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Found 9 results

  1. UK media recently reported that the British government is planning a 'major crackdown' on 'health tourism'. The logic of the crackdown appeared to be straight forward, given that the NHS is placed under considerable strain from visitors who arrive in the UK with longstanding health problems expecting free treatment. However, the restrictions will also affect British expats living abroad. According to media reports, UK pensioners who have been residing abroad for more than six months will no longer be eligible for free treatment. Regardless of contributions made in the form of tax payment and National Insurance contributions, they will have to pay for any NHS treatment received while in Britain. The only exceptions, where the costs will still be covered by the NHS, is for the treatment of emergencies, such as heart attacks. However, the ban, which is set to be enforced by next April has sparked considerable controversy from UK citizens residing abroad. "I lived and worked in the UK for 20 years. I paid the soaring tax rates each and every year, and I never went on the dole [the British welfare system] or tried to qualify for any extras," said expat, Laura, who began working abroad seven months ago. She added, "There isn't any work in the UK now. The unemployment rate is soaring, and higher education is about to skyrocket as university fees are going up. Do they really expect Britons to stay put, paying out in tax but getting so little in return? I don't intend to return to the UK, but that doesn't mean I don't deserve the rights of other citizens should I visit later. This is especially the case when I'm old and at my most vulnerable. In fact, I deserve more as I never milked the system like the others did."
  2. gemstone

    I am so angry!!!

    Hi everyone, In november last year i contacted the diac to see if there was anything i could do to get out of category 4. They advised i fill out a 1023 form to change my occupation to 1 on the SOL. My skills had ben assessed for 2 occupations. I sent the form off in jan this year. I have spoken and emailed to see if they received it but they would never give me a straight answer as to whether i was now category 3. My application went to 'application being processed further' over a month ago but i received no emails. So i started trying to get answers about my category. I spoke to some people on the phone at the DIAC and they seemed to think i was category 3. But they didnt seem very confident in their answer. I sent a PLE last night and this morning have an email saying that my occupation is not on the SOL so i am in category 4. I am now on the phone agan.....i feel so angry and upset. Im sick of being messed around. This process has been neverending :cry:
  3. Guest

    angry !!!

    i had just got over the excitement of a co when another curve ball was thrown at us !! apparently after nearly 2 years of "having" a state sponsership and 176 app i have now been told by co that they cannot find my nomination form even though i have letter confirming sponsership fro qld gov !!!! i have seen form to say they processed it but apparently its not the right bloody one !!!! now bloody what !!!:realmad::mad::cry:
  4. Hi all, I'm a hairdresser with wa state sponsorship, gutted about the smp. I was wondering if any of you are using an agent and if so, have they kept you up to date with everything that's going, and what to do next? I have an agent and they haven't helped at all, I get all my info off poms in OZ! Emma x
  5. Guest

    Angry with agent- arrgh!

    Hey all, We have Victorian state sponsorship and our visa was granted back in september, we did our application with an agent. We have just had an email from the Victorian sponsorship department, saying they have not heard from us or the status of our visa and we need to get in touch with immediately. I have emailed them back, but why did our agents not tell them our visa had been grnated, or if this isn't there job at least tell us that we need to inform them! It reflects badly on us:arghh:
  6. Guest

    Angry after medicals.......

    I have just got back from immigration after having my medical and they have requested my medical history from uk before the pass me...........all because I had anorexia 3 years ago and received psychiatric help. Getting this info before we lodge on 5th aug is going to be a nightmare! Stupid thing is I passed the medical for my 457 visa 12 months ago,they knew about my past, and I am now going for defacto. It is pretty damn obvious with me walking round at 57kg, employed fulltime and living a full life that there is no problem anymore, so frustrating. Trying to leave my past where it belongs, in the past and drudging it all back up again is upsetting and stressful. Sorry, rant over!!! :arghh:
  7. Guest

    I am so angry aahhhhhhhhhh

    Hi guys not been on for a bit as feeling very low with the house and having to sort out validating visa's which could do without, i rang directflights for a price end of oct and gave us a fab price of £3200.80 for return to perth all 5 of us i could not commit as not got loan sorted until yesturday, so when i ring back it has now gone upto £4440.20 :arghh:have looked on other site's and all around the same, why have they gone up so much within 5days............................... so now looking for a flight and someplace to stay on a buget so many sites my head is spinning:wacko:hubby was still in 2 minds as to forget the whole thing as living in limbo is getting to us so much............. we are swopping EA tus and tell her if she can sell by certain date will give her an extra grand she is only a small company but has lots of contacts so will see if it works lol.............. thanks for letting blow off some steam any tips or addvice on cheap recci's let me know julie x
  8. Guest

    Very Angry - IELTS

    Just got my results yesterda to my IELTS: Writing: 8.0 Speaking: 9.0 Listening: 8.5 Reading : 6.5 Therefore I have failed. I then called yesterday to query and request a re-check. I was told that i would have to pay £60 and fill out a form. I was then sent an email today stating that i wouldn't have to pay the £60, and that the general manager at the test centre re-checked the answers and that the results stands. He then sent me a seperate email to which i have pasted below. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Mr Edwards I have checked your Reading test answers, and although you did quite well, you just missed getting a band 7. The main problem was that there were a few spelling mistakes in the answers you wrote down. Even though the answer was "correct", if it is not spelled correctly it is marked as wrong. I recommend that you check the spelling very carefully of your answers next time you take the test. Please note that the next GT test is now August 30th. Pete Test Centre manager ---------------------------------------------------------------- So, although i answered the questions correctly, i spelt them incorrectly. Probably a case of 'I' before 'E'..... I urge you to triple check your spelling in all elements of the exam and check them again just for luck.. The end result is that although i can speak, write, listen and communicate in english, it's pretty obvious that they believe that i cannot spell! One angry migrate! :realmad::realmad: Matt (ufcpride)
  9. Guest

    angry child

    I have one son age 11 soon 12. but he is so against going to Oz. We have only just started to look into this seriously and have done the assessment form, but he always says he is annoyed at us for making such a big decision and moving so far away, does anyone have the problem, I feel I,m alone with this, and is there anyone who would leave him a message to entice him.