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Found 21 results

  1. 'We docked at Fremantle (sic) at 7am. When I got off the boat I walked up to the station with 2 guys - 1 Pom & 1 Kiwi. My case weighed a ton & I regretted packing so much stuff. We took the train to Perth & then a taxi to the YMCA - cost us $14 for a nite - 3 in the room. My first impressions of Perth are really good. I like it and I want to stay. I went for a drink in the evening - the first pub I was really scared of being called a "Pommie Bastard" by some drunk but it never happened and I relaxed after a bit.' It's not exactly Samuel Pepys, I know but I suppose I can take a few moments to reflect on what has happened to me! It's pointless to speculate on what 'MIGHT' have happened but I was the last person in the UK to have gone off on his own to the other side of the world! I probably should have stayed in my village and carried on with my cushy little job with Hants County Council where I would have chalked up 36 years service now. Struggling for work at 57 it makes sense now! Still, I suppose if I had not 'blazed the trail', my brother would not have followed me, and now he's got two lovely grown up 'little Vegemites!' and I am no longer a 'Stranger in a Strange Land!
  2. Just heard this on the BBC :mad: Firefighters and other responders will be on the outside looking in when a ceremony is held marking the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks next month, according to The Daily News. http://september11tenyears.blogspot.com/2011/08/firefighters-not-invited-to-ground-zero.html
  3. Guest

    3 year anniversary.

    Well its been a great experience here on PIO i have been on here for 3 years now, i joined, well ............ the wife joined PIO in June 2008 and its time to call it a day so ........................ only joking i'm staying really, i just thought it would give a few a good feeling factor for a few seconds. lol. We are still in limbo waiting for certain things to kick in to place, before we make the big move down under. Join Date: Jun 2008 Posts: 8,431 How long has everyone been on here and ............. who has been on the longest, or from the beginning?:wink:
  4. Hope that you have had a great dat together. I wish you congratulations for the years passed and best wishes for the years to come! Loads of love, The east coast crew!!:hug:
  5. G'day Fellow Poms in Oz-ers! Just to let you know I'm selling my silver 2009 Suzuki Swift RS415 100th Anniversary (Limited Edition). bought it for almost $22,000 it's for sale at the bargain price of £14,500 (priced to sell .... other models are on Car Sales for $16k!). Done approx 35,000km, service history, mint condition. 1 lady owner. Got LOADS of extras eg: Electric windows (front & rear) 15 inch alloy wheels keyless start climate control air-conditioning Power steering Alcantara interior trim (black & grey suede) fog lamps side mirror-mounted indicators remote folding side mirrors unique interior trim and 100th Anniversary badging. I also paid for colour coded reverse sensors in rear bumper....lifetime guarantee window tint & original Suzuki Swift car mats. This is a link for further info on the model inc. pics (mine is the same silver as the pics) - Suzuki Swift 100th Anniversary RS415 Car Research - CarPoint Australia Any inspections welcome. I'm in QLD on Sunshine Coast. Jenny :cute:
  6. anlopa

    my 2 year Anniversary

    I thought this post would be to tell you of my experiences of the last 12 months in Australia, how it was funny to have Christmas day on the beach, how hard it was to find a rental that would allow our dog to stay and how we managed to secure jobs and get the kids in to a great school. But NO! Instead our visit to Australia is a memory, the friends we met while there are facebook friends not neighbours and to top it all we have to choose which local high school to send our daughter to. Not what we thought we would be doing right now But we are still hanging in there I have started sending cheeky letters to employers, registering with employment agencies and trying everything not to let the dream fade away. God I want to go so much! I am sat here with 2 jumpers on, feet like blocks of ice and fingers that are turning blue trawling through emails and job sites with the hope that just one person has had the heart to respond to my pathetic plea.:notworthy: So this post is for all of you out there that is in the same boat, I send you a paddle and hope you can use it to get a little bit closer to your dream.:wubclub:
  7. Being a bloke I realise I at times have a head like a sieve when it comes to birthdays, anniversaries and the like, but I missed a very important date last week. It had been a year since I started posting on PIO,:notworthy::notworthy:. I never was one for forums etc, or indeed the internet, but since joining I have learnt a great deal about many aspects of life, least of which is Australia, which isn't really that surprising, seeing as how PIO is mainly a migration forum,:yes:. So unlike me usually, this post is short and sweet, thanks to the many people who have helped me, made me laugh, cry, scream, laugh, cry and scream again. And a note of apology, I may have bored several of you to death with my completely inane and random threads, and lets face it, often way too long, but I doubt I will change, so bugger yer,:wubclub::biglaugh::notworthy::jiggy: Cheers Tony.:wink:
  8. whopperdaisy

    Anniversary of Auschwitz Liberation

    66 years ago on 27th January, the allied forces liberated Auschwitz. It was too late for so many. I'll be lighting a candle for all those lost souls and thinking of those who somehow defied the odds and survived. Even while there is much going on this time of year, this is a day that should never be forgotten. Auschwitz is now a museum.
  9. So war's not a pleasant business and all sides have committed attrocities but lest we forget, About 140,000 people were killed or died within months of the bomb being dropped by a US aircraft in 1945 in the final days of World War II.
  10. christopher

    1 Year Anniversary!

    I do read these forums but haven't really posted much but heres my story! I moved out to Sydney exactly one year ago today with my Australian wife. She is from Perth but having visited Perth when we got married and then Sydney for our honeymoon, I knew Perth wasn't for me but loved the Idea of moving to Sydney. I Must say at this point I met my wife in England when she was visiting (her parents are english and had a house in England aswell as Perth) we met, fell in Love got married lived in England and after 7 Years we decided to move to Sydney. One year on we have both got jobs and we have managed to buy a house in a beautiful suburb and on the face of it a successful move. The problem is for the last few months the 'novelty' has now well and truly worn off, I have been incredibly homesick, people say 'but look where you live' which is easy to say but there is something in me which kind of knows it isn't right, maybe that will change with time I'm not sure. One of the issues with all of this is my wife is loving it out here, her sister has just moved over from perth with her family so she is loving being an aunty, and we too would like to think about kids but I'm not sure my head is in the right space at the moment. She is dreading the thought of me wanting to move back to the UK. It's such a strange feeling but think one of the main reasons I am not settling very well is because we had a very good life in England (or maybe I did!), my wife just hated the weather (whereas I hate the heat over here!) I just miss s much of what I had and I think its starting to turn me into a whinging Pom . I miss my big circle of friends I miss my family I miss my band I used to be in (the music scene in Sydney is just shocking) I miss proper pubs (without bloody poker machines) I find it stupidly expensive for what you get ($9.50 for a pint of bitter!!) I miss being so close to Europe I miss british TV I miss british Humour I miss being able to buy a decent European car without having to sell an organ!! ($45,000 for a mini!!) I actually miss the weather and the changing seasons I miss being able to get a decent curry I'm findin Australia far too 'Americanised' I'm finding everything a bit scruffy and lacking in style I'm finding once you get over the Harbour and those things Sydney is actually a bit bland, I used to live in yorkshire and everything was close, the countryside and many different cities. (theres probably quite a fe more things I could add) See what I mean about being a winger and this is something I never wanted to be, I do apreciate I am probably not immersing myself into things as much as I should but when you are working full time (and a lot more hours than in the UK!) have a stupid big mortgage to pay for its difficult to find the time. I am visiting home for a wedding in a months time and I'm actually dreading going because I will have to leave again. I will say this though I am not bagging Australia I think its a fantastic place...... for a holiday. Time will tell but Im not sure these feelings will change.
  11. Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary! 28th March :wubclub: To CazBeckham and Dad (Carol & Barry) Happy 40th wedding anniversary to you. Hope that you are having a great time in Vic. Love Joanne and Mark xx :notworthy:
  12. nik_kershaw

    Our Anniversary - Lanyon

    1 year ago today I was due to get married to my partner of about 4 years. We look around at a number of place and finally decided on Lanyon Homestead. Very nice and quiet place away from any roads and out in the country. The day was an awesome day, and 2 of my friends came from the UK for it at short notice. It was nice to have some other POM's there with me. But as the day went on I couldn't ask for it to be any better. Today me, my wife and our son are going back there for a meal to celebrate and remember. We only really realised today that it was always going to be on a public holiday as well, which is also another bonus. Anyway one year on and we are still going strong! If anyone is looking to get married in the future then this has to to be the place, it was a lovley service and the head chef at the homested was so accomadating, also the cost of venue hire was very reasonable as well.
  13. Guest

    Happy Anniversary CazBeckham!

    :wubclub:Happy wedding anniversary Mum + Dad. :wubclub: Hope that you have a great day! We love you loads, Joanne and Mark xxx
  14. Guest

    One year anniversary.

    As of today I have been in Australia exactly one year! Does it still count if six weeks of that was spent travelling to and from the UK last month? It hasn't all been good. In fact, I was very tempted to stay in England after spending time with friends and family and visiting the school I used to teach in. On the down side - I haven't managed to get a 'proper job' which pays a living wage and this means that I owe buckets of money to the credit card. My social life is non existent and I have managed to make approximately one friend in every three months whch is a bit pathetic. My sister has a new baby due in April and I'll miss all of that and Christmas with the family. On the up side - I love the place I'm living in. The weather is great, although I don't see how I'm going to survive a hot summer. I am feeling more positive about teaching job prospects in the form of possible relief work and am enjoying doing voluntary work at the local primary school. And I finally sold the house in the UK which means I can pay off my debts and survive until the begining of the next school year. Do the ups outweigh the downs? I'm not sure, but I'm willing to give it a bit longer for things to level out. Nobody said it was going to easy, but that was certainly the impression they gave me!:spinny:
  15. Hi just to wish claire and hubby happy 16th wedding anniversary...enjoy the day....shellj
  16. Smith Tribe

    Happy Anniversary To Us!!!

    :jiggy:Hi all PIO's, Thought we would let you know we are celebrating our first 6months in Oz. We arrived on 30th Dec from Stafford UK and landed in Brisbane. We are now in Birkdale with our 3 kids and and now 2 cats too. Everyone has settled well and adjusted to life in Oz, now even looking at houses. So as we speak we are now having a nice glass of red!! good luck to all waiting for visas. KP have you got your golden ticket yet??? Keeping smiling Smith Tribe in Oz:spinny:
  17. Guest

    Happy Birthday / Anniversary

    Today is a busy day, so I would like to wish a very happy birthday to Karen, Mr Jorose's, Dan, Francesca and George Hope you all have a good one.... and also Congratulations to Sandra & Nick on your anniversary.. KP Nuts
  18. Guest

    Happy Anniversary!!!

    Happy Anniversay Julie and Neil, here's hoping it's a good one!!!!!! Love Alison xxx
  19. Guest

    Happy 3 Year Anniversary!

    Well, well we celebrate 3 years in Australia today! It has gone so quickly! We have loved every second of it! Happy Anniversary to us!
  20. ali

    First Anniversary

    Well, one year ago today at 3.30 pm to be exact our family set foot on Australian Soil to start our new life. It's been a rather hectic 12 months with 2 house moves, new jobs ( 2 for me and one for Nigel) 2 car crashes (one each), new school and the general trials and tribulations of living in a new country and not having a clue what you're doing, finding good substitues for all your favourite things and trying new ones (vegimite) I know we are very fortunate that we have all settled quickly and are very content with our lives here. We of course miss our families and friends but not in a homesickness and longing to be back with them sort of way, more an I'm bored and would have popped round to my friends house for a cup of tea and a chat sort of way (which doesn't happen very often). We've celebrated a day early (although our cat had origionally arrived 2 days before we did so she's been here longer), by going to friends for lunch and then they took us to the WACA - my first ever cricket match - Twenty-20 and I'm a convert. It did help that the match hung on the final delivery 2 runs needed off one ball and they got a 4, very exciting and one of the best days out we've had. Great atmosphere and very family orientated Our lives here are so much more relaxed here - it's everything we hoped for (well not quite everything - alex still isn't very good at keeping her room tidy) and certainly we're glad we made the move. If you're thinking about it - give it a go - if it's not for you, you will only be richer for the experience. Ali x
  21. Aka, Curleysoo and Wotsit, Wishing you a very happy 1st wedding anniversary for Sunday the 15th July, We know you are going away for the weekend, hope you have a lovely time in Stratford-upon-Avon. Best wishes to you both, KP Nuts (Kim n Pete)