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Found 14 results

  1. AaronS

    RIP Andy Whitfield

    Saw some interviews with him. Great guy it seemed and I really liked Sparticus. RIP Andy. http://www.latimes.com/health/boostershots/la-heb-andy-whitfield-lymphoma-20110912,0,7280299.story?track=rss
  2. the January window is soon to be upon us and Liverpool have been busy watching dvd`s of future stars ..........Jardinia Gnomez is highly rated by the Liverpool scouts and looks like the ideal replacement for the sorry Carroll who has dissapointed many at Anfield.........
  3. Guest

    andy murrays--in the final

    well done mate--what with the english winning the ashes,and a scotsman in the final of the tennis--this great sporting country called great britian is certainly showing australia how to achieve sucess in sport--australia used to be pretty good at sport years ago--whats happening over there:confused:is it lack of money,or are they just not any good at sport anymore--i mean in the last olympics they wuz rubbish:no:
  4. Guest

    Congratulations Andy Peppin.

    Not sure about massive unrest Jim, we are all to weak to complain and march for what we believe in, take forums for instance and people like me who moan about how i want things to be and what everyone else is doing wrong but i never do anything about it because i wouldn't know where to start, politicians will take advantage of that and just do what they please and that is one of the reasons we are in the poo, we as the people who hold the country up and pay for everything are to afraid to stand up and be counted. I am starting this thread for several reasons, firstly the above sentiment that was posted by Andy on a completely different thread, Andy you have my admiration and I applaud you mate. You were honest, educated and totally unbiased in your opinion mate.:notworthy: I realise that a lot of us have very, very, busy lives, careers, kids, worrying about money etc, are all integral parts of us as human being beings, especially in these troubled times, but Andy has summed a lot of what is wrong with this country at the moment. To use the word lazy would be wrong to describe peoples attitude to this country, it is rather a case of apathy, a sense that no matter what is said and done by the vast majority of people in this country then nothing will change. I can understand this point of view completely, to even think that OUR opinion will be taken notice of is to some degree farcical and beyond our imaginations, but the truth is simply this. That if enough of us took direct action then things will change. By direct action I am not speaking of breaking the law, more the ability to stand up and be counted and MAKE sure the authorities of this once great country sit up and take notice of the people they are MEANT to serve.\ For far too long the powers that be have ridden rough shod over the populous of this country and the reason is simply this. That when we do not like something there is barely a whimper from certain quarters that in the grand scheme of things just get shoved to the back of what is going on and little notice is taken. It could be argued that we can all have our say when there is a general election, but in truth only 65% of people even voted in the last election, AND over the past twenty years that figure has not changed to any great degree. That equates to over 18 million people of voting age did not vote for a party that for all intents and purpose was going to tell us what to do for the next five years. Andy also said that he wouldn't know where to start, and this is a sentiment I couldn't agree with more. My own 'action' has been over the past year to form my own political party in the hope that it will bring about change. It has been a loooonnnnggggg drawn out process. The paperwork needed by the Electoral Commission is immense, rather akin to trying to submit an application to DIAC for emigration. To ask anyone to form a political party is a step too far, but there are other avenues we can take, letters to MP's, marches, flyers, the list is endless. And yes I realise that to do such things can seem to troublesome to worry about. As I said, we ALL have very busy lives, BUT. Until we as a people realise that the government, (ANY GOVERNMENT) will choose to ignore us, admonish themselves of ALL responsibility etc, until the people shout and scream from the rooftops then NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING will ever change. The time has come people to tell those in power that purport to lead us that we will have our point of view heard then we will continue to go round in circles and once we will find ourselves completely devoid of having a say in this countries future. It is very often the case that some of us only take up arms and complain when it affects us very personal. Instance like your local hospital being closed down, another death by knife crime in our neighborhood. Then you will often find that the locals of the affected community may ask for some sort of action to be taken. But at the end of the day we have to look at these types of things on a NATIONAL scale, just because it isn't happening in your neck of the woods does not mean that it is right. Local issues are all well and good, but the bigger picture is simply this. Until we as a people look at the real issues on a NATIONAL scale nothing will ever change at all. The country we inhabit is just that, a country. One that we should all have a say in on a very personal level. Surely there must be enough of us in this country that can make a difference, until this is done nothing, for better or worse nothing is ever going to change. Cheers Tony:mad::wink:
  5. Guest

    Come on Andy Murray!!

    I Hope everyone is cheering for Andy Murray today to win the Australian open against Federer - coverage starts BBC1 at 8am!! Hope it's a straight sets win otherwise they may be starting without me at church this morning!! - My thoughts are that God will be needed in Melbourne anyway so it wont matter!! C'Mon Andy Murray!! Daniel
  6. Hi everyone, I have been here just over 2 weeks and I have fallen on my feet a bit, I have emigrated on my own - and I am sharing a flat in a nice place with an Australian lady. I am now looking to organise a social life, and someone who if I can be bold to suggest to meet up with for a drink and who can show me the good side of this beautiful city. I have no idea if there are lots of Poms in Oz in Melbourne, but I am guessing there are. I am looking for work at the moment and hope to have that sorted very soon - ever the optimist. If there is anyone, man or woman, as this is not a dating ad, who would be happy to show me around, I would be very grateful. If it helps you decide, I am in my 30's , single and from the West country. I look forward to hearing from you. Do reply to this thread with some contact details and we can go from there. Ta.
  7. Question is in the title really. If so do you like them? I think they are just brilliant. Claire
  8. Hi all...! Just wanted to wish Andy and Tracy lots of luck as they are leaving the U.K. and heading to Mandurah, WA on thursday. They are logging off tonight for probably the last time before shippers take their stuff... best wishes... you deserve it...! Regards, Dan x
  9. Hi guys, Anyone going to the expo at Olympia today please take a moment to say hi to Andy who will be on the HiFX stand today. (He is the one that looks like a teenager but is actually nearing 30!). We have been through the whole process and get on our one-way flight to Perth in just over two weeks so please share your stories with him and see if he can help out with any questions! Thanks, Rach xxx
  10. Guest

    happy birthday andy

    hope you have a great day! sheena :wubclub:
  11. Guest

    Andy = vetassess

    Hi there, first time on p.i.o ,i'm andy and my partner name is shelly we have two children joe 5 & darcy 3 years. started application back in april 07
  12. johnd

    andy & jan

    Hello all, been feeling guilty all weekend as i think i have scared andy & jan from coming to wollongong. when i wrote my post the other day i was feeling down and i shouldn't have emotionally dumped on the peolpe in this forum. as i am feeling more positive today i'll give a more balanced view of life here in nsw , as i see it, and we have been here only two months i got that wrong as well: the illawarra is a beatiful place, my wife and i have been jogging down the beach today and only came across a few people. the scenery is beatiful. yesterday we walked into shellharbour and sat in the ocean side pub and chatted about life, the pub is quite good. workwise i do feel that there isn't as much work as in perth but it is definatley better than parts of the uk, especially were we come from,teesside. in reality we have only been seriously job hunting for 2 weeks and i have already had 3 interviews, 2 i didn't get and the other is pending, i was told that i was the 2nd choice out of all the applicants so just missed out,(could be the oz way of telling you sod off, don't know but it made me feel better). i have applied for about 8 jobs so far and these are all jobs outside my trade so i suppose i'm doing ok to get to interview. the one i'm waiting on is in heavy industry and only for 3-6 months but you have to start somewhere. we both feel that it would have been really difficult if we didn't have relatives here as there isn't the large, (recently arrived), ex-pat community as there is in say perth, we have family and friends on both sides so we are lucky. but i joined the local rugby club and have made some friends outside my family so that was good, but i suppose lots of people emigrating do not want to live with other brits....as such. my wife and myself are realistically going to do 1-2 years here then have a look and see if we want to move somewhere else. i think my expectations of oz were to high and i am starting to feel more settled each day that passes, even without a job!!. so i can only apologise again to anyone who saw my post and thought oh no i'm going to wollongong, is it that bad?, no it isn't, and i should have kept my negativity to myself. anyway going to have a sunday dinner and some wine...nice. johnd
  13. Guest

    Hi from Andy and Jacky

    Hi, thought we would just say hello - were hoping to move in 3 years time (after jacky qualifies as a Nurse) to Brisbane. Not sure where in Bris yet. If anyone is living in Bris maybe you could give us some ideas? We are currently living in Staffordshire and are looking forward to the move :jiggy: Anyway hope to speak again soon bye for now Andy and jacky
  14. You may find that a visit or two to some of the Opportunity shops will pay off. There are a number on Chapel Street (St. Vinnie's etc) which have had some lovely pieces in at unbelievable prices! If you have transport, there are two massive warehouses in Hoppers Crossing. I understand renting furniture to be an expensive idea but other people may have had different experiences.. All the best for a good flight and a great life in Melbourne. As an aside, I heard that Uni Lecturers get the highest Super at 17%.... Lucky you!