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Found 41 results

  1. Has anyone recently had their skills assessment back from ANMAC / ANMC? I submitted everything 16 weeks ago and I am still waiting.:mask:
  2. peggsgreen

    ANMC skills assessment?

    Hi, Can anyone help me i have just done IELTS test and looking to appy for the 175 visa or state sponsored. But now found out i have to do ANMC skills assessment. I am a nurse with 10 years children's nursing experence. Just need to know how i do this ANMC test, i have been on their web page but cant find anything! Thanks Lisa:confused:
  3. Hi, Wondering if anyone here has recently dealt with ANMC for modified assessment? What has been their processing time? Merry Christmas :hug:
  4. samfarren

    help please on 176

    Please could anyone help........ can anyone advice the best way to make payment to ANMC for my skills assessment and also, does anyone have a template that my manager could use for my professional reference - she has said that if I write it a bit like a cv, then she will sign it but I am not sure if this is acceptable or does it have to be in letter form I am trying to do this whole process without paying £2000+ for an agent and have received some fabulous help on the site so far Long may it continue :rolleyes:
  5. Evening all, I have just been reading the ANMC website and it says we have to pay $630 just to get the nursing skills assessed using form B? Is this right or am I mis-reading something?:confused: The once they have sent us the letter of determination, do we then have to apply for registration with the relevent state before we send for the visa? or do we send for the visa, get that (we hope) and then apply for registration (in our case Qld) and does this cost more? We are going to fill in the form next week, so at long last things are going to start moving in the right direction. At long last! Regards The Tuckers
  6. Hey everyone.. I'm a midwife hoping to emigrate to SA. ANMC skills assessment was sent on feb 15th..supposed to only take 8-10 weeks but still so word!It's been 16 weeks now..I've rang them and they have all the necessary documents and it's being processed, but I'm really worried about it taking so long!anybody else in the same situation?
  7. Hi everyone, Me and my gf have lodged our application for 175 visa. I am the main applicant and she is my dependent (de facto). Does she need to be assessed by ANMC? Or can she go with her registration directly? Can she do it now? We are still on the process of applying for the visa. Thanks guys!
  8. Hi folks I have got my state sponsorship today and now i need to apply for 176 with DIAC. My problem is that the validity of my skill assessment from ANMC is expiring on 27 May 2011. is it ok if i lodge an online application today or they insist certain period of validity for all documents attaching?. i did send an email to DIAC but they replied with pre printed text nothing specific to my case. Thanks
  9. 2adults2cheekykids

    ANMC Skill assessment??

    Hi does anyone know if i can apply for the skill assessment without my IELTS results through or will i have to wait until its finalised? Thanks Hayley
  10. tdk43


    Hiya, Just wondering if anyone can tell me how long they have waited recently to hear back about their skills assessment from the ANMC. The agent reckoned about 8-10 weeks, but I am so impatient I was hoping it would be around this, or even sooner! I did contact the ANMC last week, and happened to drop it in in conversation, and the lady thought about another 5 or so weeks! Looking forward to hear from you all, Donna
  11. Anyone gone thorugh the Modified Assessment? I sent my certified forms 3 weeks ago, and requested my practice verification from AHPRA at the same time, and was sent March 7th..an idea as to how long these things take would be useful - can anyone share their experience?
  12. Hi Apologies if this has been asked before.... I had my ANMC Skills Assessment completed in Nov 2010 and now wish to register with AHPRA within the next few weeks (let the nightmare begin...:eek:). I have application form AGOS-04 - Application for general registration (graduated or trained overseas) as a Registered Nurse, Enrolled Nurse or Midwife. I know i can request the ANMC to forward on the documents they received from me on to AHPRA, but what documents (if any) do i include in application AGOS-04? As those that are required the ANMC already have and can forward on. 1. Has anyone had any recent experience with this? 2. Do i request documents to be sent from the ANMC before or after applying with AHPRA? Thanks in advance:cute: Bev x
  13. DreamingOfAus

    ANMC Migration Skills Assessment - nurse

    Hi there, I am new to this site and have a couple of questions I need answered. In all honesty this whole skills assessment seems a lengthy process, so I was looking for the help of someone who has maybe done this already, or knows how to do it. Firstly Do I need the full assessment or the Modified assessment? I am going on the Independent 175 visa Secondly Where do I get the NMC here to send the info to? Is it the same address as we send our application to? Thirdly My initial registration certificate? Is this the one I first received from the NMC? I am sure I have not kept that as it gets renewed every year. What do I do here? Thanks, any help would be appresciated. Lizx
  14. jenpen87

    ANMC Skills Assessment

    Quick question... Do you just provide a certified copy of your inital registration certificate, or copies of every letter you receive when you renew your registration every year? In the middle of gathering all my info for skills assessment and not sure on this. Cheers
  15. Lil Bev

    Sponsorship & ANMC HELP!

    Hi, Hope someone can help me with a few questions regarding sponsorship and the ANMC. I applied for SA sponsorship today prior to the online application system temporarily closing tomorrow 16th-23rd/11/10, for the new system to be put in place. Once i completed the application it states on the application cover sheet that i must include "Evidence of any Licensing or Registration requirements for your nominated occupation". I am a registered nurse and as i have not yet applied for registration with AHPRA what sort of evidence can i include in the application? Also, i was aware of the financial support pro forma, however this now says it should only be sent if you are an international student. Has anyone sent their application without this form and sponsorship been approved? I'm guessing by what it now states that i do not need to send it. The last bullet point seems to point to this. Financial Capacity It is your responsibility to ensure that you have sufficient funds for settling and living expenses when you arrive in South Australia. You should not dispose of any assets before your visa is granted. A minimum total of the equivalent of AUD25,000 for a single applicant. Additional AUD5,000 for each secondary applicant. Must include an overall cash component of at least AUD10,000. Must be available when applicant arrives in South Australia. If you are a recent international student, you will need to complete the Financial Support Pro Forma which is available as part of the Application form and in the Client Tracking System if you do not have the assets in your name. If sufficient assets are in the principal applicants/partner’s name, only complete the relevant section in the online application form. FINAL QUESTION (for now) I havn't sent my supporting documents for sponsorship as yet as i am awaiting my letter of determination from the ANMC. I received and email from them on the 9th Nov stating that one will be sent shortly but i am still waiting, does anyone know how long it will take to get this? Then i can get the big ball rolling Thanks in advance, Bev & Jay
  16. I have just come off the phone to an agent who has just informed me that if I have evidence of secondary education in England along with my Nursing degree I do not have to sit the IELTS test (refer to Question 16 on the ANMC application for general registrationAGOS-04) , does anyone know if this is correct???? I have my IELTS booked for 20th Nov but dont want to cancel until I have this confirmed ...........
  17. twinkletoes35

    Visa 121 and ANMC Skills assessment

    Hi all We are hoping to go out on a 121 visa, do I need to do a nursing skills assessment with the ANMC. I do not think I need to but am now panicing that I am have got it wrong Any help much appreciated TT x
  18. Guest

    ANMC How long for skills test?

    Hi Any nurses out there who have recently sent off for a skills assessment to ANMC ? Can anyone tell me how long they have had to wait?:unsure: It will be 9 weeks tomorrow since i sent my application and i don't want to contact them if everyone is waiting this long.:SLEEP: Mind you parcelforce had my documents going all around England before being dispatched ! Mags I know you have ben waiting 8 weeks too so any answers would put our minds at rest!! Patience not my stong point!! Thanks Brenda
  19. Lil Bev

    ANMC Assessment

    I wonder if anyone can help me. Last week i went to the magistrates court to get my documents certified for my ANMC assessment, the justice of the peace did it for me and they signed everything but refused to sign my passport pic as they dont know me. However they certified all of my ID documents inc. passport pics with me present?!? Does it have to be one of the people is states ie: Legal Practitioner Notary Public Justice of the Peace Peace Commissioner Commissioner of Declarations Commissioner of Oaths Judge Magistrate Person legally designated to sign documents from an embassy or consulate Obviously they dont know me, and refused to sign my pic. What do i do?? Also i'm a little confused with the on-line assessment, how does it work exactly? I'm halfway through the assessment but until i get my passport pic certified i'm stuck. Once the application is complete do you have to print it off then get that certified too by the person who certified the documents??? HELP!!
  20. Just need some advice to what to send after successful ANMC (which has all the relevant docs). Do i just need my fee 252 dollars, declaration with witness and my already sent IELTS:biggrin:
  21. woodymcfc

    docs for anmc skills assessment !

    Hi all, We started to get things together last June for the OH skills assessment to the ANMC (Nursing). All the docs are ready,signed by solicitor but there is one sticking point in the IELTS. The OH is finding the reading part difficult but is confident that she will pass next time ( 4th time of sitting !). The question is that by the time she hopefully gets the required mark on the IELTS, the other docs ( references etc..) will be approx. 12 months old. Will these still be ok to submit, or will we have to go and ask for them all again ? Thanks Gary
  22. Dear all If i have passed my skills assessement with ANMC before IELTS came in in July, do i have to sit the test now? I have my 176 visa through, have a job lined up in Brisbane, IELTS determines going to OZ this is mad! I'm sure i have to sit the test for QNC registration. If my agent had adviced me properly i could have avoided doing the test and as soon as my skills assesment was through i should have gained registration with QNC it was well before July 09. Any thought appreciated
  23. Hi, Just wondering, my OH, a nurse, has her IELTS to sit on 9th Jan 2010, We have everything in place to send off for her skills assesment to the ANMC. Can the skills assesment be sent now with the IELTS result to follow, or should we wait for the IELTS result ???? Thanks..........Gary
  24. Juliep

    ANMC delays

    hi i have put my application in to the ANMC in August and im still waiting to hear from them, anyone else had any luck getting assessed yet? julie p:twitcy:
  25. joeyje

    ANMC skills assessment

    I am gathering documents for my skills assessment and need to get copies of my certificates certified. Any suggestions how to get that done - is a 'legal practitioner' a normal solicitor? Or do I have to seek out someone special? Any advice gratefully received......