration Queensland See: Skilled migration to Queensland, Australia South Australia See: Visa options :: Make The Move Tasmania See: Migrating to Tasmania : Tasmania - The life you've been looking for Victoria See: State Sponsorship - Live in Victoria Western Australia See: The Department of Training and Workforce Development - Skilled Migration Western Australia Cheers, George Lombard
  4. "Quote" TONY Abbott has promised to cut immigration levels to 170,000 a year by the end of his first term in a bid to cut population growth to long-term average levels. The numbers of foreign students and family reunions could be cut under the Coalition's policy. The 170,000 figure came despite independent economic forecasts predicting that immigration levels will fall to as low as 145,000 by 2011-12. But the Opposition Leader said the Coalition was “absolutely not” proposing higher immigration and could only base its forecast on the latest published government figures for 2009 of more than 270,000. This would produce a cut of 100,000. Mr Abbott said employer-nominated skilled migration and 457 temporary business visas would be quarantined from the cuts and a Coalition government would encourage the settlement of new arrivals on a either temporary or permanent basis in regional and rural areas. "UnQuote" Link: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/abbott-to-cut-foreign-student-migration/story-fn59niix-1225896609250 Its appriciable if any expart agent will explain.................
  5. Go Matilda - Your Gateway to Australia - News Due to the forthcoming federal election in Australia, the Victorian Government State Migration Plan will be implemented no earlier than 1 September 2010. Once the plan is implemented, the new sponsorship eligibility list for skilled migrants and full details will be made available on our website: LiveInVictoria.vic.gov.au. Only occupations included on Victoria’s skilled sponsorship eligibility list will be considered for nomination. Note that applications for business visa sponsorship are still being accepted. Best regards.
  6. ‘The government is committed to ongoing forward-planning and reform to ensure immigration levels are guided by Australia's needs and not by the desire of prospective migrants to come to Australia,’ Senator Evans said (pls follow the link to read the full announcement): Net overseas migration on track to fall by 20 per cent Can I just say, fine, if he wishes to do that - then do like what NZ does, make it clear and fair to everyone from the start through an 'Expression of Interest' system, and pick whoever you want to your heart's content; but NOT setting up goalposts for people and keep moving them!! And worst yet - retrospective legislations! :swoon:
  7. After the realease by DIAC of the correlation between ASCO and ANZCO, can anyone confirm that all 2231-79 Computing Professionals nec classification (ASCO) occupations are equivalant to 261399 Software & Applications Programmers (ANZCO), which is on the new SOL. I may be misreading this but it seems plainly obvious that this is the case. Hope so. Cheers.
  8. Vetassess has just sent out this important announcement, which, if literally true, suggests that the new SOL is not going to bite immediately and that the DIAC transitional legislation will be humane: RE: Applications for skills assessment received before 1 July 2010 This advice applies to skills assessments received before 1 July 2010 when the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) and the new Skilled Occupation List (SOL) will be introduced by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. It is expected that skills assessments for nominated occupations in the Australian Standard Classification of Occupations (ASCO) will continue to be accepted for migration purposes from 1 July 2010 if the application for the skills assessment was received before 1 July 2010. This is the case even if the skills assessment was finalised after 30 June 2010 and the nominated occupation is not on the new SOL. This is all the information available on this announcement and Monday is a holiday here, but I'm sure that clarification will be made on Tuesday. In particular, does this announcement apply only to Vetassess assessed occupations or all occupations? Cheers, George Lombard
  9. Hi all, Will DIAC publish any announcement when Visa quota for the year runs out? Does anyone know if they are left with any quota for this year before July 1st? Thanks, Rubab
  10. World News Australia - Migration changes draw mixed reaction Video: Minister explaining today's new SOL. Best regards.
  11. connaust

    TAFE Study to PR Announcement

    International Student Migration recent announcement from Holmesglen TAFE Melbourne, nothing new, but clear explanation of situation: Australian government announced changes to the General Skills Migration program which have an impact on international students. In brief, these changes are: 1. The Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL) has been revoked. 2. A new Skilled Occupation List (SOL) is to be implemented in mid 2010. However, this list will not be available until April 2010. 3. Students applying for permanent residency will be required to have an occupation on the SOL. Hence a lot will depend on what occupations are on this list. 4. There is a clear emphasis in the new regulations separating study from migration. 5. Greater emphasis and preference will be given to students with employer or state government sponsorships. Students will be encouraged and may apply for a visa to work in Australia on graduation and look towards gaining employer sponsorship and work experience. 6. Student visa holders with a trade/technical qualification will need to have an IELTS level of 6.0. With these changes the government is aiming to diversify international student enrolments away from high volume courses such as cookery, hairdressing and automotive. They want students doing courses at more advanced levels (diploma, degree) in occupational areas that are in demand in the Australian economy (health, engineering, etc.) The government has said that it wants to continue the skilled migration program and to continue to accept international students for permanent residency.
  12. Hi All got this from our agent today carnt belive it more bad news... The 2009-10 Australian Budget was released on Tuesday, 12 May 2009, which came with the announcement that the 2009-10 Australian skilled migration program has been reduced by a further 6,900 places. As a result, the skilled migration intake now stands at 108,100 places for the next year; over 25,000 places less than the migration program initially set as part of the 2008-09 Budget, but on a comparable level to 2002-03 planning levels. The 2009-10 program also looks set to retain the changes made to visa processing earlier this year until at least July 2010. I refer specifically to the introduction of priority processing for government-sponsored visa subclasses, as applicants for the Skilled - Sponsored (subclass 176, State) and Skilled Regional Sponsored (subclass 475, State) visas will continue to be fast-tracked. The CSL (Critical Skills List) will also remain in place for those people seeking to migrate to Australia without a sponsor, but no further occupations have been added or removed at this time. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) have indicated that the CSL will continue to be revised to meet economic demand. What does this means for clients who are not state-sponsored and/or do not have an occupation on the CSL? Unfortunately, until DIAC gives a clear indication of when they feel the Australian economy is showing signs of recovering from the global slow-down, we will be unable to predict what the processing timeframes will be for applicants who are not state-sponsored or applying under a CSL-listed occupation. These applications will continue to be effectively ‘on hold’ until DIAC resumes processing to meet Australian economic demand. Should there be an abundance of applications that are state-sponsored and/or CSL-listed and a significant backlog of ‘low priority’ applications are lodged, we should also be prepared for such significant changes as the removal of occupations from the MODL and possibly even the visa subclass pass marks being raised for new applicants. Should any of these changes be implemented, they would not affect applications that have already been lodged. What does Visa Bureau advise applicants to do at this time? We strongly encourage all applicants to review their options and to continue to work quickly towards lodging their visa, if they have not already done so. If you have already lodged to DIAC, we recommend that you give serious consideration to changing your visa application to a state-sponsored alternative, where possible. If you do not have an option of state sponsorship at this time, rest assured that we are constantly monitoring any changes that are made to the state-sponsored occupation lists – we have a number of affected applicants and it is our aim to keep each applicant informed of any options you may have to further your application. If you are unclear and wish to know what options are available to you, please discuss them with your caseworker.
  13. I have been given some inside information that there are some imposters trying to infiltrate the chicken clicking community. If they are allowed to enter they will do untold damge to PIO community, if you study the attached pictures you will see that there are some differences between us chicken clickers and these imposters, namely they have what can only be described as whiskers protrouding from where their beaks should be. I urge you all to be very very careful when clicking on the chickens, please make sure that you are only clicking genuine chicken clickers. As you all know Australia patrols its coastlines and boarders to prevent damage to its fauna and flora, lets start that here and now on PIO!!!!! For extra safety and protection you can click my chick Thank you for taking the time to read this announcement
  14. Hi, I've just seen this on the TRA site, it's not any help to us, but hopefully any supervisor's caught in the removal of pathway D will think of this as good news. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Changes to assessment arrangements for residents of India, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, South Africa, and the Philippines in certain occupations. Effective immediately VETASSESS is the assessing authority for residents of India, Sri Lanka, UK, South Africa or the Philippines for the following occupations: supervisor, electricians [4311-01] supervisor, plumbers [4431-01] supervisor, refrigeration and air-conditioning mechanics [4312-01] supervisor, motor mechanic [4211-01] supervisor, carpentry and joinery [4411-01] supervisor, electrical distribution tradespersons [4313-01] supervisor, bricklayers [4414-01] In addition to the following occupations: general electrician [4311-11] general plumber [4431-11] refrigeration and air-conditioning mechanic [4312-11] motor mechanic [4211-11] carpenter and joiner [4411-11] carpenter[4411-13] joiner [4411-15] electrical powerline tradesperson [4313-11] cable jointer [4313-13] bricklayer [4414-11] TRA will finalise all applications received to date from applicants seeking skills assessment in the supervisor occupation specified above whose country of residence is India, Sri Lanka, UK, South Africa or the Philippines. Applications post marked after 2 May 2008 will be returned to the applicant along with the application fee. For further information, please refer to the VETASSESS website.
  15. Hi Does anyone know what the following announcement is about? 26 April 2008 Legislative Changes The Notice of Legislative changes will be published on this website at 9:00am (AEST) 28 April 2008. It is on the immi website, and I know it is only a couple of days to wait, but I am curious.. Thanks
  16. Hi TRA have issued a Summer Bulletin (still seems funny summer at Christmas) stating that Pathway D On 4 September TRA removed Pathway D from the Uniform Assessment Criteria (UAC) until further notice. Stay tuned for a further announcement about the future of Pathway D early in the new year. http://www.workplace.gov.au/NR/rdonlyres/D0E24583-AE8A-4454-8ABF-BEF7789DE517/0/TRAbulletinSummer07.pdf Lets hope they give us some good news for a change. Kind regards Cheryl RMA 0639132